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12 Best For Sale By Owner Websites in 2022

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Key Takeaways

  • Is FSBO a Good Idea?: Yes! 77% of FSBO homes sold in less than 2 weeks according to the NAR. High-tech FSBO websites make it easy to sell by owner.
  • Pros: Selling FSBO saves you thousands in commission, retain full control over your transaction, and is faster than selling with a Realtor.
  • Cons: You will be scheduling showings and reviewing offers yourself. So make sure to pick a FSBO site that gives you tools to manage showings and offers.
  • What is the Best FSBO Site?: Houzeo.com is the #1 high-tech FSBO site. Houzeo is superb on tech, and is rated 4.9 stars with thousands of reviews on Google Reviews & Trustpilot.
  • Paid vs. Free FSBO Sites: MLS is the most powerful tool to get you top dollar for your property. No website can get you listed on the MLS for free. So we do not recommend you list on free sites.

FSBO is now more popular than ever. 36% of millennials and 26% of Gen X’ers are selling their homes themselves. 77% of FSBO homes sold in less than 2 weeks. Sell FSBO, and you save the entire listing agent commission and possibly the buyer agent commission as well. That’s thousands in your pocket!

Choosing the right FSBO website is important. Here are our rankings of the best FSBO sites!

Rankings: 12 Best For Sale By Owner Websites

We have summarized 7 best paid and 5 best free FSBO sites.

FSBO WebsiteFee100% OnlineMLS AccessOffer ManagementShowing Management5-Star ReviewsCoverage
1. Houzeo.com$349Nationwide
2. Beycome$599Limited ⚠️
3. FSBO.com$399.95Nationwide
4. Fizber.com$399Nationwide
5. Flat Fee Realty$299Nationwide
6. ISoldMyHouse.com$399 Nationwide
7. Homecoin$95 🚩Limited ⚠️
8. ForSaleByOwnerFreeNationwide
9. Zillow & TruliaFreeNationwide
10. CraigslistFreeNationwide
11. Oodle MarketplaceFreeNationwide
12. Facebook MarketplaceFreeNationwide

*For 5-Star Reviews, customer ratings above 4.7 out of 5 have been considered.

Reviews: 7 Best Paid FSBO Websites

Looking for FREE sites? Jump to 5 Best Free FSBO Sites

1. Houzeo.com

Best FSBO Website


Houzeo Logo
  • Listing Fee: $349
  • Available nationwide
  • 4.75 Stars 4.9/5 (out of 3,329 reviews)

Why It’s #1: Houzeo.com’s most significant advantage is exposure to the MLS. Buyer agents hunt for properties on the MLS, so an MLS listing via Houzeo.com provides unparalleled exposure to your home.

In addition, Houzeo’s advanced technology makes the FSBO paperwork and listing management process quick and efficient. Houzeo.com offers the best combination of maximum savings, no hidden fees, and 5-star customer support.

Packages: Houzeo offers 4 For Sale By Owner MLS listing packages.

  • Bronze Package – $299: It is the best for selling a lot or land property by the owner. Your FSBO listing gets syndicated to Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, Redfin, and more.
  • Silver Package – $349: This includes everything that FSBO home sellers typically look for.
  • Gold Package – $399: It is Houzeo’s signature MLS package and includes all the technology Houzeo is known for: Houzeo Showings, Houzeo Offers, and DigiTransact.
  • Platinum – $999+: It includes the assistance of a licensed broker to help you with negotiations, disclosures, and closing.

👉 Our Recommendation: We recommend Houzeo’s Gold Plan for most home sellers. The Gold plan includes all of the advanced features Houzeo is known for, and you retain maximum control over your sale. If you are on a budget, Houzeo’s Silver plan is comparable to most companies’ For Sale By Owner plans.

» Houzeo Reviews: Houzeo.com has a 4.9/5 rating with thousands of reviews

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Savings on commissions
  • 100% online – easy listing, fast changes, online showings, and online offers
  • Listings get syndicated to Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, Redfin, and 100s of other real estate sites
  • Quick listing (within a business day with Houzeo Concierge)
  • Mobile app availability

Houzeo.com has a 4.9 out of 5-star rating and reviews on popular review sites like Google, and Trustpilot.

» Houzeo Reviews: Learn why Houzeo is the best For Sale By Owner website in 2022

Houzeo is available nationwide with coverage in 200+ markets.

Introducing the Houzeo Mobile App!

  • View your listing
  • Manage your showings online
  • Review and compare offers
  • Counter an offer
  • NEW! Buyers can now search your property and save it in “Favorites”

Start Your FREE Listing NOW!

2. Beycome Real Estate


Beycome Real Estate

  • Listing Fee: $99-$599
  • Available throughout IL
  • 4.5 Stars  4.2/5 (out of 322 reviews)

Why It’s #2: Beycome is a licensed flat fee online brokerage under the name ‘Beycome Brokerage Realty LLC.’ The company offers virtual full-service real estate agent services. Founded in 2016 out of Miami, Beycome is one of the low-cost and pro-good features platforms.

Packages: Beycome offers three Flat Fee MLS listing packages.

  • Basic Package – $99: This package allows maximum photos on the MLS and unlimited changes to your listing. You get free legal forms and disclosures, a free open house scheduler, and a tool to manage home visits.
  • Enhanced Package – $399: With all the features of the Basic Package, this package includes a yard sign, a featured listing on Beycome’s website, flyers and brochures, and one key lockbox. Additionally, you get the option to add a virtual tour video to your listing.
  • Concierge Service – $599 + 1% Commission: This virtual full-service package includes assistance until closing. Beycome charges 1% of the sale price at closing with this package.

🚩 Things You Should Know: The $99 package requires a mandatory $25 cancelation fee. The virtual full-service package has a 1% commission, which, compared to Houzeo, is quite high.

👉 Our Recommendation: Beycome’s prices are reasonable, with a high-tech platform. However, their reviews are only decent, and they have limited coverage. Furthermore, Beycome Real Estate is not a For Sale By Owner website; it is a flat fee brokerage.

» Beycome Reviews: The Truth about America’s only Flat Fee Online Real Estate Brokerage

  • Set up a free web page along with listing your property on the MLS
  • In case you get frustrated as an FSBO home seller, you can easily switch to a full-service agent
  • Their packages are quite expensive
  • You rely on the agents to bring potential buyers for your FSBO property.
  • No “search homes” feature for buyers
  • Only one affordable Flat Fee MLS listing package
  • The MLS package allows only a few photos and a few changes to your property listing

Beycome has a 4.5 out of 5 rating on the popular review site Google.

Beycome Real Estate covers limited states: Alabama, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

👉 Review our rankings of local Flat Fee MLS companies in these states & choose the best Flat Fee MLS platform for your FSBO sale:

3. FSBO.com



  • Listing Fee: $99-$399
  • Limited a la carte items
  • No credible reviews

Why It’s #3: Based out of Atlanta, FSBO.com claims to be the “premier” For Sale By Owner website. Founded in 1997, it is undoubtedly the oldest FSBO site. However, old isn’t always gold.

Packages: FSBO.com has 2 cost-effective FSBO packages for home sellers.

  • Basic Package – $99.95: Includes a listing term of 6 months on FSBO.com and Redfin only. Additional supplies like for-sale yard signs
  • MLS Package – $399.95: Listing term of 6 months with up to 20 photos. Listing syndication to Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia & many more. Additional services like CSS showing service, E-lockbox rental, max photos in the MLS, and yard signs are chargeable.

🚩 Additional Fees: Adding a la carte items will cost you an extra $335. If you want to avail of CSS showing service and e-lockbox rental, you must pay $75 and $150, respectively. For adding max photos in your FSBO listing or getting a yard sign, you need to pay $50 & $60, respectively.

👉 Our Recommendation: FSBO.com offers pocket-friendly packages but charges for additional services. The unpredictable customer service, offline process, and manual effort are not worth the cost.

» FSBO.com Reviews: Discover why the oldest FSBO site isn’t the best in this slow market.

  • Access to MLS
  • Local broker referral
  • Decent savings on commissions
  • Has foreclosure, pre-foreclosure, bankruptcy, and tax lien listings
  • Weak customer service
  • FSBO Listing can take 2-4 days
  • No control over selling since it is an offline process
  • No mobile app
  • Add-on features at an extra price
  • Manual listing updates
  • Unpredictable broker quality

👎 Zero Customer Reviews: FSBO.com has no customer reviews on popular review sites like Google or Trustpilot.

👍 Houzeo Reviews: Houzeo has a stellar rating of 5.0 stars on Google and 4.9 stars on Trustpilot.

FSBO.com is available in all states with coverage in 50+ markets. Customer service remains questionable nationwide.

4. Fizber.com

Cheap FSBO Listing Packages


Fizber logo
  • Listing Fee: $95-$295
  • Available in 80+ U.S. Markets
  • 4 Stars 4.2/5 (out of 95 reviews)

Why It’s #4: Fizber is an online platform that lets home sellers sell their properties on a for-sale-by-owner basis. Launched in 2014, Fizber’s free listing is its biggest attraction, but it’s a nightmare for consumers. The platform’s underlying technology and customer service deteriorate the poor home selling experience.

Packages: Fizber offers 4 packages for FSBO home sellers.

  • Free FSBO Listing – $0: The first is a free package that offers only a Fizber listing with maximum photos.
  • Digital Boost Package – $95: Featured listing on Fizber, an Open House Manager, and MLS listing syndication on Redfin.
  • MLS Boost Package – $270: Includes everything from the Fizber’s $95 package and offers MLS Listing.
  • Premium MLS Boost Package – $295: This package is the same as the $270 package with an option to add more photos.

🚩 FSBO Closing Fees: If you go for Fizber’s For Sale By Owner MLS packages of $270 and $295, a 0.5% success fee is charged at closing in Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

👉 Our Recommendation: Fizber.com’s $395 Flat Fee MLS package offers fair savings but rides on limited features, old technology, and subpar customer service.

» Fizber Reviews: Learn why Fizber’s Flat Fee MLS packages aren’t worth your time.

  • Access to MLS
  • Local broker referral
  • No control over selling since it is an offline process
  • Slow listing process (2-4 days)
  • No mobile app or advanced features
  • Manual listing updates
  • Unpredictable broker quality

Fizber has a 4.2 out of 5 rating with 95 reviews on Trustpilot.

Fizber is available in all states with questionable customer service.

5. Flat Fee Realty

Low-cost FSBO MLS Packages

Flat Fee Realty

Flat fee realty
  • Listing Fee: $299+
  • Available in 80+ U.S. Markets
  • No credible reviews

Why It’s #5: Flat Fee Realty’s pocket-friendly MLS packages help FSBO home sellers save on the traditional 3% listing agent commission nationwide. However, the lack of customer reviews doesn’t make a strong case for this FSBO website.

Packages: Flat Fee Realty typically offers only ONE For Sale By Owner MLS listing package. The rate is between $179 to $299 and varies nationwide. Only 6 photos can be uploaded with this listing. If you want to upload more photos, you must pay an additional $50.

🚩 Required Additional Fees: Flat Fee Realty’s listing broker retains 0.1% to 0.25% of the buyer’s broker commission in minimum service states.

👉 Our Recommendation: Flat Fee Realty is one of the cheapest options for Flat Fee MLS. Your listing comes with state-wise seller disclosures, but we’d recommend you research another flat fee MLS company if you truly want an FSBO transaction.

» Flat Fee MLS Companies: Check out our rankings of the best Flat Fee MLS companies

  • One of the cheapest options for Flat Fee MLS
  • Your listing comes with state-wise seller disclosures eliminating last-minute surprises
  • Free listing changes
  • Only 6 photos with the basic package
  • No customization or a la carte options
  • 0.1% to 0.25% fees charged by listing brokers in minimum service states
  • Flat Fee Realty does not offer any assistance in pricing or contract

👎 Zero Customer Reviews: Flat Fee Realty has no customer reviews on popular review sites like Google or Trustpilot.

👍 Houzeo Reviews: Houzeo has a stellar rating of 5.0 stars on Google with 570+ reviews and 4.9 stars on Trustpilot with 1,400+ reviews.

Flat Fee Realty is available nationwide.

6. ISoldMyHouse.com

Limited Customizations


  • Listing Fee: $299-$399
  • Available in 80+ U.S. Markets
  • 4.75 Stars  4.7/5 (out of 37 reviews)

Why It’s #6: I Sold My House advertises “Sell Your House Yourself” in their marketing and helps home sellers list their properties on the MLS. ISoldMyHouse.com’s FSBO MLS packages are pretty stringent and don’t have a lot of a la carte options.

Packages: ISoldMyHouse.com offers low For Sale By Owner MLS listing packages for FSBO home sellers.

  • Get Listed – $299: Includes an FSBO listing on their websites, MLS access & syndication to real estate websites. This plan only allows six professional photos.
  • Get Sold – $399: Includes everything from the ‘Get Listed’ plan, with an extended limit of professional photos, up to 25 photos.

👉 Our Recommendation: ISoldMyHouse offers limited customization, and FSBO marketing becomes the home seller’s responsibility, leaving little room for success for first-time home sellers.

  • You save the hefty 3% listing agent commission
  • Buyer leads are directly forwarded to the home seller
  • FSBO home sellers need to market properties themselves
  • Past clients have complained about their unresponsive customer support in a few states

I Sold My House has a 4.7 out of 5 rating on a popular review site, Better Business Bureau.

 » ISoldMyHouse Com Reviews: Check out exclusive reviews!

ISoldMyHouse is available nationwide.

7. Homecoin



Homecoin Logo
  • Listing Fee: $399+
  • Available in 80+ U.S. Markets
  • 4.75stars 4.7/5 (41 reviews)

Why It’s #7: Homecoin lures home sellers with its $95 FSBO listing, and consumers now have to deal with a clunky online dashboard. This dashboard makes the already complex FSBO listing paperwork even more horrible.

Package: Homecoin offers 1 Flat Fee MLS California listing package.

  • Basic Package – $95 + a la carte charges: This package includes a listing term of 12 months with ten free listing changes. You get to upload the maximum number of photos. Additionally, you get free calls and email forwarding. Sellers need to pay $450 for mandatory state-required seller disclosures. Even the FSBO utilities at inflated rates. For example, a $49 for-sale-by-owner yard sign is priced at $97.

🚩 Hidden Fees: Homecoin charges undisclosed fees at the time of closing the FSBO transaction. The hidden costs can be anywhere between $450 to $2,999.

👉 Our Recommendation: Selling For Sale By Owner with Homecoin can be expensive. You might not save as much money because they charge a hefty amount for supplementary services like seller disclosures, and critical FSBO utilities. 

» Homecoin Reviews: Understand why Homecoin may not be the best choice for your FSBO sale

  • FSBO listing
  • Offers limited coverage nationwide
  • Extra charges for state disclosures
  • Inflated rates for critical FSBO utilities
  • High hidden fees

Homecoin has a 4.7 out of 5-star rating with 41 reviews on the popular review website Google.

Homecoin has limited coverage and only provides services in California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Wisconsin is the latest anticipated market where Homecoin will offer its deceptive Flat Fee MLS services.

👉 Review our rankings of local Flat Fee MLS companies in these states & choose the best Flat Fee MLS platform for your FSBO sale:

Reviews: 5 Best Free FSBO Sites

Free FSBO sites offer online exposure but don’t guarantee a successful For Sale By Owner sale.

8. ForSaleByOwner.com



For Sale By Owner
  • Listing Fee: $0
  • Available in 80+ U.S. Markets
  • No credible reviews

Why It’s #8: ForSaleByOwner.com was the biggest For Sale By Owner website in America before it got acquired by Rocket Homes. It is now a lead generation engine for Rocket’s brokerage and lending businesses. ForSaleByOwner.com still features as one of the best free FSBO sites but it has lost its significance over time.

Packages: ForSaleByOwner.com has 2 FSBO packages.

  • ‘Do It Yourself’ FSBO Package – $0: Includes an FSBO listing on ForSaleByOwner.com, only viewable to the site’s visitors, so your property’s exposure is severely limited.
  • ‘Closing Assistance’ Package – $1,199: Powered by Rocket Homes, this service is limited to assisting the home seller in FSBO closing with a licensed real estate advisor. Essentially, it covers everything about FSBO closing paperwork, title, inspections, home appraisal, etc.

🚩 You’re Just a Marketing Lead: Once you list your home on free FSBO websites, your property details are accessible to website visitors. This makes you susceptible to hundreds of calls from full-service listing agents for listing your home on the open market. Just like there isn’t a free lunch, there’s no such thing as a “free FSBO listing.”

👉 Our Recommendation: Forsalebyowner.com’s free FSBO listing may seem appealing, but the solicitation calls from listing agents aren’t. Instead of a $0 FSBO listing, we recommend you choose a more affordable Flat Fee MLS listing company.

» How do I sell my house by owner: Become an expert in selling your home as owner today!

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Great search feature for home buyers
  • Limited exposure for your property
  • Weak & outdated technology
  • Solicitation calls from thousands of listing agents
  • No access to the MLS until you sign up with a listing agent

👎 Zero Customer Reviews: ForSaleByOwner.com has no customer reviews on popular review sites like Google or Trustpilot.

👍 Houzeo Reviews: Houzeo has a stellar rating of 5.0 stars on Google with 570+ reviews and 4.9 stars on Trustpilot with 1,400+ reviews.

ForSaleByOwner.com is available nationwide.

9. Zillow.com and Trulia


Zillow.com & Trulia

  • Listing Fee: $0
  • Available in 80+ U.S. Markets
  • 1.5 Star 1.7/5 (out of 251 reviews)

Why It’s #9: Zillow is the biggest real estate platform in the U.S., with over 200 million monthly visits. Along with Trulia, it provides critical exposure required for selling FSBO. However, Zillow’s FSBO listings have a very poor success rate.

Packages: Zillow offers a free listing on their website; all you need to do is create an account on Zillow.com.

  • FSBO Listing on Zillow – $0: Includes an FSBO listing on Zillow.com. The listing is hidden by default, so you lose direct contact with potential buyers.
  • MLS Listing via Zillow Premier Agent – 3%: As an FSBO home seller, if you choose to list on the MLS, Zillow’s member agent comes into the picture, and you end up paying 3% listing agent commission or more.

🚩 You Have Zero Control Over the Sale: Zillow hides FSBO listings under the “Other Listings” section. This makes it difficult for the home buyers to check out the listings in the first go. On the first screen, Zillow has added a “Contact Agent” option for the FSBO property, which brings an uninvited listing agent into the picture.

👉 Our Recommendation: Zillow flawlessly advertises your information and makes a profit out of your misery. Zillow doesn’t even provide an MLS listing. We recommend you consider other options for your FSBO transaction.

» Zillow Reviews: The TRUTH about Zillow’s Free Listing

  • Largest real estate website in the US
  • Free listing on Zillow.com
  • All new listings on Zillow, changes to existing Zillow listings, etc. are updated in real-time
  • Hides FSBO seller listings by default
  • Buyer leads are forwarded to member agents instead of sellers
  • Unwanted solicitation calls from listing agents
  • If you are interested in listing on MLS, you will be connected with a Zillow Premier Agent and pay high listing fees $$$
  • Poor customer reviews and record-breaking debacles, as seen on Trustpilot.

Zillow has a poor rating of 1.7 out of 5 stars with 251 reviews on Trustpilot.

Zillow covers 90% of the USA housing market and is available nationwide.

10. Craigslist



Craiglist Logo
  • Listing Fee: $0
  • Available in 80+ U.S. Markets
  • 1.5 Star   1.3/5 (out of 267 reviews)

Why It’s #10: Craigslist is the biggest classified website in the U.S. If you list your home on this platform, you can get decent home exposure. Craigslist’s platform is limited when selling a house by owner. Craigslist is infamous for unscrupulous users and false offers.

Packages: Craigslist offers a free FSBO listing on their website, and it only takes a few minutes to list your home “For Sale.”

  • FSBO Listing on Craigslist- $0: A barebones FSBO listing that includes some photos and a brief description of your property.

🚩 Beware of Frauds: Listing your home FSBO on Craigslist exposes you to scammers and fraud cash offers from home buying companies. So, you must be vigilant and question every offer that seems too good to be true.

👉 Our Recommendation: Craigslist attracts 50 million visits but doesn’t really help with control over the FSBO transaction, and you could invite low-ball offers from investors or illegitimate offers from scammers. We recommend you consider other alternatives.

» How to Sell a House on Craigslist: Check out this guide for selling your house on Craigslist

  • Free FSBO listing
  • Ideal for low-baller investors
  • Infamous for fraud reports
  • Not the best marketplace to sell your FSBO property
  • Rudimentary map search feature

Craigslist has a poor rating of 1.3 out of 5 stars with 267 reviews on Trustpilot.

Craigslist is available nationwide & in 70+ countries globally.

11. Oodle Marketplace


Oodle Marketplace

Logo - Oodle Marketplace
  • Listing Fee: $0
  • Available in 80+ U.S. Markets
  • 1.5 Star 1.27/5 (out of 215 reviews)

Why It’s #11: Oodle Marketplace is an online, local classifieds website. Listing your FSBO property on Oodle will be great for maximizing its visibility. Your FSBO home will get decent exposure across housing markets nationwide. Unscrupulous users and phony offers are infamous on Oodle Marketplace.

Packages: Oodle offers a free property listing on their website, and it only takes a few minutes to list your home “For Sale.”

  • FSBO Listing on Oodle’s Marketplace- $0: A basic FSBO listing that includes some photos and a brief description of your property

🚩 Beware of Frauds: Oodle exposes you to scammers and phony offers. So, you need rationally evaluate all offers that seem too good to be true. Never sign any documents related to your home, especially the Property Title.

👉 Our Recommendation: Oodle provides exposure for the properties but doesn’t really help you succeed in the FSBO transaction, and you could fall prey to scammers. We recommend you consider other alternatives.

  • Free FSBO listing
  • Online exposure for FSBO property
  • Infamous for fraud reports & scams related to buyers, offers, and pets
  • No support for listing management
  • Not the best marketplace to sell your FSBO property
  • Elementary map search feature with limited features

Oodle Marketplace has a subpar rating of 1.27 out of 5 stars on SiteJabber. The free listing may provide exposure for your FSBO property, but you must tread carefully.

Oodle Marketplace is available nationwide & in 5+ countries globally.

12. Facebook Marketplace

Social Media Behemoth

Facebook Marketplace

facebook marketplace
  • Listing Fee: $0
  • Available in 80+ U.S. Markets
  • No credible reviews

Why It’s #12: Facebook Marketplace can be used as an FSBO marketing channel, not an FSBO website. Facebook Marketplace will give immense exposure to FSBO houses but not the right set of tools needed for a successful home sale. There is no support for real estate photography, home staging, FSBO closing, or any other service.

Packages: Facebook Marketplace offers free listing on its platform.

  • FSBO Listing on Facebook – $0: A free listing with some photos and details of your property

🚩 Potential Privacy Attack: Listing your home FSBO on Facebook exposes you to billions of users, and you could come across shady people with illegitimate offers. Attackers will harm your data if it isn’t protected. Therefore, before posting anything on Facebook Marketplace, verify your privacy settings.

👉 Our Recommendation: With Facebook Marketplace’s limited market in real estate, you won’t discover any FSBO tools to help you with a quick sale. In 2022’s excruciatingly slow market, this is the last place to list For Sale By Owner & expect a top dollar rate for your property.

» Best Real Estate Websites: Skip listing on Facebook and consider these 12 best real estate websites for your FSBO sale

  • Free FSBO ad for your listing
  • Renowned space with over billions of users globally
  • Limited exposure to FSBO properties
  • Limited FSBO-specific tools
  • Market your property for free

👎 Zero Customer Reviews: Facebook Marketplace has no customer reviews on popular review sites like Google or Trustpilot.

👍 Houzeo Reviews: Houzeo has a stellar rating of 5.0 stars on Google with 570+ reviews and 4.9 stars on Trustpilot with 1,400+ reviews.

Facebook Marketplace offers nationwide coverage.

FSBO Sites to Avoid

Some companies pretend to be “For Sale By Owner”. They may also advertise themselves as a “free resource”. In reality, you’ll end up paying hefty fees and commissions at closing with these firms. We’ve highlighted a few:

1. Flat Fee Group

Flat Fee Group is a nationwide Flat Fee MLS company that provides For Sale By Owner MLS service. Pricing and service varies very drastically by state. You will not know the full pricing terms till you review the listing agreement.

We recommend you review the listing agreement at length if you choose Flat Fee Group. In addition, be sure to check the reviews of the independent broker Flat Fee Group refers you to before involving them in your FSBO transactions.

» Flat Fee Group Reviews: Everything you NEED TO KNOW about this referral company

2. Clever Real Estate

We do not recommend using Clever Real Estate. Clever advertises itself as free and as a FSBO resource. Clever is neither free nor is it a For Sale By Owner website.

If you choose Clever, you will be forced to use an agent. In addition, even though Clever claims to be “free”, 25% to 40% of the commission you pay will be directed to Clever as a “Referral Fee”.

» Clever Real Estate Reviews: Read our full review of Clever Real Estate

For Sale By Owner: Meaning, MLS Listing, Benefits

What does For Sale By Owner Mean?

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) is pronounced “fizz-bo” or “fisbo” and refers to the process of bypassing the traditional route of home selling. A For Sale By Owner MLS Listing is called “sell your home yourself” or do-it-yourself (DIY) MLS listing.

When homeowners choose FSBO, they bypass the traditional route of selling with a real estate agent. Home sellers can skip the 3% listing agent commission if they are willing to spend time on FSBO paperwork.

Saving money on real estate commissions is the biggest appeal of selling a house yourself. But you also retain control of the transaction. FSBO listings are also faster to the market than listings with a traditional realtor.

💲 Avoid Paying 3% Listing Agent Commission

List your home yourself with Houzeo technology for a flat fee of $349!


How does For Sale By Owner Work?

When selling For Sale By Owner, the home seller takes on the responsibilities of the listing agent. This means that FSBO marketing, prospecting plan, negotiating, and closing – the FSBO home seller controls everything.

Where the home seller opts for a For Sale By Owner MLS listing, the Flat Fee MLS listing agent just lists the property on the MLS. The home seller controls everything else.

» How To Sell A House By Owner: A comprehensive guide for selling FSBO

What is the MLS?

MLS or the Multiple Listing System is a local database used by real estate agents to list a property for sale. Only licensed real estate agents have access to the MLS.

There are 600+ local MLS’ in the US. You must list your property only on your local MLS. Only then will your local buyer agents be able to find your listing.

    💡 FACT: Houzeo technology will auto-select the local MLS for your FSBO listing based on the location of your property.

What is a For Sale By Owner MLS Listing?

Only licensed real estate agents have access to the MLS. Flat Fee MLS, entry-only services like Houzeo allow FSBO home sellers to access the MLS for a small flat fee. This is called a For Sale By Owner MLS listing.

A For Sale By Owner MLS listing is the fastest way to get listed on the MLS. Typical Flat Fee MLS services charge around $400 to get you listed.

🚀 Speed to Market Matters: Houzeo is 100% online. Listings are fast and changes are faster!

How to List on MLS For Sale By Owner?

Using a For Sale By Owner MLS listing service, you can access the MLS. When you choose to list on the MLS by owner, you only pay a small upfront fee instead of paying the full listing agent commission.

Next-gen platforms like Houzeo.com have digitized listing management such that you can do more in fewer clicks.

» How do I list on the MLS: All you need to know about listing on the MLS by owner

Benefits of a For Sale By Owner MLS Listing

Maximum Exposure

All FSBO MLS listings get syndicated to Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Redfin, and hundreds of other websites.

Marketing to Buyer Agents

90% of home sales involve buyer agents with access to the MLS. Thus, MLS is the most efficient way to market to buyer agents.

Attracting More Buyer Agents: MLS’ allows you to incentivize buyer agents with a competitive commission. Buyer agents are involved in most transactions, allowing you to attract top-dollar for your property.

Faster Sale

Listings on the MLS sold faster and for 17% more than those not on the MLS. When selling For Sale By Owner, ignoring the power of the MLS would be exceptionally foolish.

Getting Cash Offers

Cash home buyers scour the MLS for properties. This includes iBuyers like Opendoor, real estate investors, and house flippers.

Where Can I List My Home For Sale By Owner?

Using a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) website, you can list your home by owner. Some FSBO sites have paid plans, while some of them offer seemingly “free” services. Let’s understand the difference before you conclude which of them is ideal for your For Sale By Owner home sale.

There are two types of For Sale By Owner (FSBO) websites:

1. Paid FSBO Websites

A paid FSBO website provides access to the MLS for an upfront flat fee, typically a few hundred dollars. High-tech For Sale By Owner websites like Houzeo.com let you list on the MLS for $349.

You can skip the 3% listing agent commission by paying a fraction of the cost if you choose a paid For Sale By Owner website.

List on the MLS: Complete listing formalities in less than 60 mins and market to potential buyers NOW!

2. Free FSBO Websites

A free FSBO listing website will only amplify online exposure. You don’t need to spend a dime from listing your property to getting listing updates! The only catch is the website’s monetization model, “advertising.” So, you are a “lead” for that company’s marketing team.

Free FSBO sites will only amplify property exposure, so there’s no guarantee that your For Sale By Owner journey will succeed. Free For Sale By Owner listings cannot guarantee exposure to buyers.

How Long Does it Take to Sell a Home By Owner?

It depends on the season. Usually, home selling & buying begin in March and continue well into September.

Listings on the MLS sell faster by 17% than those that were not on the MLS. When selling For Sale By Owner, ignoring the power of the MLS would be exceptionally foolish.

    💡 FACT: With high-tech FSBO sites like Houzeo.com, you finish the listing formalities for your FSBO home within 60 minutes.

For Sale By Owner Marketing

Listing on the MLS will bring immense exposure to your FSBO property, but that’s not the only way to market your home. Here are 8 FSBO marketing tactics to consider:

8 Creative Ways to Market Your For Sale By Owner Property
1. List Your Home on FSBO Websites
2. Install a For Sale Yard Sign
3. Utilize the Power of Social Media
4. Create a Virtual Tour
5. Host Open Houses
6. Collaborate with local influencers in the real estate niche
7. Invest in old-school marketing tricks like flyers
8. Advertise Your FSBO Home With Google Ads

» Creative Ways to Market Your Home: 18 unique marketing tactics for a successful FSBO sale

For Sale By Owner Yard Signs

Installing a FSBO yard sign on your lawn would be a cost-effective, no-brainer marketing tactic. The combination of compelling colors with legible text will attract the attention of potential buyers & buyer agents!

» For Sale By Owner Signs: Check out America’s best FSBO yard signs

For Sale By Owner: Pros and Cons

Let’s evaluate the pros and cons of selling FSBO.

For Sale By Owner Benefits

 Save Thousands Of Dollars: You can save the entire listing agent commission; if a buyer agent does not represent your buyer, you save the entire 6% commission.

 Full Control over the Transaction: When you FSBO, you take command of the transaction. Essentially, as the homeowner, you self-represent your property instead of dealing with a listing agent.

Disadvantages of For Sale By Owner

FSBO requires time and effort: When you sell For Sale By Owner, you are the sole person responsible for marketing your house, listing paperwork, etc. If you aren’t methodical about your FSBO prospecting and marketing, your days on the market increase.

Negotiating offers can be challenging: Whether you are a first-time or experienced home seller, negotiating offers can be tough. Several contingencies may also hamper the FSBO transaction.

For Sale By Owner can be challenging, but you will save thousands of dollars, which is a remarkable feat in the face of the impending recession.

Every $ matters!

🏡 You Know Your Home More Than Anyone

Assume full control of your FSBO home sale and skip 3% listing commission with Houzeo’s technology!


FSBO Challenges

Selling your house by owner will never be leisurely. Let’s look at the common FSBO Challenges:

1. Inaccurate Pricing of the Property

Determining the appropriate price for your property is the key to getting FSBO right.

If your property’s listing price is too high or too low, you might not get a top dollar rate for your house. Inaccurate pricing will also increase days on the market.

» How do I list on the MLS: All you need to know about listing on the MLS by owner

2. Faulty FSBO Paperwork

Selling or buying a home is perhaps the most significant thing one can do in life, and the paperwork is likely so.

Wrong square footage or faulty seller disclosures may lead to civil penalties and violations.

    💡 FACT: Houzeo collates the FSBO paperwork for you as soon as you share the property location on the platform. The listing paperwork has been intuitively digitized with help articles along the way, auto-population of some data fields based on tax records of your state, etc.

3. Devoting Sufficient Time for the FSBO Sale

This is the crux. As a self-representing home seller, you must dedicate enough time for the For Sale By Owner transaction. You will be responsible for prepping your house, marketing, showings, open house schedules, negotiating offers, etc.

If you neglect any aspect, you may not be able to get 100% Fair Market Value of your property.

FSBO Paperwork

Whether buying a dream home or selling your property, you can’t close the deal in friendly “banter.”

There has to be a legally binding contract in place so that the real estate transaction doesn’t fall through. An important part of the FSBO Paperwork is the Title Document, which implies that the home seller has sold their property to the buyer.

The purchase agreement and seller disclosure forms can be found online for free, so your job as an FSBO home seller gets easier.

» For Sale By Owner Paperwork: Everything you need to know

For Sale By Owner Contract

The For Sale By Owner Contract is a significant part of your FSBO sale. This legal document deals with owner-to-owner real estate property transactions. It also includes all the information that’ll help protect your legal rights.

» For Sale By Owner Contract: Everything you need to know about an FSBO Contract

For Sale By Owner Closing Costs

Although the home sellers save thousands on listing agent commissions, some fees are associated with selling a house. These are related to home inspection, appraisals, home staging, real estate photography, etc.

How Much Does it Cost to Sell a House by Owner?

When you choose a FSBO website, the fees to sell a house include the upfront Flat Fee, typically $349, and expenses incurred during the property’s marketing. A For Sale By Owner transaction includes multiple costs.

FSBO-specific costs are:

  • Appraisal: Professional appraisal will help you accurately price your FSBO home.
  • Photography: Aesthetically appealing photos were found useful by 87% of home buyers.
  • Marketing: Everything related to making the property visible to potential buyers, such as yard signs, newspaper ads, etc.
  • FSBO MLS Listing: Fees related to listing the home on the open market. If you opt for a Flat Fee MLS Service, the fees lie between $299 and $499.
  • Sales Contract: Getting the FSBO Contract reviewed by a real estate attorney will only cost around $300 to $500 but prevent any unwanted legal issues.

Some optional FSBO expenses are Property Survey/Land Survey, Marketing costs, Home Staging expenses, Exterior paint, etc.

» For Sale By Owner Closing Costs: Everything you need to know about an FSBO Closing Costs

For Sale By Owner Closing Costs Calculator

Home sellers usually look to save money when considering For Sale By Owner. If the closing costs end up cannibalizing the home sale proceeds, you may regret selling your home.

If you estimate the FSBO closing costs beforehand, you can plan the home sale better & ensure you don’t encounter unnecessary deficits.

» Calculate FSBO Closing Costs: Using Houzeo’s Advanced Closing Costs Calculator, you can calculate closing costs on your home for FREE!

FSBO Checklist: 7 Tips to Sell Your House Fast

1. Find the best time to sellKnow what time of the year brings you the best offers with minimal days on market
2. Price your house competitivelyResearch the industry trends, and local home sale prices to determine a competitive pricing range for your property
3. Declutter & DepersonalizeMake repairs, decorate, and organize to increase the curb appeal
4. Upload professional photosInvest in professional photography, and upload aesthetically pleasing house photos on MLS, social media, or FSBO websites
5. List on MLSFinding sites that offer Flat Fee MLS services to FSBO home sellers for maximum exposure
6. Offer competitive Buyer Agent CommissionOffering a competitive buyer agent commission ensures the best offers from willing buyers
7. Market on social mediaUsing social media tools like Facebook & Instagram to run ads and reach the right audience

FSBO may not be a good idea if you are confident you won’t give enough time to your FSBO sale. Let’s take a look at some of the FSBO alternatives.

Houses For Sale By Owner Near Me

For Sale By Owner AlabamaFor Sale By Owner AlaskaFor Sale By Owner Arizona
For Sale By Owner ArkansasFor Sale By Owner CaliforniaFor Sale By Owner Colorado
For Sale By Owner ConnecticutFor Sale By Owner DelawareFor Sale By Owner Florida
For Sale By Owner GeorgiaFor Sale By Owner HawaiiFor Sale By Owner Idaho
For Sale By Owner IndianaFor Sale By Owner IowaFor Sale By Owner Kansas
For Sale By Owner KentuckyFor Sale By Owner LouisianaFor Sale By Owner Maine
For Sale By Owner MarylandFor Sale By Owner MassachusettsFor Sale By Owner Michigan
For Sale By Owner MinnesotaFor Sale By Owner MississippiFor Sale By Owner Missouri
For Sale By Owner MontanaFor Sale By Owner NebraskaFor Sale By Owner Nevada
For Sale By Owner New HampshireFor Sale By Owner New JerseyFor Sale By Owner New Mexico
For Sale By Owner New YorkFor Sale By Owner North CarolinaFor Sale By Owner North Dakota
For Sale By Owner OhioFor Sale By Owner OklahomaFor Sale By Owner Oregon
For Sale By Owner PennsylvaniaFor Sale By Owner Rhode IslandFor Sale By Owner South Carolina
For Sale By Owner South DakotaFor Sale By Owner TennesseeFor Sale By Owner Texas
For Sale By Owner UtahFor Sale By Owner VermontFor Sale By Owner Virginia
For Sale By Owner WashingtonFor Sale By Owner Washington D.CFor Sale By Owner West Virginia
For Sale By Owner WisconsinFor Sale By Owner WyomingFor Sale By Owner Homes

FSBO Alternatives

1. Full-Service In-Person Real Estate Brokers

A full-service in-person broker is a real estate professional that provides all services for the buyer and seller for a commission of 3%-6%. Luxury real estate brokers may charge more than 6%.

» Top Real Estate Brokers in America: Check out our rankings of top real estate brokers in 2022

2. Discount Real Estate Agents

A flat rate or discount real estate agent offers all the services of a traditional broker for a discounted flat rate. This can range anywhere between $2000 to $8000.

» America’s Best Discount Real Estate Agents: Check out our rankings of the best discount real estate brokers

3. Companies that Buy Houses for Cash

Companies that buy houses for cash are real estate buyers who make direct cash offers on homes. Cash buyers let home sellers skip the hassle of listing on the MLS, staging, marketing, etc.

» Companies That Buy Houses for Cash: Check out our rankings of the best cash home buyers in 2022

Should I Sell My House For Sale By Owner?

Absolutely yes!

But you should supplement your FSBO listing with an MLS listing. You save thousands on commission with a For Sale By Owner MLS listing. You also retain full control of your sale. And you get the power of the MLS to market your home to buyers and buyer agents.

With new age For Sale By Owner websites like Houzeo.com, you’ll be guided through the FSBO sale process. Houzeo technology limits any downsides of a pure FSBO sale.

FAQ: For Sale By Owner Questions

Am I Considered a For Sale By Owner, If I Purchase a Flat Fee MLS Listing?

Technically, no. Once you’re on the MLS, you’re no longer considered to be a For Sale By Owner. But, that shouldn’t matter. Your listing agreement with the agent is usually “entry only”, which means it only pertains to the entry of the property listing onto the MLS and can be canceled anytime. Think of this as a technical hoop, so you can get the marketing prowess of all the agents out there. For a small flat fee, no less. You’re not locked into a long-term exclusive agreement that you can’t get out of.

Are there closing costs when you sell a home For Sale By Owner?

Of course, there are closing costs to consider before signing the contract. Fees such as loan payoff costs, transfer taxes, title insurance fees, attorney fees, and other additional fees to close the deal. However, these vary on the property’s sale price, state, and location. We have detailed blogs on seller closing costs in many states. Be sure to read those to educate yourself and avoid last-minute surprises.

Is For Sale By Owner worth it?

Yes! Selling your home For Sale by Owner helps you to save thousands of dollars in a real estate transaction.

The National Association of Realtors reported that FSBOs accounted for 7% of home sales among which MLS websites made up 18%.

When you advertise your home For Sale By Owner, you do not have to pay the entire listing agent commission.

Where to list a For Sale By Owner house?

Always be local! You must prefer to list on your local MLS to maximize your profit in the current market.

Houzeo helps you to list on MLS within 24 hours! Start your listing, now!

What is the best For Sale By Owner site?

Houzeo is the best For Sale By Owner Website because:

  • It helps you save thousands on commissions.
  • Provides maximum exposure
  • Gives fast listing and changes
  • Delivers stellar customer service
  • Facilitates cutting edge technology

What is For Sale By Owner?

For Sale by Owner, Sell your home yourself or Do it yourself MLS listing refers to the process of selling your home without the help of an agent or broker.

The National Association of Realtors reported that FSBOs accounted for 7% of home sales among which MLS websites made up 18%.

Where can I list my house For Sale By Owner for free?

You can list your house For Sale By Owner on Zillow, ForSaleByOwner.com, Trulia, and Craigslist for free. However, the free FSBO listing doesn't help with your FSBO sale. These websites work on an advertising model that has spammy users too. You should consider a For Sale By Owner Listing Service and sell your home yourself for a typical flat fee of $349! Start NOW!

Is For Sale By Owner a good idea?

Of course! For Sale By Owner is a great way to save on the hefty commissions. With a For Sale By Owner MLS listing, your listing is syndicated on the local MLS, and hundreds of real estate websites. With a 100% online Flat Fee MLS Listing Service like Houzeo.com, you can list your home on the MLS seamlessly and have full control over the FSBO transaction.

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