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Best Alabama REALTOR You NEED To Know

The median home price in Alabama increased by 5.3% in August 2022 to reach $265,900. High prices mean sellers have to pay hefty commissions. In such a case, a home seller may struggle to sell their home without help.

With our rankings of the best REALTORS in Alabama, you can find the right individual for a smooth and hassle-free real estate transaction.

What are REALTOR Agents?

REALTOR Agents are real estate professionals adhering to the code of ethics laid down by the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), America’s largest real estate association.

For becoming a licensed member of the NAR, a real estate agent or broker has to be a certified member of a local REALTOR association and complete their NAR Code of Ethics training. The designation of a REALTOR is open to a variety of professionals like commercial brokers, agents, appraisers, property managers, counselors, and working in the real estate sector.

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What Does a REALTOR Do?

A REALTOR facilitates the real estate transaction for people buying and selling properties.

When you are selling a property, the MLS is the most powerful tool. Unfortunately, only licensed real estate professionals like realtors or brokers can access the MLS. This is where a REALTOR comes in.

The term REALTOR is used interchangeably with real estate agents and brokers but there are minute differences.

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What Does a REALTOR Do for Sellers?

REALTOR Agents representing a seller are called listing agents or seller’s agents.

As seller representatives, listing agents help their clients with listing paperwork, marketing strategies, home staging for sale and photography, pricing the property, etc.

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What Does a REALTOR Do for Buyers?

REALTOR Agents representing a buyer are called buyer’s agents.

As buyer representative, buyer agents scout for desirable properties for clients, shares listings with potential buyers, guide in contracts and accompany their client to seller’s meetings, inspections, etc.

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Average REALTOR Commission in Alabama

Alabama real estate commission rates range between 1% to 6%.

Typically, this commission is split evenly(50-50) between the listing and the buyer’s REALTOR agents. In the case of a dual agency, the full 6% REALTOR commission goes to one REALTOR.

    🚩 BEWARE: Only in certain states is it permissible for a REALTOR to act as both the listing and buyer agent, i.e. dual agency. In this situation, they do not operate as a representative, but rather as a neutral third party who assists in all transactions. Dual agency listings must be agreed upon by both parties to ensure transparency.

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Reviews: Best Alabama REALTOR

1. Bill Johnson


Bill Johnson

CA Realtors - Bill Johnson, Realty Solutions
  • Experience: 22+ years
  • 5 Stars 5.0/5.0 (139 reviews)

Why Bill Johnson is #1: Bill Johnson is REALTOR licensed in 7 states. He has 22+ years of experience providing Discount Flat Fee MLS servicesHe even offers virtual full-service real estate services.

Discount Realty Solutions: Discount Realty Solutions, Bill Johnson’s company offers Discount Flat Fee MLS services. The website also offers credit check, pre-qualify, listing, etc. services for buyers and sellers.

For Home Sellers

  • Flat Fee Listing: Through Discount Realty Solutions, Bill Johnson offers a flat fee MLS listing package, which helps sellers save thousands of dollars for listing agent commissions.
  • Customer Service: Known for their excellent customer service for both home buyers and sellers.
  • Full Automation: Powered by, Bill Johnson can help you manage your listing 100% online. With Houzeo Showings, you can deal with showing appointments online. you can even use Houzeo Offers for viewing and comparing offers, and Houzeo’s Settlement Agent Platform for closing.

For Home Buyers

  • Credit Check: Discount realty solution guides you to get an accurate credit score report so that you can easily check for loan offers.
  • Submit an Offer: Buyers can even make an offer to the seller on, provided the seller has listed their property via Bill Johnson on Houzeo.
  • Closing Cost Calculator: Buyers can even use Houzeo’s Closing Cost Calculator to estimate their expenses for purchasing their home.

Our Take: We recommend Bill Johnson for his expertise in multiple real estate markets across the country and the easy listing management services offered by him through’s technology.

» List With BillCheck out the services offered by Bill Johnson via

  • NAR’s e-PRO
  • Bill is currently a licensed broker in 7 states.
  • Has sold over 1130 properties until now.

Bill Johnson, Discount Realty Solution: Bill has a 5-Star rating on Houzeo with 139 reviews.

Bill is licensed in 7 states and covers the following MLS’:


  • Baldwin County MLS-AL
  • Birmingham MLS (GALMLS)-AL
  • Mobile County MLS-AL


  • Cooperative Arkansas Realtors MLS-AR
  • Northwest Arkansas Board of Realtors (NABOR) MLS-AR


  • California Regional MLS-CA
  • Lake County Association of Realtors-CA
  • MetroList MLS-CA


  • Georgia MLS + First MLS-GA (0.3% on Closing)


  • Gulf Port MLS-MS
  • United MLS-MS


  • Regional MLS-OR


  • Northwest MLS-WA
  • Pacific MLS-WA
  • Regional MLS-WA
  • Spokane MLS-WA

Difference between a Broker, REALTOR, and Real Estate Agent

A real estate broker is a licensed real estate agent with additional training and licenses to employ other real estate agents in their brokerage firms. In contrast, a real estate agent is only licensed to assist a real estate transaction and cannot hire other agents or open a brokerage firm.

REALTORS are real estate professionals who are members of the National Association of REALTORS®(NAR), the largest trade association in the U.S. Bound by the NAR’s Code of Ethics, REALTORS promise to be transparent, honest, and uphold their clients’ best interests in all transactions.

    💡 FACT: Anyone who is a member of the NAR is licensed to use the REALTORS® trademark as part of their name.

There are thousands of licensed real estate agents and brokers across the nation with varying levels of service quality, so it is ideal to hire a local real estate broker when selling a house for the first time. Check out our guide on how to sell a house in Alabama.

Selling a house by owner in Alabama may seem like a daunting process, but technology tools like have digitized the contingencies like listing paperwork and made the process seamless.

The best part—you don’t pay the traditional 6% real estate commission! You can use the 100% online platform to list your house, manage home showings, and counteroffers for a flat fee.

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With Houzeo technology, you can save thousands by listing FSBO for a flat fee of $349!


What is the Average Realtor Commission in Alabama?

The average Realtor commission in Alabama is typically between 5 and 6%. However, this fee is negotiable and varies from sale to sale depending on the region and the firm REALTORS work for.

🔎 Average Real Estate Agent Commission: Know what is the average real estate commission in the U.S

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Types of REALTORS in Alabama

There are five main types of REALTORS in Alabama:

Types of AgentsDescription
Flat Fee MLS AgentsA flat fee MLS agent has an upfront fee of $199-$999. They list your property on the MLS and provide customizable services on an ala carte basis.
Flat Rate AgentA flat rate agent offers all the services of a traditional agent for a discounted flat rate. This can range anywhere between $2000 to $8000.
Low Commission AgentsA low commission agent charges a lower commission than a traditional agent. Even if the buyer agent commission remains standard, their listing agent commission ranges between 1% - 1.5% of the selling price.
Virtual Full-Service AgentsVirtual full service agents provide all services from listing, documentation, negotiation, showings, to closing 100% online. They may have a set upfront fee or a commission.
Traditional In-person AgentsA traditional in-person agent is a real estate professional that provides all services for the buyer and seller for a commission of 2%-3%.

How to Find a REALTOR in Alabama?

Review Alabama real estate market trends and evaluate costs, time, and efforts.

National brands offer nationwide coverage, but service quality may not be great in each office. You will be yet another lead in the marketing funnel while a Alabama real estate agent is assigned to your listing.

In contrast, if you choose local Alabama real estate brokers, you could substantially save on time and effort. However, saving on real estate commissions still remains questionable.

🏡 WANT TO TRY FSBO IN ALABAMA? Check out our guide on how to sell your own home in Alabama.

How to Find Realtors in Alabama

  1. Look for real estate agents or brokers who are members of the NAR.
  2. Verify whether they provide cutting-edge tech.
  3. Check their customer reviews.
  4. Find out whether they offer optional online paperwork.
  5. Interview Realtors and convey your requirement.
  6. Compare the Realtors based on commission percentage and services provided.
  7. Finalize the one that best understands your real estate goals.

» Best Realtors: Here are the top REALTORS in the US you should know!

Alternatives to REALTORS in Alabama

If you feel that Alabama REALTORS aren’t the best for you, then you can consider one of the following alternatives:

📈 Sell FSBO with Flat Fee MLS

Listing on the open market is the best way to maximize your offer because your MLS listing gets syndicated to other real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin,, etc. & amplifies the exposure of your MLS listing.

You can get multiple offers and also compare the highest and the best offers from potential buyers. There is an opportunity to negotiate the sale price, closing costs, etc., and save substantially in commissions by choosing a flat fee MLS platform or low commission realtor.

» MORE: How to List on the MLS by Owner Without a REALTOR

📲 iBuyers

iBuyers are instant buyers, and these companies have created a level-playing field with full cash offers and technologically advanced platforms. You get a reasonably fair cash offer instantly, around 90% to 104.1% of your home’s market value. Closing happens within a matter of a few days.

» MORE: Top iBuyers in 2022

🤑 Companies Buying Houses for Cash

If your house is in poor condition and you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on repairs or closing costs, then you can choose “we buy houses for cash” companies. These companies help sell your house fast for cash, but they’ll pay 30% to 70% of your home’s market value.

» MORE: Cash Home Buyers in Alabama

💲 You Know Your Home Better Than Any Real Estate Broker

Trust your gut, and sell your home yourself with Houzeo technology!


Should You Sell With Alabama REALTORS?

Not really!

As an Alabama home seller, you shouldn’t have to pay a 3% listing fee of the home’s sale price just to get it on the MLS.

With the best Flat Fee MLS Alabama listing services and disruptive technology tools like, you can list your house by owner in Alabama for a flat rate in 2022.

The comprehensive paperwork that comes with listing a house has been intuitively digitized, so you can finish all listing formalities in under 60 minutes.

If you feel lost or need additional assistance during the process, you can check in with our 5-Star Customer Support team.

Eager to Know How Houzeo Works?

We’ve got you covered! Understand how Houzeo works and why it is the best FSBO and Flat Fee MLS platform in the United States.

What is Houzeo?

An overview of what the platform is all about

Start Your MLS Listing NOW!

» NEED MORE CLARITY? Read these exclusive Houzeo reviews and learn why the platform is the best in America’s competitive housing market.

Final Word

Good REALTORS in Alabama can make selling a house a cakewalk. Their guidance can help you get the best price for your property in the most hassle-free manner.

However, with the average REALTOR commission being 6% across the nation – split 50-50 between the listing and the buyer agent, your profits on the sale are substantially reduced. Additionally, seller closing costs will eat away at your profits.

Although there is no escaping the closing costs, opting for Flat Fee real estate agentsempowered by Houzeo, can help you save 3% listing agent commission.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best REALTOR in Alabama?

The best REALTOR in Alabama is Bill Johnson who is partnered with Houzeo.

What are the real estate commission rates in Alabama?

The average commission rate for listing agents is 2.72% of the final home price and 2.72% for buyer's agents, for a total of 5.44%.

Who pays the REALTOR FEES in Alabama?

The SELLER pays the REALTOR fees in Alabama.

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