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10 min read Apr 19, 2023

7 Best Realtors in Georgia (2023 Updates)

The Georgia housing market is finally cooling off. Mortgage rates have shot up. They are expected to remain elevated through 2024.

If you’re a home seller, you’re nervous to sell now with dropping prices. You also don’t want to sell your low-interest mortgage home and buy another home at the current interest rates.

Should you sell now before home prices plummet? Or wait for rates to fall? Unless you want to learn how to sell a house by owner in Georgia, you’re looking for a REALTOR to help.

If you’re a home buyer, you don’t know whether you can even afford a home. Prices are still high. And interest rates have added hundreds of dollars to your mortgage payments. Is now the best time to buy a house in Georgia? Or wait?

A great REALTOR can help you navigate these choppy waters and make the right decision. And once you decide, they can be the pro you rely on to help you buy or sell.

Some REALTORS will save you thousands with technology. Others will help you sell your luxury property for top dollar, and still others can show you how to stop foreclosure in Georgia.

With our rankings of the 7 best REALTORS in Georgia, you can find the right one for a smooth and hassle-free real estate transaction.

🏅 Rankings: Top 7 REALTORS in Georgia

  1. Glen Cornwell: Best Overall
  2. Kendall Butler: Local Market Expert
  3. Tonya Jones: Nationally Recognized Professional
  4. Natalie Poteete: Best for Home Sellers
  5. Justin Bolin: Best for First-Time Home Buyers
  6. Aaron Duncan: Military Relocation Specialist
  7. Kim Mixon: Best for First-Time Home Buyers

Reviews: 7 Top REALTORS In Georgia

1. Glen Cornwell


Glen Cornwell

Glen Cornwell Realtor
  • Experience: 20+ years
  • 5 Stars 4.9/5.0 (219 Reviews)

Glen Cornwell is a REALTOR in Georgia with 20 years of experience in the industry. He offers full-service packages via Houzeo.

  • Bronze Package – FREE: This package offers Houzeo listing only for 6 months with maximum photos. You pay a $49 refundable fee for a yard sign and receive your refund after sending a selfie with it.
  • Silver Package – $349+: This includes everything that home sellers typically look for.
  • Gold Package – $399+: It is Houzeo’s signature MLS package and includes all the technology Houzeo is known for like Houzeo Showings, Houzeo Offers, and DigiTransact.
  • Platinum – $999+: It includes the assistance of a licensed broker to help you with negotiations, disclosures, and closing.

👉 Our Take: We recommend Glen Cornwell for his stellar customer services. He helps his clients save on the listing agent commission.

Glen Cornwell has an experience of over 20 years in practising the Flat Fee MLS model. He is an expert of resales and re-location deals.

  • Experienced and Highly Rated Broker: Whether you’re buying or selling, Glen provides excellent representation. Using his knowledge of the local market, he will help you get the best out of the transaction.
  • Maximum Exposure: Your MLS listing will be syndicated to hundreds of real estate websites. Glen will also post your listing on various social media apps.
  • Houzeo Agent Advantage: Access to a 100% online platform that facilitates easy listing, fast changes, online showings, and offers.
  • Transaction Side: Glen has made 116 sales in the last 12 months.

In our research, we found no red flags with Realtor Glen Cornwell. He has a stellar reputation within the REALTORS community.

Glen Cornwell Realtor: Glen Cornwell has a 4.9 out of 5-star rating from 219 total reviews on Houzeo.

Glen Cornwell is a licensed Realtor in Georgia and the founder of Cornwell Properties. His firm specializes mainly in luxury properties, relocation, resales, new construction, and investment properties.

He has an overall experience of 20 years in the industry and provides Flat Fee services via Houzeo.

2. Kendall Butler


Kendall Butler

Kendall Butler- FLI Properties
  • Experience: 19+ Years
  • 5 Stars 4.9/5.0 (84 Reviews)

Kendall Butler is a leading realtor in West Georgia. She provides real estate services via F.L.I Properties and is an expert of the local market she serves.

You can expect to pay the full commission of 5% – 6% if you choose to list or buy with Kendall.

👉 Our Take: We recommend Kendall for her extensive knowledge of the local market.

Kendall Butler is the co-founder of F.L.I Properties. She is considered to be one of the top agents in the state of Georgia. She has also consistently been a top producing broker.

  • Free Home Evaluation: Kendall performs a free market analysis and provide you with a detailed evaluation of your home. This will help you price your home right to generate competitive offers.
  • Home Staging: Kendall and her team provides home staging advice and will suggest certain changes to make your house more presentable.
  • Extensive Marketing: Your home will be advertised across different media, local publications and several high-traffic MLS websites.
  • Dedicated Agents: A team of seasoned professionals will guide you through the process. From financing your purchase to negotiating on your behalf, Kendall will be present to assist you.


  • Georgia Association of Realtors Young Professional Network’s Top 5 young real-estate professionals in Georgia.
  • Top 10 real estate agents and REALTORS of Georgia as per RealTrends.

Although Kendall has a great reputation among the Realtors community, we found a few complaints from the customers.

  • Lack of Communication: Some customers have complained that Kendall and her team are not prompt at responding to the clients requests. They often communicate through texts rather than phone calls or meeting in-person.
  • Poor Negotiation Skills: A few past customers have complained that they ended up losing a significant amount on closing due to poor negotiations from Kendall and her team.

Kendall Butler Realtor: Kendall Butler has a 4.9 out of 5-star rating from 84 total reviews on Zillow.

Kendall Butler is a licensed Realtor in Georgia and is the co-founder of F.L.I Properties. She has an overall experience of 18 years in the real estate market.

Her specialization lies in relocation, construction homes, lake home sales, investment properties, and property management. 

3. Tonya Jones


Tonya Jones

Tonya Jones- Breakshire hathway Georgia
  • Experience: 14+ Years
  • 5 Stars 5.0/5.0 (64 Reviews)

Tonya Jones is a nationally recognized Georgia based REALTOR. She works with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services – Georgia Properties as a full-time commercial and luxury REALTOR.

Tonya offers real estate services at the full commission of 5% – 6%.

👉 Our Take: We recommend Tonya for people who want assistance in dealing with luxury properties.

Tonya Jones is based in Fayetteville county in GA. She is a luxury homes specialist.

  • Knowledgeable and Highly Reputed Broker: Tonya is known for her local market expertise and extensive knowledge. She is highly rated by her past clients.
  • Comparable Market Analysis: She performs a market analysis and provides insight on the home prices in your neighbourhood. This will help you price your home right to attract potential buyers.
  • Home Inspection: Tonya and her team are local experts. They will suggest a reputed home inspector for you. They also make suggestions for improvement based on the regulations of your area.
  • Transaction Sides: Tonya has closed 78 sales in the last 12 months.

In our research, we found no red flags with Realtor Tonya Jones. She has a stellar reputation within the REALTORS community.

Tonya Jones Realtor: Tonya Jones has a 5 out of 5-star rating from 64 total reviews on Zillow.

Tonya Jones is a Realtor licensed in Georgia. She provides real estate services via Berkshire Hathaway Home Services – Georgia Properties.

She provides services like re-location, buying/selling of properties, personal home tours, market reports, investment in real-estate etc. throughout Georgia.

4. Natalie Poteete


Natalie Poteete

Remax Reinvented Logo
  • Experience: 19+ years
  • 5 Stars 5.0/5.0 (591 reviews)

Natalie Poteete is a licensed Realtor in Georgia. She works in affiliation with RE/MAX Real estate. She is recognised as one of the top Realtors in the Augusta real estate market.

You can expect to pay the full commission of 5% – 6% if you choose to sell or buy with Natalie.

👉 Our Take: We recommend Natalie Poteete for her marketing knowledge and local expertise.

Natalie Poteete is one of the leading Realtors in Georgia. She specialises as a buyer’s agent and listing agent.

  • Buyer Assistance: Natalie and her team offer complete assistance for buyers. They educate you about the home buying process and are present through every step of the transaction.
  • Advanced Marketing: Your listing is featured across major websites, social media, print media etc. for maximum exposure.
  • Transaction Side: Natalie has closed 190 sales in the last 12 months. She has won several RE/MAX awards for her sales volume.


  • RE/MAX Hall of Fame Member.
  • RE/MAX 100% Club Award Winner.
  • Won the RE/MAX Diamond Club Award.
  • RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award.

In our research, we found no red flags with Realtor Natalie Poteete. She has a stellar reputation within the REALTORS community.

Natalie Poteete Realtor: Natalie Poteete has a 5 out of 5-star rating from 591 total reviews on Zillow.

Natalie Poteete is a Realtor based in Augusta, Georgia. She works in affiliation with RE/MAX Reinvented Real Estate Team.

She is known for her extensive marketing knowledge. Natalie specializes in Marketing, Military Relocation, Foreclosures, Luxury Properties and Property Management.

5. Justin Bolin


Justin C. Bolin

  • Experience: 18+ years
  • 5 Stars 5.0/5.0 (395 Reviews)

Justin C Bolin is a Realtor based in Georgia. He provides real estate services via VanderMorgan Realty

You can expect to pay the full commission of 5% – 6% if you choose to list or buy with Justin.

👉 Our Take: We recommend Justin Bolin as he is a local expert with 18+ years of experience as a REALTOR. He is also well-known among his clients for his investment advice.

Justin has over 18 years of experience in the local market. He specialises in relocation and foreclosures.

  • Experienced Broker: Justin and his team are very knowledgeable and know the market inside out. Using his experience and knowledge, Justin will help you through every step of the transaction.
  • Advanced Marketing: Your listing receives excellent exposure through various media outlets, including the internet, newspapers, advertising, etc. Justin and his team also create personalised flyers and mails for your home.
  • Transaction Side: Justin has sold 226 properties in the last 12 months.


  • Fast Expert Five Star Agent Award.

In our research, we found no red flags with Realtor Justin Bolin. He has a great reputation within the REALTORS community and is known for his professionalism.

Justin Bolin Realtor: Justin Bolin has a 5 out of 5-star rating from 395 total reviews on Zillow.

Justin Bolin is a Realtor based in Augusta, Georgia. He has been serving the Georgia real estate market for over 18 years via VanderMorgan Realty.

Justin has helped over 1300 families and individuals buy or sell their homes since 2005. He specializes in first-time home buyers, distressed properties and investments.

6. Aaron Duncan


Aaron Duncan

Weichert Real estate logo
  • Experience: 15+ Years
  • 4.75 Stars 4.9/5.0 (133 reviews)

Aaron Duncan is a licensed REALTOR based in Hinesville, GA. He provides real estate services via Weichert Realtors.

Aaron Duncan offers real estate services at 5% – 6% real estate commission.

👉 Our Take: We recommend Aaron Duncan for people dealing with commercial real estate. He is well reputed his extensive knowledge of the local market.

Aaron Duncan works with Weichert Realty. He specialises in commercial real estate and property management.

  • Expert Agents: Aaron and his team are local experts. They know the market inside out and guide their clients to the best deal.
  • Market Analysis: Aaron uses a strategic pricing tool to provide you with data-fuelled insights on the current local market.
  • Transaction Side: Aaron has closed 138 sales in the last 12 months.


  • Member of the Hinesville Area Board of REALTORS.
  • Military Relocation Professional.
  • Seller Representative Specialist.

Although Aaron has a great reputation as a Realtor, some of his past customers have a few complaints about their service.

  • Below-par Customer Service: A few past customers complain about poor service provided by Aaron and his team. They claim the team is unresponsive at times and miscommunicate with the clients.

Aaron Duncan Realtor: Aaron Duncan has a 4.9 out of 5-star rating from 133 total reviews on Zillow.

Aaron Duncan is a Realtor based in Hinesville, Georgia. He offers real estate services via Weichert Realty and uses the latest information, tools, and resources to make sure their customers are rewarded with great services.

He specializes in military relocation, commercial real estate, property management and rentals.

7. Kim Mixon


Kim Mixon

Realtors in Columbus GA - Kim Mixon Real Estate Team
  • Experience: 19+ Years
  • 5 Stars 5.0/5.0 (69 reviews)

Kim Mixon is a licensed REALTOR in Georgia. She is the founder of the Kim Mixon Real Estate Team and has been offering real estate services in the local market for the past 19 years.

You can expect to pay the full commission of 5% – 6% if you choose to sell or buy with Kim.

👉 Our Take: We recommend Kim for her professionalism and her top-notch customer service.

Kim Mixon is a specialist in home staging. She is known to be extremely responsive to her client’s needs.

  • Top Rated Customer Experience: Kim and her team are known for being extremely responsive. Their customer support is one of a kind – providing timely support and guidance to their clients.
  • Transaction Side: Kim has sold 115 properties in the last 12 months.


  • Fast Expert Top 10 Agent
  • Featured in Fleet Feet Columbus

In our research, we found no red flags with Realtor Kim Mixon. She has a stellar reputation within the REALTORS community.

Kim Mixon Realtor: Kim Mixon has a 5 out of 5-star rating from 69 total reviews on Zillow.

Kim Mixon is a REALTOR based in Columbus, GA. She is the founder of the Kim Mixon Team.

Kim is a local expert and also offers home staging assistance. She is known for providing stellar customer support.

What are Realtor Agents?

Realtor Agents are real estate professionals adhering to the code of ethics laid down by the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), America’s largest real estate association.

REALTORS can be commercial brokers, real estate agentsappraisers, property managers, and counselors working in the real estate sector.

» NAR Code of EthicsA REALTOR’s pledge to business integrity and fair dealing.

What is the Average Realtor Commission in Georgia?

The average Realtor commission is typically between 5% – 6%. However, this fee is negotiable and varies state-wide.

With increasing competition and better alternatives, Realtor agents are willing to lower their commissions and provide concessions to the home seller.

» How to Negotiate Real Estate Commissions: Pro tips on how to negotiate agent commissions and save thousands!

Who Pays REALTOR Fees in Georgia?

The seller typically pays the REALTOR fees. Although the seller is responsible for paying these fees, they can always negotiate with the buyer on this.

In simple terms, it can be said that REALTOR fees are a part of the sale price of a home.

Do Closing Costs include REALTOR Fees?

Yes! Realtor fees are a major part of closing costs. Closing costs, also known as “settlement costs,” are the final expenses to complete the real estate transaction.

1. Home Selling

A sizeable chunk of the seller’s closing costs, comprising 5%–6% of the sales price, is made up of REALTOR commissions. It is important to note that the seller pays a commission to both the listing agent and the buyer’s agent.

The commissions can vary according to the type of service you want to opt for selling your home.

  • Flat Fee MLS: Sell your home with an average fee of $399 and save thousands in commissions. Get the best possible exposure for your home by listing it on the MLS.
  • Discount Real Estate Brokers: The average fee these low-commission brokers charge is $5,000 or 1.5% of the sale price. They provide services at reduced rates thereby making them a top choice for sellers.

Seller Closing Costs in Georgia: Find out what closing costs you pay as a seller in Georgia.

2. Home Buying

Buyer closing costs do not usually include the REALTOR fees. However, this fee is already included in the price the buyer pays for their home.

Buyer Closing Costs in GeorgiaFind what closing costs you pay as a buyer in Georgia.

REALTORS vs. Agents vs. Brokers

  • Real Estate Agents: Agents are licensed professionals who represent buyers or sellers in real estate transactions. They must work with a broker or a brokerage.
  • Real Estate Broker: Brokers are agents with experience and a license, allowed after completing additional coursework. They can either start their own brokerage or work independently as agents.
  • REALTOR®: REALTORs are agents or brokers that are members of NAR and follow NAR’s code of ethics. Their modes of operation and responsibilities include that of agents and/or brokers.

How to Find REALTORS in Georgia?

Home sellers and buyers can find a top-rated REALTOR with proper research. If you wish to sell or buy a single-family home or a condo, it is essential to find a REALTOR who specializes in that type of sale.

Here’s how you can find a Realtor for your home selling/buying needs:

  1. Find Licensed Realtors: Look for agents who are members of the NAR. Select Realtors with lower commission rates and check whether they provide virtual or full services.
  2. Interview Realtors: Interview short-listed Realtors and convey your requirements. Find out their specialization, whether they offer cutting-edge technology and online services.
  3. Review and Finalize: Check reviews on trusted websites like Google, Yelp, Trustpilot, etc. Finalize the one that best understands your real estate goals.

Best Realtors Near Me

Can You List Your Home on the MLS Without a REALTOR?

No. Only licensed real estate agents have access to the MLS. There is no way to list on the MLS without an agent.

You can just opt for a Flat Fee MLS listing service. With a Flat-Fee MLS listing, you pay a small fee instead of a full listing agent commission. A Flat Fee MLS listing is the fastest way to get listed on the MLS and hit the market.

With high-tech services like Houzeo real estate, you can get listed faster than a traditional full-service Realtor. And save thousands!

» How to Get Access to MLS: Here’s how to list on MLS without a REALTOR!

Alternatives to Realtors in Georgia

Realtors are the best option for first-time home sellers. But if saving money is your goal, there are several other options.

  1. Hire a Discount Real Estate Broker: Discount real estate brokers offer all the services of a traditional broker for a discounted commission. Typically, discount brokers will charge anywhere between 0.5% to 2% commission to list and sell your home.
  2. Flat Fee MLS Listing Service: With Georgia Flat-Fee MLS companies, you can not only save thousands of dollars in commissions but also take advantage of their technology for selling your house without a Realtor.
  3. Sell to an iBuyer: Many iBuyers, like Opendoor and Offerpad, purchase hundreds of homes nationwide. iBuyers can be a great option if you’re wondering how to sell your house fast in Georgia.
  4. Sell to Cash Home Buyers: Individual cash home buyers and companies that buy houses for cash in Georgia make all-cash offers, usually within 24 to 48 hours. Cash buyers let you skip the hassle of listing on the MLS, inspection, appraisal, etc.
  5. Sell For Sale By Owner: For Sale By Owner websites will help you list and sell a house by owner and save thousands in listing agent commission. Many FSBO websites will also get you listed on the MLS and help you with FSBO paperwork.

Final Word

Having a good REALTOR® when selling or buying a house can make the process a cakewalk. Their guidance can help you get the best price for your property or find your dream home.

However, the average REALTOR commission of 6% reduces your profits substantially. Additionally, seller closing costs are quite high.

Although there is no escaping the closing costs, opting for Flat Fee Realtor, can help you save 3% listing agent commission.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a good REALTOR in Georgia?

You can find a good REALTOR in Georgia based on your requirements. For instance, if you wish to sell a luxury property then you can opt for a REALTOR® accordingly. To help you in the process we have compiled the above list for you.

Who are the top licensed REALTORS in Georgia?

As per our research, Glen Cornwell is the best REALTOR in Georgia. You can find out about his services, coverage, and customer reviews here.

What percentage do most REALTORS charge in Georgia?

REALTOR® in Georgia charge 5% - 6% of the sale price.

Who pays Realtor fees in Georgia?

Sellers are responsible for paying the REALTOR fee in Georgia.

How to sell your house without a REALTOR® in Georgia?

You can sell your house without a REALTOR in Georgia by opting for FSBO. Also, there are FSBO platforms like Houzeo that can help you in selling your property at reduced rates.

Eager to Know How Houzeo Works?

We’ve got you covered. Check out the following video to understand how Houzeo works and why it is one of the best For Sale By Owner websites in Georgia.

What is Houzeo?

An overview of what the platform is all about

Start Your MLS Listing NOW!

» NEED MORE CLARITY? Read these exclusive Houzeo reviews and learn why it is one of the best FSBO sites in America.

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