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7 min read Nov 02, 2022

3 Best REALTORS in Tulsa, OK (2022 Rankings)

The home prices in Tulsa increased by 8.8% to reach a median price of $223,500 in August 2022. As home prices increase, so does the commission. Home sellers may require the help of a REALTOR to sell their homes in such a situation.

Here are our rankings of the best REALTORS in Tulsa, OK who will help you sell the property for the best price without any hassle.

Rankings: 3 Best REALTORS in Tulsa, OK

Best REALTORS in Tulsa, OKStandout FeatureMore Than 10 Years of ExperienceMore Than 100 sales in the last 12 monthsAvg. Rating
1. Carri RayFull Service REALTOR5.0 / 5.0
2. Chris ZinnRelocation Specialist5.0 / 5.0
3. Mark RentzForeclosure Specialist4.9 / 5.0

Reviews: 3 Top REALTORS in Tulsa, OK

1. Carri Ray


Carri Ray

  • Experience: 18+ years
  • 5 Stars 5.0/5.0 (10 reviews)

Why Carri Ray is #1: Carri Ray is a REALTOR licensed in Oklahoma. She has 18+ years of experience practicing the flat-fee MLS model. She also offers virtual full-service real estate services at a low commission.

Trinity Properties: Trinity Properties, Carri Ray’s real estate company offers MLS listing packages for a one-time, flat rate. 

For Home Sellers

  • Flat Fee Listing: Through Trinity Properties, Carri offers a flat fee MLS listing package, which helps sellers save thousands of dollars in listing agent commissions.
  • Full Automation: Powered by, Carrin Ray can help you manage your listing 100% online. With Houzeo Showings, you can deal with showing appointments online. You can even use Houzeo Offers for viewing and comparing offers, and Houzeo’s Settlement Agent Platform for closing.

For Home Buyers

  • Customer Support: Known for their customer service, they guide their client through the whole home buying process.
  • Closing Cost Calculator: Buyers can even use Houzeo’s Closing Cost Calculator to estimate their expenses for purchasing their home.

Our Take: We recommend Carri Ray for her expertise in the real estate market for over 18 years and the easy listing management services offered by her through’s technology.

List with Carri: Check out the services offered by Carri Ray via

  • Carri Ray is the founder of Trinity Properties
  • Carri has sold over 399 properties in the last 12 months and 3205 properties until now.

Carri Ray, Trinity Properties: Carri Ray has a 5-star rating on Houzeo

Carri is licensed in Oklahoma and covers the following MLS:

  • Oklahoma City Metropolitan Association of Realtors (OKCMAR) MLS-OK
  • Tulsa MLS (MLS Technology, Inc.)-OK

2. Chris Zinn, Engle & Völkers Tulsa


Chris Zinn

  • Experience: 17+ years
  • 5 Stars  5.0/5.0 (422 reviews)

Why Chris Zinn is #2: Chris Zinn is a REALTOR in Tulsa, OK. He has been providing real estate services for 17 years. He is the lead of Chris Zinn Group Engel & Volkers Tulsa. He specializes in relocation, staging, etc.

Engel & Volkers Tulsa: Engel and Volkers is a real estate company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They provide real estate services like listing, buying, selling, rentals, luxury properties, etc.

For Home Sellers

  • Pricing & Preparation: They collaborate with you to develop a plan that will reduce stress and increase the value of your house.
  • Marketing: You will receive a specifically designed marketing plan for your property, displaying it in its best light to a significant yet targeted audience based on the defined parameters.
  • Negotiation & Closing: Advisors from Engel & Völkers will advocate for you completely and openly. As you are ready for the next leg of your journey, they guarantee a seamless, comprehensive closing.

For Home Buyers

  • Neighborhood Insider: Use the search function to look for the home of your dreams. Your local expert on everything from restaurants to schools to the top stores is an Engel & Volkers advisor.
  • Customer Experience: The realtors will guide each client through their home-buying journey from start to finish with best service.

Our Take: We recommend Chris Zinn because of his expertise in real estate field since 17 years. Chris and his team has helped over hundreds of individuals and families to buy/sel their properties. They have sold over 1743 properties until now.

» Flat Fee MLS in Oklahoma: Check out how Houzeo compares to other Flat Fee Listing services in Oklahoma.

  • #1 in Top 5 Producing Teams award by Engel & Volkers
  • Sold over 146 properties in the last 12 months

Chris Zinn has a 5-star rating on Zillow

Chris Zinn is licensed in Oklahoma. He provides his services via Engel & Volkers in Tulsa, Claremore, Catoosa, Mounds, Coweta, Bixby, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Sapulpa, Glenpool, Sand Springs, and Collinsville.

3. Mark Rentz, Keller Williams Realty


Mark Rentz

  • Experience: 14+ years
  • 4.75 Stars  4.9/5.0 (169 reviews)

Why Mark Rentz is #3: Mark Rentz is a REALTOR in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He provides real estate services through Keller Williams Realty. He specializes in luxury homes, staging, property management, senior real estate, etc.

Keller Williams Realty: Keller Williams Realty is the largest residential real estate company in the United States of America and is, a well-known international real estate corporation. With 980+ locations running, it is widespread worldwide. In terms of agents and sales volume, it ranks first.

For Home Sellers

  • Dedicated Agents: An experienced real estate agent with knowledge of pricing, staging, and quickly selling homes to the right buyer provides aid to clients.
  • Home Valuation: Get an accurate estimate for your house as well as a comparative analysis so you can demand the highest price.

For Home Buyers

  • Agents Commitment: To assist you in making a decision, agents preview homes on your behalf in advance and accompany you on personal homes and surrounding tours.
  • Wide search: With the map tool, buyers may search for properties in the areas they are interested in because location plays a significant role in the home purchasing process. They can search for surrounding neighborhoods, schools, etc.

Our Take: We recommend Mark Rentz because of his expertise and commitment to his clients. Mark and his team have sold over 212 properties in the last 12 months.

» How to Sell your house fast in Oklahoma: Know how to sell your Oklahoma house quickly!

  • Highest Total Sales Volume
  • Accredited Luxury Home Specialist
  • Certified Buyer Specialist
  • Certified Senior Specialist

Mark has a 4.9-star rating on Zillow

Mark is licensed in Oklahoma and he provides his services via Keller Williams Realty in Tulsa, Mannford, Bixby, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Claremore, and Jenks.

What are REALTOR Agents?

REALTOR Agents are real estate professionals adhering to the code of ethics laid down by the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), America’s largest real estate association.

For becoming a licensed member of the NAR, a real estate agent or broker has to be a certified member of a local REALTOR association and complete their NAR Code of Ethics training.

The designation of a REALTOR in Tulsa, OK is open to a variety of professionals like commercial brokers, agents, appraisers, property managers, and counselors working in the real estate sector.

» NAR Code of EthicsA Comprehensive Guide.

What is the Average REALTORS Commission in Tulsa, OK?

The average REALTOR commission in Tulsa, Oklahoma is typically between 5% and 6%. However, this fee is negotiable and varies from sale to sale depending on the region and the firm REALTORS work for.

🔎 Average Real Estate Agent Commission: Know what is the average real estate commission in the US!

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We have got you covered. Sell your house with for a small flat fee – as less as $349!



Real Estate Agent vs. Real Estate Broker vs. REALTORS

Sr. No.Defining FeaturesReal Estate AgentReal Estate BrokerREALTOR®
1.ExplanationA real estate professional possessing the license to assist people in buying, selling, or renting real estate.A real estate professional having in-depth knowledge of the field, who has obtained a license after completing additional coursework beyond the agent level.Real estate agents or real estate brokers can become realtors by becoming members of the NAR. They follow the NAR Code of Ethics and are held to a higher standard than real estate agents and brokers.
2.TrainingNo additional training is required except the completion of the prelicensing courseworkRequired to undergo additional training pertaining to contracts, insurance, taxes, and ethicsSame as a Real Estate Agent and/or Broker
3.EligibilityRequired to pass the pre-licensing exam to obtain an agent’s licenseRequired to have some experience working as an agent and obtain a broker’s license after completing additional courseworkSame as a Real Estate Agent and/or Broker
4. Mode of OperationReal estate agents are required to work for a broker or a brokerage.Brokers can either start their brokerage or work independently as agents.Same as a Real Estate Agent and/or Broker
5. ResponsibilitySeller agents are required to help the seller price the property, host open houses, be present during the inspection, provide contract assistance, etc.Brokers are required to oversee other agents working for them and hold other roles depending on whether they are a Principal Broker, Managing Broker, or Associate Broker.Same as a Real Estate Agent and/or Broker

How to Find REALTORS in Tulsa, OK

Home sellers can find the right REALTOR in Tulsa, OK with proper research. If you wish to sell a single-family home or a condo, it is essential to find a REALTOR specializing in that sale.

We have listed the process for finding a Tulsa REALTOR who will help you in your real estate journey.

How to Find REALTORS in Tulsa

  1. Look for real estate agents or brokers who are members of the NAR.
  2. Verify whether they provide cutting-edge tech.
  3. Check their customer reviews.
  4. Find out whether they offer optional online paperwork.
  5. Interview Realtors and convey your requirement.
  6. Compare the Realtors based on commission percentage and services provided.
  7. Finalize the one that best understands your real estate goals.

» Best REALTORS: Check out our rankings of the top REALTORS across the country

Alternatives to Top REALTORS in Tulsa, OK

If saving money is the main goal you should consider the following:

1. Sell with Flat Fee MLS Companies

With Flat Fee MLS companies, you can save thousands of dollars in commissions and take advantage of their technology to sell your house fast in the US. These companies will list your property on your local MLS for a flat fee of a few hundred dollars.

They also offer a range of other services like showing management, offer management, and digital transaction management. These companies are the cheapest way to get your house on the MLS and maximize your profits.

We’ve compiled a list of the best Flat Fee MLS listing services near you:

NortheastStates Flat Fee MLS Connecticut | Flat Fee MLS Maine | Flat Fee MLS Massachusetts | Flat Fee MLS New Hampshire | Flat Fee MLS New Jersey | Flat Fee MLS New York | Flat Fee MLS Pennsylvania | Flat Fee MLS Rhode Island | Flat Fee MLS Vermont
NortheastCitiesFlat Fee MLS Boston, MA | Flat Fee MLS Long Island, NY | Flat Fee MLS Rochester, NY | Flat Fee MLS Syracuse, NY | Flat Fee MLS Pittsburgh, PA
MidwestStatesFlat Fee MLS Illinois | Flat Fee MLS Indiana | Flat Fee MLS Iowa | Flat Fee MLS Kansas | Flat Fee MLS Michigan | Flat Fee MLS Minnesota | Flat Fee MLS Missouri | Flat Fee MLS Nebraska | Flat Fee MLS North Dakota, Flat Fee MLS Ohio, Flat Fee MLS South Dakota, Flat Fee MLS Wisconsin
MidwestCitiesFlat Fee MLS Chicago, IL | Flat Fee MLS Peoria, IL | Flat Fee MLS Indianapolis, IN | Flat Fee MLS Kansas City, KS | Flat Fee MLS Grand Rapids, MI | Flat Fee MLS Minneapolis, MN | Flat Fee MLS Kansas City, MO | Flat Fee MLS St. Louis, MO | Flat Fee MLS Cleveland, OH | Flat Fee MLS Cincinnati, OH | Flat Fee MLS Appleton, WI | Flat Fee MLS Milwaukee, WI | Flat Fee MLS Madison, WI
SouthStatesFlat Fee MLS Alabama | Flat Fee MLS Arkansas | Flat Fee MLS Delaware | Flat Fee MLS Florida | Flat Fee MLS Georgia | Flat Fee MLS Kentucky | Flat Fee MLS Louisiana | Flat Fee MLS Maryland | Flat Fee MLS Mississippi | Flat Fee MLS North Carolina | Flat Fee MLS Oklahoma | Flat Fee MLS South Carolina | Tennessee | Flat Fee MLS Texas | Flat Fee MLS Virginia | Flat Fee MLS Washington D.C. | Flat Fee MLS West Virginia
SouthCitiesFlat Fee MLS Birmingham, AL | Flat Fee MLS Huntsville, AL | Flat Fee MLS Jacksonville, FL | Flat Fee MLS Miami, FL | Flat Fee MLS Naples, FL | Flat Fee MLS Tampa, FL | Flat Fee MLS Palm Beach, FL | Flat Fee MLS Atlanta, GA | Flat Fee MLS Louisville, KY | Flat Fee MLS Charlotte, NC | Flat Fee MLS Greensboro, NC | Flat Fee MLS Raleigh, NC | Flat Fee MLS Wilmington, NC | Flat Fee MLS Asheville, NC | Flat Fee MLS Oklahoma City, OK | Flat Fee MLS Tulsa, OK | Flat Fee MLS Greenville, SC | Flat Fee MLS Columbia, SC | Flat Fee MLS Charleston, SC | Flat Fee MLS Knoxville, TN | Flat Fee MLS Austin, TX | Flat Fee MLS Dallas, TX | Flat Fee MLS El Paso, TX | Flat Fee MLS Houston, TX | Flat Fee MLS San Antonio, TX | Flat Fee MLS Fort Worth, TX | Flat Fee MLS Richmond, VA | Flat Fee MLS Hampton Roads, VA
WestStatesFlat Fee MLS Alaska | Flat Fee MLS Arizona | Flat Fee MLS California | Flat Fee MLS Colorado | Flat Fee MLS Hawaii | Flat Fee MLS Idaho | Flat Fee MLS Montana | Flat Fee MLS Nevada | Flat Fee MLS New Mexico | Flat Fee MLS Oregon | Flat Fee MLS Utah | Flat Fee MLS Washington | Flat Fee MLS Wyoming
WestCitiesFlat Fee MLS Seattle, WA | Flat Fee MLS Phoenix, AZ | Flat Fee MLS Los Angeles, CA | Flat Fee MLS Bakersfield, CA | Flat Fee MLS Denver, CO | Flat Fee MLS Colorado Springs, CO | Flat Fee MLS Las Vegas, NV | Flat Fee MLS Albuquerque, NM

2. Sell with Discount Brokers

Discount Brokers are licensed individuals or companies that help you sell your home at a low commission or flat rate. Most discount realtors charge a single fee for the entire sale.

These Flat Fee Realtors have the tools to provide excellent exposure to home sellers. They offer social media exposure, a personalized website, and other features despite offering their services at a lower rate than traditional real estate brokers.

Here are our top recommendations:

Discount BrokersFees
Redfin1.5% of the sale price
Ideal Agent2% of the sale price
Houwzer$5000 Flat Fee
HomeLight2.5% of the sale price

⚡ Discount Real Estate BrokersCheck out detailed reviews of top discount real estate brokers near you.

3. Sell “For Sale By Owner”

77% of the FSBO sellers sold their houses in 2 weeks. Advanced FSBO websites like Houzeo help you sell your home fast and make a successful sale.

The best part about selling a house by owner is the freedom to make decisions about your home sale without a Realtor. Since there is no listing agent involved, you end up saving thousands of dollars on the seller agent commission which would have been impossible otherwise.

⚡ Sell Your Home Fast As FSBOCheck out our tips for selling your home like a pro with FSBO

Selling with a REALTOR vs. FSBO vs. Flat Fee MLS

FeaturesSelling With a RealtorSelling by Owner (purely FSBO)Selling with a Flat Fee MLS Service like Houzeo
💲 Pricing👎 3% listing agent commission 👍 Savings on listing agent commission, you only pay the buyer agent commission 👍 A small Flat Fee for listing. Unrepresented buyers can help you save on buyer agent commission
⚙️ Control Over Transaction👎 Minimal control of the owner👎 Full control, zero guidance👍 Full control, Houzeo's 5-star customer support for guidance
📞 Contacting Buyers and Managing Offers👎 No direct contact, meetings depend on agent's convenience👎 Handling multiple offers and buyers all on your own👍 Direct contact with prospective buyers. Manage offers efficiently with Houzeo's dashboard.
💻 Technology👎 Manual, outdated technology with tedious paperwork👎 Single-handed management without tech-support👍 Houzeo Showings app helps you manage showings at your convenience, & the Settlement Agent Platform guides you until closing
💰 Closing Cost Estimation👍 Guaranteed expert advice👎 Estimation can go wrong👍 Accurate estimation with Houzeo's Advanced Closing Cost Calculator
📢 Exposure👍 MLS exposure👎 Zero MLS access👍 Exposure on MLS, social media, & 100+ real estate websites

4. Sell to “We Buy Houses for Cash” Companies

When selling a home fast for cash, you can skip repairs to reduce your expenses. Selling your house as-is will save you money and time. Home sellers get 50% – 70% of the property’s market value for their houses, whether it’s a distressed property or not.

Lesser paperwork and inspections when selling their houses to cash companies speed up the closing process significantly.

⚡ Companies That Buy Houses for Cash: Check our rankings of the top cash companies!

5. Sell to iBuyers

iBuyers are companies that buy houses for cash. The price is decided with the help of their proprietary algorithm, recent real estate data, and in-house experts. An iBuyer offers and closes the deal within 24 hours. However, there are certain pitfalls when dealing with an iBuyer.

  • The offer price is sometimes way lower than the actual market price
  • Their offer price is generally non-negotiable
  • Charge steep service fees – generally 5%-14% of the sale price

Hence, iBuyers are only recommended if you want a quick sale rather than to save your money.

 iBuyer Reviews: See who’s No.1 in America!

Final Word

Having a good REALTOR® when selling a house can make the process cakewalk. Their guidance can help you get the best price for your property in the most hassle-free manner.

However, with the average REALTOR commission being 6% across the nation – split 50-50 between the listing and the buyer agent, your profits on the sale are substantially reduced. Additionally, seller closing costs will eat away at your profits.

Although there is no escaping the closing costs, opting for Flat Fee real estate agentsempowered by Houzeo, can help you save 3% listing agent commission.

Frequently Asked Questions about REALTORS in Tulsa, OK

Who are the best REALTORS in Tulsa, OK?

The #1 Realtor in Tulsa, Oklahoma is Carri Ray who provides the best services for home sellers and home buyers through Houzeo's tech. Apart from her, the other good realtors are Chris Zinn and Mark Rentz.

Are real estate commissions negotiable in Oklahoma?

Yes, REALTORS commissions are negotiable in Oklahoma. It's a good idea to look around and try to get a lower rate.

What is the REALTOR commission in Tulsa?

The realtor average commission in Tulsa is between 5% to 6%.

Who pays the REALTOR fees in Tulsa, OK?

The seller usually pays the realtor fees for both the listing agent and the buyer's agent.

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