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Popular Cities in Ohio

Cities Avg. list price Avg. price / sq. ft Avg. days on market
Akron $94,344 $95 36
Toledo $158,967 $86 -
Dayton $235,300 $123 0
Cincinnati $617,667 $283 30
Barberton $115,750 $182 -
Wadsworth $427,850 $104 -
Sabina $295,000 $93 -
Ontario $32,500 - -
Canton $3,456 $2 -
Vermilion $1,350,000 $241 -

Popular Counties in Ohio

County Avg. list price Avg. price / sq. ft Avg. days on market
Summit County $144,671 $115 55
Montgomery County $333,725 $128 0
Warren County $227,900 $172 61
Hamilton County $617,667 $283 30
Lucas County $158,967 $86 -
Lake County $330,000 $180 63
Medina County $427,850 $104 -
Franklin County $482,000 $258 -
Trumbull County $274,000 $176 -
Muskingum County $289,900 $107 51

Summary of Homes For Sale By Owner in Ohio

There are 376 for sale by owner (FSBO) homes in Ohio. The most popular counties in Ohio with the most for sale by owner (FSBO) homes are Summit County with an average list price of $144,671 ($115/sq ft), Montgomery County with an average list price of $333,725 ($128/sq ft), and Warren County with an average list price of $227,900 ($172/sq ft). Cities in Ohio with most for sale by owner (FSBO) homes are Akron with an average list price of $94,344 ($95/sq ft), Toledo with an average list price of $158,967 ($86/sq ft), and Dayton with an average list price of $235,300 ($123/sq ft).

The MLS or mostly known as Multiple Listing Service is a local database of available properties for sale by agents, but not homes for sale by owner. It’s a portal only accessible by licensed real estate brokers and agents who can list your property, search for user’s data, or find home buyers. A Flat Fee MLS, on the other hand, is a real estate service that can market your for sale by owner (FSBO) home in Ohio for an “Entry Only” service with a pre-set price to list your property on the MLS. When you sell your house as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO), a Flat Fee MLS in Ohio is a perfect option that will save you at least half the traditional full commission. Instead of the 5 to 6% agent commission, you only need to pay a discounted price to list your home or choose a Flat Fee package that offers other real estate services. Once you opt for a flat fee, you can list your property on the local MLS and get distributed to Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and other real estate portals.

'For Sale by Owner (FSBO Ohio)', 'Sell your home yourself' or 'Do it yourself MLS listing' refers to the method of listing your home for sale without the help of a listing agent. In an FSBO transaction, the seller takes control over the process and performs all the responsibilities of a traditional agent.

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Why Should You Buy a For Sale By Owner Ohio House?

1. Direct Communication

Whenever you go to buy a house for sale by owner Ohio, you eliminate the listing agent and get in touch with the home seller directly. This gives you more room to negotiate.

2. Property Details

While buying a forsalebyowner Ohio home for sale, you get the opportunity to know more about the property as no one knows more about a home than its owner.

3. Substantial Savings

As the seller is not represented by a real estate agent, the price of the property would be comparatively less, which translates into potential savings for you. That's more of YOUR Money, in YOUR pocket!

Now the question arises, who pays closing costs when selling a house by owner?

In the FSBO homes for sale Ohio transaction, a buyer has to make a down payment and bear their share of the closing costs.

With no listing agent in the picture, the seller saves 3% on the listing agent commission. However, the buyer has to pay an average of 2%-3% of the final purchasing price, out of which a substantial amount goes towards paying the mortgage fees.

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