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Nathalie Mullinix averaged over $80 million a year in sales prior to stepping back to focus more on building our REALTY UNIVERSAL® Membership Network. Licensed since 1985, she sold more than $12 million a year by her third year in business. Nathalie was with Remax in 1989 – won an award for being top 1% in the country. (the requirements for this award was to gross over $100,000 in commissions – she did this in 3 months)

In addition to hands-on sales, Nathalie was involved in developing projects, investing, building, and managing two real estate offices. She personally sold over “2000 clients' homes in 17 years”. In 1993-1994 Nathalie and her agents within the company in Maryland met many sellers who could not afford to use an agent even if they wanted to. Prices had declined somewhat – She thought “we do not want to become a discount brokerage, yet should be able to help these people.” Nathalie created a “real estate menu.” The menu has now become a way of the future.

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