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10 Curb Appeal Ideas to Sell Your House Fast

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Around 50% of Gen Z and millennial home buyers cite curb appeal as a reason to purchase a home. Moreover, an attractive curb appeal can increase a house’s perceived value by 5-11%. It can also help you sell your home faster

On the contrary, a bad exterior, be it an overgrown garden or poorly maintained fences, can dissuade a buyer from the deal. Needless to say, your curb appeal needs a refresh before you sell, lest you get lowball offers or lose the sale.

💲 Value of Curb Appeal in Real Estate

  1. On average, buyers pay 7% more for homes with a great curb appeal.
  2. 92% of agents advise a curb appeal refresh before they list a house for sale. Moreover, 97% of agents believe curb appeal is essential to a successful sale.
  3. Curb appeal can yield approximately 238% ROI. If you spend $5,000 on improvements, you can get back around $17,000 in return.

10 Effective Home Curb Appeal Ideas

Here are some effective front yard curb appeal ideas:

1. Paint the Exterior 

A dingy home exterior is less appealing to potential buyers. Consider putting on a new coat of paint, especially if it’s faded or chipping in places. Warm and earthy neutrals are in trend lately.

An exterior paint job can cost you anywhere between $4,200 and $7,900 for a 1,500 sq. ft. home.

2. Let There Be Light 

The right lighting can make your home as appealing during the night as the day. Also, it makes your listing photos pop even more. So, make sure all lights are strategically placed to illuminate key features of your home.

You can fit low-voltage lights along the driveway and sidewalk. This provides a cozy feel to your home and acts as a guide for guests and visitors. Scones and ceiling lights on your front porch provide a welcoming glow to your house.   

3. Make Your Front Door Pop

Your front door is the center of your home’s curb appeal, a sort of calling card for your home. Start with a paint refresh for your front door – bright colors like red, yellow, and blue work the best. 

Additionally, a new doormat also improves your door’s appeal without being heavy on the pockets. Stick to classic mats and avoid ones with overdone designs and cutesy messages. 

4. Clean the Roof 

Unaligned gutters or a mossy, debris-filled roof can hurt your curb appeal. More than that, it can cost you a lot in repairs. Moss and algae, if left for prolonged periods, can cause the shingles and wood underneath to rot. 

You can hire a professional if you don’t want to climb up the ladder yourself. They can help you clean the roof and also inspect it for other damage. 

5. Wash the Windows 

Your windows make up a huge portion of your house’s front appeal. So, keep dust, smudges, and water stains away from them. It gives the exterior a polished look and allows natural light to enter the interiors without obstruction. 

6. Redo the Landscaping 

Landscaping can increase the home’s fair market value by 15%-20%. For starters, you can add low-cost things like potted plants, window boxes, or hanging planters. Also, prune trees and shrubs, mow the lawn, and remove weeds.

For a premium curb appeal, you can add a patio, new plants, and a backyard walkway. However, these will cost you around $8,000 to $15,000. More modest landscape curb appeal additions like topsoil, grass, and shrubs cost around $3,000.

7. Build a Walkway

To create a warm and inviting first impression, redesign your walkways. Replace a straight concrete path with a curved one made of stone or brick to dramatically improve its look.

For a simpler curb appeal boost, cover your old walkway with colored concrete. Then, line it with bricks or stones. Brick pavers add timeless, classic charm to any home’s landscape.

8. Dress up the Driveway

For some houses, the driveway takes up as much space as the lawn. So, make sure it’s clean and tidy. You can take care of cracks and discoloration by filling in the fissures and applying a new coat of sealer.

If you have an asphalt driveway, you should seal it every 2-3 years. For concrete driveways, maintenance is required less regularly. However, concrete is prone to staining. So, make sure you pressure wash it before you bring in the buyers.

9. Upgrade Your Mailbox

Mailboxes tie into the overall curb appeal of your home. So, consider upgrading your current mailbox to something that complements your home’s trimmings.

If your mailbox sits closer to your house, you can add a small flowering garden surrounding it. It makes your house more welcoming and approachable. Also, make sure the mailbox is color-coordinated with the rest of your house.

10. Add Outdoor Furniture

Livable outdoor space is popular among buyers. So, if you have a patio or front deck, don’t leave it empty. A bench or a couple of rocking chairs on the porch can increase your house’s appeal to prospective buyers.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot. You can search for used outdoor furniture on Nextdoor, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace.

Why Does Curb Appeal Matter?

Here are some reasons why curb appeal is so important:

  • Helps you Sell Fast: A great curb appeal inspires confidence among buyers. So, they spend less time second-guessing and jump right into the buying process.
  • Increases your Home’s Perceived Value: A good curb appeal can add up to 7% more value. Moreover, it also elevates the value of the neighborhood.
  • Attracts Buyers: An unkempt exterior might discourage the buyer. But the reverse is true as well. The neater your exterior, the more buyers come looking.

Curb Appeal Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when working on your home’s curb appeal:

  • Going overboard: Don’t try to make every possible upgrade. Doing too much can overwhelm the buyer. For instance, while a full garden adds beauty to your home, the buyer may feel it’s a bit difficult to maintain.
  • Not consulting your HOA: If your house falls under HOA jurisdiction, make sure your upgrades are within their stipulated rules. Not doing so can lead to surprises down the road that can stretch the time it takes to sell.

Bottom Line

Curb appeal is undoubtedly one of the most effective tools when it comes to selling a house. It inspires buyer confidence, increases your house’s value, and makes it sell faster.

If you’re thinking of a substantial overhaul, don’t hesitate to hire a professional. But before you do, make sure you shop around, check the online reviews, and get a firm estimate so there are no surprises down the line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does curb appeal add to your home value?

Yes, curb appeal can add anywhere around 5-11% to your home's perceived value.

How can I decorate the outside of my house?

Start you decoration by cleaning the roof and windows. Then, paint the front door. Next, you could hire a professional for landscaping, lighting, and driveway refresh.

What adds the most to curb appeal?

Painting the exterior add the most value to a home's curb appeal, as it is usually the first thing a buyer sees.

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