Houzeo Lead Management

Houzeo does not sell leads. All leads relating to your property are methodically collected and presented to you.

For home sellers, buyer leads are collected via 3 channels:

  • Houzeo Property Listing: Houzeo listings are one of the most effective and powerful ways for sellers to find unrepresented buyers and save on the entire commission. Listing inquiries are emailed to you instantly, with the contact details of the inquirer. When a buyer or agent requests your information, their contact details are saved on your dashboard for you.

  • Houzeo Showings: Every showing has the contact details of the requestor.

  • Houzeo Offers: All offers include the contact info of the buyer or agent who submitted the offer.

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Houzeo Lead Management

Lead Management is FREE for all Houzeo Home Sellers

Secure & powerful listing

Your Houzeo listing has hidden powers. Your contact information is secure, and only released to buyers or agents who are Level 1 verified via Houzeo ID Verify. That way you get genuine leads interested in your property and not get spammed by agents wanting your listing.

Your Houzeo listing also stores all the leads your property receives through both channels: “Message Me” and “Get Seller Info”.

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Secure & powerful listing

Stay in control of your info

Unlike Zillow and other For Sale By Owner platforms which publish your contact info publicly, Houzeo releases your info only after the buyer or agent is verified. This saves you from getting spammed by agents looking to solicit your listing.

Secure & powerful listing


It's your listing. Why should you pay for your leads?


Your info is not released to anyone without them being verified


You can access all your leads online

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