Houzeo Offers

Programmed by State Licensed Real Estate Brokers. Programmed for You.

  • Review & Compare Offers: See all your offers on a single dashboard. On the web, or the mobile app!

  • Counter an Offer: Counter, not just the price, but closing date, earnest deposit, or any other offer parameter.

  • Request Highest & Best Offers: Got multiple offers? You can now request Highest & Best Offers with just a few clicks!

  • Accept, Reject, or Mark as Back-up: This feature is coming soon.

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Negotiate Offers Like A Pro!

Programmed by licensed real estate brokers, Houzeo Offers summarizes the most important metrics of an offer. At a glance you’ll know how the buyer intends to finance the property, how big is the earnest money deposit, and when’s the closing.

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Single Offer? Counter it!
Multiple? Highest & Best!

You can counter any summarized parameter of the offer. And in a multiple offer situation, you can request highest & best offers and specify a deadline.

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