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FHA Loan Down Payment Requirements

The down payment requirement for an FHA loan typically stands at 3.5% of the purchase price. When obtaining an FHA loan, you must provide at least 3.5% of the home’s price as a down payment.

For instance, if you are purchasing a $200,000 home, the minimum down payment required would be $7,000 (3.5% of $200,000).

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What is the Basic Down Payment on an FHA Loan?

The minimum down payment requirement for an FHA loan is 3.5% of the purchase price or appraised value. This means that you need to provide at least 3.5% of the home’s price to qualify for an FHA loan.

However, it’s important to note that lending requirements and regulations can change over time. So it’s always a good idea to consult with a mortgage lender or financial advisor. They will offer the most up-to-date information regarding FHA loan requirements.

Is There a Limit on FHA Loans?

FHA loan limits are the maximum loan amounts that the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) sets for different counties or areas. These limits determine the maximum loan amount borrowers can obtain through FHA-insured loans. These loans have more flexible qualifying criteria and lower down payment requirements compared to conventional loans.

» FHA vs Conventional Loan: Refer for some detailed explanation on these loans.

The FHA loan limits can vary depending on factors such as the location and property type. They are typically based on the median home prices in a particular area. They are subject to change each year to reflect market conditions.

To find specific limits of an area visit the official website of HUD. Consult a mortgage lender who can provide you with the most up-to-date information on limits in your location.

FHA Loan Down Payment Guidance

Ways to get FHA down payment guidance:

  • Down payment assistance for FHA loans is available through approved organizations and government entities.
  • Eligible borrowers may receive grants, loans, or second mortgages to cover part or all of the down payment requirement.
  • The aim of these programs is to make homeownership more accessible. Particularly for first-time homebuyers and individuals with limited financial resources.
  • Eligibility criteria, funding availability, and program requirements can vary depending on the specific down payment assistance program.
  • Local housing agencies, nonprofit organizations, state housing finance agencies, and mortgage lenders can provide guidance on the down payment assistance programs available in the area.
  • When considering FHA down payment assistance programs, borrowers should review the terms and conditions of the assistance carefully.
  • Some programs may require repayment, while others may be forgivable under certain conditions.
  • Eligible borrowers can potentially access additional funds to bridge the gap between their available savings and the required down payment. This makes homeownership more attainable.

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FHA Loan Benefits in 2024

In 2024, FHA loans continue to offer several benefits to borrowers. These include:

  1. Low Down Payment: FHA loans have a low down payment requirement of 3.5% of the purchase price, making homeownership more accessible, especially for first-time buyers or those with limited savings.
  2. Flexible Credit Requirements: FHA loans have more lenient credit score requirements compared to conventional loans. Borrowers with lower credit scores or limited credit history may still qualify for an FHA loan.
  3. Government Backing: FHA loans are insured by the Federal Housing Administration, which reduces the risk for lenders. This backing allows lenders to offer more favorable terms and rates to borrowers.
  4. Competitive Interest Rates: FHA loans often have competitive interest rates, which can help borrowers save money over the life of the loan compared to other financing options.
  5. Streamlined Refinancing: FHA loans offer streamlined refinancing options, allowing borrowers to easily refinance their existing FHA loan to obtain a lower interest rate or change loan terms with less documentation and paperwork.
  6. Assumable Loans: FHA loans are assumable, meaning that if you decide to sell your home, the buyer may be able to take over your existing FHA loan, subject to lender approval. This feature can be an attractive selling point.
  7. Rehabilitation Loans: FHA 203(k) loans provide financing for home improvements and repairs, allowing borrowers to finance both the purchase of a home and the renovation costs into a single loan.
  8. Non-Occupant Co-Borrower: FHA loans allow for a non-occupant co-borrower, such as a family member, to help strengthen the loan application and increase the chances of approval.

It’s important to note that specific eligibility requirements and loan terms can vary, so it’s advisable to consult with a mortgage professional to understand the FHA loan benefits and options available to you in 2024.


Whether or not you should opt for an FHA loan in 2024 depends on various factors, including your specific financial situation, credit history, and the housing market conditions at that time.

To determine if an FHA loan is the right choice for you in 2024, it is advisable to consult with a mortgage lender or financial advisor who can evaluate your specific circumstances, consider current market conditions, and provide personalized guidance based on up-to-date information. They will be better equipped to assist you in making an informed decision.

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