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12 min read Jan 26, 2023 Reviews: Complaints and Alternatives

Logo is an online auction marketplace for residential bank-owned, foreclosure, and short-sale properties. Regular sellers can't list a home directly on their site.

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  • Cutting-edge software
  • 13K+ properties to choose from


  • Unethical customer care and consumer connect
  • Sellers cannot list their property on their website

What is is an online auction marketplace & technological solutions oriented company, solely dealing in bank-oriented residential, foreclosure & short-sale properties. 

Looking to buy properties in an auction? Then could be your go-to for bidding on foreclosed properties & short sales. provides complete transparent information about the property details with buying and selling options through methods of data science.

A foresight into reviews will help you understand about company better.

Is Legit?

The company has a mixed take from buyers and sellers on the internet.

Though has a good user interface, many reviewers, critics and customers have claimed that the business has hidden legalities, transactional business sales with uninformed liens, and hidden reserve fees on some bank-owned residential properties.

So, on neutral grounds, we recommend you conduct thorough research on and the properties that interest you. 

Apart from bidding on an auction site, you could also refer to a Flat Fee MLS like Houzeo for other property options.

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How Does Work? has a vast array of properties on its website with a live display of options regarding the bidding process.

The two major types of bidding processes on this website include ; 

  • Online Auction” where you place a bid on the website itself through the local county site they provide.
  • In-person Auction” where you place a bid physically at the mentioned auction location.

Furthermore, for details on purchasing a property from, you can find the required information on their website. 

So we advise you to first, pay attention to all the mentioned attributes related to the property like;

✨No. of Bedrooms and Baths

✨Square Footage

✨Lot Size (in acres)

✨Property Type

✨Year the Home was built in

✨Case File No.

Now company asks to go through the due diligence required before bidding on a property.

Due diligence is very straightforward from the perspective of Plus they do a great job of giving you a step-by-step guide for a buyer.

Step 1: To review the property information on your own first

  • Examine all third-party property condition reports
  • Cross-verify market value and neighborhood information

Step 2: Inspect the title of the property and Liens affiliated with it   

  • Refer to the document attached as the title of the property
  • Scan for any hidden liens

⚠️Caution: A lot of times when a person fails to pay their full mortgage amount, the pending amount to be paid is added as ‘liens’ to the property, in terms of bank-owned residential properties and foreclosure properties.

An issue might occur if you do not detect the liens on the property before making a purchase which will result in the amount of the liens being transferred to your title and you will have to pay it to the bank which previously owned that property.

Houzeo strictly directs you to first hire a professional auctioning agent so as to avoid any losses at all.

Step 3: Check the Sales Document attached to the property

  • For better information on the seller’s terms and conditions
  • Your rights as a buyer

Step 4: Getting ready for the auction 

  • doesn’t conduct the sale personally, instead asks you to contact the County or Foreclosure Sales agent to gain information about the terms of sale and the amount of funds required on auction day.

Note: strictly mentions this on their website.

  • Govt. issued ID is a must like a driving license or a passport.
  • A very strict requirement of cashier’s checks in the form of different denominations as proof of funds 
  • Necessary documents if you are buying as a separate entity (Eg: An LLC )

After you sign-up on, they provide you a better market analysis of the property you select. 

These features include the main information a buyer thinks of while making a purchase such as;

  1. Local Comparatives: With this feature, a buyer can compare a selected property with other properties of the same value.
  2. Rental Estimate: The feature which helps you gain a perspective about the selected property’s rent an owner will receive if at all one were to rent their home.
  3. Sales and Tax History: Awareness about the property you are interested in will lead to a healthy purchase which can happen if you are well informed about the sales history and tax information about it.
  4. Neighborhood: provides very helpful insight into the property’s surroundings, neighborhoods, essential stores, schools, and other places of basic needs. 

Ultimately when you finalize a property, you must put your bid depending on the type of sale it is.

If it is an online auction, then a credit card will suffice for a deposit, otherwise, you must bid at the site of the auction physically with cash.

⚠️Caution: In many states, does not have complete power over the bidding process and transactions rather the local county or a government assigned auctioning agent has the majority of involvement.

Also, for some properties directly sold via, such as foreclosure properties, the company can bid up the price of the property themselves so as to meet the reserve if not met.

In defense of, they have mentioned this in their company terms and conditions beforehand. for Buyers

Buyers have multiple options of homes to buy at, including foreclosure properties, bank-owned residential properties, and properties marked as short-sales.

But all the basic agenda of buying a home boils down to the buyer bidding the maximum amount and winning the bid, thus owning the title of the property.

⚠️Caution: Buying through involves a complicated process of firstly competing with potential buyers alongside the anticipation if ten-x ( the parent company of ) themselves will bid for the property further and then follow stricter guidelines to close the transaction.

👉🏻Pro Tip: Buying on is realtor free and no amount of buyer, seller or agent commission is charged to you, for bidding on a property, however, you must pay a premium of $2500 or minimum service charge of 5% when you are interested in buying a home.

👉🏻Buy a House without a Realtor: Check the guide on How to Buy a House Without a Realtor. for Sellers  

Since deals appreciably in distressed properties which are bank-owned or foreclosed on failed mortgages there is no clickable button to list a home via directly for a common buyer, however, if you are a bank entity affiliated to the REO you must contact or your local county.

👉🏻Pro Tip : is primarily for buyers for which we recommend that you calculate and compare your home’s final closing cost if you are looking to sell your property.

👉🏻How to List on the MLS: Check our guide on How To List On MLS For Sale By Owner In 2022 Coverage covers the following states in the USA:

NortheastConnecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont
MidwestIllinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, North Dakota
SouthAlabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Arkansas, District of Columbia
WestArizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, Wyoming Reviews

No government reviews are available for a test of legitimacy on the internet.

Also compared to reviews complaints take up a certain amount of space on the net.

The most positive review about is by which provides business and marketing services. They have rated a total of 3.6 stars out of 5. concludes with a transparent consumer rating of 2.42 stars out of 5 which are mixed reviews of 413 buyers and bluntly states that on average customers are generally dissatisfied with the customer service and the real estate business they dwell in., a well-renowned business reviewing website rates as 1.5 stars out of 5  from a total of 59 reviews from brokers and common buyers both. Pros and Cons

✅a variety of options from distressed, foreclosed, short-sale and bank-owned residential properties

✅accessibility to cutting-edge software for better transactional process and user interaction

⛔Very unethical customer care and consumer connect

⛔Has tons of hidden legalities which are not mentioned on the website

⛔The majority of reviews on the net are on the negative side

⛔Complicated bidding and buying process with unreasonable and fraudulent motive charges on some properties

⛔A very short window for the arrangement of funds to close the transaction Customer Reviews 

Diving into reviews about throughout the internet ;

✅Real, Absolute, and Complete Information about Inventory

and Property details

A freelance real estate executive assistant to a real estate broker/investor comments that is very useful for investors because of all the sufficient data they provide about all the bank-owned residential properties and foreclosed properties.

Peggy N. says provides enough insights about the listed properties for one to make an educated decision about buying a property.

✅Unique Property Listings

Most of the happy customers of are satisfied with finding distressed properties which are not visible on standard MLS platforms. An anonymous user gives a review of 4 stars for the vast variety of unique properties offers.

✅Agent Free Service directly lists properties without any middlemen involved due to which a lot of customers get a healthy service without having to deal with local agents/brokers to search for and buy properties which in turn cancels out any commission a buyer has to pay for a purchase.

⛔Zero transparency with after-bid details, transactions, and other important customer awareness guidelines which is a must.

The majority of reviews on the internet will direct you towards the intricate terms & conditions of rightfully mentioned by some real estate brokers and buyers for advising first-time buyers.

Richard Marshall is a real estate broker who has given an informative and alarming review of the after-bid process the buyer goes through to close the deal on Marshall’s personal first-hand buying experience sheds light on all of the hidden catches for buying through

Basically, buying through is a very tedious process that involves paying huge amounts of deposits for bidding with the risk of losing everything if the reserve is not met.

Secondly, buyers can buy houses with cash only that too with a very strict and unreasonable demand of signing the contract within a day and closing the deal within a month all with physical cash deposits only in turn causing inconvenience in terms of contract length.

Thirdly the $50K “Premium” or 5% of the purchase price results in the buyer paying more than what they closed the price at, as unaccommodating leverage over the buyer.

This is stated as a hidden additional charge bothersome to most buyers, especially first-time bidders.

Also “Ten-x”, the parent company of has the right to bid the property up themselves so as to meet the bank’s reserve requirement which causes a hindrance in the buyer pool and is morally unethical to investors.

Instead of you could find other businesses who are cash home buyers.

⛔Poor and Substandard Communication

Tons of customer reviews tell that has a very irresponsible customer care service with zero efforts for communication from their side.

Ed’s experience is an indication to the buyers that they must do a thorough background check before investing in a property from Alternatives

If bidding on properties in an auction isn’t your only choice to buy a property, you have tons of other options too.

Like buying a property from your county’s legitimate MLS or other tech-driven companies with their personalized MLS and the list goes on.


#1 Flat Fee MLS Service

Houzeo Logo
  • Listing Fee: $349
  • Available nationwide
  • 5 Stars 4.9/5 (5,000+ reviews)

Houzeo offers 4 Flat Fee MLS packages.

  • Bronze Package – $329+: This package offers Houzeo listing only for 6 months with maximum photos.
  • Silver Package – $399+: This includes everything that home sellers typically look for.
  • Gold Package – $379+: It is Houzeo’s signature MLS package and includes all the technology Houzeo is known for Houzeo Showings, Houzeo Offers, and DigiTransact.
  • Platinum – $349+: It includes the assistance of a licensed broker to help you with negotiations, disclosures, and closing.

👉 Our Take: We recommend the GOLD plan. You’ll have access to Houzeo tech, making managing showings and offer negotiations easy!

» Houzeo Reviews: Houzeo is 100% online. You can finish listing formalities in less than 60 mins.

Houzeo is America’s #1 Flat Fee MLS service because of 4 reasons:

  1. Max Exposure: Houzeo MLS packages give you access to the MLS, Zillow, Trulia,, Redfin, and 100s of other websites.
  2. 5-star Customer Service: Houzeo has a fully staffed customer service desk available 6 days a week. Chats and emails are open 7 days a week.
  3. 100% Online: Houzeo is high-tech. For you, this means easy listing, fast changes, online showings, and online offers. Houzeo Mobile App is also very powerful.
  4. No Listing Commission: In most states, you’ll be paying just a small flat fee to list on MLS. Houzeo covers 47 states + DC! And remember, all fees are disclosed upfront, so there are no Houzeo hidden fees. You get to bypass the listing agent commission!

There are no dealbreakers with Houzeo.

» Houzeo Reviews: Houzeo is rated “Excellent” with a 4.9 out of 5-star rating by 5,000 home sellers on Google Reviews and Trustpilot!

Houzeo is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars by thousands of home sellers on Google & Trustpilot.

» Houzeo Reviews: Check out how Team Houzeo has addressed all Houzeo complaints from home sellers.

💸 Try Other Buying Options Apart From Auctioning

Buy or Sell from a standard county MLS or our Free MLS.



2. Ten-X

💯Top Auction Website


  • Transaction Fee: 5% to 0.5%  
  • 4.75 Stars   4.9/5 (Out of 152 reviews)

Why Ten-X is the #1 Option for an Online Auction Marketplace: Ten-x uses cutting-edge technology which is highly data driven and is a great network for Brokers, Buyers and Sellers.

Ten-X for Homebuyers

  • Efficient Closing: Bigger closing windows of Ten-X gives you more time to invest in other properties side-by-side.
  • Worldwide Access: Ten-X covers broadest areas possible for you to invest in properties even if you are travelling abroad.
  • Hi-tech Dashboard Control: Good technology of Ten-X matches you with accurately potential properties and ease of access is completely feasible for necessary due diligence.

Ten-X for Homesellers

  • Huge Buyer Pool: Ten-X gives the seller access to giant network of buyers
  • Great Performance: Provides tools and marketing campaigns with over 10,000 unique property detail page views.

Ten-X for Brokers

  • State of the Art Broker Tools: Services of Ten-X for brokers includes streamlining, sale and closing of properties for faster and better transactions.
  • Formidable Marketing : Complete marketing support from Ten-X helps brokers achieve better property sales.

👉Our Take : We recommend a buyer, seller or broker to thoroughly inspect the features, services and efficiency of Ten-X before auctioning your property for sale or bidding on a property.

  • International Coverage: Ten-X covers all aspects nationally and internationally.
  • No Commission on Registration: No up front registration fee is charged for creating an account and listing properties instead commission charges are to be paid only after the transaction of property takes place.
  • 100% Online: All transactional processes and listing / buying can be done online easily.
  • Huge Exposure: Ten-X gives you access to a large buyer/seller pool with licensed brokers for guidance.
  • Peak Technology Provision: Cutting-edge technology for brokers, greater insights for buyers and sellers.

Ten-X is rated 4.9 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot and 4.4 stars out of 5 on Facebook.

Ten-X has nationwide coverage with accessibility from outside of America too.

Should You Buy a Home from’s reviews point towards a negative direction due to which it is only logical to not go through the hefty process of bidding on this site.

We at Houzeo recommend that instead of buying a home on, you should consider other auction sites like Ten-X or going through your state’s MLS for wide property options.

Frequently Asked Questions about

What happens if the reserve is not met on

If the reserve is not met, the seller has several options, like, declining all bids & re-auctioning the property or selling the property to the highest bidder.

How reliable is is fairly reliable though it is advisable to educate yourself beforehand.

Are there legitimate government reviews?

No legitimate government reviews are available on the internet.

Should you invest in properties from

It is advisable from a lot of brokers that you consider other options for bidding on properties.


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