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7 min read Jul 13, 2023

A Beginner’s Guide to ShowingTime for FSBO and Flat Fee MLS Sellers

What is ShowingTime?

Selling a home needs more than leg work. From managing multiple appointments to connecting clients, it can be overwhelming for you. Indeed, that’s why sellers hire agents though it comes with a hefty price—commissions and whatnot. However, with today’s technology, home-selling is easier than ever. ShowingTime and their very own ShowingTime App are the perfect solutions for FSBO and Flat Fee MLS sellers alike, making the whole process smoother from start to finish.

With a tap of your finger, you can stay in the loop of what’s to be done and what to do next with your listing. Moreover, ShowingTime showcases tools and features that aim to make home showing and feedback convenient while on the go. In fact, it’s considered as the “industry’s premier showing management feedback and analytics solution for real estate professionals.” Also, the app was named as one of the realtor’s favorite mobile apps.

ShowingTime for sellers includes features like Schedule Showings, Schedule Cart, CalendarSync, Listing Activity Report, Contacts, and My Home. If you want to remove the stress of setting appointments or confirming showings, then you need to use this platform or their app.

For beginners, here are the nuts and bolts you need to get familiar with. Here’s a simple guide on how to use the ShowingTime for sellers effectively.

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How Does ShowingTime Work?

You can install the ShowingTime app on your mobile phone (whether for your Android and IOS). Or log-in to ShowingTime to enjoy the whole package of their features and services. Make sure you’ve created a new personalized profile to log in to the app. Provide the needed details and add your home or listing information.

Provide one or two phone numbers as means of contact—the other one as a backup number to ensure confirmation of your home showings. Stay updated on the whole sales process by checking your e-mail or phone notifications for any messages. Their in-app messaging also helps connect with your agents or your prospects privately.

Why is ShowingTime Important for You as an FSBO or Flat Fee MLS Seller?

When you choose to sell your property as FSBO or in Flat Fee MLS, you can be bombarded with back and forth showings. You could end up having delayed or even unfulfilled appointments. Not to mention the full-time work that could hinder you to commit in every aspect of the selling process. But thanks to Showing Time app, you can know what’s going on with your listing in no time.

To review, confirm, or deny showings, you just need to let your listing agent install the mobile app which helps them become part of the confirmation process. You can now easily check your showing times and prepare for the next one.

Furthermore, having access to your listing’s information via an app is leisure. There’s an in-depth report that shows the feedback and activity of your property with graphical representations of showings activity by month, and even feedback responses to seeing how your home is doing at a glance. After the showing is done, customizable feedback forms are automatically sent directly to the buyer’s agent.

Now, you can get home deals easily and efficiently. Notably, this user-friendly app allows you to focus on your home’s activity and reach your clients seamlessly.

As an FSBO seller, failure to prepare for every showing can’t get you a home deal easily. With the ShowingTime app, however, you have the time to prepare the property before the scheduled showing. At most, you can be efficient and at the same time well-informed about your listing.

How Can ShowingTime Help You?

An App for Your Clients to Access Showings.

My Home (by ShowingTime) is an app made for your clients to view their home’s listing activity, confirm home showings, view upcoming showings, check feedbacks you’ve recently approved, and even contact you easily.

Their service also offers a feature called ShowingCart where you can organize a buyer’s tour, schedule appointment times, and let your buyers keep updated on your showings.

My Home: Tag your client or prospect to a listing, and they’ll get an e-mail to download the My Home app.

Easily View Reports on Your Mobile.

You don’t have to log in to your desktop computer or laptop to view the activity reports. View your listing activity reports anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone. Review home listing activity details and feedback from showings and document open houses. Or get your buyers notified of any upcoming open houses or price adjustments.

For an in-depth report, the online ShowingTime platform features a Target Market Analysis Report that shows a graphical and statistical view of price ranges in the market. This is a helpful report that shows which price range produces the biggest total of showings. So, you can adjust or determine your starting price accordingly.

Reports: On the main page of your app, you can scroll down and tap “Reports” to select a listing.

Manage Feedback Requests and Notifications

With the help of a mobile app, you can request feedback from showing agents and also respond to showing feedback requests. ShowingTime makes it easier for you as a seller or agent to offer real-time feedback while the home showing is still new.

Mobile Feedback: Check on your app and tap “Feedback” on the main page, where all inbound and outbound requests are available.

Search for Listings in Your MLS Anytime.

Whenever you have the time, you can search for listings in your MLS. In fact, you can also view and schedule confirm requests on your listings while you have the time. In that way, you have more time for important meetings or events you can attend.

Listing Activity Report (LAR): On the main page, tap the “Showings” heading, and choose “Schedule a Showing”

Sync Your Showing Schedule to Your Mobile.

You don’t need to worry about a thing for your showings. Whether you’re at work or at home, you can check your next appointment, respond to feedback, and keep track of the home showings even though you’re busy. For instance, Calendar Sync Feature can automatically download and updates appointment activity to your calendar. You just need to install the ShowingTime app and sync your showing schedule to your mobile phone’s calendar—it’s that easy!

Subsequently, just add the buyer, set the time of your choice, and leave a note for the listing agent. In case there are unexpected turns of events, you can propose a new time if you want to reschedule showing. Let your prospect know when’s the best time for an appointment without canceling the original appointment. Or you can decline the appointment if the agent can’t reschedule the appointment you’ve provided.

After the proposed time, the client will get notified immediately.  

Calendar Sync: Tap on “My Profile & Settings”, then scroll down to the “Calendar Sync” option.

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