25 Creative Ways to Market A House For Sale (By Owner Homes)

25 creative and unique ways to market a house for sale

What are creative ways to market a house for sale?

In today’s marketing environment, the internet has played a vital role—not only as a means of communication but for small and huge businesses alike. Today, 72% of the public uses the internet for social media. Real estate, for instance, also takes advantage of the web to promote properties and gain buyers and investors. As of today’s tech, there are creative ways to market a house for sale.

Guess what? several prominent industries are creating websites. Marketers also are now creating their personal brand and even social media pages to reach out to their clients. Ultimately, if you’re not on the search engine, you don’t exist. So, if people are looking for something, that means you’re missing a big opportunity, a big profit.

Although you can list your house on MLS, it takes a lot more effort to actually sell it. That’s because selling a house isn’t a one-way process. So, what are creative ways to sell my house? Or how do you market your real estate listings? Let’s take a look at 25 creative yet doable ways to market a house for sale.

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Make your personal brand.

The idea here is to create a brand to be seen. A unique, strong personal profile that stands out among the rest of your competitors. Hire a graphic designer to create a professional logo. Branding is essential in business. It’s what and how you want to be seen.

An appealing brand with a catchy tagline can leverage your market presence.

Build your website.

When it comes to online marketing, a website houses your services or products. Without a website, your potential customers may suspect you as a fraud. A professional-made website is a rock-solid marketing foundation.

Approximately, 98% of older millennial homebuyers browse online websites. And while 80% of younger millennials and 78% of Generation X found properties through mobile search. That means an SEO-optimized and user-friendly site can help get new leads and accrue home sales.

List your home on HOUZEO.

Houzeo, the most advanced FSBO platform, offers flat-fee listing services with your chosen package. It’s all simple. You just have to list your home on the MLS through Houzeo.com and save up to 100% of the real estate commissions. Furthermore, you have to fill out all the needed documents. All forms are digitized so you don’t have to worry about printing or photocopying.

Create email marketing campaigns.

Emailers are another way to get the word out there for your property. You can send monthly or weekly newsletters about your property included, of course, with appealing photos, a video walkthrough or virtual staging, and even contact information.

Tell a story on your flyers or social media.

People love stories. In your two-sided house flyers, you can share the history of your local area while also including some best photos of your house. Research and find old photos when the house was built. Or if it’s a new one, you can add the “before” and “now” of the nearby attractions or places.

Create a profile on Zillow.

Another one of the creative ways to market a house for sale is through joining Zillow. Maybe you’ve heard about Zillow and their ever-popular tool Zestimate. It’s a real estate resources that could help market property listings for rent or sale. List your house on Zillow as a For Sale by Owner and get maximum exposure all the while saving a huge fortune.

Zillow has already marked its name in the real estate industry. So, you can market your home to thousands of buyers and other sellers. And the best thing about it is it’s all free—to list a rental on Trulia, Hotpads, and more.

Get your own business card.

Hand out some professional business cards. This should contain only important info about your property, and how to contact you. Or other option, you can post your business cards/brochures on the local bulletin boards.

Set up an auction.

If you want no negotiating on your end, you can try setting up an auction on eBay to list and sell your house. Although an auction is different from FSBO, both options can give you more control over the sales process.

creative ways to sell your house for sale by owner

Use Social Ads.

From YouTube to Facebook, social media channels have now marketing ads to help grow your business.  Take advantage of these powerful tools. This is an innovative marketing strategy that helps widen the reach of your market. And at the same time, they provide insights and tutorials on how to reach your preferred buyers.

Make your own video.

By 2022, it is said that 82% of all consumer internet traffic will eventually come from online video marketing. Every year, video consumption grows larger than ever. More people prefer watching an explainer video about the products or services than reading the text.

What more, a short but sweet video can get thousands or millions of shares online. You can feature the best feature of your home, and pitch why it’s best to live here. In real estate marketing, a video can be a powerful tool to sway buyers to visit your home.

Create a Facebook Page.

A Facebook Page can be a good idea to market your property within reach of your network. Or you can also post for sale your property on the Facebook Marketplace. Either way, Facebook has 2.7 billion users and out of that big number can be an interested buyer. You just need to follow up on your page and share it with other Facebook groups and pages—in your local or outside area.

Join on Instagram.

Did you know there’s a paid Instagram promotion? Instagram ads help you narrow down your target audience, adjust your budget, and choose what type of content you are going to promote. Also, you can add targeted hashtags to make sure your posts reach your intended buyers.

Take nice photos of your house, from different angles. In this way, a buyer can just click and view your house without visiting the house physically.

Tweet popular hashtags!

Twitter is a social networking service that is now used by many leading brands. You can tweet with relevant hashtags (#fsbo #homeseller #realtor) to promote and interact with sellers or buyers on the platform. You can use twitter “explore”  to browse for more popular hashtags you can include in your tweet. Don’t forget to engage with other users so they know you’re active.

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Try using Trulia.

Set up a profile on Trulia to list your home. You can take advantage of its ad platform to promote your house for sale by owner. When it comes to buying or renting a home, Trulia is one of the best platforms most buyers visit.

Upload it on Craigslist.

Craigslist is considered as one of the top 20 websites in the US. That’s why it’s unsurprising some home sellers create a For Sale by Owner posting on Craigslist to market their home. With over 50 billion page views per month, you should include this site on your list.

Hire a professional photographer.

An experienced photographer can help highlight the best features of your home. Almost 44% of all buyers looked online for properties for sale. Through the help of planned real estate photography, wide-angle lens, and editing, you can easily grab your buyer’s attention online.

For a creative and cute look, you can include your pup or cat into one of your photos (Maybe the dog is relaxing at the couch/carpet or the cat is napping). Ultimately, a presentable online listing photo can make all the difference and can gain you an interested buyer in no time.

Make a virtual tour.

360 virtual tours are the future of the real estate. Your clients will be delighted to take a virtual walk-through of your listed property. Tidy up every corner, TV cables, kitchen top, and rooms. Make sure you re-organize the furniture and decorations, giving a more breathable space for tours.  After the shoot, review the videos and edit them if needed.

Show it on Pinterest.

Since more people are now exposed to social media., Pinterest can be a great tool for real estate promotion. It’s a social site where people browse for home ideas, style inspiration, recipes, and more. It’s one of the perfect social platforms that most users find it easy and user-friendly to navigate. All you have to do is browse and pinboards you love!

Build a Google My Business Page.

Set up a Google My Business account so buyers or users can easily find you in Google Maps, Google Search, and Google +. It helps you show up and stand out among competitors. And you can actually rank higher and appear in customer searches.

Host a unique open house.

An open house is another fun way to create a buzz or one of the creative ways to market a house for sale. Try live streaming on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook since most of the buyers are now online. Make your open house into a party with a theme—and pop-up shops. You can offer giveaways like hand sanitizer, water bottle, or sweets to attract people. Don’t forget to highlight your new home upgrades or the best features.

Create a creative yard sign.

A simple “For Sale” yard sign can help get attention, but a creative one will surely make a buzz. Try to come up with a unique and custom design that speaks straight to your target audience.

Partner with your local influencers.

Micro-influencers are those individuals who have 1,000 to 100,000 followers and are usually regarded as an industry or specific niche expert. To widen your reach, you can team up with your local interior. Tag your interior designer and architect showcasing the room design. Also, you can do an open house with some known restaurants and food stands in your area.

creative ways to sell your house for sale by owner

Share GIFs or meme.

Since a large number of millennials are now looking for houses, so it’s pretty understandable that you should include funny and relatable memes in your social media. Hook your buyers with witty memes or shareable gifs. The internet loves something quick and funny.

Market around oddball holidays.

These are usually funny, random, and weird holidays you can play around to market your home. Tie your marketing plan with these non-traditional holidays. Showcase your home’s green features during Earth Day (April 22) or share on your social media the best five nearby donut place in your area during National Donut Day (June 5).

Sell with an experienced agent or flat fee agent.

If you’re not used to doing all the work, you can still traditionally sell your house. Let an experienced and skilled agent do all the hard work for you. Although you can do it as an FSBO, you can find ways to lessen the price or with no commissions at all. You can sell your home with a discounted price through Flat Fee MLS or For Sale By Owner Packages.

How to market your home for sale?

Here’s a summary (Infographic) of creative ways to market a house for sale.

Infographics Creative Ways to Market a House for Sale
25 Creative Ways to Market a House for Sale Infographics

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