9 Best For Sale By Owner Websites (2022 Rankings)

✍️ Editor’s Note: Houzeo.com is America’s most advanced For Sale By Owner platform. Home owners have listed almost $3.5 billion worth of properties on Houzeo.com in 2021. This guide compares all major For Sale By Owner websites on parameters that are most important to home sellers.

U.S. home prices expectedly surged 17% in 2021. It is noted that almost 95% of home buyers look for homes online. So, if you are even a little bit savvy, you can save the entire listing agent commission when you sell your home without a realtor. If you get an unrepresented buyer, you may even save on the buyer agent commission.

» In this guide, we’ll cover:

🏆 Rankings: America’s Best For Sale By Owner Websites

FSBO WebsitePriceMLS Access100% OnlineOffer ManagementShowing Management5-star Reviews
1. Houzeo.com$329
2. FSBO.com$399
3. Fizber.com$395
4. Zillow$0
5. For Sale By Owner$0
6. Craigslist$0
7. Facebook Marketplace$0
8. HomeFinder$39/mo
9. Beycome$299
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For Sale By Owner Websites (2022 Rankings)

Watch a short comparison on how all the major For Sale By Owner websites stack up in 2022

Reviews: Best For Sale By Owner Websites

1. Houzeo.com



Learn more
  • Listing Fee: $199 to $399
  • Available nationwide
  • Listings featured on Houzeo App
Houzeo is the most technologically advanced For Sale By Owner website. That means easy listing and fast changes. Houzeo is 100% online, so you won’t have to communicate with your listing agent.

The platform also offers advanced FSBO features like online offers and an easy showing management tool. These high-tech features allow you to easily approve showings, review offers, counter an offer, or request highest & best offers. No other real estate website offers these.

Houzeo is available nationwide and offers cost-effective packages. The $399 GOLD package is loaded with tech features and includes seller disclosures for most states.

The website is our top pick because it delivers an unbeatable combination of savings, tech features, and service of any For Sale By Owner (FSBO) website we’ve reviewed.

»SAVE: Start your free listing on Houzeo.com today!

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Listings get syndicated to Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, Redfin, and 100s of other sites
  • Quick lisitng (within a day with concierge)
  • Savings on commissions
  • 100% online – easy listing, fast changes, online showings and online offers
  • Mobile app

Houzeo has a 4.9 out of 5 rating (1,792 total reviews) on popular review sites like Google Reviews and Trustpilot

Houzeo is available in 80+ U.S. markets, giving it near-nationwide coverage.

👉 Our Take: Houzeo.com offers a unique combination of exposure, technology, and customer service. Houzeo technology allows you to be your own agent.

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2. FSBO.com

🥈 Oldest FSBO Website


Learn more
  • Listing Fee: $99 & $399
  • Wide coverage
  • No mobile app
FSBO.com is available nationwide and offers cost-effective $99 and $399 packages. We do not recommend the $99 package, because it provides little to no exposure, with only an FSBO.com listing. The $399 package includes an MLS listing and is of good value containing a few add-on features.

The platform is built on outdated technology and most processes are manual (printing, scanning documents, etc.). You’ll be referred to a local broker who covers your state to be listed on the MLS. With FSBO.com, brokers are not onboarded on the platform and so you won’t have control over your selling experience.

There’s no mobile app, social media sharing, or any advanced features of any kind provided by FSBO.com.

Selling with FSBO.com is another great way to save on real estate commission. However, the lack of technology and weak customer service means you’ll be making several tradeoffs compared to our top pick, Houzeo.com.

Learn more: FSBO.com Reviews

  • Access to MLS
  • Local broker referral
  • Decent savings on commissions


  • Weak customer service
  • Listing can take 2-4 days
  • No control over selling since it is a offline process
  • No mobile app, or advanced features
  • Manual listing updates
  • Unpredictable broker quality
FSBO.com has a 3-star rating on BBB.

FSBO.com is available in 50+ U.S. markets, giving it strong coverage.

👉 Our Take: FSBO.com’s $399 MLS package is rightly priced, but lack of technology and weak customer service may affect your sale.

3. Fizber.com

🥉 Cost Effective Packages


Learn more
  • Listing Fee: $95, $295, and $395
  • Nationwide coverage
  • No mobile app
Fizber.com offers cost-effective MLS packages – the most common one is priced at $395. Fizber’s technology is outdated and most processes are manual. Additionally, there is no mobile app to help you on the go.

You’ll be referred to a local broker who covers your state to be listed on the MLS. Because brokers are not onboarded on the platform (everything is offline), you won’t have control over your selling experience. There is no guarantee of the agent quality as well.

Fizber.com’s MLS option is legit and works. However, when you compare it with Houzeo.com, the technology is outdated and the customer service is pretty poor.


  • Access to MLS
  • Local broker referral


  • No control over selling since it is a offline process
  • Slow listing process (2-4 days)
  • No mobile app or advanced features
  • Manual listing updates
  • Unpredictable broker quality
Fizber.com has a respectable 4.2 out of 5 Rating on popular review sites like TrustPilot.
Fizber gives you a nation-wide coverage.

👉 Our Take: Fizber.com’s $395 MLS package offers real savings but rides on limited features, old technology, and poor customer service.

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4. Zillow.com & Trulia.com

🤔 Largest Real Estate Player

Zillow & Trulia

Learn more
  • Listing Fee: Free, but 3% for MLS
  • Available nationwide
  • Listings Featured on Zillow App
With over 200 million visitors a month, Zillow is by far the biggest real estate platform in the U.S. Pair that with Trulia, and it provides critical exposure. FSBO listings on Zillow though have a very poor success rate for 3 reasons.

  • Zillow hides FSBO listings in the “Other Listings” category. By default, Zillow only displays agent listings. So most buyers don’t see the FSBO listings.
  • Your buyer leads will be sold to paying agents instead of being directed to you.
  • You’ll get lots of calls from agents wanting to list your property.

As part of Zillow For Sale By Owner, your property will not be listed on the MLS. That means, you lose out on critical exposure to buyer agents who are involved in almost 90% of US real estate transactions. This may translate to you not getting top dollar for your property.

Zillow highlights agent listings i.e. FSBO listings are hidden under the “Other Listings” tab. So you’ll likely not get anywhere close to the exposure you expect on a high-traffic site like Zillow.

  • Biggest real estate website in the US


  • Hides FSBO seller listings by default
  • Solicitation calls from agents
  • Poor customer service
Zillow is rated 1.7 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot.
Zillow has a nationwide reach.

👉 Our Take: Having spoken to several home sellers who have listed on Zillow with no success, we do not recommend you list FSBO on Zillow.

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5. For Sale By Owner

👉 Tread Carefully

For Sale By Owner

Learn more
  • Listing Fee: $399 to 6%
  • Available nationwide
  • No app
ForSaleByOwner.com used to be the biggest For Sale By Owner website in America. It has since been acquired by Rocket Homes and is now a lead generation engine for Rocket’s brokerage and lending businesses.

An FSBO listing on ForSaleByOwner.com is only viewable to the site’s visitors, so your access is severely limited. With ForSaleByOwner.com, you’ll also get hundreds of calls a week from full-service agents wanting your listing.

The listing won’t be syndicated to the MLS until you pay the full 6% commission. For $399 you only get exposure to the 300,000 nationwide visitors. Most of these are real estate agents are looking for FSBO sellers to market their full-service 6% commission brokerage.

  • Nation-wide coverage
  • Great search feature for buyers


  • Limited exposure
  • Weak technology
  • Solicitation calls from agents
  • No access to MLS
We could not find enough reviews on popular and unbiased sites to arrive at an average rating for ForSaleByOwner.com
ForSaleByOwner.com is available nationwide.

👉 Our Take: In 2022, ForSaleByOwner.com is the worst option for you, if you’re looking to sell your home by owner.

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6. Craigslist

👉 Biggest Classifieds


Learn more
  • No listing fees
  • Available in 70+ countries across the globe
  • No mobile app
With a whopping 50 million website visits every month, Craigslist is a big classifieds website. You can get a decent home exposure in markets where Craigslist is popular.

A barebones listing that includes some photos and a brief description of your property, Craigslist’s platform is limited when selling a house by owner. Unscrupulous users and offers are infamous on Craigslist. So, you need to be vigilant and question every offer that seems too good to be true.

With increase in competition of real estate websites, Craigslist might have lost its popularity but it still takes pride in having almost 500 million website visits a month. Being one of the top 20 real estate websites in the US, it takes a few minutes to list your house in the Craigslist “For Sale” section. That being said, Craigslist attracts audience who are low-baller investors.

  • Free FSBO listing
  • Ideal for low-baller investors


  • Infamous for fraud reports
  • Not the best market place to sell your property
  • Rudimentary map search feature
Craigslist Reviews Craigslist has 1.2 stars out of 5 on TrustPilot
Craigslist covers 70+ countries across the globe.

👉 Our Take: Craigslist is popular in fewer markets but poorly limited in its offering to successfully sell a house by owner in 2022.

7. Facebook Marketplace

👉 Social Media Behemoth

Facebook Marketplace

Learn more
  • No listing fees
  • Available nationwide
  • Facebook app
Facebook Marketplace can be a handy channel in marketing your home for sale. As a globally accepted brand, Facebook is the largest marketplace with users selling a versatile set of items from fresh foods, furniture to custom DIY products.

Facebook Marketplace will give your property immense exposure but not the right set of FSBO tools needed for a successful FSBO sale. You won’t get any help with photography, staging, closing, or any other service. All you can do is market your property for free.

You must also check your privacy settings before posting anything on Facebook Marketplace. Attackers snooping around can cause you harm if your data isn’t secure.

  • Free FSBO ad
  • Renowned space


  • Limited exposure
  • Limited FSBO-specific tools
Facebook Marketplace has 3.3 star rating on Sitejabber.
Facebook Marketplace gives you a nationwide coverage.

👉 Our Take: You won’t find any FSBO-specific tools to help you sell faster with Facebook Marketplace’s limited audience in real estate.

8. HomeFinder

No Longer Available


Learn more
  • Listing Fee: $39 per month
  • Available nationwide
  • HomeFinder App
HomeFinder no longer deals with FSBO listings. However, it still gets you connected with a real estate agent in case you need to sell your property.

  • Low-cost
  • Nation-wide coverage
  • Add-on features like lockbox, yard sign etc.


  • Lack of inventory in certain regions
  • No MLS listing option
  • Limited traffic
Starting 2022, we don’t have verified customer reviews for HomeFinder.
HomeFinder has a nationwide coverage. Having said that, many users have complained of lack of inventory in many regions.

👉 Our Take: HomeFinder no more deals with FSBO listings making it futile for the interested sellers.

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9. beycome

👉 Extra Features At Low Cost


Learn more
  • Listing Fee: $99, $299, and $499
  • Available in selected states
  • No mobile app
beycome is one of the low cost and pro good features platforms. With $99 package, you get services like listing on local MLS, syndication on big real estate websites (Zillow, Realtor.com, and more), open house scheduler, and messaging center.

The $299 plan (Enhanced package) is great and should suffice a seller’s requirement. With this package, you get to list on MLS, upload max MLS provided photos, have access to lockbox and yard sign, provide virtual tour, and much more.

beycome’s Concierge plan is expensive and comes with a dedicated agent. It will cost you $499 plus 1% of the sale price as agent’s commission. The cost is way higher than the other low commission real estate websites that guarantee full service and support. Also, you would need to take care of hidden fees as part of this package making it more costly for you.

  • Low-cost, flexible MLS listing
  • Great add-on features


  • Limited coverage
  • Concierge plan assigns a realtor to you so you incur 1% additional fee
beycome has 3.3 star rating on TrustPilot.
beycome is available in Florida, California, Alabama, Georgia, Minnesota, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

👉 Our Take: beycome’s basic plans offer better value compared to its Concierge service plan.

Most Important Features of a For Sale By Owner Website

The 3 most important features of the best FSBO sites are: Maximum Exposure, Strong Technology, and Responsive Customer Service.

📣 Maximum ExposureThe site should provide an MLS listing option, social media sharing features, and a yard sign customizable with the seller's phone number.
📲 Strong TechnologySite should allow home sellers to do things that agents do all the time: advertise open houses, add virtual tours, negotiate offers by allowing a seller to counter an offer or ask for highest & best offers, and manage showings.
☎️ Responsive Customer ServiceSite should have 5-star reviews online for being responsive to home seller concerns and issues.

5 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast as a For Sale By Owner

1.List on MLSHomes on the MLS sell faster and for almost 17% more. There’s no better tool for maximum exposure than your local MLS.

✍️ Pro Tip: You can list on MLS by owner without paying a listing agent commission
2.Offer a Competitive Buyer Agent Commission95% of US home sales include a buyer agent. Target buyer agents and incentivize them with a competitive commission to get top dollar for your property.
3.Invest in Professional PicturesAfter the MLS, professional pictures are your best investment. You’re competing for clicks online. Professionally done pics will highlight the best features of your property, and allow your listing to stand out.

✍️ Pro Tip: In most major metros, Houzeo.com lets you order professional pics online
4.Price Your Home CompetitivelyRemember – the list price is to drive foot traffic. It’s not the sale price – the market determines the sale price.

✍️ Pro Tip: 6 steps to price your home competitively
5.Be ResponsiveRespond to showing requests, offers, and inquiries promptly. And respond to the market as well. If you get multiple offers, promptly counter or request highest & best. If you don’t get offers in a reasonable timeframe, adjust pricing or commission.

✍️ Pro Tip: Houzeo technology lets you manage your listing, review offers, counter, and even manage showings online and via the mobile app. See how Houzeo works

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Best For Sale By Owner Website?

Houzeo.com is by far the best For Sale By Owner website. FSBO.com is a distant second, with Zillow following behind.

How Do I Evaluate Which One is the Best For Sale By Owner Website?

We’ve done it for you! We’ve evaluated all these sites based on the following dimensions:

1. Which website provides the most exposure to your property listing?
2.Which website allows you to offer a Buyer’s Agent Commission?
3. Which website offers the most control over your MLS listing?
4. When you request changes, which site gets them done the fastest? – because as they say, time is money!
5. Which website provides the best value in terms of fees?

Read this blog for a detailed comparison!

Am I Considered a For Sale By Owner, If I Purchase a Flat Fee MLS Listing?

Technically, no. Once you’re on the MLS, you’re no longer considered to be a For Sale By Owner. But, that shouldn’t matter. Your listing agreement with the agent is usually “entry only”, which means it only pertains to the entry of the property listing onto the MLS and can be cancelled anytime. Think of this as a technical hoop, so you can get the marketing prowess of all the agents out there. For a small flat fee, no less. You’re not locked into a long term exclusive agreement that you can’t get out of.

If I Want to Add an Open House or Change Price, Can I Change My MLS Listing?

You can easily request changes to your listing, including advertising Open Houses, changing list price, photos, description, listing status, buyer’s agent commission, etc. all online on Houzeo.com.

Check out our video for more information.

Are there closing costs when you sell a home for sale by owner?

Of course, there are closing costs to consider prior to signing the contract. Fees such as loan payoff costs, transfer taxes, title insurance fees, attorney fees, and other additional fees to close the deal. Although these vary upon the property’s sale price, state, and location. We have detailed blogs on seller closing costs in many states. Be sure to read those to educate yourself and avoid last-minute surprises.

Do Realtors Avoid For Sale By Owner?

Yes and no. If you’re advertising as a pure FSBO, you’ll get less exposure. Additionally, agents will chase after you as a lead. With a Flat Fee MLS listing, you get the most powerful tool any agent has and for only a small fee. Agents won’t hassle you to earn your business, and you’re not locked into any long term contracts!

Can I List My House on MLS Without an Agent?

No, it’s not possible to list your property on MLS without an agent. With Houzeo.com‘s Flat Fee MLS listing, you can do it for a small flat fee though!

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