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How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost in Arkansas?

A home inspection is a visual examination of a property’s material condition. On average, home inspection costs range between $375 to $475 in Arkansas. The prices vary from place to place, depending on the property’s size and the type of inspection you’re performing.

You can hire an inspector to check the property and draw a report. The home inspection report informs you about any defects or safety hazards present on the property.

Depending on the inspection report, you can negotiate and bring down the sale price. Likewise, you can back out of the deal if the defects are severe or pose a safety hazard.

Key Takeaways

  • The average cost of a general home inspection in Arkansas ranges from $375 to $475, varying based on location and property size.
  • Specialized inspections, focusing on specific aspects, may be recommended and come at an additional cost.
  • Factors influencing inspection costs include the type of inspection, square footage, and location.

How Much is a Home Inspection in Arkansas?

According to, the average cost of a home inspection in Arkansas falls between $375 to $475. We have separated the house inspection fees based on general inspection costs and specialized inspection prices.

Cost of a General Home Inspection in Arkansas

House inspection costs vary depending on your location and the size of the property. A general home inspection in Arkansas can cost you about $225 to $576 based on these conditions.

Here’s a breakdown of general home inspection prices in Arkansas per square foot:

Home Size
(in sq. ft.)
Average Cost for Home Inspection
in Arkansas
Less than 1,000$242
1,001 to 1,500$280
1,501 to 2,000 $290
2,001 to 2,500$307
2,501 to 3,000$323
3,001 to 3,500$338
3,501 to 4,000 $365
4,001 to 6,000$421

Source: Thumbtack

Specialized Home Inspection Costs in Arkansas

During a general home inspection, a Arkansas home inspector may suggest you perform a special inspection if they identify a grave issue.

Specialized home inspections in Arkansas are focused on a particular aspect and may need a qualified professional to conduct them. Likewise, it may cost more compared to a general house inspection.

Here are some estimates of specialized home inspection prices:

Type of InspectionAverage Price for Home InspectionWhat it Covers
Foundation inspection$300 to $1,000An inspection of the home’s foundation for cracks, mildew, damaged floorboards, and more.
Garage Inspection$200 to $600Involves examination of garage walls and foundation, doors, fire safety, etc.
Roof Inspection$75 to $200It is an examination of the home’s roof for mold, water leakage, structural issues, wear and tear by natural elements, or more.
Exterior walls inspection$200 to $800Identifies cracks, mold, and damage caused by water, air, or heat.
Septic tank inspection$200 to $900This inspection involves a check of the septic tank, leach field, and distribution box. The inspector will also check the grading and whether the effluent enters and leaves the tank properly.
Electrical Inspection$150 to $200It identifies faulty electrical wiring, overloaded circuits, or lack of earthing.
Plumbing Inspection$180 to $225It is an inspection of the home’s sinks and toilets, and its water pipelines for leakages, water or chemical corrosion, damaged fitting, etc.
Kitchen Inspection$200 to $400It includes an inspection of cooking equipment, electrical kitchen appliances, a general hygiene and safety check, and more.
HVAC Inspection$100 to $400A testing of HVAC appliances to check their electrical components, failures, airflow, maintenance, etc.
Asbestos Inspection$229 to $791It is an examination to identify the presence of asbestos materials on a property. The inspector may use special tools or analyzers to find traces of asbestos.
Radon Inspection$145 to $700The inspection covers the levels of radon in the water, air, or soil surrounding the property. If found beyond a certain level, radon can become a safety hazard.
Lead-Based Paint Inspection$250 to $700It is a risk assessment where an inspector performs a visual check of the property for the presence of lead-based paint. If found, the toxic levels of lead are examined to ensure that it does not pose a safety hazard.
Termite Inspection$230 to $930This inspection involves an examination of the interior and exterior areas of the home for visible signs of termite infestation. These signs include pest droppings, broken and damaged wood, and more.
Mold Inspection$200 to $1,000It identifies the presence of mold in the home, including what type of mold is present in the house. Too much exposure to mold can cause respiratory problems and infections, that can sometimes be life-threatening.
Soil Inspection$700 to $2,000This inspection identifies the presence of toxins or chemicals in the soil like lead, arsenic, zinc, copper, barium, etc. that can pose a safety hazard.
Chimney Inspection$300 to $600A basic chimney inspection involves a visual examination of the fireplace and chimney for any obstructions, soot, or buildup. The inspector can suggest you sweep the chimney if required.
4-Point Inspection$50 to $150This inspection primarily examines the HVAC, roofing, plumbing, and electrical systems.

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What Influences the Average Home Inspection Cost in Arkansas?

  • Type of Inspection: Home inspection price can vary depending on the type of inspection you’re performing. Typically, specialized inspections cost more than general house inspections and may require you to find an expert inspector.
  • Square Footage: As mentioned above, the cost of a home inspection increases with more square footage on your property.
  • Location: Depending on your location, Arkansas home inspectors charge different prices.

Who Pays for Home Inspection in Arkansas?

Typically, a buyer pays for a home inspection in Arkansas. Home inspection costs are also considered a part of closing costs, but they are paid at the time of inspection.

Sellers may pay for a home inspection if they perform one anytime before putting their house up for sale or before accepting an offer.

Final Word

In summary, understanding home inspection costs is essential for anyone involved in the real estate market. By obtaining a comprehensive home inspection report, buyers can negotiate sale prices or back out of the deal by invoking the home inspection contingency. Likewise, sellers can address any issues beforehand.

Remember, house inspection costs in Arkansas are typically the responsibility of the buyer, but sellers may also opt for an inspection prior to listing. Prioritize a thorough inspection to ensure a smooth and confident real estate experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a house inspection in Arkansas?

According to Fixr, the average cost of a home inspection in Arkansas falls between $375 to $475.

Who pays for a home inspection in Arkansas?

In most Arkansas real estate transactions, a buyer pays the house inspection fees. Sellers may pay for a home inspection if they perform one anytime before putting their house up for sale or before accepting an offer.

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