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7 min read Sep 11, 2023

Is Burying a St. Joseph Statue to Sell Your House Worth Trying?

Home sales can be stressful, especially with median days on the market being 46. In such a situation, you are ready to take all the help you can get. Even if it’s in the form of folklore, such as using a St. Joseph statue to sell a house.

As per this ritual, you need to bury a St. Joseph statue near your house. It is common belief that after the burial your house sale will pick up pace. This tradition helps you inwardly be in charge of your sale.

In the blog, we will dig deeper into this folklore and the alternatives if you want the benefit without actually burying a statue.

What Is St. Joseph’s Statue?

St. Joseph’s statue is a cast figure of Jesus Christ’s father, Joseph. A popular figure in the nativity scene, he is considered the patron saint of homes, families, workers, and, interestingly, home sellers.

The statue of St. Joseph is buried since he had to uproot his family several times, or so the stories claim. The tradition of burying the St. Joseph statue has been passed down through generations, with variations in the way it’s performed.

3 Steps to Bury Your St. Joseph’s Statue

If you choose to follow the folklore, here are steps to successfully bury a St Joseph’s statue:

1. Purchase the St. Joseph Statue 

Firstly, you should purchase a statue of a suitable height, from a few inches to not more than 3ft. This will keep your curb appeal intact. 

You can also purchase a kit online or from a local shop. It usually comes with a prayer booklet and an instruction card.  

2. Bury the St. Joseph Statue

These are some simple steps to help you bury the statue:

  1. Decide Where You Want to Bury the Statue: The location is crucial. Normally the statue is buried near the road facing away from the house as it symbolizes leaving. You can also bury the statue right side up pointing toward the house.
  2. Keep the Statue Safe: Make sure you wrap the statue in a clean cloth when buried. This will make it easier when you retrieve it.
  3. Dig a Hole in Your Yard: You should dig a hole in your front yard and bury it preferably near the “For Sale” sign.
  4. Bury it Upside Down: If the statue is buried upside down, the belief is that in order to free himself the saint will help with a quick sale.
  5. Don’t Forget to Retrieve the Statue: Place a small reminder so that you don’t forget where you buried the statue.

If you choose a larger statue, do inform your neighborhood utility providers beforehand. Ensure there aren’t any underground electricity, water, or communications lines that could be harmed.

    💡 Pro Tip: If you own an apartment or a condo, bury the St. Joseph’s statue in a flower pot outside of the house using similar methods.

3. Recite Prayers to the Patron 

The final step is to pray the St. Joseph’s novena to sell your house for nine days, or until the house is sold. 

Along with the ritual, make sure to list your property on the MLS to find buyers.

Removal of the Buried Statue 

Only when you sign the home sale contract is the deal finalized. Once done, you need to remove the buried statue.

There is a belief that the house will be stuck in a cycle of “buy-and-sell” if the statue is not removed. The statue can also be reused for future sales.

You can use a garden shovel to dig it out. Try not to damage the statue and clean it with a damp cloth.

Alternatives to Burying the St. Joseph Statue

If you do not want to bury the statue, here are some alternatives that can yield the same results:

  • You Can Keep It Outside: Place the statue on a window pane facing outside the house. 
  • Add More Red to Your Property: Red is often associated with St. Joseph’s spiritual power. Stage your house using more of the color red. You can change the decor, add a red “For Sale” yard sign, or paint the mailbox red.
  • Plant Some Lilies: It is a belief that planting lilies in your garden can increase the chance of selling your house.

What to Do After the Statue is Buried?

The ritual of burying the St. Joseph statue to sell a house alone will not get you buyers. Pick one of these to do along with burying a St Joseph statue.

  1. Hire a Discount Real Estate Broker: Discount real estate brokers offer all the services of a traditional broker for a lower commission. They will handle your sale procedures while you pray to St. Joseph to sell your house.
  2. List With a Full-Service Realtor: If you need further help, we recommend hiring full-service real estate agents or brokers. You’ll get all the professional help you need, but you will end up paying a full 5% to 6% commission.
  3. Sell to iBuyers/Cash Home Buyers: iBuyers and cash buyers make all-cash offers, this is a guaranteed sale. If you opt for them, you need not worry about the sale at all.
  4. Sell For Sale By Owner: FSBO websites will help you list and sell a house by owner. This will give you more control over the sale. Many FSBO websites will also list you on the MLS and help you with FSBO paperwork.
  5. Flat Fee MLS Services: You can opt for a flat fee MLS listing service that will list your house on the MLS at a flat rate. You can avoid paying commissions with them.

Final Word

Selling a house can be time-consuming and uncertain. Often people consider unconventional ways to expedite the process.

There is no guarantee of sale when you bury the St. Joseph statue to sell a house. It is a move purely based on faith and tradition.

There is a higher likelihood when you pick a flat-rate MLS listing service like Houzeo. There is transparency in all the transactions.

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1. What saint do you bury to sell your house?

Catholics bury St. Joseph's statue and say a prayer to sell their house. This tradition came about as there are many stories of St. Joseph shifting from place to place with his family.

2. How to bury St Joseph to sell your house?

The ideal way is to bury Saint Joseph upside down and below the "For Sale" sign in your yard. You also need to recite the prayer to St Joseph for selling your house.

3. What happens if you don't dig up St. Joseph?

The ritual doesn't end at simply burying St. Jospeh's statue. It is believed that if the statue remains buried, then the house will be trapped in a "sell-and-buy" cycle.

4. Where can I buy a St. Joseph statue to sell house?

You can purchase a St. Joseph statue kit at a local shop or online. This kit includes St. Joseph statue, instruction booklet, and a small prayer booklet.

You can use this booklet to recite the St Joseph prayer to sell house quickly. However, you should also list on your local MLS using a Flat Fee MLS service.

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