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HomeLight Reviews: The Truth You NEED To Know

✍️ Editor’s Note: HomeLight has been accused for price fixing and false advertising by HomeOpenly. Watch how HomeLight vs HomeOpenly’s lawsuit threatens the existence of agent referral networks.

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Homelight Inc is a tech real estate agent matching company that caters to buyers, sellers, and agents. Let’s look at a few Homelight reviews to better understand whether it is worth it.

Is Homelight Worth your Money?

  • Pros: Homelight offers a range of services for buyers, sellers, and agents all under one roof.
  • Cons: You may end up spending a lot more and the quality of agents and services would still be questionable.
  • Our Take: At the end of the day, the services of agent referral and statistics can be found for free on multiple online resources like Zillow. Instead, eliminate traditional agent commission by using Houzeo. View your savings.

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What is HomeLight?

HomeLight is a real estate website offering home buyers, sellers, and real estate brokers services. Their primary goal is to connect home sellers and buyers with local real estate professionals. HomeLight claims to be a straightforward alternative to a DIY search for a real estate agent.

HomeLight vs. HomeOpenly

Watch how HomeOpenly’s scathing review of HomeLight led to a lawsuit that threatens the existence of agent referral networks.

Unlike other service providers, HomeLight does not charge a sign-up fee and is not obligated to use it once you have made an account. However, it falls short of providing efficient services beyond speed and convenience.

If you’re short on funds and don’t want to pay a big commission to a real estate agent, certain companies, like Houzeo, provide “For Sale By Owner” services that can eliminate the agent and their commission, saving you thousands of dollars.

👩‍💻 For Sale By Owner Websites: America’s 12 Best For Sale By Owner Websites in 2023

Is HomeLight Legitimate?

Yes, HomeLight is a legitimate and licensed real estate brokerage in California.

The ground rule of forming an agent matching service is that it must be licensed to collect payments from realtors. This is how they make money. The Better Business Bureau has given HomeLight an A+ rating (BBB).

The current valuation, as of 2022, is $1.7 billion. and HomeLight presently has over 738 employees.

🎯 Key Takeaways

  • Simplifies the search of buyers and sellers looking for a local real estate agent.
  • Ideal for buyers in smaller towns and rural areas to work with more experienced agents.
  • Their algorithm matches real estate agents based on data from over 100 sources and over 300 transactions worldwide.
  • Lack of technical expertise can affect quality of the agents.
  • There are alternatives to working with an agent where you gain more control over your listing and save thousands of dollars – this approach is called For Sale By Owner. Many FSBO websites offer you assistance in a way where you can easily take the lead and yet, fall back on their experts whenever required

How Does HomeLight Work?

Homelight has a fairly straightforward agent-matching process.

👨‍⚖️ Step 1: The user visits the website

Home sellers and buyers visit the agent matching service’s website and look over the services available. The user then enters property information about their property, such as a description, contact information, and how quickly they want to sell it.

The information provided by the home seller is saved in the lead database, and a website representative will contact the user to confirm property facts.

💻 Step 2: Email Blast

An email blast is sent to all agents with information about leads based on the zip code in which the agent is licensed to deliver services.

The realtor then accepts or declines the property from the email, and the house seller can expect a call in a few days

🏡 Step 3: Agent/Seller Compatibility Check

The sellers and agents interview each other to determine whether they want to collaborate on selling the property or buying a home, depending on the situation.

📜 Step 4: Seller Signs Listing Agreement

Once an agent is chosen, the seller receives the listing paperwork, and the home is then posted on the MLS. This can take up to two weeks, as you may not always match with the first agent you interview.

After the paperwork is completed, the listing agent will put the home on the MLS and assist you in finding prospective purchasers and negotiating terms.

    💡 RECAP: Signing up to search agents on HomeLight is relatively easy – simply fill out the form. HomeLight will ask you a series of questions.

    When you’re done answering them, you will receive a call, an email, and a message from their concierge to understand your needs. Based on that, they will assign you agents. Agents are ranked based on their statistics.

    You may view their ratings, the number of homes they have sold in your area, where those homes are situated (via an interactive map), how long the agent has been in business, and any significant achievements or specialty they may have.

Homelight For Buyers

The ability to search for local agents is one of the features that distinguishes HomeLight as one of the most dependable agent-matching platforms.

If you want to buy a home in your neighborhood, HomeLight can connect you with agents who specialize in dealing within your chosen radius. Not only that, but they have local contacts, that are excellent negotiators, and the know-how to get you the best possible offer.

In a seller’s market, going local can be your best option if you’re looking to work with an agent. They will charge you a hefty commission, thus increasing your expenses.

💡 For buyers seeking an agent in a particular area Homelight will need:

  • Your target area
  • This is ideal for buyers in smaller towns and rural areas to work with better and more experienced agents
  • How far along are you in the home-buying process?
  • The type of property you’re looking to buy
  • Your price range
  • Pre-approval from a lender – whether or not you have it
  • The purpose of purchase (primary residence, investment, flip a home, etc)
  • Your basic contact details

HomeLight Home Loans

With a HomeLight home loan, you always have the upper hand as a home buyer. It allows you to get pre-approved within 5 minutes without affecting your credit score. You can secure a home loan in four simple steps:

  • Apply for online pre-approval and become qualified in minutes.
  • Unlike other lenders, Homelight completes the financial underwriting procedure upfront.
  • In some cases, you could get an earnest money deposit of up to $100,000 to cover financial contingencies.
  • Enjoy no lender fees and save hundreds of dollars

You will be allowed to make cash-like offers to get the maximum leverage during a bidding war.

Homelight For Sellers

For first-time sellers, local agents could be a huge boon! They help you get through the local formalities, are well-versed with the state laws, negotiate as per the local ongoing market standards and try to get a good price for your house.

But HomeLight charges a 25% referral fee from the agents when they close deals with customers recommended by the agent matching platform. It’s likely that they will charge you a high commission in order to cover their referral fee.

💡 For sellers seeking an agent in a particular area you need:

  • Your complete address with pin-code
  • Type of property you are selling (family home, condo, apartment, etc)
  • The estimated value of the property.
  • The turn-around-time you are expecting for the sale
  • Your basic contact information

After you’ve entered all of your information, HomeLight will take you to a customer dashboard where you may view your agent matches. These matches are compiled automatically using the company’s algorithm. You may examine the data about your agent, from their rating to their specialty, as we mentioned previously.

A few minutes after you receive your agent matches, the company concierge will get in touch with you through various channels and so will your agent matches.

After you interview and review your agents, working with one or walking away is entirely your choice.

🔍Buy House Without A Realtor: Check out our guide on how to buy a house without a realtor

Homelight Estimators and Calculators

HomeLight Estimators For Sellers

Estimator TypeDescription
Home Value EstimatorEstimates your home value after a detailed analysis of transactions and crutial data. Simple Sale price is then introduced where a vast network of buyers make an offer on your property.
Best Time to Sell Calculator As the name implies, this analyzes data from real estate commissions across the country to determine the optimum time to sell your property quickly.
Agent Commissions CalculatorAnalyzes millions of house transactions to identify top real estate agents who sell homes for more money and faster.
Net Proceeds CalculatorCalculates the profit margin or the net proceeds you could earn from the sale of your house.

HomeLight Estimators For Buyers

Estimator TypeDescription
Home Affordability CalculatorTo assist you in finding the ideal home, this worksheet breaks down all of the costs related with buying a home and budgets everything from annual income, monthly debt, property tax, insurance, down payment, loan, and HOA fees.
Down Payment CalculatorAnswers the simple question, 'How much should I put down for my house?' Mention your house location, value, and credit score to get a an estimated down payment option.
Closing Costs CalculatorHow much money should you set aside for the closing? Costs from lenders and brokers, such as loan origination fees, application fees, and third-party fees, are included in this estimate.

How Much Does HomeLight Cost?

The agent matching fees at HomeLight are free for home sellers and buyers. You are in no way obligated to work with the agent you’ve matched with. You can explore more affordable options to make a better buying or selling decision.

However, once you commit to selling with HomeLight agents, you will have to pay a hefty commission of 5-6%. This commission will then be divided equally between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent.

Let’s assume you are selling a house for $408,800 – here when you pay a pocket-burning commission of 6% you’re practically paying $24,528 as agent commission.

🚩 Don’t Pay 6% Agent Commission

Save the entire Listing Agent commission by selling on Houzeo’s high-tech website.



If you opt for Flat Fee MLS websites such as Houzeo, you can save the entire 3% of your seller or listing agent’s commission.

Houzeo charges you a one-time flat fee (as low as $349), depending on your requirements. However, you do pay a commission to the buyer’s agent to attract good deals on both accounts. So when you choose Houzeo over HomeLight realty, you end up saving a substantial amount of commission.

🔍FSBO Websites: Learn Why Houzeo is America’s Best For Sale By Owner Website

Calculate Your Savings: Traditional Agent vs. Homelight vs. Houzeo

Savings Calculator

Enter Your Home Sale Price

$ Please enter your home price
  • Listing Fee
  • Traditional Agent


  • idealagent


  • houzeo



Your savings via Houzeo


Houzeo saves you $9,705 more than Homelight!

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The Truth About

So how does Homelight make money?

We’ve mentioned before that HomeLight provides free agent matching services. But they make money by charging a referral fee to licensed real estate agents. Every agent owes the company a share of their commission on deals they complete with HomeLight-referred buyers and sellers. Every agent-matching company generates money this way.

The referral fee is 25% of their commission which is due 10 days after the closing. HomeLight charges a 30% referral fee on properties above $4 million and above.

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This agent matching company is presumed to mint money by offering other complementary services such as:

  • HomeLight Home Loans – quick mortgages for buyers
  • HomeLight Elite – a tech platform for real estate agents
  • HomeLight Trade-in – helps you purchase a home even before the sale of the current one is finalized
  • HomeLight SimpleSale – a platform where you can get cash offers from local property investors

📝 Things to Note

  • Though HomeLight acts as a mediator between customers and real estate agents, you really cannot trust the quality of agents
  • HomeLight is free of cost when it comes to matching the agents with your requirements. However, the agents will charge you a hefty commission of 5-6% on your closing cost
  • They offer other miscellaneous services which is presumed to be another source of income for them
  • Our two cents on working with agents: If you want an agent to assist you in the home selling or buying process, be ready to burn thousands of dollars as their commission

HomeLight Pros & Cons

Here are a few of the advantages and disadvantages of using

✅ A plethora of options for real estate agents ⛔ Company’s automated algorithm suggests the agent matches but misses out on details
✅ Extensive coverage of agents across major metropolitan areas ⛔ Customers spend thousands of dollars on agent commissions
✅ A smooth user experience interface ⛔ Compromising the quality of agents
✅ Reliable for sellers who are not familiar with the city. ⛔ HomeLight asks for a 25% referral fee for the listed agent
✅ A+ rating from the BBB or Better Business Bureau ⛔ Users have been bombarded with cold calls and spammed with emails daily according to Homelight reviews Reviews

Based on 211+ HomeLight reviews on Sitejabber, this agent-matching platform has a 4.4-star rating. Although some customers give positive feedback, we still have to be cautious of some drawbacks.

Additional Services: Apart from all the services mentioned above, HomeLight offers additional services that facilitate comparison by giving you information about each agent in its dashboard. This way, you will know whether the agent is the right fit for you or not.

Homelight Positive 1

Homelight Agents: Homelight provides you with different agent selections based on your location. They operate as partner agents that are well-versed in the market. When interviewing an agent, look for someone who is prepared to go above and beyond and make suggestions without ulterior motives. Also, distance and where you are located are important factors to be considered.

Homelight Positive 2

Spam: When you enter your details as a seller or a buyer on this agent-matching website, they won’t charge you anything. Many reviews of HomeLight refer to how they spam you with agents, the algorithm wants you to work with. You practically are opening doors for spam calls and constant emails or messages from them. This HomeLight review says it all.

Homelight Negative 1

Clickbait Advertising: Speaking of the SimpleSale feature, HomeLight still has a lot of things to fix to give a seamless user experience. Clickbait advertising only works in your favor when you deliver genuinely useful services. This HomeLight review has something similar to say.

Homelight Negative 2

Agent Quality: HomeLight real estate could be a great option to explore agents but are they reliable and uncompromising on quality? HomeLight real estate reviews being truthful is one thing, and bribing the customers to write a good review about them is another thing. Look what this review has to say.

Homelight Negative 3

📱 Houzeo is one of the most reviewed companies on Trustpilot!

With an excellent rating of 4.9! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Read them Yourself!

What Is HomeLight Simple Sale?

When writing HomeLight reviews, we would never miss throwing some light on their cash offering arm – Simple Sale.

HomeLight Simple Sale connects buyers and sellers with cash-only local property investors and flippers. Within 48 hours of signing up, the relevant transactions are given to you based on the bids received from its investors.

You are not required to accept the offer right away. But if you do, the process of closing expedites because cash transactions can be completed in as little as two weeks.

📢 Simple Sale Only Works For:

  • Selling a distressed property.
  • Facing certain personal circumstances such as financial emergencies, pre-foreclosure, etc. and you need fast cash.
  • Comfortable with not selling for the best possible price.

If you want to sell your home through Simple Sale, HomeLight will ask you not to list your home on the regular seller’s portal.

    💡 Listing on MLS: Most listings on the MLS are cash offers. So why not save thousands and list on the MLS instead?

How Does Homelight Simple Sale Cash Offer Work?

Homelight Simple Sale For Sellers

Simple sale cash offers are quick and work on your timeline.

  • Cash Offer: Within two days of completing the questionnaire, you will receive a competitive offer. There is no obligation on your part to accept this offer.
  • Selling your house as is: Sell your house as-is, with no commissions, repairs, extra costs, or preparation.
  • Closing Date: Select a closing date and complete the transaction within 10 days.
  • Contract: Cash offers from Homelight are certified and backed by a contract. Regardless of whether or not you find a buyer, you will get a cash offer after you set a closing date.
  • Homelight Agent: You can also bypass showings and work with a Home light agent to sell your house faster and get a quote.

Homelight Simple Sale For Buyers

Homelight combines the flexibility of agents with the power of technology to make the buying process as simple as possible.

  • Homelight Partner Agents: Homelight’s local partner agents collaborate with buyers to identify the best property in the chosen location. You can also authorize your agent to take advantage of the Homelight cash offer on your behalf.
  • No Preapprovals: You only need to sign the contract and fill out the questionnaire to qualify for the best homes to buy. No pre-approvals are required. Because sellers always prefer cash buyers, your cash offer will almost certainly win, even in a competitive market.
  • Closing Date: You have the option of closing on any date you like. Within 30 days following closing, you can move in.

Homelight Trade-in

HomeLight Trade in is an excellent alternative if you want to remove the stress of buying and selling in one go. In their words, ‘it is an easy button‘ for the entire process. So how does it work?

Step 1: Find out how much your property costs on HomeLight.

Step 2: Make a competitive bid on your new home.

Step 3: Schedule your arrival, after approval.

Step 4: When HomeLight sells your home, you will receive the full market value.

However, HomeLight will give you the difference in cash if your house sells for more than we bought for it, minus the selling expenses and program fees.

Best HomeLight Alternatives In 2023

If you would like to explore an option that helps you save thousands of dollars in exchange for a small flat fee, here are some options you can explore:

Homelight vs

#1 Flat Fee MLS Service

Houzeo Logo
  • Listing Fee: $399
  • Available nationwide
  • Houzeo has 4.9 out of 5 stars 4.9/5 (5,000+ reviews)

Houzeo offers 4 Flat Fee MLS packages.

  • Bronze Package – $329+: This package offers Houzeo listing only for 6 months with maximum photos.
  • Silver Package – $399+: This includes everything that home sellers typically look for.
  • Gold Package – $379+: It is Houzeo’s signature MLS package and includes all the technology Houzeo is known for Houzeo Showings, Houzeo Offers, and DigiTransact.
  • Platinum – $349+: It includes the assistance of a licensed broker to help you with negotiations, disclosures, and closing.

👉 Our Take: We recommend the GOLD plan. You’ll have access to Houzeo tech, making managing showings and offer negotiations easy! Confirm all prices on the state’s pricing page before you list.

» Houzeo Reviews: Houzeo is 100% online. You can finish listing formalities in less than 60 mins.

Houzeo is America’s #1 Flat Fee MLS service because of 4 reasons:

  1. Max Exposure: Houzeo MLS packages give you access to the MLS, Zillow, Trulia,, Redfin, and 100s of other websites.
  2. 5-star Customer Service: Houzeo has a fully staffed customer service desk available 6 days a week. Chats and emails are open 7 days a week. This is rare in today’s world.
  3. 100% Online: Houzeo is high-tech. For you, this means easy listing, fast changes, online showings, and online offers. Houzeo mobile app is also very powerful.
  4. No Hidden Fees: In most states, you’ll be paying just a small flat fee to list on MLS by owner. And remember, all fees are disclosed upfront, so there are no Houzeo hidden fees. You get to bypass the listing agent commission.

There are no dealbreakers with Houzeo.

» Is Houzeo Good?  Houzeo addresses all Houzeo complaints from home sellers.

Houzeo is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars by thousands of home sellers on Google & Trustpilot.

» Houzeo ReviewsHouzeo is rated Excellent by 5,000+ home sellers.

One of America’s leading real estate websites, Houzeo offers the For Sale By Owner option by charging you a nominal fee.

By opting for FSBO as a home selling option,

  • You will have more power over your listing,
  • You will not be dependent on your agent to update or amend every listing change,
  • And is also friendly for first-time home buyers and sellers.

Covering major states of America, Houzeo also lists your property on several other major MLSs across the country with an intent-based viewership of millions of users every month. Higher the eyeballs on your listing, the higher the chances of your property selling faster.

🔍Houzeo reviews: Everything You NEED To Know

Introducing the Houzeo Mobile App!

  • View yourlisting
  • Review and compare offers
  • Counter an offer
  • NEW! Buyers can now search your property and save it in “Favorites”

Start Your FREE Listing NOW!

Homelight vs UpNest



Upnest logo
  • Listing Fee: 2.5% of the sale price (or as decided by agent)
  • Available in all major cities
  • 4.75 Stars  4.7/5 (56 reviews)

UpNest is an innovative real estate marketplace that connects home sellers and buyers with agents in their area.

  • Pricing: There’s no direct cost to using UpNest, but the savings are marginal. UpNest agents decide their commission fees. The discount rate varies.

👉 Out Take: We do not recommend Upnest for home sellers or buyers. UpNest’s network is reliable and quick, but savings aren’t guaranteed. You might end up paying more than you had expected.

» Is UpNest Legit? Find out if UpNest is legit!

Here are some advantages of using Upnest. No Obligation Service

  • No Obligation Service: Within 24 hours timeline after signing up, UpNest will send you multiple agents you can choose from. If nothing fits, you can simply walk away.
  • High-quality Agent Network: UpNest partners with top agents from leading national brokerage firms across the U.S. All agent matches remain unbiased, based on your criteria and preferences.
  • User-friendly Dashboard: UpNest’s customer dashboard is intuitive and makes it easy to compare agent matches. It also features options to contact the matched agents or your UpNest Advisor with a single click.

» What is UpNest? Read the comprehensive review to know more!

In our research, we found some red flags associated with UpNest.

  • Marginal Savings: The commission rates aren’t pre-defined. The negotiation ultimately relies on you. Past sellers have claimed that the lowest listing fee is 2% which is quite high.
  • Inconsistent Customer Service: Customers have revealed that some UpNest representatives are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. However, rest of them struggle to answer simple questions.

» How Does Upnest WorkAgent-matching at UpNest is pretty straightforward. Check it out!

UpNest has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 from 56 customer reviews on BBB.

» UpNest Reviews: How Much Will it Save You in 2023?

Another agent matching website, UpNest likes to call itself a “real estate agent marketplace” where the agents aggressively compete for your business using this platform. Since there is higher competition for your property, these agents have incentivized their proposals to lower rates to make it more attractive. Not necessarily their customer service would be significantly great.

Unlike some other brands, the saving potential here isn’t that high.

🔍Upnest Reviews: Everything You NEED To Know

Homelight vs Ideal Agent


Ideal Agent

Ideal Agent
  • Listing Fee: 2% of sale price
  • Nationwide coverage
  • 5 Stars 4.9/5.0 (5,001 Reviews)

Ideal Agent helps sellers find quality discount real estate brokers. On average, a seller saves approximately $3,000 – $4,000 while listing with Ideal Agent.

Ideal Agent for Home Sellers

  • Agent Matching: Home sellers are matched with one real estate agent, who then guides the seller through their journey. Agents are assigned from the top 1% agents who have closed deals in the seller’s locality.
  • Profit Maximization: The agent with whom you’re matched will visit your home to identify the features of your house that stand out. By leveraging these features, the agent will help you in maximizing your sale profits.
  • Dedicated Concierge: The discount realtor will also get professional photos taken of your home and help you in setting the list price. In addition to marketing your house, the agent will provide negotiation assistance and take care of closing coordination.

Ideal Agent for Homebuyers 

  • Home Search Feature: Ideal Agent has a home search feature, where home buyers can look for homes by location, home type, and price range.
  • No Other Benefits: Since Ideal Agent is a seller-centric platform, it does not offer a lot of services for buyers. Buyers can hire an agent but you need to get in touch with their customer service to set up a call with the concierge. Post the formalities, the agent will then get in touch with you to understand your needs.

👉 Our Take: Ideal Agent is a good choice for home sellers. They set a high bar for recruiting agents, which means sellers get to work with the top-performing agents in their locality. However, with no significant services for buyers, the platform is not recommended if you’re planning to buy a house.

» Reviews: Everything You Need To Know

  • Qualified agents
  • No obligation to choose an agent
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Add-on services like professional photos and more
  • Good customer service
  • Marginal savings
  • Single-agent match
  • Inconsistent agent results
  • No customer dashboard
  • No buyer savings

Ideal Agent has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 on TrustPilot.

» Reviews of Ideal Agent: Reviews, Complaints, and Alternatives

Ideal Agent is available throughout the U.S.

Another agent matching website, UpNest likes to call itself a “real estate agent marketplace” where the agents aggressively compete for your business using this platform. Since there is higher competition for your property, these agents have incentivized their proposals to lower rates to make it more attractive. Not necessarily their customer service would be significantly great.

Having said this, Ideal Agent only offers you one ideal agent match. So if you are someone who likes to interview and compare several agents and then choose the best, this one may not be the best option for you.

» Ideal Agent Reviews: Everything You Need To Know

Do You Need

HomeLight reviews have been one of the most interesting reviews we have worked on. There are genuine advantages if you are considering working with a real estate agent. However, it comes with certain drawbacks too. You may end up spending a lot more than saving and the quality of service would still be questionable. At the end of the day, the services of agent referral and statistics can be found for free on multiple online resources like Zillow.

If you are open to the idea of selling your house For Sale By Owner, Houzeo is your best option. The main goal of this real estate website is to ease out the listing and selling process and make the transaction transparent and seamless. Listing houses as FSBO has never been simpler. This video tutorial will guide you in-depth through the process.

Buying or selling a house is one of the major financial decisions you would be making. You may as well compare a couple of websites and companies before making a final call. Research is the key ingredient to finding the best option that’s financially sound and safe.

Other Options You Should Consider

1. Sell to iBuyers

iBuyers make an offer on your property within 24-48 hours and can close within 7 days or more. Most iBuyers like Opendoor and Offerpad are also known to offer the Fair Market Value (FMV) for your property.

Selling to an iBuyer has certain significant drawbacks. These include:

  • Limited coverage, restricted to metro and urban areas
  • Strict eligibility criteria without exceptions
  • Non-negotiable offers
  • 5% service fee
  • 2% – 8% repair costs

👉 Our Take: We recommend iBuyers if your house meets the iBuyer company’s eligibility criteria.

» iBuyer Reviews: Check out rankings, pros, cons & alternatives of top iBuyers in America

2. Sell to “We Buy Homes for Cash” Companies

Unlike iBuyers, “We buy homes for cash” companies help you sell your house as-is fast. They can even close within 7 days or any date you choose. “We buy homes for cash” companies also make cash offers for homes outside metro areas or in difficult-to-sell locations.

Here’s why traditional cash home buyers could be a bad option for you than an iBuyer:

  • They make lowball offers and offer only 50% – 70% of market value.
  • Their offers are non-negotiable

👉 Our Take: We recommend selling to a cash home buyer if you are selling a distressed house “as-is” without looking for the best price.

» “We Buy Homes for Cash” Companies: Check out America’s biggest cash home buyer companies in 2023

“We Buy Homes for Cash” Companies Near You

RegionStates/Cities"We Buy Homes for Cash" Companies Near Me
NortheastStatesWe Buy Homes for Cash Connecticut | We Buy Homes for Cash Maine | We Buy Homes for Cash Massachusetts | We Buy Homes for Cash New Hampshire | We Buy Homes for Cash New Jersey | We Buy Homes for Cash New York | We Buy Homes for Cash Pennsylvania | We Buy Homes for Cash Rhode Island | We Buy Homes for Cash Vermont
NortheastKey CitiesWe Buy Homes for Cash Boston, MA | We Buy Homes for Cash New Bedford, MA | We Buy Homes for Cash Brooklyn, NY | We Buy Homes for Cash Buffalo, NY | We Buy Homes for Cash Long Island, NY | We Buy Homes for Cash New York City, NY | We Buy Homes for Cash Philadelphia, PA | We Buy Homes for Cash Pittsburgh, PA | We Buy Homes for Cash Rochester, NY | We Buy Homes for Cash York, PA
MidwestStatesWe Buy Homes for Cash Illinois | We Buy Homes for Cash Indiana | We Buy Homes for Cash Iowa | We Buy Homes for Cash Kansas | We Buy Homes for Cash Michigan | We Buy Homes for Cash Minnesota | We Buy Homes for Cash Missouri | We Buy Homes for Cash Nebraska | We Buy Homes for Cash North Dakota | We Buy Homes for Cash Ohio | We Buy Homes for Cash South Dakota | We Buy Homes for Cash Wisconsin
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3. Sell FSBO With Flat Fee MLS Services

Listing with a Flat Fee MLS service gets your house on the market within just 24-48 hours. Selling For Sale By Owner has increased substantially in the past few years, with 77% of FSBO homes being sold in less than 2 weeks.

Flat Fee MLS is one of the best ways to sell your house fast, and it has 4 major benefits:

  • MLS is the fastest way to hit the market, plus your listing is syndicated to Zillow,, etc.
  • Your listing gets maximum exposure.
  • You can negotiate all offers.
  • You skip paying commission or service fees.

👉 Our Take: We recommend Flat Fee MLS companies for most home sellers. They are fast, and you will save thousands in commissions.

» For Sale By Owner Websites: Check out the rankings for America’s best FSBO websites

Frequently Asked Questions About

Is HomeLight Simple Sale Authentic?

Yes, it is. HomeLight Simple Sale is a way to connect home sellers to investors or flippers that deal only in cash. However, if you compare this feature with FSBO service, you will have to settle for a lower price when you sell your home through Simple Sale.

How Much Commission Do The Agents Owe To HomeLight?

HomeLight usually charges a referral fee of 25% from agents if they have closed the deal for the users referred by this agent matching company. For properties wirth $4 million and above, the referral fee shoots up to 30%. The half of this fee goes to the seller’s agent and the other half to the buyer’s agent.

Are There Alternative To Working With A Full-Service Real Estate Agent?

Yes, you can opt for the “For Sale By Owner” method where you gain more control over the sale and save thousands of dollars in exchange for a small, nominal flat fee. Some of the Flat Fee MLS companies you can rely on are Houzeo,, Homecoin, and more.

How Accurate is Homelight?

Homelight uses real-time transaction data to match prospective buyers and sellers with the best agents in the area. The accuracy depends on algorithm and previous performances.

Is Homelight Reputable?

Yes, Homelight is a reputable referral company with a large network of agents. However, they are not accredited by BBB reviews.

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