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Is Houzeo Legit? All Your Questions Answered


Houzeo is a tech company that aims to simplify real estate transactions and the process of selling a house in the USA. Houzeo has over 2,000 reviews across major review platforms.

What is Houzeo?

Houzeo is a tech-centric For Sale By Owner website and a real estate platform. It gets your house listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), the main directory for homes for sale, for a flat fee. Houzeo is currently headquartered in New York.

Is Houzeo Legit?

Yes, Houzeo is a legitimate company. The company was established in 2017 and has a headquarter in New York. Houzeo has over 2,000 reviews on Trustpilot and Google Reviews combined. Home sellers appreciate Houzeo’s quick listing, technology, customer service, and affordability.

You can gauge the legitimacy of Houzeo on the following parameters:

Should I Use Houzeo?

Yes, you should sell your home with Houzeo.

With our Flat Fee MLS listing packages, home sellers get listed on the MLS quickly and have saved thousands in commissions. Real estate commissions surpassed $100 billion in 2021. Also, 77% of the FSBO homes sell in less than two weeks.

Homes listed on the MLS sell faster and for 17% more. MLS listings get syndicated to Zillow,, Trulia, and other listing websites to maximize exposure. But, FSBO sellers cannot get on the MLS on their own. Houzeo lists your home on the MLS for a flat fee and set you up for an FSBO sale.

    👉 Note: Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a database for real estate agents to list and view homes for sale. Only licensed real estate professionals have MLS access. An MLS listing maximizes exposure by marketing your property to buyer agents.

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Houzeo Locations

Houzeo has nationwide coverage. Prices of our Flat Fee MLS listing packages vary across states. Visit Houzeo’s pricing page to know about our listing package prices for your particular state.

What States Does Houzeo Cover?

Houzeo covers all 50 American states plus Washington D.C. Unlike other Flat Fee MLS listing services, we also cover Hawaii and Alaska. We are striving to make our coverage strong across all states however, we currently have limited coverage in the following states:

  • Strong Coverage Strong Automation: In 45 states in the USA.
  • Strong Coverage Limited Automation: Iowa, North Dakota, and Nebraska. In these 3 states, Houzeo takes up to 2 days to make your listing live.
  • Limited Coverage: West Virginia, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

To maintain transparency for home sellers, Houzeo discloses coverage honestly on the website itself.

Houzeo Reviews

Customers across major review sites have positive things to say about Houzeo. We have more than 2,000 reviews combined on Google and Trustpilot. Houzeo promptly responds to most reviews that need a follow-up.

1. Houzeo Google Reviews

Houzeo has 5-star ratings on Google with over 712 reviews. No other Flat Fee MLS company has such stellar ratings.

✔️ Home Sellers had a Great Customer Service Experience

Home sellers have all their queries answered promptly which made their experience easy.


You can call our representatives directly through the Houzeo customer service phone number. It takes less than a minute to connect to a live agent and get your queries answered.

You can get any queries answered through the website chat box and get a response within 30 seconds. To chat online just provide some basic information—including your name, phone number, address, email address, etc. We do not spam or bombard potential customers with endless phone calls.

✔️ Home Sellers Saved Thousands in Commissions

With Houzeo, home sellers only have to pay the buyer agent commission. This means they save 50% of the real estate commissions. Here is a customer review we came across where the seller had saved $19,000 using Houzeo’s Flat Fee MLS service.

houzeo-google reviews

Home sellers across states have saved thousands in commissions with Houzeo’s affordable Flat Fee MLS listing packages. You only have to pay a small flat fee instead of a 3% listing agent commission.

Say, you sell your home for $900,000 in Virginia. You would spend $54,000 in listing commission. However, with Houzeo you can get on the MLS for $349 only! Even if you opt for their most expensive Flat Fee MLS Virginia package, you would still save $53,651!

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2. Houzeo Trustpilot Reviews

Houzeo has a 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot with over 1567 reviews.

✔️ Home Sellers had an Easy Experience

Our easy-to-use services and prompt customer representatives are always available to solve any and every query. This makes it a seamless experience for home sellers.


Houzeo provides an accessible interface that is easy to use and fills out much of your listing information as possible. Zillow estimate of the property is given on your dashboard. Once you select an MLS plan, a few simple tasks are assigned to you. The task includes filling out MLS contracts & forms, and disclosures. On completion of these tasks, your home is listed on the MLS within 24 hours.

From customer success stories, we found many Gen Xers and Boomers listed with Houzeo. We also came across first-time homeowners using Houzeo’s services, since they found it easy and convenient. One of the reasons is our user-friendly interface and easy-to-navigate website.

✔️ Home Sellers Listed with Houzeo Multiple Times

Houzeo’s easy listing process encourages home sellers to list with our company multiple times. Our customer support team’s quick response ensures all questions get answered when needed.


Homesellers who have already listed with Houzeo once, prefer to use our services again. Our customer service team is always available and you can even drop in any queries in our chat box. We are here to address any and every query you might have. Also, we do not spam with incessant emails or calls.

Houzeo Better Business Bureau Reviews

Houzeo has no reviews on Better Business Bureau (BBB) yet.

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How Does Houzeo Work?

Houzeo works on the Flat Fee MLS listing model. We get you on the MLS for a small flat fee, instead of a 3% listing agent commission.

Houzeo distinguishes itself from other Flat Fee MLS companies in its technology. Houzeo provides home sellers with a powerful dashboard where you can manage listings, showings, offers, and more through the seller dashboard. If you get stuck at any point, you can reach out to our customer support team.

» How Houzeo Works: Everything You Need to Know

Houzeo Products

To maximize the seller’s control over the transaction, we have built several products. This includes:

  • IntelliList Management System: It guides you step-by-step through the necessary paperwork based on your location, setting buyer agent commission, and uploading photos of your property.
  • DigiTransact: DigiTransact, aka Digital Transaction Management, notifies and alerts you when any action needs to be taken to reach home selling milestones.
  • Houzeo Showings: Houzeo Showings tool eliminates the need for a real estate agent to arrange showings and open houses for you. Home sellers can also see if a particular real estate agent or a buyer is verified.
  • Advanced Closing Cost Calculator: Both home sellers and home buyers can get an estimate of their closing costs based on their location, selling or purchasing price, and other factors.
  • Buyer Lead Management: It gives you direct access to the buyer’s or buyer agent’s information, all in one place.

Houzeo Funding

Houzeo is a self-funded company.

Final Note: Houzeo is a Legitimate Company

Houzeo is a tech-centric For Sale By Owner (FSBO) platform that has been in business since 2017. Americans have listed more than $4 billion worth of properties with

Houzeo has more than 2,000 reviews on major review sites. Customer reviews show that Houzeo responsibly helps sellers get listed on the MLS. Reviews combined with the company’s continuous efforts in developing technology show that Houzeo is legitimate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Houzeo available nationwide?

Yes, with over 200+ markets, Houzeo offers nationwide coverage to home sellers.

2. Is Houzeo a good Flat Fee MLS option?

Yes, Houzeo is a good Flat Fee MLS option. Houzeo offers home sellers a combination of affordable MLS listing packages, advanced technology, 5-star customer support, and maximum exposure.

3. Is Houzeo free?

No, Houzeo is not free. Houzeo does provide a free Houzeo listing, but you only get listed on To get listed on the MLS, you have to purchase one of Houzeo's listing packages. Check our Flat Fee MLS pricing for your state.

4. Is Houzeo worth it?

Yes, Houzeo is worth it. It provides an affordable and 100% digital solution for Homesellers and has services available throughout the USA.

5. Where is Houzeo based?

Houzeo is based in New York City.

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