7 Best Flat Fee MLS Companies in Illinois (2021 Rankings)

Rankings: Best Flat Fee MLS Companies in Illinois

 HouzeoBeycomeFlat Fee Group
Mentor Listing Realty
Prello RealtyFlat Fee RealtyMLS Town
Hidden FeesNone⚠️
100% Online
Mobile App
Offers Directly to You1
Counter an Offer2
Request Highest & Best Offer2
Showing Management3
Expedited Listings4
Fast Changes

1 Offers typically are routed to the brokers. Houzeo’s Offers Platform allows your broker to present the offer to you instantly
2 Houzeo Offers Platform allows sellers to Counter an Offer and Request Highest & Best Offers online
3 Houzeo Showings is available both on Houzeo’s website and on the Houzeo mobile app (learn more)
4 Available only on weekdays upto 1pm, and only in select MLS’. After you’ve purchased the Gold or Platinum plans, email support@houzeo.com with the subject line “Expedited Listing Request: “. Service is free for Gold and Platinum plans customers.

Real People, Real Stories

Flat Fee MLS is a Game Changer for Home Sellers​

Looking to sell your home? You’re not alone – the real estate market is busier than it’s been in almost a decade. And in this hot market, if you follow some simple tips to sell your home by owner, you don’t really need to pay the hefty agent commissions. It’s your money. You keep it.

So, what’s the best way to sell your home?

You can take one of three approaches to sell your home:

  • Option 1: Hire a full-service agent and pay 5 to 6% commission
  • Option 2: Do a pure For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and get little to no exposure to buyers
  • Option 3 – BEST OPTION: Sell it yourself as a For Sale By Owner with a Flat Fee MLS option with full marketing exposure for your listing and save on the commission

🧐 Top 3 Priorities For HomeSellers

  • Most Profit in a Sale: According to the Zillow Group’s Consumer Housing Trends Report survey, for over 50% of sellers, getting maximum returns was the most important consideration.
  • Control in their Transaction: Over 40% of younger sellers desire more control over the transaction.
  • Save Time: The 3rd important finding was that time is an important consideration for home sellers.

Does Flat Fee MLS Listing Work?

Yes. 88% buyers purchase a property through a buyer’s agent, and these agents are vital in getting you top dollar for your property sale. So, if your house is not listed on the MLS, you are turning your back on 88% of customers already.

In fact, Flat Fee MLS came into existence when the United States Department of Justice passed a settlement that allowed real estate consumers to save money when selling their houses!

💰 How Much does flat fee mls cost?

There are 2 types of costs associated with a Flat Fee MLS listing

  • Upfront Flat Fee: This is what you’ll pay to get on the MLS
  • Hidden Charges: Brokers will reel you in with a $99 listing! Buyer beware – that’s just the start. You’ll be paying $500+ in hidden fees. A $50 yard sign will be sold you to for $135. Some brokers will charge you hidden fees at closing, but you’ll only find out about these when you’re ready to close. That’s way too late to do anything about it.

>> Houzeo discloses all its fees upfront on the Illinois Pricing page <<

A home in Illinois, on average, is priced at $229,000 and if you go with the traditional method of home selling i.e. with an agent, then you pay a 6% commission on that price which would cost you $13,740!

With Houzeo you can get listed on the MLS for as low as $199, pushing out the listing agent and their 3% commission. If your buyer is represented by an agent then you’d pay only $6,870, however, if you are lucky to find a buyer without an agent then you’d save that $6,870 too.

Sounds amazing, right?

We have listed down some best Flat Fee MLS companies in Illinois for sellers looking to list their property for sale. We have also listed the most credible reviews for these Flat Fee MLS Listing Services.

7 Best Flat Fee MLS Companies in Illinois


Houzeo is the “Most Advanced For Sale By Owner Website“. Here’s why:

  1. No Hidden Fees: Houzeo transparently discloses its Flat Fee MLS Illinois pricing on its pricing page. You’ll pay no additional fees to the listing agent or to Houzeo
  2. Maximum Exposure: An MLS listing via Houzeo gets syndicated to Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.comRedfin, and a hundred more! Since Houzeo provides maximum exposure on your listing.
  3. Reach Local Agents & Offer them a Commission: Over 90% of buyers are represented by agents. This means almost all inquiries to your property will be from buyers represented by agents. Via Houzeo, you can offer a fair commission to the buyer’s agent and invite top dollar offers for your property.
  4. Fast Listing & Changes: Complete your listing in an hour or less, all online. With Houzeo Concierge, you’ll be listed in 8 business hours if all your documents are in order!
  5. Online Offers – On the Web or Houzeo Mobile App: Review & compare offers online on the web or the mobile app. You can even counter an offer.
  6. Low Prices: Most For Sale By Owner websites like Zillow and Trulia aren’t really free. They provide your leads to local agents, who’ll call and cost you time. Houzeo doesn’t sell your leads. All buyers via Houzeo are routed directly to you. Check out our pricing for Illinois Flat Fee MLS.


  • List your home on the MLS Illinois within minutes with their IntelliList Listing Management System
  • Share your listing on social media and increase your chances of saving another 3% on commissions
  • A lot of a la carte services
  • 100% digitization, do everything from your seller dashboard
  • A stylish and technologically advanced mobile app that allows you to browse listings


  • None as of now
Houzeo Reviews

A happy home sellers praising their home selling experience with Houzeo!

Houzeo Positive Reviews

Introducing the Houzeo Mobile App!

  • View your listing
  • Review and compare offers
  • Counter an offer
  • NEW! Buyers can now search your property and save it in “Favorites”

Beycome is another flat fee MLS company in Illinois that is known for its quick closing, easy-to-use technology, and money-saving benefits.

Beycome claims that they list your home on the MLS Illinois within 36 hours from the time you submit your listing. Their flat fee MLS Illinois packages range from $99 to $499. They also claim that you also save on the buyer agent commission, but that is somewhat of a Beycome’s marketing tactic because they make you pay 1% at the time of closing (which is subject to a minimum commission of $999) when you buy their costliest Flat Fee MLS Illinois package of $499. Some of Beycome’s Flat Fee MLS listing services reviews have stated that they force you to use their title company and charge you additional $500 for title paperwork.

They will not only list our home on MLS Illinois but also push it to other real estate websites like Homefinder, Re/Max, Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, Realtor.com, and many more. They forward all the inquiries and leads directly to you and allot you a real estate specialist to guide you through the complete home selling process. In all their packages, they help you with all the legal forms and documents.


  • Do everything on their online platform, upload photos, manage your listings, receive and negotiate your offer, and much more
  • With each package, you get two home value estimates. This will help you in pricing your home right
  • With their $299 flat fee MLS Illinois package you can even share your listings to websites like Craigslist, Oodle, Listanza, Yakaz and more


  • Their “no buyer agent commission” claim is ambiguous
  • 1% at the time of closing even if you buy their costliest package of $499
Beycome Reviews

A home seller talks about how Beycome’s team helped him have a quick and painless home selling process.

Beycome review

A dejected home seller tells about how their listing was on the wrong MLS and even after multiple attempts their money was not refunded.

Beycome review

Flat Fee Group is one of those MLS listing services in Illinois that allows you to list your home on the MLS Illinois within 48 hours and provides a variety of MLS services through their packages. Their packages range from $295 to $795, making Flat Fee Group the most expensive MLS company on this list.

For FSBO home sellers they allow you to post your listing on your Facebook page, and also design a full-fledged website dedicated to your property listing. This way you can directly send people to the website page by using social media sharing and direct marketing. However, they don’t have an ‘Online Offers’ feature so your only source of buyers is through the agents, who will contact you via phone or email.

They push your property to various websites like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and others, and also allow you to switch to the agent services package if you get frustrated with the FSBO process.


  • Set up a free web page along with listing your property on the MLS
  • In case you get frustrated as an FSBO home seller, you can easily switch to a full-service agent


  • Their packages are really expensive
  • You will rely on the agents to bring you buyers, no “search homes” feature for buyers
  •  Only one MLS listing flat fee package, the other two are full-service options and are priced higher
  • The MLS package allows only a few photos and a few changes to your property listing
Flat Fee Realty Reviews

No credible reviews were found about this Flat Fee MLS listing service!

If you are one of those FSBO home sellers who want to save money and also keep things simple then Mentor Listing is a good choice for you. Their packages range from $299 to $399 and include basic services that are essential to list your home MLS Illinois. However, their basic package of $299 only allows you to upload one photograph of your property, which limits your home’s attraction drastically.

Apart from listing your property on their website and MLS Illinois, they also push your property to up to 90 top real estate websites to maximize your home’s exposure. Also, without paying anything extra, you can add as many open houses as you want to your listing. However, they allow broker support and assistance for all their packages. 

They limit your chances of finding an unrepresented buyer as they do not feature a direct social media sharing option and they only offer buyer search feature for Indiana properties.


  • Add as many open houses as you want
  • Broker support and assistance in all the packages, but only via phone and email


  • All the packages allow you to list your home on the MLS Illinois only for 6 months, you’ll have to pay $99 extra to extend for another 6 months
  • The basic package only allows one photograph
Mentor Listing Realty Reviews

A home seller talking about how the company’s agent Brian helped them throughout the process and helped them have a seamless home selling experience.

Mentor Listing Realty Positive Reviews

A negative review by a home seller who felt she was ripped off by the company’s agent when her earnest money deposit was not refunded when the agent backed out of the contract.

Mentor Listing Realty Negative Reviews
Multiple Yard Signs

Home sellers across America have sold their homes themselves using Houzeo and saved $$$

You can do it too!

Prello Realty

Prello Realty is one of those flat fee MLS listing services in Illinois that offer flat-fee packages as well as discounted packages to FSBO home sellers. They have three packages – Basic package ($295), Plus package ($495), and Pro package ($795).

With each package, your property will be listed on the Illinois MLS and also push to various real estate websites like Redfin, Zillow, Trulia, Moving.com, Realtor.com, and many more. With their Plus package, you will also get a professional photographer who’d click up to 25 HD photographs of your property. 

They allow the buyer agents to contact you directly via phone or email and all the packages come with a yard sign that you can put in your yard and tell the world you are open for offers.


  • The basic package allows up to 25 photos
  • You will get a professional yard sign no matter which package you buy
  • Professional photographer with their Plus package


  • Lesser add-ons compared to other companies in the list, which means less customization
  • Prello Realty currently covers only the Chicago area, including Cook, DuPage, Grundy, Kane, Kankakee, Kendall, Lake, McHenry, and Will counties.
Prello Realty Reviews

A happy home seller talking about how their website is easy-to-use and their affordable packages allowed the home seller to save a lot of money.

Prello Realty Positive Customer Reviews

A disappointed home seller telling about how their listing was delayed for over a week and how that delay cost them many buyer offers.

Prello Realty Negative Customer Reviews

Flat Fee Realty

If a cheap plan is your priority, then Flat Fee Realty is a good option but there are things that you should know before you choose to list with them. Before you choose any company you should at least have some idea about how to sell a house by owner so as you understand the basic parameters required from the company. 

They offer only a Flat Fee MLS Illinois listing package that is pegged at $199 and allows only 6 photos to be uploaded. If you want to upload more photos then you have to pay an additional $50. Not only do they offer a single MLS Illinois package but also their package does not have a-la-carte options to choose from. 

You need to sell your home ONLY with the services they provide, not with which you want. Not just this, their listing broker will retain 0.1% to 0.25% of the buyer’s broker commission for reasons not explicitly disclosed on their website.

Unlike Houzeo, they charge a hidden fee from home sellers which is unjustified. 


  • One of the cheapest options for Flat Fee MLS Illinois
  • Your listing comes with state-wise seller disclosures that will eliminate last-minute surprises 


  • The basic package has only 6 photos included
  • It is available in select areas of Illinois
  • Flat Fee Realty does not offer any assistance in pricing or contract
  • No built-in home evaluation feature. Some companies like Houzeo offer them for free of cost
Flat Fee Realty Reviews

No credible flat fee MLS listing services reviews are available for this company!

MLS Town

MLS Town by Berg Properties is another Flat Fee MLS company in Illinois that can help you list your home on the MLS Illinois for an affordable flat-fee. They offer two packages to Illinois home sellers that are pegged at $175 and $295. 

The $175 package allows you to upload only 1 property photograph, and your property is listed only for 4 months. Most of the other companies in this list offer a 6-month listing period with at least 10 photos. They do not offer much scope for customization as they do not offer many à la carte services. Their $295 package only upgrades the listing term and photos upload capacity, but nothing substantial. 

However, they do offer free contract forms and state disclosures in both of their packages.


  • Local broker support
  • Free contracts and state disclosures


  • Covers only Chicago metro area
  • Only 1 photo and a 4-month listing period in the basic package
MLS Town Reviews

A happy home seller talks about how their great customer experience with the MLS Town and how the company agents were patient and quick to help them out and get their home sold.

MLS Town Positive Reviews

A home seller was disappointed that even after multiple attempts they did not receive their lockbox and how the company agent was inefficient in communicating with a potential buyer which eventually ruined the entire home sale.

MLS Town Negative Reviews

Alternatives to Flat Fee MLS Listing Services in Illinois

Primarily, while selling a home by the owner it is always recommended to go with a Flat Fee listing service like Houzeo, as it is the most affordable and effective way of getting your home sold. 

However, there are a few other ways of selling your home as an alternative to a Flat Fee MLS listing service. They are:

Discount and Flat-Fee Real Estate Agents

Discounts brokers are those brokers – can be companies or individuals – who work at a discounted fee or a flat fee, instead of a 2%-3% standard listing agent commission. Some of the top discount brokers in America can help you sell your home for as low as 1%. However, do remember this, you still have to pay the buyer’s agent commission of 2%-3%.

Discount BrokersFees
Redfin1.5% (minimum varies)

Selling Without an MLS Listing

This alternative is suggested only when you have a buyer ready to buy your house. If you have a buyer lined up then you don’t need to pay a flat fee or hire an agent or a discount broker for your home sale.

If you don’t have a buyer and you go with not listing on the MLS then you are potentially losing out on 88% of the buyers who are buying through an agent, and agents #1 way of finding a fantastic home for their clients is… you guessed it right, it is the Multiple Listing Service, the MLS.

If you don’t use an MLS then you can only rely on social media marketing and sites like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, or worse… your yard sign.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to access the MLS, or list your home on the MLS, you need to be a registered broker or a real estate agent. A civilian cannot access the MLS without a broker or an agent. A flat fee MLS service in Illinois allows you to list your home on the MLS, edit your listing, and upload photos.

Since 88% of buyers purchase their homes through an agent, and agents majorly use MLS as a source to find properties for their clients, it only makes sense to have your home listed on the MLS. So, yes, you do need MLS to sell your home otherwise you cut out 88% of potential buyers.

However, if you already have a buyer lined up – maybe your friend, family member, or a relative – then you can make a home sale without listing your home on the MLS.

A flat-fee MLS listing package in Illinois can cost you anywhere between $200-$400. However, there were some basic plans for as low as $100 and some comprehensive packages can charge up to $800.

Yes, you do need to pay a 3% buyer’s agent commission if your buyer is represented by an agent. A flat fee MLS listing service will only save you listing agent’s commission of 3%. However, if you are lucky enough to find an unrepresented buyer then you save this 3% as well.

As per the real estate laws in Illinois, an FSBO seller needs to disclose all material defects about their home. These disclosures will include:

  • Safety and building
  • Flooding
  • Utilities
  • Insects and pests
  • Environmental concerns (asbestos or lead paint)

You need to disclose this information using a real estate property disclosure form. You can download the form from here.

Flat Fee MLS Illinois