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5 min read May 23, 2023

Circle One Realty Reviews: An Honest Assessment of Their Services

Circle One Realty reviews speak volumes about this innovative real estate company. Circle One Realty has gained attention in the real estate industry, with numerous customers sharing their experiences and opinions about the company. 

However, with a Google rating of 5 out of 5 stars (from 182 reviews), Circle One Realty has left positive and negative impressions on clients.

Therefore, in this Circle One Realty reviews blog, we delve into the key takeaways, services, and pros and cons of Circle One Realty to help you make an informed decision.

Key Takeaways

  • Pros: Circle One Realty offers competitive pricing for its services, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals and families.
  • Cons: However, Circle One Realty has been criticized for its lack of responsiveness and limited availability, which can be frustrating for clients seeking immediate assistance.
  • Our Take: While Circle One Realty provides affordable services, we cannot wholeheartedly recommend them due to the challenges reported by customers regarding their responsiveness. It’s essential to consider these factors when making a decision.

What is Circle One Realty?

Circle One Realty is a real estate agency that aims to help clients buy and sell properties. Moreover, their team of experienced agents guides customers through the complex process of real estate transactions.

Also, offering personalized assistance and advice along the way. Circle One Realty is a Yorkville-based company. Moreover, reviewers praise the dedication and professional service of Ryan Cherney, the managing broker and owner of Circle One Realty.

The technology used by Circle One Realty is mainly for payment processing and downloading forms. However, the paperwork is manual, increasing your time from payment to the listing.

How Does Circle One Realty Work? 

Circle One Realty follows a client-centric approach, prioritizing the needs and preferences of its customers. Their agents will work closely with you to understand your requirements. 

Moreover, they will assist you throughout the entire process.

The Circle One Realty Process:

The process works in these simple steps:

  1. Select a Flat-Fee MLS Listing Package: Select the desired flat fee MLS listing package. You can’t move to the next option before selecting at least one additional service. 
  2. Sign Up: After choosing the package, sign up by entering your payment details. Next,
  3. Fill out the Forms: Submit all the necessary details.
  4. Upload photos on MLS: Add the photos of your property to the MLS listing as per your package.


Circle One Realty offers a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of their clients. Additionally, they offer 4 Flat Fee MLS packages.

  • MLS Entry Package – $145: This package lists ONLY vacant land on the local MLS and gets syndicated to, Zillow, Trulia, and more. Also, You can upload 1 photo for a listing term of 3 months.
  • MLS Basic Package – $295: With this package, you can list your home for 6- months with 25 photos, full-service realtor support, and a yard sign.
  • MLS Classic Package – $495: This plan includes everything from the MLS Basic Package with a listing term of 12 months. Also, a lockbox combo and professional photography services are included in this package.
  • MLS Elite Package – $495 (Originally $645): This package includes everything from the MLS Classic Package. You can list your home until sold or till you cancel it.

Listing Upgrades

Here is a summary of the Listing Upgrades that Circle One Realty provides.

  • Combination Lockbox: $45
  • Electronic Lockbox: $200
  • Appointment Scheduling and Feedback: $85
  • Additional signs: $25
  • Professionally Installed Yard Sign: $150
  • Professional Photography (25 Photos): $175

👍 Pros of Circle One Realty

Here are some advantages of listing with Circle One Realty.

  • Full-Service Realtor Support: In all the packages you get the support of a professional realtor. You can contact them via phone and email.
  • Professional Photography Services: In the Classic and Elite packages, a professional photographer will take photos of your home. These photos will be used on the MLS while listing.
  • Competitive Pricing: Circle One Realty stands out for its affordable pricing structure, making it an appealing choice for individuals and families on a tight budget.
  • Knowledgeable Agents: The company’s agents possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in the real estate market, providing valuable insights and advice to clients.

👎 Cons of Circle One Realty

The major red flags you will experience with Circle One Realty are:

  • Not 100% Online: The tech stack of Circle One Realty is modest. Many procedures, will be manual. Moreover, no paperwork assistance might delay your listing process.
  • Entry Package is ONLY for Listing Vacant Land: There is no entry-only package for listing your home on the MLS. However, the Flat Fee Entry Package they offer is for Vacant Land only.
  • Lack of Responsiveness: Some clients have reported difficulties in getting prompt responses from Circle One Realty, which can hinder the progress of real estate transactions.
  • Limited Coverage: Circle One Realty’s coverage is limited. Hence, leading to delays and inconveniences for clients seeking immediate assistance. Moreover, you can only list your Illinois home with them.


Circle One Realty offers competitive pricing and knowledgeable agents. However, their lack of responsiveness and limited availability have been recurring concerns raised by customers. 

While it may be a viable option for those on a budget, it’s important to weigh these drawbacks before committing to their services. We advise potential clients to consider these drawbacks before making a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Legit?

Yes, Circle One Realty is a legitimate real estate service provider, offering MLS services in Illinois.

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