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5 Best Flat Fee MLS Listing Services in Cleveland, Ohio

Editor’s Note: The primary MLS in Cleveland is the MLS Now – Northeast Ohio MLS. Houzeo.com is the best Flat Fee MLS listing service for Cleveland and surrounding areas. Houzeo provides the best combination of maximum savings, 5-star customer support, cutting-edge technology, and fast listing & changes. Houzeo.com covers Flat Fee MLS Cleveland Ohio and all other major MLS in Ohio.

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According to the survey conducted in April 2022, home prices in Cleveland were up 20% compared to 2021, selling for a median price of $120K. For gaining maximum influence you need to give up the heavy real estate commission. In this case if you select the option to sell your house through flat fee MLS listing service company, you can save around $15,000 on commissions on a $300,000 home.

» In this guide, we’ll cover:

Rankings: Flat Fee MLS Listing Services in Cleveland, Ohio

Flat Fee MLS ServicePriceAdditional Fees100% OnlineOffer ManagementShowing Management5-star ReviewsMobile App
1. Houzeo$299-$1,200None
2. Flat Fee Group $299–$999None
3.Team Results Realty$299-$9991% convenience fee at the closing in full service package
4. Ohio Property Group LLC$297-$997None
5. Ohio Broker Direct$199-$799None

Beware: Flat Fee MLS Companies have High Hidden Fees

The biggest issue with Flat Fee MLS companies is that they have a lot of hidden fees that they don’t disclose on their pricing pages. These hidden fees don’t just make your sale more expensive than you budgeted for, they will also ruin your experience with all the nickel and diming. SELLER BEWARE!

» FACT: Houzeo discloses all its fees upfront on the Flat Fee MLS Ohio Pricing page

Reviews: 5 Best Flat Fee MLS Listing Services in Cleveland, Ohio

1. Houzeo

🏆 Best Overall
  • Listing Fee: $299 to $1,200
  • Listings Featured on Houzeo App

In flat fee MLS listing company, Houzeo ranks first on our list. Its trio of amazing features gives it an edge over all the other flat fee MLS service companies as per the review. With Houzeo, you get more savings, advanced tech, and exceptional customer service.

In addition to saving on commissions, you get to use Houzeo’s state-of-the-art technology to make counteroffers and access Houzeo Showings, their showing management App. If you ever need help, Houzeo gives you 5-star customer service – via chat, email, and phone.

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  • No hidden fees
  • Maximum MLS exposure on – Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Realtor.com, and 100s of other sites via flat fee MLS Cleveland Ohio
  • 100% automated process on the web and the new Houzeo mobile app
  • Fast listing and listing changes
  • Online Showings Management – via the web and the Houzeo mobile app
    • Online offers Management- counter an offer or request highest & best yourself!
  • Risk-free. Cancel anytime

Houzeo has a 4.9 out of 5 rating (1,919 total reviews) on popular review sites.

Houzeo services are available nationwide.

Introducing the Houzeo Mobile App!

  • View your listing
  • Manage your showings online
  • Review and compare offers
  • Counter an offer
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2. Flat Fee Group

Copany LogoLogo image

Flat Fee Group

Company Link
  • Listing Fee : $299 - $999
  • Nationwide Coverage

Flat Fee Group , LLC is a group of real estate brokers across the nation. Flat Fee Group list your property in MLS ( Multi listing service ) on flat fee MLS Cleveland Ohio and other nation and local real estate website such as Realtor.com , Zillow.com and many more platforms for a low flat fee. They offer package starting from $299 – $999

Showcase Plan : In Showcase plan they provide access to the MLS and who can deal with the entire selling process by themselves. Negotiation , showing , inspection and closing need to be handled by the seller. This is a basic package for those who want very little customer support during the selling process.

Premium Plan : In this plan they provide assistance by being your real estate consultant and help you get through the complicated selling process of selling your home. They do not get involved in negotiation hence Premium package can be the best option for those who are good in negotiating the deals.

Full Service : Full Service plan available for $999 is the most used plan as they claim that they will guide you through each and every step until your house is sold.

Full Service Convenience Plan : Here they provide full service and guidance till your house is sold for $299 but the thing to be noted is that this plan has smaller upfront fee but they charge 1% fee at the closing minus the $299.


»SAVE: Best For Sale By Owner Websites

  • Upload maximum pictures on the MLS
  • They provide necessary purchase contracts & disclosures to sell your property.
  • Customer Service through phone and email
  • No documentation and paperwork assistance

No credible reviews found about about this Flat Fee MLS Cleveland, Ohio Listing Service.

Flat Fee Group is available nationwide

3. Team Results Realty

Third Best
Copany LogoLogo image

Team Results Realty

Company Link
  • Listing Fee - $299 - $999
  • 1% convenience fee at the closing in full service package

Team Results Realty is a local flat fee MLS listing service based in Ohio and they offer services in Cleveland and surrounding areas. They help sellers in Ohio by saving thousands of dollars with their Flat Fee MLS packages .

Packages : They offer Flat Fee MLS Cleveland Ohio package ranging from $299 – $999. They have an additional package where you pay $299 + 1% commission of your selling price for a full service. Here you can pay a less upfront fee.

Showcase plan for $299 – Here they offer access to Ohio Flat Fee MLS and get your property listed on the MLS where your property get a great exposure. They don’t offer help in selling process but you will get all the documents and marketing materials.

Premium plan  for $699 – In this plan they offer guidance in the entire selling process. It is to be noted that they do not help in negotiations.

Full Service Plan for $999 –  They claim that this plan is being used by most of the sellers as this is a full service plan where they help the seller in the entire selling process moreover they handle the negotiation as well.

Full Service Convenience Plan for $299 – Here you pay less upfront fee but it is to be noted that you need to pay 1 % fee at the closing. In this plan they offer full service like the full service plan. The part which differentiates this plan from the full service plan is the less upfront fee.

»SAVE: How to Wholesale Real Estate

  • Maximum photos allowed
  • Customer support through phone/email

No reviews found on enough credible websites to provide a positive or negative rating for this company.

They do not cover entire Ohio, only focus on central Ohio.

4. Ohio Property Group, LLC

Great Coverage
Copany LogoLogo image

Ohio Property Group

Company Link
  • Listing Fee: $297-$997
  • No hidden fees

Ohio Property Group is one of the well known Ohio flat fee MLS listing company.

Packages :  They have 3 different packages – Silver for $297, Gold for $597 and Platinum for $997.  Here they don’t have any additional fee at closing.
Exposure : Your listing stays on local MLS –  flat fee mls cleveland ohio and websites like Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia and others for 6 months in all packages.

Note : Although they provide free unlimited changes to listing, you have to pay $20 extra every time to expedite these changes. Also, you pay additional fees for offer/counteroffer forms. 

»SAVE: How to List on MLS For Sale By Owner

  • No hidden fees
  • No cancellation fees
  • Most affordable pricing assistance
  • No negotiation support

No reviews found on enough credible websites to provide a positive or negative rating for this company.

Ohio Property Group is available throughout Ohio

5. Ohio Broker Direct

Copany LogoLogo image

Ohio Broker Direct

Company Link
  • Listing Fee : $199 to $799
  • Listing term 6 months for all plans.

Ohio Broker Direct is a MLS listing service that connects you with the brokers in Cleveland , Ohio.

Packages – They offer 4 packages starting from Basic for $199 , Deluxe for $299 , Premium for $499 , Platinum for $799. Here they offer one full service bundle on platinum plan including Flat Fee listing features.

 How to Sell A House Without A Realtor?

  • Phone & Email support directly with the broker
  • Full-Service options are available
  • Less features provided in basic plan

No credible reviews found for this Flat Fee MLS listing service.

They Cover Central Ohio , Cincinnati , Dayton , Firelands , North East Ohio and Neohrex , North West Ohio/Toledo , West Central Ohio and Wrist.

    🤔 Did you know?

    Ohio real estate markets have escalated by a whopping 15.4% in the last year!
    This provides you with an excellent opportunity to sell your house.

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The U.S Real estate market is hotter than it’s ever been. In fact, home prices rose an annualized 12.8% in the first quarter of 2022. Considering the fact of increase in home prices the agent commission will touch high levels.

Here Flat Fee MLS companies listing companies like Houzeo help. They help you by listing your company on Flat Fee MLS and get maximum exposure. Here you can avoid paying a heavy real estate commission and a chance to get a good value for your property through MLS listing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to list a house on MLS ?

Typically Flat fee MLS listing companies charge a flat fee of $100 - $500 for basic plan moreover most companies provide upgraded plans with multiple features on a higher price.

Where can I list my house for sale online in Ohio ?

Your house will be displayed automatically across number of local and national real estate websites by using MLS listing Ohio.

Will my Cleveland, Ohio property listing appear on Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, etc.?

Yes. All our plans include syndication to major websites, including Zillow, Redfin, Realtor.com, Trulia, Re/Max, and many more through Ohio MLS Listings. Note that the agent is responsible for the MLS listing only, and in rare cases, there can be issues with syndication to 3rd party sites like Zillow, Trulia, etc. In these cases, you can reach out to these sites directly to make changes to your listing.

Should I offer a buyer's agent's commission in Cleveland , Ohio?

You can choose not to, but we recommend that you do. A majority of buyers are still represented by an agent, so it's recommended that you offer the buyer's agent commission to incentivize agents to bring you buyers and help sell your home faster. Remember: with Houzeo, you've saved the seller's agent commission, which would normally be between 2% to 3% in Cleveland, Ohio.

How long does it take for my listing to go live on Houzeo?

In most cases, your listing will appear the same day or on the next business day. This is after you have submitted your listing on Houzeo and answered any follow-up questions the Listing Agent might have. In some cases, however, it can take up to 2 business days for your property to be listed on the Miami MLS.

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