7 Appealing Reasons to Work with a Flat Fee Realtor

flat fee realtor

As the trends of the real estate industry are evolving, sellers have now wide methods to decide which one they should pick. Yet sorting through the choices can take much toil. Some options have the upper hand, as well as downsides you may have overlooked. If you’re looking for a cheaper trade but with great listing services and contract assistance, a flat fee realtor is your go-to.

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What is a flat fee realtor?

Also known as a discount broker, flat fee real estate brokers charge a fixed fee regardless of the final real estate price. Instead of charging large commissions of your home sale, they offer a predetermined rate. Plus, they bring great returns that won’t charge hefty in your pocket. Aside from having control over your home price, you get to market or buy a house faster and wider than it would through a traditional full-rate realtor.

What are the advantages of flat fee real estate service?

Here are seven vital advantages of flat fee real estate service home sellers should consider:

1. Save more and do more.

Today, the easiest and most common option is to hire a real estate agent. However, it means you have to pay a fortune to get things done—not to mention, the marketing fee strategies too. In a full-rate realtor, providing the agent a 6% commission on the sale alone can be upsetting, especially if your house is valued at a big price. Though FSBO (For Sale by Owner) can lower the cost of the commission fee, it’s not a good steal if multiple listing services (MLS) are out of the package deal. Without access to a decent MLS, the chance to get agents and buyers to find your home can be slim to none.  Well, of course, if you have already prospects to buy your property, then it’s reasonable.

A flat fee realtor is a budget-friendly alternative that offers efficient listing and process. It means you cut out the pesky 6% commission split and can do more work on your own.

2. Risk less commitment.

Another tempting reason why home sellers opt for a flat fee real estate is due to the less commitment they have to give. Because when it comes to the traditional method, you have to agree with several conditions by an agent. In this kind of brokerage, you risk wasting your time and money leaving with unmet expectations. Since there can be unprecedented factors that may sabotage the home buying/selling experience, you need to make sure you don’t get caught in this bad rap.

The good thing about a flat fee brokerage is you can be on your own once you pay the agent. Say no more on dealing or wasting time with certain terms and contracts.

3. More selling process control over your property.

Most of the traditional real estate operates only on a commission-based fee mode. The best thing about flat fee real estate is your control over the selling process—property listings, bookings, etc. That’s all the more reason you can monitor the transactions.

Reasons why you should hire a a flat fee realtor

4. Enjoy a flexible schedule and control.

You don’t have to rely on limited rules set up by your agent. From schedule showings to home pricing, you are the boss—set your schedule, do book showings. All in all, you are responsible for your time and effort you put into your property to close a sale.

5. Efficient and reliable sales process.

All the formalities to sell your house would be a breeze as it makes the process convenient and thorough. From marketing tactics, home listing on the MLS to closing schedule, the commission you pay is worth its price. Also, the process of negotiating with your property is easier and quicker since there are few numbers of people included. Once your property is listed and promoted, you’re good to go.

6. Get access to state-of-the-art technology.

Through a flat-fee broker, you’ll be given access to the MLS— details on market data and analysis—so the overall sales process would be smooth sailing. Long gone are those times when only agencies and agents can access MLS, now you can pull out the data yourself and work it out.

An MLS is a cutting-edge piece of technology that optimizes information to keep home-selling and buying efficient and accurate. So, when a prospect is interested in a property, they can find the right details by typing certain keywords.

7. A cornucopia of services is tailored to your needs.

There’s no need for you to spend extra for things you may not want. Aside from having control over your schedule, you can also tailor-fit your services that would help much for selling your home.

How do Flat Fee Real Estate Brokers Operate?

Basically, a flat fee real estate agent will support you in listing your home via MLS with an established fee. Since it’s for a lesser price, they only provide basic assistance—that means you don’t get end-to-end guidance which may include, pricing, marketing, closing, and more. But if you prefer more than the package they offer, you can do so with an additional fee.

Where Can You Find The Best Flat Fee Real Estate Brokers?

There are several websites where you can find flat fee realtors that provide great home-selling services for you. The best bet would be to find an established and trustworthy company like Houzeo.com that makes the home- selling experience easier and straightforward. Check out the list below, and look for a platform that satisfies your essential needs.

If you’re just kind of a lone marketer and eager to build your brand and promotional strategies, you have to hire a flat fee realtor. The flat fee real estate option is perfect for a seller who wants help but still wants to do some of the legwork on their own in closing the deal.

All that being said, using a real estate agent is preferable if you want overall guidance on the sales process and aren’t quite familiar with the real estate. But if you already know the nitty-gritty of the home-buying world, then it’s best to choose a flat fee agent.

Did you know Houzeo’s Gold Plan provides relevant Federal and State Seller Disclosures?

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