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Homie Reviews: Will Homie TRULY Save Your Money in 2022?

Homie Reviews 2022 - Featured Image 4 out of 5 stars

Homie Real Estate advertises huge savings for home sellers and commission rebates for buyers with a flat listing fee of $3,500 instead of 2-3% listing agent commission. As a low commission company, Homie has garnered 4.3 rating out of 5 stars with operations in five states across the country. Let’s look at Homie reviews in detail.

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What is Homie Real Estate?

Homie is Utah’s largest real estate brokerage with flat listing fees for sellers and commission rebates for buyers. Homie launched in Utah in 2015 and had helped customers with discounted listing fees and save on 3% realtor commission.

Homie uses technology to cater the needs of sellers and buyers, while offering their services at a standard rate. Deliotte ranked Homie as North America’s fastest-growing tech startups in 2021.

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Is Homie.com Legitimate?

Yes. Homie is a low commission broker and Homie.com is a legitimate real estate company. Although they offer better rates than other discount brokers, past customer reviews mention the lack of hands-on support can be a hiccup.

Homie services include MLS listing, MLS Aggregator, staging, professional real estate photos, 3D images—and among other usual traditional services offered. They promise to keep home-selling or buying a fast and easy process, with a combination of cutting-edge technology and expert agents.

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Where does Homie Realty Operate?

Homie Realty launched in Utah, and operates in several states like Arizona, Idaho, Nevada and Colorado.

How does Homie Work?

As a typical discount broker, Homie makes money by offering listing services for home sellers at a discounted rate, and large commission rebates for buyers. Homie offers fewer services than a full-service real estate agent, so it can easily off-set its discounted rates.

There is no in-person or onsite support during the home sale process, everything is handled remotely so Homie’s smaller team of agents can handle more transactions seamlessly. Other ways of income generation are Homie’s add-on services like mortgage, title and insurance.

How Much does Homie Cost?

Homie Homes will list your property for a flat $3,500 listing fee, saving you the 2-3% listing agent commission. You also get support for various home selling activities like marketing, home staging, etc.

Listing Agent Commission$3,500$299
Buyer’s Agent Commission2.5% – 3%2.5%
Total Commission5% – 5.5%2.5%

Selling with Homie

When you sell your property with Homie, you’ll get the same services as working with a traditional full-service agent. You’ll be assisted with the home listing, pricing, marketing a home, showings, offers, negotiations, real estate photography or photos, paperwork, etc. All this happens when you get an in-house, salaried agent from Homie for a flat listing fee.

The buyer’s agent commission can be negotiated or vary by property or market. Typically, sellers have to offer a 2.5-3% commission fee. But in the Home-2-Homie deal, you’ll get thousands of savings via flat fee when you sell a property to a Homie buyer. To be exact, you can only pay a flat buyer fee for $1300 in Utah or $2000 in Las Vegas and Phoenix.

Does Homie have Additional Fees?

Home sellers will pay to $3,500 when selling a house via Homie, no matter the price of your house. Sellers choose Homie because of its one-time flat fee compared to paying 3% fee to a traditional realtor.

You should know that the buyer agent’s commission is paid by the seller, so effectively, you pay $3,500 and 2.5% to 3% of the home sale price to the buyer agent. We recommend offering a competitive buyer agent commission so that buyer agents feel incentivized to show your house.

There are no additional fees when transacting with Homie.

How good are Homie Agents?

Homie employs agents on a monthly salary so that sellers and buyers get all the support they need. Homie agents are licensed real estate professionals and experts in their industry.

However, Homie agents don’t visit your house and don’t provide in-person support. This lack of personal touch makes it awkward for the home sellers to ask any type of question or seek personalized advice about their properties.

Traditional realtors team up with you to get a top dollar rate as they have direct incentives tied to the house sale. In case of a salaried Homie agent, there isn’t enough motivation because agents get paid even if your house isn’t sold.

Homie advertises that their agents have most expertise but the opposite is really true! The more customers they handle, the less attention they’ll be able to provide.

Buying with Homie

When buying homes for sale with Homie, you’ll receive services that come with a traditional realtor. However, you’ll be handed over to a team of experts who will assist you throughout the transaction.

This team consists of a group of professionals such as real estate agents, tour agents, mortgage coach, etc. Throughout the process, Homie also offers insurance broker and mortgage services.

The biggest disadvantage of buying with Homie is preparing the offer. With Homie’s online tool you can create an offer, seek support from an agent if needed, get the offer reviewed, and submit it to the seller.

This is a huge risk. Real estate paperwork can be tricky, and any incorrect information can lead to issues, as pointed out in Homie reviews.

Homie Buyer Rebate

Also termed as Homie Buyer Refund, you’ll have a rebate of 1-1.5% of the home price—when you purchase a home (applicable only to a non-homie Home). There are also some parameters to qualify for the rebate such as mortgaging only via Homie Loans, which is Homie’s sister company, use Homie Title for closing services, and request homeowners policy quote from Homie insurance. You’ll be ineligible for the rebate if you fail to do any of these.

Essentially, there are too many strings attached to Homie’s buyer rebate and other companies in this space don’t have such restrictions either. It’s better to compare options and find a platform that supports all your requirements.

Homie Cash

Homie Loans announced Homie Cash™, a program that allows buyers to make all-cash offers to increase their chances of winning the perfect home drastically. Homie Cash™ levels the field by allowing buyers that don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars in their bank accounts to become cash buyers and compete against investors and iBuyers like Opendoor, Offerpad, etc.

As a buyer, you need to understand that you still need to get a traditional mortgage to pay back Homie Loans. This means you have two closing costs and end up spending more than necessary on one transaction!


You’ll be ineligible for a buyer refund if you purchase a property from a Homie seller. This is called a Homie-2-Homie deal where a Homie buyer buys a home from a Homie seller. The seller doesn’t have to pay the usual buyer’s agent commission, and only pays a flat fee depending on the state. But for the buyer, this only means you’re automatically disqualified from a refund.

Other Homie Services

Homie Loans

Homie Loans are targeted to first-time buyers or users trying to refinance a home. They also offer a “Lowest Price Guarantee”, and guarantees to beat any competitor’s locked loan rate. The agreement says that they will pay “the amount of $500 towards your appraisal costs of the competitor.”

If you find a better rate, Homie will give you the $500 back.

The Homie Loans in-house mortgage broker service helps buyers shop rates, apply for mortgages, refinance your current mortgage, get pre-qualified or pre-approved. Of course, you necessarily don’t have to buy with Homie to avail the Homie Loans.

You simply need to apply online for your loan, upload the essential documents, and sign online with your signature.

Homie Title

Homie Title offers settlement services to home buyers and sellers. Items like title insurance are taken care of here. Homie’s platform guides customers throughout the process, making the it more convenient than a conventional title company.

Homie Insurance

Homie Insurance is the company’s in-house insurance broker. It offers quotes for homeowners and auto insurance policies from nationally-recognized brands like Travelers and MetLife.

Provider Marketplace

As part of simplifying the home-buying and selling experience, Homie introduced Service Provider Marketplace that has a database of local vendors, home cleaners, services from home staging to pest control. These are the list of companies that you may want to avail or hire for staging your home.

All you have to do is search for a service and click on your preferred provider. These listings have an overview, contact details, websites, and their availability. Although convenient, this feature doesn’t guarantee reliability and quality—there’s not even any customer review or feedback. You have to do your independent research before hiring any one from the marketplace.

Homie Reviews

Homie garners an aggregate rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 with over 1000 reviews across Google, Facebook and Zillow. Let’s look at the Homie’s customer reviews and find how well the product is serving the audience.

Homie Pros and Cons

✅ Low Flat Fee, Huge Savings

Traditionally, you incur 6% commission when selling a house. Homie’s flat fees for sellers and buyers lets you do the same without losing substantial equity. The listing fee is due when your home sells. Satisfied customer consistently admire the cheap listing fees, just like this seller:

✅ Simple, Online Platform

Homie’s online platform is intuitive and simple. Everything has been digitized and the platform makes it simple to upload and sign documents pertaining to the sale of the house. All the tricky real estate paperwork is online and Homie’s in-house legal team will support you if the need arises, and positive Homie reviews reflect this perceptive.

⛔ Limited Agent Support

A common sentiment seen in Homie reviews is that they underdeliver what they’ve promised. The company’s salaried agents juggle more than 10x customers and this makes it hard for them to support everyone.

It is possible that you receive little to no support when selling a house with Homie. In fact, the staff isn’t available on-site and handles all the queries remotely.

⛔ Unpredictable Service Quality

Although Homie has deployed different teams for making the journey of home sellers and buyers easier, some clients may not get the necessary attention and support that’s available with a traditional realtor. Homies’ service quality is unpredictable because their agents handle large volumes of customers. Marketed as “experienced” agents, you may get stuck with a newcomer who can fail to offer personal guidance.

Trading off service quality for discounted rates isn’t ideal. Home selling is an overwhelming experience as it is, so the tools you select must be equipped to support you. As the above Homie reviews show, lack of timely support can make or break the deal. Houzeo’s customer support team empowers home sellers and buyers ensuring they can contact them any time.

Houzeo staff is available at every step of the way, and having a 100% online platform has facilitated us to assist instantaneously. With Houzeo’s mobile app, you can browse properties, manage paperwork and get the required support on time at your fingertips!

Introducing the Houzeo Mobile App!

  • View your listing
  • Manage your showings online
  • Review and compare offers
  • Counter an offer
  • NEW! Buyers can now search your property and save it in “Favorites”

Start Your FREE Listing NOW!

Homie Alternatives

Homie vs Traditional Realtors

The key difference between the two business models is how Homie and the traditional agents earn their living. Homie’s agents usually earn through their salary and bonuses based on their client’s feedback. Although these may sound good for them, agents also tend to abuse and don’t work hard to fully satisfy their clients— why do your best if you’ll get paid anyway?   

Working with a traditional agent is like teaming up with a business partner. You both want what’s best for your home. But buying and selling with Homie may seem questionable since the level of their commitment depends on the price you pay.

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Homie vs Houzeo

Houzeo is not your ordinary flat fee MLS and FSBO service provider. It’s one of the most advanced For Sale by Owner websites available. Once you’ve decided to list your home, the overall process runs smoothly—all essential documents and listing paperwork, all online! What’s more, there are no hidden costs at closing and no listing agent commission.

A standard flat fee MLS charges a listing fee then just leaves you at the market alone. But at Houzeo, packages are tailored to suit your home-selling needs, from basic to full service. You’ll be listed on big online platforms like Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, and 100s more other websites. 

Besides, Homie’s flat listing fee of $3,500 may seem not appealing compared to Houzeo’s pricing package—only $199 to start listing. If you’re looking for the most advanced Flat Fee MLS/FSBO platform that offers limitless leverage and cutting-edge technology, visit Houzeo and list your home

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Homie vs Redfin

Homie has salaried agents working for them just like Redfin, both act more like a support team to guide you throughout the process. Redfin is a real estate brokerage platform that offers a local support team and agents who will work with you from finding homes to closing the deal.

When you close the deal, you pay Redfin 1.5% commission. In contrast, Homie only asks for a flat rate of $3,500 no matter the price of your house. Redfin’s agents provide onsite assistance but Homie agents only support remotely and there is no hand-holding as seen in several Homie reviews.

In terms of coverage, Redfin covers 100+ markets in several states whereas Homie has limited coverage in 5 states.

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Homie vs UpNest

UpNest is an agent matching service, and offers free services for sellers and buyers looking to sell or buy homes. Upon closing the deal, the agent will pay 30% referral fee to UpNest. Although it is non-obligatory agent-matching service, it is clear that you as a buyer or seller pay UpNest in the end.

Homie lacks in providing personalized support since their in-house agents juggle more than 10x customers, whereas UpNest agents provide in-person support and hand-holding throughout the process.

If you sign up with UpNest and don’t sell or buy a house, you pay nothing. However, with Homie, you have to pay the flat listing fee when selling the house. Whether the house sells or not, doesn’t matter.

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Will Homie Save Your Money?

Homie is disrupting the real estate marketplace with its technology-backed platform, but the risks outweigh the benefits. For a flat fee of $3,500, trading off service quality is harmful for sellers, as seen in Homie reviews.

If you want to save money and are comfortable handling online paperwork, you can choose a flat fee MLS company that’ll provide better rates and personalized support compared to Homie. Homie can save you a few cents, but selling a house with limited support from Homie agents is no different from selling a house by owner.

It’s better to do a research and compare the rates as well as efforts involved when selling a house. Saving money is integral, but if efforts can be minimized then it becomes a winning game for us all.

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