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Best Discount Real Estate Brokers in Hawaii

✍️ Editor’s Note: Save thousands of dollars in commission by working with discount real estate brokers and companies in Hawaii.

Houzeo is one of Hawaii’s biggest Discount Real Estate platforms. Americans listed almost $3.5 billion worth of properties on Houzeo.com in 2021.

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Discount Real Estate Brokers Hawaii

House prices in Hawaii have gone up by 22.8% over the past year. With this rise, home sellers can engage in real estate transactions that are highly profitable. Hence, discount realtors are high in demand as they charge low commissions, let’s look at some of the best discount real estate brokers in Hawaii.

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Rankings: Best Discount Real Estate Brokers & Companies in Hawaii

RankDiscount Real Estate Broker / CompanyListing FeeMax Savings100% Online5-Star Reviews*Broad CoverageMobile App
Flat Fee
3.Real Estate Agency LLC2% & 4% Commission
4.Ideal Agent2%

Reviews: Best Discount Real Estate Brokers & Companies in Hawaii

1. Houzeo.com

  • Listing Fee:$349 Flat Fee
  • 5 Stars  4.9/5.0 (3,141 reviews)

Houzeo an online real estate company, provides an unbeatable combination of maximum savings, cutting-edge technology, and 5-star customer support.

💰 Save Thousands on Commission: Houzeo’s plans are typically a small flat fee. This will save you thousands. If your buyer is unrepresented, you save the buyer agent commission as well.

📣 Maximum Exposure: Listings get syndicated to the MLS, Zillow, Realtor.com, Redfin, Trulia, and hundreds of other websites. Houzeo also has nifty social media sharing tools. No other platform gives you this much exposure.

 Fast Listing & Changes: Houzeo is 100% online. Listing is easy and changes are fast. So you can focus on what is most important – your sale.

⭐ 5-Star Customer Support: Home sellers across America have rated Houzeo 4.9 out of 5 stars on major review sites like Google and Trustpilot. There is comfort in the fact that when you call, a live person picks up the phone on the other line.

📱 Cutting-edge Technology: Houzeo is the most powerful real estate website. Its advanced features include:

  • IntelliList Listing Management System: Lets you manage your listing 100% online.
  • Houzeo Showings: Manage to show appointments online.
  • Houzeo Offers: All offers are summarized online. You can view and compare offers, or counter any offer. In a multiple-offer situation, you can also call for the highest and best offers.
  • Buyer Search: Buyers can contact you directly on Houzeo.com instead of going through a real estate agent.
  • Houzeo Settlement Agent Platform: Guides you to your closing.

👉 Our Take: Houzeo.com is our top pick because it delivers an unbeatable combination of savings, tech features, and service of any flat fee MLS listing service website we’ve reviewed.

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  • Nationwide coverage
  • Listings get syndicated to Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, Redfin, and 100s of other sites
  • Quick listing (within a day with concierge)
  • Savings on commissions
  • 100% online – easy listing, fast changes, online showings, and online offers
  • Mobile app availability

Houzeo has a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Google & Trustpilot.

Houzeo is available nationwide.

2. OahuRE

  • Listing Fee:2% commission
  • 4.75 Stars  4.9/5.0 (92 reviews)

OahuRE.com is a full-service real estate broker that helps sellers to sell their houses at a discounted commission. This gives home sellers in Hawaii the chance to save a lot of money while selling their houses at a high price.

💰Lower Commission: They offer their full service at a 2% commission. This helps them to sell their house while enjoying various benefits the package has to offer.

👨‍💼Agent Management: OhauRE.com will assign an agent that will help you at every step of the process. This helps the seller to stay updated without having to contact multiple people.

📱Features: Their full service includes photography, a transaction management system, a showing feedback system, and a customized website (linked by over 1000 MLS sites) that will offer more exposure to your listing.

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  • Customized website linked over by 1000 MLS websites.
  • Professional photography
  • Online transaction management system.
  • Qualified Agents.
  • Great local exposure.

OhauRE.com has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Google.

OahuRE.com covers counties in the state of Hawaii.

3. Real Estate Agency LLC

Copany LogoLogo image

Real Estate Agency

Company Link
  • Listing Fee: 2% - 4% commission
  • No credible source found.

Real Estate Agency LLC is a full-service discount brokerage that offers its services to customers in Hawaii. They offer various discount packages starting from 2% upt0 6% commission.

💰Great Discount Packages: Real Estate Agency LLC provides sellers with the option of choosing their discount package – a rarity in the real estate market. This gives home sellers the right to choose a package that suits them and gives them the most savings. Some of their packages are:

  • 2% Green Listing Package – The most cost-effective package that will help sellers to sell their house with all the features offered by REA LLC.
  • 4% Green Listing Service – This package offers sellers a package where they need to pay 3% to the buyer agent and seller agent respectively at the escrow closing.
  • 5% Gold Listing Service – This package offers sellers a package where they need to pay 3% to the buyer agent and seller agent respectively at the escrow closing.
  • 6% Gold Listing Service – This package offers sellers a package where they need to pay 3% to the buyer agent and seller agent respectively at the escrow closing.

👩‍💼Agent Management: All agents working with REA LLC are highly qualified and offer great insights to sellers about the local real estate market.

📱Features: A seller can avail of professional photography/videography, online marketing, exposure on popular MLS search sites, and much more.

📜Additional Features: You also get comparative market analysis, advertising in local publications, and a lock box.

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  • Choice of Discount Packages ranging from 2% commission to 6% commission.
  • Professional photography & videography.
  • Comparative Market Analysis
  • Advertising in local publications
  • Exposure on major MLS search websites.
  • Conventional and Online Marketing.
  • Virtual Tour
  • Lock box

Not enough credible sources were found to provide the information.

Real Estate Agency LLC covers the state of Hawaii.

4. Ideal Agent

  • Listing Fee:2% of the sale price
  • Nationwide coverage
  • 4.75stars  4.9/5.0 (4,263 reviews)

Ideal Agent is an agent-matching service that helps sellers to match with a local agent based on their location. They have taken great efforts to provide service that would otherwise cost 6% commission.

💰Save Thousands on Commission: Ideal Agent helps the sellers find quality low commission real estate agents. The listing fee of 2% may be minimal but helps sellers to save some money. On average, a seller saves approximately $3000 – $4000 while listing with Ideal Agent.

📣Maximum Exposure: With the free-of-cost agent matching service, there is no obligation to work with the recommended low-cost real estate agents. Additionally, the company has strong criteria for selecting agents (only top 1% sale producers). It is required by the sellers to talk to the concierge on the phone after which an agent is assigned. This creates a delay in the selling process but compensates the seller with maximum savings.

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  • Qualified agents
  • No obligation to choose an agent
  • Add-on services like professional photos and more
  • Good customer service
  • Minimal savings
  • Single-agent match
  • Inconsistent agent results
  • No customer dashboard
  • No buyer savings

Ideal Agent has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot.

Ideal Agent is available throughout the U.S.

5. UpNest

  • Listing fee: 2.5% of the sale price
  • 4.75 Stars  4.9/5.0 (96 reviews)

UpNest is a discount realtor marketplace that allows you to compare the best real estate agents in your neighborhood.

🚨False Claims: It claims to have facilitated billions of dollars in home sales and saved consumers millions of dollars in commissions but that is inaccurate.

💵Marginal Savings: The platform provides a no-obligation service and maps you with local real estate agents. The savings are minimal because the commission fees are still high.

👨‍💼Informative Agents: The good part is that the agent proposals provide a lot of information to choose a discounted realtor.

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  • No obligation service
  • High-quality agent network
  • User-friendly customer dashboard
  • No savings on agent commission
  • Average listing speed
  • No guarantee of agent quality
  • Poor customer service

UpNest has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 on BBB.

UpNest has nationwide coverage.

Everything You Should Know About Selling with Discount Real Estate Brokers & Companies

What are Discount/ Low Commission Real Estate Brokers & Companies?

Discount real estate brokers in Hawaii or low commission real estate agents are individuals that provide specific services for a discounted fee. Instead of charging the seller standard agent commission of 3% (listing agent commission), discount realtors will work for less (such as a 1%-2% commission or a pre-defined flat fee) and provide restricted services. The discounted rate can save sellers a good amount of money.

Hawaii real estate brokers typically offer the same services as full-service brokers. The key difference is in the price.

Types of Low-Cost Realtors

There are 4 kinds of low commission real estate agents:

1. Flat Fee MLS Brokers

A flat fee MLS listing company or service is nothing but a registered Hawaii real estate agent with a low commission or discount that lists your home on the MLS for an upfront flat fee.

The seller and the broker agree on a la carte services, and the broker takes a flat fee instead of a percentage of the home’s sale price. Say you want to sell a $500,000 home. A traditional agent will charge you between 2% and 3% of the sale price. That’s 15 grand!

With a flat-fee model, you’ll pay an average of $300, which includes listing and marketing. Even if you choose to add services like pricing and buyer negotiations, you will still save money.

Want Traditional Realtor’s Service With Minimal Interaction?

👉 Houzeo makes it possible!

Houzeo offers competitive deals with a 100% online presence and cutting-edge technology. Houzeo’s tech-centric broker partners charge just the upfront flat-fee, and no commission for all DIY plans.

2. Virtual Full-Service Agents

Think of every step a traditional agent takes, from listing your property, marketing it, pricing it, negotiating with buyers, and closing it.

A virtual flat fee realtor does all that – online. Because of their cloud-based presence, they have many advantages such as lesser fees, discounted commissions, and much better management and marketing support. Many MLS listing companies like Houzeo, also provide full-service options that are 100% online.

    ✍️ SAVE: A virtual full service company will not provide any in-person agent support, meaning, you will have to take over most of the groundwork. It may not be the best option for a first time seller.

3. Flat Rate Low Commission

You can choose a Hawaii real estate agent in some markets for a lower commission. For a flat fee of $3,000 – $6,000, the agent will sell your home. The flat rate is usually based on how much the house is worth and how well the agent does their job. In this case, there is no percentage listing fee. Everything has a fixed price. Homie is one of the best examples of a real estate broker with a flat rate listing of $3500 and a low commission rate. Since Homie doesn’t offer as many services as a full-service real estate agent, it can easily make up for the lower prices it charges.

Think about the following situation: The price on the list is $450,000. With a flat-rate model, the agent’s commission fee stays the same no matter what happens, even if you agree to sell your home for less money. This is because it is a flat rate that doesn’t depend on how much the house is sold for.

Before you hire a discount broker, you should find out what kind of services are included in the fee. Make sure you’ve read the contract all the way through before you sign it. Some services, like consultation, professional photography, yard signs, and other marketing materials are included in the flat fee, but this is not guaranteed.

So, if you don’t include them in your budget, you may have to pay a lot of money out of your pocket. Any contract with a discount broker needs to be read carefully, especially the small print. Also, keep in mind that even if you use a flat-rate agent, you will still have to pay the buyer’s agent fees, which will be between 2.5 and 3 percent.

4. Discounted Commission Full-Service Real Estate Agents

Full-service discount brokers offer many of the same services as traditional realtors for a low listing fee or flat rate, but they don’t charge as much. When a house is sold, they give the seller money back in the form of a discount on their commissions.

For example, if low commission real estate agents charge 1.5 percent of the sale price instead of the standard 2.5 percent of the sale price on a $450,000 house, you will save $4,500 in commissions. There are many discount real estate brokers, but they are not all the same.

Some have a lot more value and a lot less risk than others. But in most businesses, you have to take what you can get. All of these things could happen if there aren’t many services, if there’s less support if agents don’t have much experience, and if there’s not much to choose from.


Why pay a higher commission for a lower service? With Houzeo you can get better services at an affordable price!!


  • 👩‍💼Qualified and Reputed Agents
  • 💰You list your home at a very reasonable price within 24 hours
  • 📣 Listings get syndicated to Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, Redfin, and 100s of other sites
  • ⭐ 5-Star Customer Support
  • ❌ You can cancel anytime with no obligation

4 More Ways To Get Discounted Realtor Fees

Do you negotiate well? If yes, that’s going to help you. Commissions in the real estate industry can be negotiated, but many sellers are often not aware. Even if the company is a flat-rate discounter, you can always ask for a few minor tweaks. You can lower the amount you pay by a wide range of factors, including the location of your property, its condition, and the brokerage. 

Houzeo, a low-cost real estate company, can save you tens of thousands of dollars in commissions while still providing excellent service. If you want to lower your commission, keep reading to learn how:

Average Area Commission

Know your the worth of our property. For example, Hawaii’s average real estate commission can influence the price of your property. Lowering your overall commission might not be possible. Once you know your reference point, negotiations can get a lot more reasonable.

Buying and Selling With the same Discount Brokerage

Using the same discount brokerage or company to buy and sell has its own set of advantages. It makes you more likely to be repeat customers, giving you more chances to get refunds and cheaper commissions. For example, Landfall Properties, an MLS listing company, offers a rebate that can only be applied to your next purchase with the same company.

Pick the right type of discount broker

Discount brokerages are only beneficial to those whose houses are a little expensive. Picking a discount real estate agent in Hawaii may not be the best option if your house is priced on the lower end. You will end up losing more, instead, for maximum savings, you can pick a flat fee MLS company. 

Buyer Agent Fees

Almost all buyers work with an agent. For maximum savings, offer a competitive buyer agent commission. Once you cut out the risk factor of selling the house, your listing agent will be more comfortable with lowering their fee. 

How to choose a Discount Real Estate Broker, Brokerage, or Company?

To find a low-commission real estate agent or a discount realtor, look for a low-commission brand. Check for services and the best companies. You will be assigned a low-commission real estate agent based on brokerage policies. As a seller, you should choose the right broker after thorough research.

Low Commission Real Estate Agents/ Discount Realtors Who Offer Flat Fee MLS Near Me

Before opting for Hawaii real estate brokers, you would want to know its coverage. All the low commission real estate agents do not have the same coverage. Some have nationwide coverage while some are restricted to a few states or counties.

We’ve compiled a list of the best flat fee MLS Listing Services in each state. Click on your state to check them out!

Alternatives to Discount Real Estate Agents in Hawaii

Traditional Agent 

A traditional agent helps you to buy, sell, and rent, in a real estate transaction. A listing agent and a buyer agent are two types of traditional agents. Agents operate for brokerages and companies or under the supervision of a qualified broker.

Do you know how much commission they earn? The average overall commission fee for selling a home is 5%. This is deducted from the seller’s proceeds and shared between the listing and buyer agents. The commission rate changes frequently and is determined by the location of your property.

The listing agent assists the seller in the sale and marketing of their home. The buyer’s agent, on the other hand, brings in clients who buy the house. They each get 2.5 percent after closing for a total of 5%.


An instant buyer, often known as an iBuyer, is a corporation that buys houses for sale for a cash offer. Unlike the usual way, the major goal is to sell it swiftly and efficiently. They employ cutting-edge technology and provide you with complete closing flexibility.

They make reasonable offers, although with a large service cost. Most iBuyers charge additional closing fees, which can easily push your commissions up to 12%! For example, Redfin Now charges up to 13% in service fees, 3% in maintenance fees, and 1% in closing costs, which can potentially total up to a staggering 17 percent!

iBuyers have their own set of rules, with costs that aren’t necessarily in line with market norms. It is always better to pick a discount real estate broker instead and save thousands of dollars!

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For Sale By Owner

In for sale by owner, the property is sold by the owner without the assistance of a listing agent or real estate broker. It’s the most cost-effective approach to avoid commissions and selling your house quickly. FSBO is only advisable for sellers with experience in the selling process and marketing. The best way to do FSBO is to list on the Multiple Listing Service. Their large database allows them to market your home to agents throughout the country, allowing it to sell faster and with the most exposure possible.

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Let’s Find Out How Houzeo Works

Real estate bargain brokers fall midway between a for-sale-by-owner and a full-service agency. With MLS listing packages starting at $349 and cutting-edge technology that allows you to manage your property, review offers, counter, and manage showings online and via their mobile app, Houzeo delivers the best of both worlds.

Check out the following video to understand: What is Houzeo? How does it work? And, why you should choose Houzeo for FSBO & Flat Fee MLS listing over other companies.

What is Houzeo?

An overview of what the platform is all about

Start Your FREE Listing NOW!


There are numerous discount realtors, online low commission real estate agents, and discount real estate brokers in Hawaii present in the market today that provides unique features. For a seller, it is recommended to check on pointers like listing fees, listing time, services offered, customer service, coverage, and technology to select a particular broker.

While there is close competition between several discount realty companies, Houzeo comes out to be a clear winner. With Houzeo, you get almost everything you require to sell your property. Not only sellers, but Houzeo also helps buyers with a lot of add-on features.

Moreover, Houzeo is 100% online and automated to cater to various seller needs. Additionally, the platform is one of the leading Flat-Fee MLS providers that has changed the way FSBO works in the real estate industry.ff

Frequently Asked Questions

How to become a real estate agent in Hawaii?

To be an agent or real estate salesperson in Hawaii, a person must first look for a Hawaii registered real estate pre-license school, complete the pre-licensing course of 60 hours, and obtain a school completion certificate from the school. This certificate is valid for two (2) years from the date of issuance. Now, the candidate must appear for an examination to officially become a salesperson. If the candidate passes the exam, then they can apply for a real estate salesperson license within the 2 years of passing the exam. Upon check and approval of the complete license application, the applicant will receive a Hawaii real estate salesperson’s license. Once the newly licensed salesperson starts working for a licensed brokerage or a sole proprietor, their license will turn active.

How much commission does a realtor make in Hawaii?

The average real estate commission in Hawaii is 5%-6%. The listing agent and buyer agent each receive 2.5%-3% commission from the seller. For example, your house is priced at $500,000. A traditional agent will charge you between 2% and 3% of the sale price - which is 15 grand!

How much does the average realtor make in Hawaii?

According to PayScale, the average salary of a real estate broker in Hawaii is between $26k - $176k. This compensation is based on the experience, skill sets, and city they are based.

Is Hawaii a good place to be a real estate agent?

Yes, although the process of obtaining a license can be long and exhausting it is a profitable career. Since the real estate market is flourishing in Hawaii there is a great demand for skilled real estate agents.

What are seller closing costs in Hawaii?

Closing costs in Hawaii include home Inspection fee, home warranty fee, seller/ buyer agent commission, property tax, utility bills, HOA Fees, etc. All of these can be understood with the help of a real estate agent or broker. Closing costs differ from state to state, so it is advisable to read thoroughly and understand before settling.

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