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Top Discount Real Estate Brokers in Indianapolis

Discount real estate brokers in Indianapolis, Indiana

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A 14.4% increase in Indianapolis real estate prices was recorded in June of 2022. Finding the right agent to sell your house at the best possible price is critical in this market.

Here are the top Indianapolis discount real estate brokers who can help you save money on your next real estate transaction.

Rankings: Discount Real Estate Brokers & Companies in Indianapolis

RankDiscount Real Estate Broker / CompanyListing FeeMax Savings100% Online5-Star Reviews*Broad CoverageMobile App
Flat Fee
2.White Stag Realty LLC1%
3.Discount Realtor2% - 4%
4. Redfin1.5%
5.Ideal Agent2%

Reviews: Discount Real Estate Brokers & Companies Indianapolis

1. Houzeo.com



  • Listing Fee: $349 Flat Fee
  • 4.75 Stars4.9/5 (4001 reviews)

Why Houzeo is #1: Houzeo is an online tech company that offers real estate solutions. It provides an unbeatable combination of maximum savings, cutting-edge technology, and 5-star customer support.

Houzeo for Homesellers

  • Affordable Flat Fee: Houzeo’s plans are typically a small flat fee. This will save you thousands. If your buyer is unrepresented, you also save the buyer agent commission.
  • Listings on MLS: Listings get syndicated to the MLS, Zillow, Realtor.com, Redfin, Trulia, and hundreds of other websites. Houzeo also has nifty social media sharing tools. No other platform gives you this much exposure.
  • Fully Virtual Service: Houzeo is 100% online. Listing is easy and changes are fast. So you can focus on what is most important – your sale.

Houzeo for Homebuyers

  • Access to Listings without Agents: Houzeo lets buyers get access to all the nearby listings on MLS without working with an agent.
  • Closing Costs Calculator: Houzeo’s unique Closing Costs Calculator lets buyers get an accurate final cost at the end of the buying process.

 👉 Our Take: Houzeo.com is our top pick because it delivers an unbeatable combination of savings, tech features, and service of any flat fee MLS listing service website we’ve reviewed.

» Houzeo Reviews: Houzeo is 100% online. You can finish the listing formalities in less than 60 mins.

  • Near Nationwide Coverage: Houzeo covers 47 states + DC.
  • No Listing Agent Commission: With Houzeo, you only pay a small flat fee to get access to the MLS and all the Houzeo tech
  • 100% online: Easy listing, fast changes, online showings, and online offers
  • Max Exposure: Listings get syndicated to Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, Redfin, and 100s of other real estate sites
  • Fast Listing: Rush listing option gets you listed within a business day with Houzeo Concierge. This is best to sell your house fast.
  • Real Estate On the Go: Houzeo Mobile App mimics most functionality of the Houzeo web platform, including Offers and Showings
  • 5-Star Customer Service: Superb support that minimizes Houzeo complaints
  • No Hidden Fees: There are no Houzeo hidden fees

» Is Houzeo Legit: Learn more about Houzeo.com’s locations and services

Houzeo has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Google & Trustpilot.

Houzeo is available nationwide.

2. White Stag Realty LLC


White Stag Realty

  • Listing Fee: 1% Commission
  • 5 Stars  5/5 (124 reviews)

Why White Stag Realty is #2: White Stag Reality is a discount real estate company that offers offer discounted listing agent commission rates as low as 1%, for people who want to sell their homes.

White Stag Realty for Homesellers

  • Low Commissions: White Stag Realty charges a Listing commission of 1%. This is significantly less than what is charged in the real estate market.
  • Access to MLS and Local Websites: With White Stag Realty you get access not only to MLS like MIBOR MLS.
  • Full Service: The company helps home sellers with everything, be it access to MLS to marketing for the house to potential homebuyers.

White Stag Realty for Homebuyers

  • Buyer Rebates: White Stag Realty offers buyer rebates. The terms of a real estate commission rebate are not fixed the rebates are negotiable and depend on factors like the home’s value.

👉 Our Take: White Stag Realty is worth considering as an option for its low commissions, local real estate knowledge and exposure it provides to the home sellers.

» Selling a House in Indiana: Here is What You Can Do!

  • Low Commissions for homeellers
  • Rebates for homebuyers
  • Maximum Local Exposure
  • Full Service Brokerage

White Stag Realty has a 5-star rating on Google.

White Stag Realty provides services only in Central Indiana.

3. Discount Realtor


Discount Realtor

  • Listing Fee: 2%-4% commission
  • No credible source found

Why Discount Realtor is #3: Discount Realtor is a full-service virtual real estate broker that helps sellers to sell their houses at a discounted commission. This gives home sellers in Louisville the chance to save a lot of money while selling their houses at a high price.

Discount Realtor for Home Sellers

  • Low Commissions: They offer their full service at a 2%-4% commission. This helps them to sell their house while enjoying various benefits the package has to offer.
  • Representation: Discount Realtor will assign an agent that will help you at every step of the process. This helps the seller to stay updated without having to contact multiple people.
  • Additional Features: Their full service includes additional marketing, such as yard signs and listing flyers with valuable feedback, free market analysis, personalized home showing preparation, and staging advice that will offer more exposure to your listing.

Discount Realtor for Home Buyers

  • Buyer Rebates: With Discount Realtor, the buyers get at least a $2,000 rebate as mentioned in the testimonials. This makes for significant savings that can be used for covering closing costs.
  • 1/3rd rebate: In most markets, the agents give you up to a third of the sale price back at closing. Sometimes even more!

👉 Our Take: Discount Realtor has a good market reach and set of features available for both buyers and sellers, making it one of the best local discount real estate brokers for your real estate experience.

» How To Sell My House Fast In Louisville, KY: Here’s everything you need to know for selling your house in Louisville, KY.

  • Website linked to many MLS websites.
  • Market Analysis
  • Qualified Agents from renowned franchisees
  • Great local exposure
  • Personalized home showing preparation and staging advice

Discount Realtor has no credible reviews.

Discount  Realtor covers more than 80+ markets.

4. Redfin



  • Listing Fee: 1.5% of listing price
  • 4 Stars4/5  (82 reviews)

Redfin is one of the biggest real estate companies in the country, known primarily for its technological features, which are far better than a lot of national discount brokerages, and their low commission rates.

Redfin for Homesellers

  • Low Commissions: As a seller, you will have to pay a listing commission of merely 1.5%. This is lower than the general rate of commission in the market and therefore would make for considerable savings in your final profits.
  • Online Tools: Redfin provides online tools that surpass most discount real estate companies. Its easy-to-use mobile app and 3D walkthrough feature are a step forward in the world of real estate.
  • Digital Marketing: Redfin also excels at marketing homes for sellers online. It spreads the word on your home by partaking in email campaigns, social media ads, and premium placements, ensuring a speedy sale.

Redfin for Homebuyers

  • Buyer Rebates: As a homebuyer you will avail yourself rebates on commissions that get contributed to clearing your closing costs, ensuring substantial savings.
  • Speedy Notifications: Redfin’s mobile app lets homebuyers get quick updates on the most recent listings nearby. It claims to provide notifications on these listings in as little as 10 minutes of the property going online.
  • Redfin Recommendations: Redfin makes the process of buying simpler by recommending required stakeholders such as money lenders and home inspectors. This makes the process streamlined and hassle-free.

👉Our Take: Redfin is a good option if you are looking for nationwide discount real estate companies with ease of accessibility. Although it does provide lower commissions, they are still higher than other low-cost real estate brokers, something that should be taken noted. Their agents also have the added pressure of handling multiple clients at a given time (partly due to their low commissions model), thus making their approach less personalized.
» Redfin Review: Click here to find all you need to know about Redfin.

  • A tech-first company
  • Good user interface
  • Detailed paperwork
  • Range of services for all types of properties
  • Full-service brokerage
  • Average customer service

Redfin has a rating of 4 out of 5 on Yelp.

Redfin covers 80+ Markets in the country.

5. Ideal Agent


Ideal Agent

  • Listing Fee: 2% of sale price
  • Nationwide coverage
  • 5 Stars 4.9/5.0 (5,001 Reviews)

Ideal Agent helps sellers find quality discount real estate brokers. On average, a seller saves approximately $3,000 – $4,000 while listing with Ideal Agent.

Ideal Agent for Home Sellers

  • Agent Matching: Home sellers are matched with one real estate agent, who then guides the seller through their journey. Agents are assigned from the top 1% agents who have closed deals in the seller’s locality.
  • Profit Maximization: The agent with whom you’re matched will visit your home to identify the features of your house that stand out. By leveraging these features, the agent will help you in maximizing your sale profits.
  • Dedicated Concierge: The discount realtor will also get professional photos taken of your home and help you in setting the list price. In addition to marketing your house, the agent will provide negotiation assistance and take care of closing coordination.

Ideal Agent for Homebuyers 

  • Home Search Feature: Ideal Agent has a home search feature, where home buyers can look for homes by location, home type, and price range.
  • No Other Benefits: Since Ideal Agent is a seller-centric platform, it does not offer a lot of services for buyers. Buyers can hire an agent but you need to get in touch with their customer service to set up a call with the concierge. Post the formalities, the agent will then get in touch with you to understand your needs.

👉 Our Take: Ideal Agent is a good choice for home sellers. They set a high bar for recruiting agents, which means sellers get to work with the top-performing agents in their locality. However, with no significant services for buyers, the platform is not recommended if you’re planning to buy a house.

» IdealAgent.com Reviews: Everything You Need To Know

  • Qualified agents
  • No obligation to choose an agent
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Add-on services like professional photos and more
  • Good customer service
  • Marginal savings
  • Single-agent match
  • Inconsistent agent results
  • No customer dashboard
  • No buyer savings

Ideal Agent has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 on TrustPilot.

» Reviews of Ideal Agent: Reviews, Complaints, and Alternatives

Ideal Agent is available throughout the U.S.

Discount Real Estate Brokers to Avoid

Some agent-matching websites advertise themselves as “free”, but in reality, they keep a portion of the commission received by the discount real estate brokers. Since you pay the commission, this amount technically goes from your pocket.

For example, List With Clever promotes itself as a real estate educational website that matches sellers with discount realtors. Even though Clever claims to be “free”, 25% to 40% of the commission you pay will be directed to Clever as a “Referral Fee”.

» Clever Real Estate: Read our full review of Clever Real Estate

What Is a Discount Real Estate Broker?

Discount real estate brokers are licensed individuals who help clients to buy and sell their property at a flat rate or low commission. Some flat rate realtors offer full-service whereas, others offer limited services that may just include listing. Before choosing a low-cost broker, ensure that they include all the features you require to sell your property.

There are 4 distinct types of discount realtors in Indianapolis, IN and each has its benefit. Let’s try and understand the different types:

Types of Indianapolis Discount Real Estate Brokers

TypesDescriptionWhy It's Unique? Example
Flat Fee MLSFlat fee MLS lets seller list their property on the local MLS from a list of packages. Each package consists of unique benefits.💰 Multiple Services Houzeo
Flat Rate Flat rate brokers charge a flat fee for full service that includes everything from MLS listing to price negotiations, etc. 💲Cost - EffectiveHouwzer
Low CommissionWith low commission, sellers can list and sell their homes with a listing fee as low as 1% commission. This helps sellers save thousands of dollars at end of the sale process.💵 More Savings Redfin
Virtual Full-ServiceSellers who want to list and sell their property from the comfort of their homes can opt for virtual service. Each step right from listing to negotiation is carried out virtually. 💻 100% Online Houzeo

Why Choose a Discount Real Estate Broker/Company Over a Traditional Agent?

Let’s assume a property costs $600,000. Through traditional real estate commissions in the US, the seller is required to pay 5% – 6% in commissions. Through a traditional process, a seller can incur closing costs anywhere between $30000 – $32000 – that’s too expensive. A person can try selling a house as is to avoid exorbitant commissions through an Indianapolis discount real estate broker.

Traditional Agent
(2.5% commission)
(1% commission)
(1.5% commission)
(2% commission)
Seller's Agent $15,000$6,000$9,00012,000
Buyer's Agent $15,000$15,000$15,000$15,000
Savings $9,000 $6,000 $3,000
    💡 Make A Note: Sellers get discount on seller’s agent commission only, they still have to pay 2.5%-3% commission to the buyer’s agent at the end of the sale process.

Similarly, approaching a discount realty in Indianapolis, that offers a higher buyer rebate can make the house that much more inexpensive to buy. For instance, if the buyer agent offers a rebate of 1% on a property priced at $500,000, it will save you $5000. Please note that some realtors also offer non-cash incentives as buyer rebates.

» Seller Closing Costs in Indianapolis and Buyer Closing Costs in Indianapolis: Use this free tool by Houzeo to get an estimate of your closing costs.

Houzeo Helps You Save Thousands

PackagePriceWhat You Get
SILVER$3496-month listing, 24 photographs, syndication to popular real estate websites, and a few more additional services.
GOLD$4996-month listing, Maximum number of photos, syndication to popular real estate websites, and a few more additional services.
PLATINUM$399Additional 0.75% due at Closing. 12-month listing + Virtual Full Service that includes everything you require to sell the property.

Savings Calculator

Here’s how much you can save with Houzeo.com!


Savings in Indianapolis!

Enter Your Home Sale Price

$ Please enter your home price
  • Listing Fee
  • Traditional Agent


  • idealagent


  • houzeo



Your savings via Houzeo


Houzeo saves you $9,705 more than White Stag Realty LLC.!

Start Your Free Houzeo Listing Now

Discount Real Estate Companies That Offer Flat Fee MLS Near Me

Before opting for discount real estate brokerages, you would want to know their coverage. All discount realtors in Indianapolis do not have the same coverage. Some have nationwide coverage, while some are restricted to a few states or cities.

We’ve compiled a list of the best flat fee MLS Listing Services in each state. Click on your state to check them out!

    ✍️ SAVE: With Flat fee MLS, you will save thousands of dollars in listing fees. You also get the option of selecting the service you want and customizing the packages to your seller’s needs.

Final Word

There are a number of low-cost discount real estate brokers in Indianapolis today that provide unique features at great value. For a seller, it is recommended to look for pointers like listing fees, listing time, services offered, customer service, coverage, and technology before selecting an Indianapolis discount realtor.

» Best Flat Fee MLS Indiana Listing Services: Sell Your House With Flat Fee MLS Instead!

Frequently Asked Questions About Indianapolis Discount Real Estate Brokers

What is the average real estate agent commission for agents in Indianapolis?

Even though each agent's commission is different, most of them work for 6% of the price of the home.

How long does it take for my listing to go live on Houzeo?

In most cases, your listing will appear the same day or on the next business day. This is after you have submitted your listing on Houzeo and answered any follow-up questions the Listing Agent might have. In some cases, however, it can take up to 2 business days for your property to be listed on the Oregon MLS.

Are real estate commissions negotiable in Indianapolis?

Commissions are completely negotiable. Contact several real estate agents, compare commissions and free services, then negotiate a better deal. High home value, a competitive market, and a quick turnaround can be used as negotiating leverage.

What is the difference between full service and discount brokers?

A full-service broker gives you just that: a higher level of personal service for your investments, but at a higher cost. Find out what kind of broker you might need. When compared to a full-service broker, a discount broker charges less for buying and selling orders.

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