5 Best Flat Fee MLS Companies in New York (2021 Rankings)

5 Best Flat Fee MLS Companies in New York
5 Best Flat Fee MLS Companies in New York

According to Mercer Cost of Listing Survey 2021, New York City is the costliest city in the United States to live.

New York – the Big Apple – is not only famous for its Empire State building and American Museum of Natural History but New York is quite popular for being one of the costliest regions to live in – not just in the US but in the entire world.

The median home value in New York is approximately $662, 000 and if you are a home seller in New York then you are going to shell out 8%-10% of your sale price on your seller closing costs; to put that into perspective you will be paying anywhere between $59, 000 to $66, 000 as your seller closing costs according to New York real estate laws. These costs will mainly cover agent commissions – the biggest cost to the seller – some transfer taxes, and some miscellaneous fees.

Now, you can’t save on the legal fees but you can definitely save thousands of dollars by eliminating seller agent’s commissions. How?

By choosing to go with a Flat Fee MLS company.

Instead of listing your home with an agent, you can list your home on MLS New York as a For Sale by Owner with a Flat Fee MLS listing service like Houzeo. This way you save 3% of your closing costs expenses that you were going to pay to a listing agent.

However, that is not the only exciting benefit of choosing an MLS New York Flat Fee listing service. If you are lucky enough to find a buyer who is unrepresented i.e., without a buyer agent then you save another 3% that you were going to splurge on a buyer agent’s commission. Houzeo assists you in finding an unrepresented buyer by enabling you to directly share your listing on social media platforms and with their “Buyer Search” feature.

There are many Flat Fee MLS companies in New York that list your home on MLS New York but there are a few things that you should keep in mind while choosing a listing service for your home sale. They are as follows:

  • The Flat Fee MLS company should cover major MLSs in New York, for example Adirondack-Champlain Valley MLS-NY, Central New York Information Service-NY, Chautauqua County BOR-NY, Greater Capital Association of Realtors (GCAR) MLS-NY, Hudson Gateway MLS (HGMLS)-NY, Ithaca BOR-NY, NY State MLS-NY, OneKey MLS-NY (MLS Long Island)
  • The packages should be affordable and provide maximum benefits to the seller. Houzeo allows you to list your home on MLS New York for just $269!
  • Should provide excellent customer support. Since you will be selling your home as a For Sale by Owner, you are bound to run into some complications where you might need customer support to help you out. Do check out what our home sellers have to say about our top-notch customer service.

In this article, we have discussed the 5 best Flat Fee MLS companies in New York along with their pros and cons to give you a comprehensive idea about which listing service suits your needs the best and allow you to make an informed decision.

Pros and Cons of Flat Fee MLS New York

Whether you are listing on any local MLS in New York or the most popular one i.e., MLS Long Island, listing your home as an FSBO comes with its own set of pros and cons. Going the FSBO way can definitely save you thousands of dollars but it also puts a lot of duties and responsibilities on you that are otherwise handled by a listing agent.


  • Saving money: FSBO sellers eliminate the listing agent when they go with a Flat Fee MLS listing service and thus, they also eliminate the 3% commission that is paid to the listing agent
  • More control: Selling your home as a For Sale by Owner allows you to have maximum control over the selling process. You decide the price, you market the home, you meet the buyer personally, you decide the changes that need to be done, etc.
  • Customized expenses: Many Flat Fee MLS companies in New York allow you to customize your package and choose only those services that you really want. This way, you avoid unnecessary expenses.


  • Less support: Since you won’t be having a listing agent to guide you or do the sale-related tasks and responsibilities, you – the home seller – will be responsible to handle all the tasks, right from pricing, marketing, paperwork to showing your home to buyers and negotiations.
  • Lower sale price: According to a report published by the National Association of Realtors, FSBO homes sold for 10% less price than agent-assisted homes. Not having an agent’s expertise to negotiate for you might be the reason behind this.
  • Buyer agent fees: Even though you save on the listing agent’s commissions, you still pay commission to the buyer’s agent. In New York, buyer’s agent commission can cost you anywhere between 1.25%-3%.

With Houzeo, you can list your home on any New York MLSs, be it MLS Long Island or Adirondack-Champlain Valley MLS, for a flat fee. Apart from that, you can customize your package by adding the services that you need.

We also allow you to share your listing on social media directly from your seller dashboard. This feature increases your chances of finding a buyer without an agent and saving 3% more on your closing costs.

5 Best Flat Fee MLS Companies in New York

Flat Fee MLS New York
Houzeo's Flat Fee MLS New York Page

If you are looking for a Flat Fee MLS listing service that covers major MLSs in New York and allows you to customize your package according to the services you need, then Houzeo is the best Flat Fee MLS listing service that you should choose to sell your home.

Houzeo helps you save 3% on your closing costs by eliminating the listing agent and allows you to choose the services that you need. We take pride in our IntelliList management system which allows you to list your home on the MLS New York within minutes. You just input the zip code and most of the listing details are auto-populated, thus saving you a lot of time and frustration.

Houzeo has 100% digitized process which means you can receive, review, sign and submit all the paperwork and documents over the internet, right from the comfort of your home. You home will be on the MLS within 48 hours, mostly it will be done in 24 hours. You can also select your settlement agent digitally thus saving you from roaming around to find a good settlement agent. Your home listing is not just live on the MLS but also on Houzeo’s website and some top real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Re/Max, and even Realtor.com

Houzeo boasts of the most powerful seller dashboard in the real estate industry which allows you to receive, review and compare the offers you get on your home, all online; but that’s not the best part. You can also counter the offer using our exclusive counteroffer feature. Until now, only agents were allowed to counter an offer but we have shifted this power to you now. You can share your home listing on social media platforms directly from your seller dashboard, this is an extremely helpful feature which increases your exposure and also increases your chances of finding an unrepresented buyer.


  • 100% digitization, the whole process is done online
  • A lot of a la carte services are available to choose from, right from pricing assistance and contract reviews to professional photography and real estate attorney.
  • Fill property details within minutes and quickly list it on MLS New York or any local MLS like MLS Long Island
  • Ability to counteroffer the buyer’s offer right from your dashboard
  • Social media exposure


  • No mobile app (soon to be launched)
  • The basic package limits you to 10 free changes to your price, status and description

Listing on MLS New York for an affordable flat fee, maximum exposure by pushing your listing to other real estate websites and social media platforms, 100% digitization, a la carte services, complete price transparency, and free cancellation anytime, all of these factors make Houzeo the best Flat Fee MLS company in New York.

Flat Fee Realty
Flat Fee Realty Homepage

Flat Fee Realty is a great option for those FSBO home sellers who are on a tight budget and need a minimal and an affordable listing.

This Flat Fee listing service allows you to list on the MLS New York for 6 months and no matter which state you are selling your home in, you get free state disclosures, which some of the companies charge extra for. They not only list your home on the MLS but also push your listing to various top real estate websites to give maximum exposure.

However, there services are only limited to listing and maintaining your listing. They only have one Flat Fee MLS New York package of $179 and do not offer much scope for customization. You need to pay extra $60 if you want to upload more than 6 photos.

Apart from that, they are a licensed broker only in Connecticut and partner with licensed brokers from other states to operate outside Connecticut. This means that you will be buying a Flat Fee MLS New York package from one company and listing with other. So, in case you have any queries or grievances you will find yourself dealing with two different companies. They do not provide any other services like contract review, pricing assistance or professional photography, if you need such services then you need to contact the listing broker that is assigned to you by Flat Fee Realty, who will charge you additionally for that.


  • Unlimited listing changes
  • Free cancellation anytime and refund available within 30 days of purchase
  • Free state disclosures for all the states


  • They are a licensed broker only in Connecticut, you will purchase a package from them but list with one of their partners
  • No services like pricing assistance or contract review

Realmart is one of those Flat Fee MLS companies in New York which offers comprehensive MLS packages that include all the necessary services and rest of the services are available on a la carte basis. In case, you are not able to carry on the home sale as an FSBO home seller then you can switch for a full-service agent anytime you want and if the agent is referred by Realmart then you also get your money back.

They list your property on MLS New York within 24-48 hours of submitting the property details. Apart from that, they also welcome buyers to their website and allow users to search for properties that are listed on their website. Their packages allow you to list on the MLS and syndicate your property listing to various real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and more. However, their packages are too costly. Their basic package will cost you $395!

Lot of services are available on a la carte basis, you can opt for professional photography, digital lockboxes, comparative analysis reports, and web traffic reports. Apart from their MLS listing package, you can choose any services you need as add-ons.


  • A lot of a la carte services available to choose from
  • Switch to a full-service agent anytime you want and ask Realmart to refer an agent to you and get your money back


  • Packages are quite expensive when compared to other companies in this list
Hauseit Homepage
Hauseit Homepage

Hauseit is a New York-based Flat Fee MLS company that lists your home on the MLS and helps you save agent commissions like any other Flat Fee MLS company.

They allow you free changes to your listings anytime and also push out your listing to various other real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Realtor.com, and much more. Whenever any buyer or buyer agent shows interest in your listed property, those inquiries are passed onto you via email and phone. Since they are locally based company, they cover major local MLSs like MLS Long Island aka OneKey MLS-NY, Hudson Valley MLS, New York City MLS.

Hauseit, though they offer really exciting benefits to FSBO home sellers, their MLS New York Packages are some of the costliest Flat Fee packages that you will find in New York. Their Base package will cost you $499, their Core package will cost you $799, and their Professional package will cost you $1,499. They have not declared on their website that how many photos you get to upload in their base package. Also, no matter which package you buy, they only list your home on REBNY RLS and MLS Long Island for only 6 months.


  • Free listing changes
  • Buyer leads go through the listing broker’s main office (the buyer doesn’t know you’re saving on commission, which could lead to lower offers)


  • No built-in pricing support or home valuation report
  • Packages are quite expensive, some of the most expensive in New York
Net Realty Now Homepage

Net Realty Now is a Flat Fee MLS listing service in New York that allows you to list your property on MLS Long Island, MLS Hudson Valley and MLS Manhattan for a flat fee of $299. They only have one flat fee package for FSBO home sellers which allows you to list your home on the local MLS for up to 6 months, upload up to 36 photos and virtual tours, make unlimited changes to your listing, and they also give you comparable sales information on similar properties (if available).

They do not give you much scope for customization and apart from their one flat-fee package they give you a Full-Service Flat Fee MLS package for $1,299. Buyer leads will be sent to you but they have not disclosed how do they do it. Apart from that, they have no buyer feature that allows buyers to come to their website and search for properties, and they do not allow direct social media sharing, thus significantly decreasing your chances of finding an unrepresented buyer.


  • You can upload up to 36 photos
  • Unlimited text editing of your MLS listing


  • No built-in home valuation
  • Lack of customization

Alternatives to Flat Fee MLS Companies in New York

Discount and Flat Fee Real Estate Agents

Discount real estate agents list your home on MLS New York for a discounted fee of as little as 1%, which you pay at the time of closing. However, do not let this sway you from the fact that you still need to pay 2%-3% commission to the buyer’s agent.

A Flat Fee Real Estate agent does the same thing but for a flat fee instead of a percentage amount. Most of the time this flat fee is paid upfront. Below you will find the list of some of the best discount and flat-fee brokers that operate in New York.

Discount Broker

Listing Fee




1% or $3000






1.5% (minimum varies)


One of the biggest drawbacks of selling your home by owner is little to no agent guidance, and because of this a home seller might get frustrated and make a wrong decision, ultimately derailing their home selling journey.

Want to save money but don’t want to take on all the added responsibilities?

Selling without an MLS listing

This alternative is suggested only when you have a buyer ready to buy your house. If you have a buyer lined up then you don’t need to pay a flat-fee or hire an agent or a discount broker for your home sale.

If you don’t have a buyer and you go with not listing on the MLS then you are potentially losing out on 88% of the buyers who are buying through an agent, and agents #1 way of finding a fantastic home for their clients is… you guessed it right, it is the Multiple Listing Service, the MLS. You don’t want to keep your property on the MLS New York without any buyer offers, do you?

If you don’t use an MLS then you can only rely on social media marketing and sites like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, or worse… your yard sign.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Houzeo
  2. Flat Fee Realty
  3. Realmart
  4. Hauseit
  5. Net Realty Now

When you are selling your home you have two options: either sell via an agent or sell it yourself aka for sale by owner. If you go with an agent, you will have to pay 2%-3% to them as agent commissions, however, in the second method, you list your home with a Flat Fee MLS listing service for an upfront flat fee and eliminate the listing agent and their commission, thus saving you 3% of your selling costs right away.

Yes, Flat Fee MLS is a completely legal practice in real estate industry and is backed by Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission.

Some home sellers are skeptical about flat-fee agents because they work for such a low price but a Flat Fee MLS listing service like Houzeo stands out with its excellent services, maximum savings, and praiseworthy customer support.

Multiple Yard Signs

Home sellers across America have sold their homes themselves using Houzeo and saved $$$

You can do it too!

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