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Flat Fee Group Reviews: Are Their Services Reliable?

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Flat Fee Group is an organization formed by individual brokers to offer real estate services. They cover 48 states and Washington D.C.

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  • Seller disclosures and addendums available
  • Brokers' information easily available


  • Cost differs for different states
  • Limited technology
  • No reviews on credible websites

Flat Fee Group is a network of independent brokers located across the US. You connect with a broker in your state who helps you list on the MLS.

Flat Fee Group is transparent about the broker associated with each state. So you can vet the broker you will collaborate with and compare them with other real estate agents near you.

However, Flat Fee Group has different price models and services for every state. This leads to an inconsistent user experience. Moreover, they do not have customer reviews on any credible website that can vouch for the quality of their services.

    ✍️ Editor’s Take: If you want reliable support that makes your FSBO journey quick and easy, list with Houzeo. They have a 4.9 out of 5-star rating on credible sites like Trustpilot and Google. Compare Flat Fee Group vs. Houzeo.

Is Flat Fee Group Legit?

Yes. Flat Fee Group is a legitimate organization established in 2000 by prominent brokers from across the country. It is unclear who initiated or owns the organization. However, the brokers associated with Flat Fee Group are highly knowledgeable.

A major deal-breaker with Flat Fee Group is, their technology is not on par with the current industry standards. You may have to put in manual effort throughout the sale process.

How Does Flat Fee Group Work?

To start the process with flatfeegroup.com, you need to select the state you want to list in. After that, you will get information about your local broker associated with Flat Fee Group. You will also find a list of services provided under each plan on this page.

You can compare the price and services with those of other flat fee brokers in your state. Once you have decided to hire the broker, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Select a Package: Choose a plan and add-on services as per your requirements.
  • Billing Details: Enter the billing address and the credit card details.
  • Contact Information: Specify your email ID and contact number.
  • Property Information: Provide the address and type of property you want to list.
  • Shipping Address: Enter the address where you want them to deliver yard sign and lockbox.

Enter any comments and finish the sign-up process. As sellers have to deal with different brokers, the procedure henceforth vary depending on the state.

Flat Fee Group Inc. Coverage

Flat Fee Group covers the following states in the USA:

NortheastConnecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont
MidwestIllinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, North Dakota
SouthAlabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Arkansas, District of Columbia
WestArizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Hawaii
    👉 Important: Flat Fee Group lacks coverage in Alaska, Montana, New Mexico, and Wyoming. If you want to sell properties in these states, you should consider Houzeo.

Flat Fee Group only lacks coverage in Alaska, Montana, New Mexico, and Wyoming. If you want to sell properties in these states, you should consider Houzeo.

How Much Does Flat Fee Group Cost?

The cost of Flat Fee Group is significantly different for every state. They offer 3 to 4 packages in each state with a different set of services. In most states, the highest plan provides agent support.

In many states, Flat Fee Group’s packages are affordable. However, in some states, they charge excessively. For instance, in Iowa, you pay $399 + 3.5% for the basic plan and $1995 + 3% for the full-service plan.

👍 What We Like👎 What We Don't Like
✅ Most States offer 3-4 packages to choose from❌ Overpriced in many states
✅ Services are clearly mentioned on their website❌ Expensive add-ons for some states
✅ Near nationwide coverage❌ No option to choose between brokers
❌ Limited technology

👉 Our Take: We do not recommend Flat Fee Group due to their inconsistent services. Instead, you should list with Houzeo. Houzeo offers affordable plans and consistent services throughout the country.

    🚩 Stay Alert: We found that the brokers who run Flat Fee Group also run Best Choice Flat Fee. On this site, they offer better services for a lower price than Flat Fee Group.

Flat Fee Group Reviews

Flat Fee Group reviews are not available on any credible website like Yelp or Trustpilot. The customer reviews of any company are the social proof of their customer’s satisfaction. They also highlight hidden red flags and possible pitfalls associated with the company.

Hence, with no credible reviews, it is difficult to get a clear understanding of Flat Fee Group’s services. However, you can look for the reviews of individual brokers on websites like Trustpilot, Better Business Bureau, and Yelp.

On the other hand, Houzeo is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars by thousands of home sellers on Trustpilot.

Flat Fee Group Reviews: Pros and Cons

Your experience with Flat Fee Group depends on the broker you connect with. However, there are certain pros and cons associated with the organization, regardless of your broker.

👍 Pros

Flat Fee MLS companies offer certain benefits over the traditional home-selling model. Let’s see how Flat Fee Group matches up to these expectations:

  • Diversity of Packages: Flat Fee Group offers 3 to 4 packages in most states. Sellers can go for the basic plan and save money or pay a premium price to avail of the agent’s support.
  • Transparency: Flat Fee Group clearly mentions the broker for each state. They are also clear about the price and services included in each package.
  • Experienced Brokers: Most of the brokers associated with Flat Fee Group have over 10 years of experience.
  • Seller Disclosures and Addendums: For most states, the brokers offer necessary seller disclosure forms and addendums.

👎 Cons

During our research, we found certain limitations of Flat Fee Group, which are:

  • Inconsistent Plans: The prices and services offered by Flat Fee Group vary significantly in different states.
  • Overstretched Agents: In some cases, there is only one realtor handling multiple states, so you might not get personalized services.
  • No Credible Reviews: They do not have reviews on websites like Zillow, Trustpilot, and Yelp.
  • No Guarantee of Quality Service: There is no authority that takes responsibility for the quality of the service offered by the broker.
  • Limited Technology: Flat Fee Group does not offer any digital platform to make the home selling process easy and seamless.
  • No Choice of Brokers: Flat Fee Group has only one broker for each state. Hence, sellers do not get the option to choose between brokers.

Flat Fee Group Competitors

» Jump to: Flat Fee Group vs. Houzeo | Flat Fee Group vs. FSBO.com | Flat Fee Group vs. For Sale By Owner

If Flat Fee Group’s barebones services didn’t excite you, here are two alternate companies you can consider:

1. Flat Fee Group vs. Houzeo.com

Houzeo offers affordable packages as compared to Flat Fee Group. Their services are consistent across all the states. Moreover, Houzeo has 4.9 out of 5-star customer reviews on credible websites like Trustpilot.

Houzeo’s technology offers cutting-edge features to home sellers. For instance, Houzeo’s listing management platform allows home sellers to automate listing paperwork. It saves time and fast-tracks your listing process.

Moreover, you can do everything on the go with Houzeo’s mobile app.

Flat Fee GroupHouzeo
Listing FeeVaries state-wise$349 Flat Fee
Customer RatingNo credible reviews online4.9 stars (1,083 reviews)
Coverage47 states + Washington D.C.47 states + Washington D.C.
100% Online
Showings Management
Offer Management
Counter an Offer
Request Highest and Best Offer
Home Inspection Dashboard
Leads Dashboard

2. Flat Fee Group vs. FSBO.com

Flat Fee Group only has one broker for every state. So, sellers do not have the option to compare their local agents.

On the other hand, FSBO.com refers you to multiple agents in your locality. So, you can connect with and interview agents and pick the one that aligns with your requirements.

3. Flat Fee Group vs. Forsalebyowner.com

If you are willing to put in some effort to save money, you can consider Forsalebyowner.com. They help you list your property on their website for free. However, you will not get the MLS listing with them.

ForSaleByOwner.com forwards your listing information to Rocket Homes. So, you can collaborate with the brokers through Rocket Homes for MLS listing and agent support.

Best Flat Fee Companies Near You

Check out other flat fee companies in your state. Compare them with Flat Fee Group and make an informed decision.

NortheastStates Connecticut | Maine | Massachusetts | New Hampshire | New Jersey | New York | Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | Vermont
NortheastCities Boston, MA | Long Island, NY | Rochester, NY | Syracuse, NY | Pittsburgh, PA
MidwestStatesIllinois | Indiana | Iowa | Kansas | Michigan | Minnesota | Missouri | Nebraska | North Dakota | Ohio | South Dakota | Wisconsin
MidwestCities Chicago, IL | Peoria, IL | Indianapolis, IN | Kansas City, KS | Grand Rapids, MI | Minneapolis, MN | Kansas City, MO | St. Louis, MO | Cleveland, OH | Cincinnati, OH | Appleton, WI | Milwaukee, WI | Madison, WI
SouthStates Alabama | Arkansas | Delaware | Florida | Georgia | Kentucky | Louisiana | Maryland | Mississippi | North Carolina | Oklahoma | South Carolina | Tennessee | Texas | Virginia | Washington D.C. | West Virginia
SouthCities Birmingham, AL | Huntsville, AL | Jacksonville, FL | Miami, FL | Naples, FL | Tampa, FL | Palm Beach, FL | Atlanta, GA | Louisville, KY | Charlotte, NC | Greensboro, NC | Raleigh, NC | Wilmington, NC | Asheville, NC | Oklahoma City, OK | Tulsa, OK | Greenville, SC | Columbia, SC | Charleston, SC | Knoxville, TN | Austin, TX | Dallas, TX | El Paso, TX | Houston, TX | San Antonio, TX | Fort Worth, TX | Richmond, VA | Hampton Roads, VA | Ashland, KY | Lexington, KY
WestStates Alaska | Arizona | California | Colorado | Hawaii | Idaho | Montana | Nevada | New Mexico | Oregon | Utah | Washington | Wyoming
WestCitiesSeattle, WA | Phoenix, AZ | Los Angeles, CA | Bakersfield, CA | Denver, CO | Colorado Springs, CO | Las Vegas, NV | Albuquerque, NM

Other Options You Should Consider

  • Sell to an iBuyer: iBuyers purchase homes needing minimal repairs in as-is condition. They can be a great option if you want to sell your house fast.
  • Sell to Cash Home Buyers: Individual cash home buyers make all-cash offers, usually within 24 to 48 hours. They also let you skip listing on the MLS.
  • Sell For Sale By Owner: For Sale By Owner websites help you list and sell a house yourself, saving thousands in agent commissions. Many FSBO websites will also help you with the paperwork.

Is Flat Fee Group Worth It?

Flat Fee Group is transparent with the broker associated with your state. However, their inconsistent plans, limited technology and unreliable service quality outweigh this advantage. Moreover, Flat Fee Group charges significantly high in many states.

We recommend listing with Houzeo. Houzeo provides transparent pricing, 5-star customer support, and stellar technology. Houzeo’s Gold plan offers everything you may need in your FSBO journey.

Moreover, Houzeo’s technology allows you to automate listing paperwork, schedule showings, and compare and counter offers. Plus, you can do everything on the go with Houzeo’s mobile app.

» Houzeo Reviews: Check out why more than 5000 sellers recommend Houzeo over any other flat fee company.

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Flat Fee Group Reviews: FAQs

1. What is Flat Fee Group?

Flat Fee Group is a network formed by brokers to offer MLS listing service in 47 states and Washington DC. Sellers get associated with their local brokers to list their properties. Learn more about Flat Fee Group services.

2. How much does Flat Fee Group cost?

Flat Fee Group's pricing and services are different for every state. However, in most states, they are expensive compared to their competitors. If you are looking for an affordable MLS listing service, you must go for Houzeo.

3. Can I list my house on the MLS without an agent?

Yes, you can list your home as For Sale by Owner on the MLS by hiring a reliable MLS listing service like Houzeo. Houzeo is the best FSBO platform that helps you save on the listing agent's commission while providing all sorts of features you may need. Check out Houzeo reviews.

Flat Fee Listing Services Near Me

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(12 Reviews)

  • Patricia Williams

    Verified Reviewer

    Brian Madison with Flat fee is absolutely great.I highly recommend Flat fee this is the 2cd time I’ve used Brian ,He is Professional, attentive and a all around great person.

  • Brian

    Verified Reviewer

    This person named Cliff Glasen does not send all the received offers to the banks

  • Lynn Fillmore

    Verified Reviewer

    Utah Broker is awesome!

  • Kim Polinsky

    Verified Reviewer

    terrible concept and execution – why on earth would you make the person do all the work when we are not educated in the industry with one of the largest purchases we will make??? Hello folks – it doesnt make sense to do this without guidance. Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars is not the time to be cheap

  • Larry Ross

    Verified Reviewer

    Very professional and dedicated to helping people get into a home.

  • Steve

    Verified Reviewer

    What a great service. Get all the service you need for a flat rate. It’s easy and makes selling your home easy

  • Darrell Harvill

    Verified Reviewer

    Horrible experience

  • Sue

    Verified Reviewer

    Debbie Kent with Flat Fee Group is excellent. I have Listed several properties with her. My son bought a home with her as well. They offer showingtime, handl all the offers and negotiations and all is done online.

  • Todd Drury

    Verified Reviewer

    The savings was wonderful but getting there was not easy. Our assigned “realtor” was not there for help. When asked if she could assist on something she said, quote, if you had paid for the premier package we would not have this problem. This was not professional at all. The closing team was great. There was a mix up on this and we ended up having two closing agents. One we hired and the other the buyer hired. Once this was figured out the our closing agent graciously back out and did all they can do to help. All in all the Flat Fee concept is great. It was just just very complicated this time and the agent was no help but insisted her name be on everything.

  • Rebecca

    Verified Reviewer

    I would never use this company, they were horrible to work with, you don’t work with the broker, you get calls that are outsourced from a foreign country, they did not send all the necessary forms and then when and if your property closes, and you tell them, they threatened to fine you for no reason., They didn’t help, you never can get ahold of them, and they want the other buyer agents to do all the work, They do not do their work as a licensed broker should, I do not recommend a broker in the box.

  • Russ Irizarry

    Verified Reviewer

    Not a good service if you’re selling land. I uploaded some photos with screenshots to show the location of a vacant lot. I sent in 20 pics. 10 screenshots, and 10 real drone pics not screenshots. Listing agent Randal Longo deleted all of them and said they were all screen shots. $379 down the drain. Don’t use them if you’re selling land!!

  • Frank

    Verified Reviewer

    Their website is outdated and confusing, they nickel and dime you, sent emails from personal emails that ended up in my spam folder, got quickly offended when I complained about having issues with their website, very unclear how to use their service wrt receiving and handling contracts (full service plan). Overall a very negative experience.

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