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10 min read Aug 24, 2023

MLS My Home Reviews: Should You Risk It?


MLS My Home is a real estate platform that lets sellers list their properties on the MLS at $99. However, their package may require you to take on some additional services, increasing your expenses.

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  • You can make unlimited changes to your listing
  • You pay for the service once your listing is complete


  • They may not provide sufficient guidance for first time home sellers
  • You will be charged a 0.5% fee when you're completing your documentation

MLS My Home is a Flat Fee MLS service that provides nationwide coverage.

Their $99 Flat Fee MLS listing looks attractive. However, for even the simplest modifications, you'll have to keep adding from their a-la-carte menu. This way, the price quickly adds up to a heap.

There are chances that many of their claims may go unfulfilled. For example, MLS My Home's “money-back guarantee” might turn into a "no refund" policy at their convenience.

If you're looking for a flat fee company with transparent pricing, Houzeo can be your option. Houzeo will automatically assign your local MLS giving you maximum exposure to buyers and buyer agents. Your listing will also be on all major platforms, including Zillow, Redfin,, and Trulia. 

What Is is primarily a for sale by owner website established in Texas that provides nationwide coverage. Their listing process is quite straightforward, although their website may be challenging for first-time sellers. It provides a seven-day free trial and only accepts payments after it is posted on the MLS. The listing and syndication processes, on the other hand, take at least 5 days.

Their key selling point is most likely their low-cost Flat-fee MLS listing packages. The catch is that to post anything, make modifications, and so on, you must first add services from the ala carte menu. This all adds up over time. You may just as easily list with any other website that charges this fee upfront.

How Does MLS My Home Work?

MLS My Home is simply your listing agent. You will be responsible for managing your own FSBO platform, which they will offer. It can be difficult for a first-time seller. Their prime objective is to list your property and syndicate it to as many websites as possible. Let us give you a quick overview of how their listing process works:

Select Package » Contact Info » Verification » Property Info » Features » Photos » Final
  1. Select Package: Select your location and zip code to move to their pricing page specific to your state. There will be minor pricing changes and yard sign restrictions.
  2. Savings Calculator: Use this resource to price your home and include buyer agent commissions before you list it on the MLS.
  3. Pricing: Authorize your card information. As stated earlier, you will not be charged until the listing is done.
  4. Listing process: Provide any important details that a buyer or realtor will require. Include as many photos as you can in your package. Include photographs of your primary selling point.
  5. Keeping track of your listing: Once your listing is approved, you will be issued your own FSBO platform that is linked to your account. You will be in charge of your account's management, pricing, and buyer negotiations. Locations

One of the main and possibly the only perks of is its nationwide coverage.

NortheastConnecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont
MidwestIllinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, North Dakota
SouthAlabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Arkansas, District of Columbia
WestArizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, Wyoming

Is Legit?

Yes. According to many MLS my home reviews, the services they claim to provide are a scam. However, they are registered as a legitimate flat fee MLS listing service.

MLS My Home Flat Fee MLS Listing Pricing Model

MLS My house has a confusing flat fee MLS pricing structure. Their pricing varies by state and includes a seven-day free trial period. Once the listing package is chosen, they simply authorize the amount. You will only be charged once the listing procedure is complete.

These plans come with a dedicated for sale by owner website syndicated to your account. You are entirely in charge of this.

MLS my home has three different pricing options. Let's get into more detail.

Listing term6 months6 months12 months
Listed on MLS,, Trulia, Zillow, Oodle, Propbot, Yahoo, Google, MSN, AOLYesYesYes
Number of changesUnlimited UnlimitedUnlimited
Hidden fee0.5%0.5%0.5%
Additional fee$50$50$50

Beware of Hidden Fees

0.5% hidden fee

Be wary of hidden fees at closing or listing documentation not mentioned upfront. According to many MLS my home reviews, a hidden fee of 0.5% is added to all flat fee packages

Deceptive pricing

MLS my home heavily relies on bait and switch marketing. According to several customers, the flat fee MLS listing charge increases depending on the area chosen, and an additional non-refundable $50 is added to the overall pricing structure with no prior notice.

Savings Calculator

Saving calculators are easy comparing tools that help to simplify finances while buying and selling. Let's go a little deeper into them, shall we?

For sellers

The savings calculator is an excellent resource for first-time sellers who are unsure how to price their home. You can easily alter multiple commission rates over the FSBO asking price to properly measure savings and compare them to the traditional approach. Enter the asking price and set the commission level to use the calculator. After you've decided on a bundle, calculate the payment to see your savings rate.

For Buyers

If you are in the market to buy a home, these mortgage and comparative calculators will be a boon. You can use them for:

  • Mortgage Payment Calculator
  • Mortgage Payment Calculator with Amortization
  • Daily Household Budget Calculator
  • Mortgage Qualification Calculator
  • Interest Only Calculator
  • Rent vs Buy Calculator Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

1. Unlimited changesYou are allowed to make an unlimited number of changes to your listing; valid for all packages.
2. ResourcesThe savings calculator helps price your home according to varying commission rates
3. No payment until listingYou will not be charged until after the entire listing process is done. They will simply authorize the payment.


1. Not for first-timersThe entire documentation process, as well as countless repeated paperwork, on a platform that is, to say the least, not user-friendly at all.
2. Hidden chargesAn added fee of 0.5% is added during documentation not mentioned upfront.
3. Cannot make changes to photosDespite the fact that they mention upfront listing, several MLS my house reviews state that you are not permitted to modify photographs or submit videos.
4. Repetitive documentationAfter payment, you will be redirected to another website to repeat the entire process again. Customer Reviews has substantial reviews on credible websites like Trustpilot, Google, Yelp, and Zillow.

Customers have mixed reviews about But several reviews state that many consumers experienced that the MLS coverage area provided was inaccurate and misrepresented the company’s capabilities.

There were other usual complaints in reviews about their poor customer service, delayed refund process, and very slow updating. Positive Customer Reviews's positive reviews talk about their cheap pricing, quick listing, and overall experience with without real estate agents. Positive Reviews Positive Reviews 2

MLS my home Negative reviews

Some reviews are conflicting in terms of customer service. The customer support of is rated as helpful by some Trustpilot reviews, while others do not.

MLS My Home Negative Reviews
MLS My Home Negative Reviews 2 Alternatives: How Do They Compare?

Houzeo is an excellent alternative to selling or buying a home. It’s considered America’s #1 For Sale by Owner and Flat Fee MLS platform that makes the home-selling process seamless and easy. MLS my home, on the other hand, is just a listing agent and not even a good one at that!

Houzeo also offers 100% automation with the entire selling process completely digitized while MLS my home has a very complicated documentation process.

Both MLS my home and Houzeo provide numerous pricing packages; however, MLS charges multiple costs that are not disclosed upfront, whereas Houzeo has no hidden, listing, or closing fees and discloses all fees upfront.

Let’s have a look at a few of their other features:

Hidden feesNone0.5%
Recommended Buyer Agent Commission2.5%2.5% to 3.0%
Nationwide coverage
100% online process
Mobile App
Offers sent directly to you
Counter an offer
Request the highest & best offer
Showing management
Expedited listing
Fast listing changes
Buyer property search feature

👉 FSBO WebsitesCheck out our rankings of the best For Sale By Owner Websites in America.

Other Options You Should Consider

1. Sell to iBuyers

iBuyers make an offer on your property within 24-48 hours and can close within 7 days or more. Most iBuyers like Opendoor and Offerpad are also known to offer the Fair Market Value (FMV) for your property.

Selling to an iBuyer has certain significant drawbacks. These include:

  • Limited coverage, restricted to metro and urban areas
  • Strict eligibility criteria without exceptions
  • Non-negotiable offers
  • 5% service fee
  • 2% - 8% repair costs

⭐ Our Take: We recommend iBuyers if your house meets the iBuyer company's eligibility criteria.

👉 iBuyer Reviews: Check out rankings, pros, cons & alternatives of top iBuyers in America

2. Sell to "We Buy Homes for Cash" Companies

Unlike iBuyers, "We buy homes for cash" companies help you sell your house as-is fast. They can even close within 7 days or any date you choose. "We buy homes for cash" companies also make cash offers for homes outside metro areas or in difficult-to-sell locations.

Here's why traditional cash home buyers could be a bad option for you than an iBuyer:

  • They make lowball offers and offer only 50% - 70% of market value.
  • Their offers are non-negotiable

⭐ Our Take: We recommend selling to a cash home buyer if you are selling a distressed house "as-is" without looking for the best price.

👉 "We Buy Homes for Cash" Companies: Check out America's biggest cash home buyer companies in 2023

Flat Fee Listing Services Near Me

NortheastStates Flat Fee MLS Connecticut | Flat Fee MLS Maine | Flat Fee MLS Massachusetts | Flat Fee MLS New Hampshire | Flat Fee MLS New Jersey | Flat Fee MLS New York | Flat Fee MLS Pennsylvania | Flat Fee MLS Rhode Island | Flat Fee MLS Vermont
NortheastCitiesFlat Fee MLS Boston, MA | Flat Fee MLS Long Island, NY | Flat Fee MLS Rochester, NY | Flat Fee MLS Syracuse, NY | Flat Fee MLS Pittsburgh, PA
MidwestStatesFlat Fee MLS Illinois | Flat Fee MLS Indiana | Flat Fee MLS Iowa | Flat Fee MLS Kansas | Flat Fee MLS Michigan | Flat Fee MLS Minnesota | Flat Fee MLS Missouri | Flat Fee MLS Nebraska | Flat Fee MLS North Dakota | Flat Fee MLS Ohio | Flat Fee MLS South Dakota | Flat Fee MLS Wisconsin
MidwestCitiesFlat Fee MLS Chicago, IL | Flat Fee MLS Peoria, IL | Flat Fee MLS Indianapolis, IN | Flat Fee MLS Kansas City, KS | Flat Fee MLS Grand Rapids, MI | Flat Fee MLS Minneapolis, MN | Flat Fee MLS Kansas City, MO | Flat Fee MLS St. Louis, MO | Flat Fee MLS Cleveland, OH | Flat Fee MLS Cincinnati, OH | Flat Fee MLS Appleton, WI | Flat Fee MLS Milwaukee, WI | Flat Fee MLS Madison, WI
SouthStatesFlat Fee MLS Alabama | Flat Fee MLS Arkansas | Flat Fee MLS Delaware | Flat Fee MLS Florida | Flat Fee MLS Georgia | Flat Fee MLS Kentucky | Flat Fee MLS Louisiana | Flat Fee MLS Maryland | Flat Fee MLS Mississippi | Flat Fee MLS North Carolina | Flat Fee MLS Oklahoma | Flat Fee MLS South Carolina | Flat Fee MLS Tennessee | Flat Fee MLS Texas | Flat Fee MLS Virginia | Flat Fee MLS Washington D.C. | Flat Fee MLS West Virginia
SouthCities Flat Fee MLS Birmingham, AL | Flat Fee MLS Huntsville, AL | Flat Fee MLS Jacksonville, FL | Flat Fee MLS Miami, FL | Flat Fee MLS Naples, FL | Flat Fee MLS Tampa, FL | Flat Fee MLS Palm Beach, FL | Flat Fee MLS Atlanta, GA | Flat Fee MLS Louisville, KY | Flat Fee MLS Charlotte, NC | Flat Fee MLS Greensboro, NC | Flat Fee MLS Raleigh, NC | Flat Fee MLS Wilmington, NC | Flat Fee MLS Asheville, NC | Oklahoma City, OK | Flat Fee MLS Tulsa, OK | Flat Fee MLS Greenville, SC | Columbia, SC | Flat Fee MLS Charleston, SC | Flat Fee MLS Knoxville, TN | Flat Fee MLS Austin, TX | Flat Fee MLS Dallas, TX | Flat Fee MLS El Paso, TX | Flat Fee MLS Houston, TX | Flat Fee MLS San Antonio, TX | Flat Fee MLS Fort Worth, TX | Flat Fee MLS Richmond, VA | Flat Fee MLS Hampton Roads, VA
WestStatesFlat Fee MLS Alaska | Flat Fee MLS Arizona | Flat Fee MLS California | Flat Fee MLS Colorado | Flat Fee MLS Hawaii | Flat Fee MLS Idaho | Flat Fee MLS Montana | Flat Fee MLS Nevada | Flat Fee MLS New Mexico | Flat Fee MLS Oregon | Flat Fee MLS Utah | Flat Fee MLS Washington | Flat Fee MLS Wyoming
WestCitiesFlat Fee MLS Seattle, WA | Flat Fee MLS Phoenix, AZ | Flat Fee MLS Los Angeles, CA | Flat Fee MLS Bakersfield, CA | Flat Fee MLS Denver, CO | Flat Fee MLS Colorado Springs, CO | Flat Fee MLS Las Vegas, NV | Flat Fee MLS Albuquerque, NM

Should you risk it?

In a nutshell, no. MLS my home does not have much to back it up, with below-average reviews. There are numerous services to list on MLS that are dependable and provide a lot more for the price. Their lack of management in the listing procedure, lack of transparency in pricing, and lack of convenience also do not help its cause.

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