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5 Companies that Buy Houses for Cash in Wisconsin

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2021 saw more than 20% cash home sales. 2022 is an unusually strong seller’s market to sell your house for cash.

This blog will look at the best companies that buy houses for cash in Wisconsin.

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Sneak Peek: 5 Best Companies that Buy Houses for Cash in Wisconsin

CompanyPotential Offer PriceService FeesClosing Time100% Online5-star Reviews*Mobile App
1. Houzeo.com100% of Market Value*$349 Flat Fee7 to 60 days
2. We Buy Ugly Houses50% to 70% of Market ValueNone7 to 60 days
3. We Buy Houses50% to 70% of Market ValueNone7 to 14 days
4. ASAP Cash Home Buyers60% to 80% of Market ValueNone7 to 10 Days
5. Express Home Buyers50% to 70 % of the market valueNone7 to 10 Days

* For 5-star Customer Reviews, ratings above 4.2 out of 5 stars have been considered.

* An MLS listing via Houzeo exposes your home to the open market. The open market will almost always be more competitive than offering your house to a single potential cash buyer.

Facts About the Wisconsin Housing Market

Before you choose a company that buys houses for cash in Wisconsin, you should check out the Wisconsin housing market’s data:

Number of Houses for Sale< 5130 listings per month (on average)[1]
Average Home Price$180,600[2]
% of homes sold FSBO78%[3]

Reviews: Best Companies That Buy Houses For Cash In Wisconsin

1. Houzeo.com

  • Listing Fee: $329
  • Available in 80+ U.S. Markets
  • 5 Stars 4.9/5 (out of 2,981 Reviews)

Houzeo is the most popular platform for sellers looking for affordable full-service companies that will give maximum exposure to cash home buyers with minimum real estate agent interaction.

🔑 Maximum Exposure to Cash Home Buyers: Houzeo.com provides unparalleled exposure for your property by listing it on the MLS. Cash home buyers hunt for properties on the open market, and Houzeo brings you one step closer to reaching your potential cash buyer.

💰 Best Price for Your Cash Sale: When you list with Houzeo.com, your MLS listing is syndicated to thousands of real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Redfin, etc. So, along with more exposure, you get an opportunity to close at the best price. You could get the best cash deals in such a competitive buyer market.

Best Offer Terms for Your Cash Sale: Houzeo has limited restrictions, so your sale’s legal terms and conditions can be quite flexible. In the case of cash home buyers, you can finalize the house sale with reasonable moving-out timelines and closing dates.

🧾 Proven Track Record with Cash Home Buyers: Houzeo has seen many cash home buyers and companies that buy houses for cash & iBuyers like Opendoor, and Offerpad makes offers on properties listed on Houzeo.com. Houzeo has a proven track record for cash home buyers with competitive full cash deals.

Other Offerings:
💰 Home sellers can list their homes on the MLS for a small flat fee and save on 50% real estate agent commissions right away.
📦 Packages can be customized as per the requirements of the home sellers making it easy to opt for services like contract reviews, professional photography, pricing assistance, etc.
📱 Houzeo’s seller dashboard is intuitive and allows them to receive, review and compare offers. You can also make contract updates, counteroffers, home showings, lockboxes, yard signs, etc.

Best For: Home sellers seeking maximum cash for their properties with zero hidden fees, 100% automated process, and timely customer support from Houzeo Concierge.

🚀 Blast Past Paperwork: Houzeo is 100% online. You can finish the listing formalities in <60 mins. Start NOW!

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Savings on commissions
  • 100% online – easy listing, fast changes, online showings, and online offers
  • Listings get syndicated to Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, Redfin, and 100s of other sites
  • Quick listing (within a day with Houzeo Concierge)
  • Mobile app availability

Houzeo has a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Google & Trustpilot.

Houzeo is available nationwide with coverage of 80+ markets.

The 4 Best We Buy Houses for Cash Companies in Wisconsin

We buy houses Wisconsin for cash companies pay significantly lower than what you can get for your house on the open market.

With cash offers as low as 50%, these companies are ideal only if you are trying to sell an extremely distressed property.

» MORE: How do We Buy Houses for Cash Companies Work?

2 . We Buy Ugly Houses

Copany LogoLogo image

We Buy Ugly Houses

Company Link
  • $ Service Fee: None
  • Closing in 3 weeks
  • 2.5 Stars 2.5/5 (out of 5 Reviews)

“We Buy Ugly Houses Wisconsin” is a cash home buyer brand owned by Homevestors. It has been in the business for the last 20 years, so its business model, prestige, and process of buying homes for cash are well established in the list of companies that buy houses for cash. They typically target distressed home sellers who are desperate for cash.

The company buys ugly houses, i.e., distressed properties like one with structural issues, couples going through a divorce, a death in the family, bad mortgage financing, inherited houses, high-crime neighborhoods, etc.

We Buy Ugly Houses offers 50% to 70% of the property’s Fair Market Value (FMV).

📌 How does We Buy Ugly Houses Work?
Simply provide your address, a photo of your home, and some basic information about the size and status of your property on the We Buy Ugly Houses’ website to seek a cash offer. Their representatives will evaluate your home based on local market sales and housing trends, and an offer will be made for your house.

We Buy Ugly Houses operate on a franchise basis independently, so the quality of service you receive depends on your location.

📧 Preliminary Cash Offer: We Buy Ugly Houses takes 24 to 48 business hours to share a preliminary cash offer. This is the best price a seller can get for their distressed property.

📆 Closing Timelines: Flexible; homes close within 7 to 60 days.

💲 Service Fee: None

💲 Closing Costs: None.

💵 Final Cash Offer: We Buy Ugly Houses’ final cash offer is usually in line with the preliminary cash offer. If the home seller negotiates really well or has a desirable property, then the final cash offer could increase, but we don’t have any hard data about this.

Best For: Homesellers looking for a quick close and don’t expect great returns for their properties.

» MORE: We Buy Ugly Houses Reviews: Should You Sell Them Your Ugly House?

  • Get an offer in 24 to 48 hours
  • Close in as little as three weeks
  • No need to prep the home for listing or worry about repairs
  • Pays less than what sellers could net on the open market
  • Quality of service varies between franchises
  • Controversial tactics for closing the sale

We Buy Ugly Houses has 2.5 out of 5 stars with 6 reviews on Yelp.

We Buy Ugly Houses operates nationwide in 1,100 locations in 45 states.

3. We Buy Houses

Copany LogoLogo image

We Buy Houses

Company Link
  • Available nationwide
  • Offers made in 24 hours
  • No Credible Reviews Found

We Buy Houses Wisconsin is an infamous company that buys houses for cash and has 2700 offices across the nation. With a pre-vetted investor network, they are known to make cash offers as good as 50% to 80% of the fair market value (repair costs excluded).

While the primary company, We Buy Houses doesn’t exercise control over how much its investors offer, they do reserve the right to rescind licenses if investors don’t meet its ethical standards. So, your house is pretty much in good hands if Wisconsin house buyers adhere to their standards.

📍 We Buy Houses operates nationwide and across Wisconsin. Each franchise office operates independently.

⚡ Time to offer is 24 to 48 hours with a flexible closing timeline, typically 7-14 days.

Best For: Sellers willing to sell the house as-is and don’t mind leaving some money on the table.

»LEARN MORE: We Buy Houses Reviews: What do customers say about this cash buyer?

  • Free, no-obligation offer in 24-48 hours
  • Closing in just seven days
  • No need to worry about repairs
  • Available nationwide
  • Little to no room for negotiations
  • Offers are made by investors on different parameters and not all We Buy Houses cash offers follow a “standard” approach while evaluating a house
  • Exclusive licensees, so you might get just 1 office in your locality

Majority reviews about We Buy Houses are positive, with customers saying that the We Buy Houses investor they worked with was quick and professional.

A negative review we came across was with a home buyer who purchased a home from We Buy Houses and felt that the repairs they made before selling were cheap.

We Buy Houses has around 20 independently operated offices in Wisconsin.

4. ASAP Cash Home Buyers

Copany LogoLogo image

ASAP Cash Home Buyers

Company Link
  • Available nationwide
  • Offers made in 5 minutes
  • No Credible Reviews Found

ASAP Cash Home Buyers purchases real estate in all 50 states, and are known to make cash offers in as quick as 5 minutes. ASAP Cash Home Buyers has a good network and is successful in Wisconsin real estate market. An in-depth analysis and assessment of your property is scheduled and a cash offer is made. They offer between 60% to 80% of a home’s fair market value.

📍 ASAP Cash Home Buyers buys homes nationwide with over 31 counties and 19 cities across Wisconsin.

⚡ Once you accept an offer from ASAP Cash Home Buyers, you can decide a closing date. There are no fees or charges that you have to pay, the company takes care of it all.

Best For: Home sellers who want to maximize the equity when selling to companies that buy houses for cash.

  • Free, no-obligation offer made in 5 minutes, sometimes
  • No repair or closing costs
  • Available nationwide with coverage in 31 counties across 19 cities across Wisconsin
  • No control over repair costs
  • The company has no standards to govern how transactions are conducted.

No Credible Reviews Found Online.

ASAP Cash Home Buyers buys homes nationwide with over 31 counties and 19 cities across Wisconsin.

5. Express Home Buyers

Copany LogoLogo image

Express Homebuyers

Company Link
  • Available nationwide
  • Offers made in 7 minutes
  • No Credible Reviews Found

Express Homebuyers are based out of Virginia is a company that buy houses for cash , and operates a network of local investors across the country. Since 2003, the company has helped 4000 home sellers get reasonable cash offers in a hassle-free way.

The company even buys houses that are damaged during floods and hazards, making them the best choice for desperate home sellers with ugly properties.

📍 Express Homebuyers operates nationwide and across Wisconsin.

⚡ Express Homebuyers has a 3-step process wherein you request a cash offer from them, an agent connects with you and offers you a full cash deal within hours. They have made offers within 7 minutes! Once you accept their cash offer, they will forward you the title insurance fees—typically $2,500, an advance on the selling price. You get the rest of the money once settlement happens, which can be as soon as 7 days.

Best For: Distressed sellers who want to sell their houses quick and hassle-free to a national cash home buyer or Wisconsin house buyers.

  • Free, no-obligation offer for damaged properties as well
  • Closing costs covered by the company
  • Available nationwide
  • No control over quality of service, state-wise
  • Pesters home sellers when they deny the cash offer
  • Makes absurdly low-ball offers for ugly houses

There are no Wisconsin-specific reviews, but Express Homebuyers has garnered positive and negative reviews in other states. Sellers have noted reasonable prices, fast closing times, and professional staff known for their communication skills.

The primary complaint about this company is that they don’t readily accept a “No” from the home seller and continue to pester them.

Express Homebuyers operates Nationwide and  across Wisconsin.

Are Companies that Buy Houses for Cash Legit?

Yes, companies that buy houses for cash or cash home buyers are legitimate and operate legally nationwide.

However, no industry is free from scammers or companies following the “malign practices” that exist in every industry. Never pay any money while requesting an all-cash offer on your house.

Browse through customer reviews and inspect how the company operates before signing any documents.

Understanding Cash Home Buyers

Who are Cash Home Buyers?

Cash home buyers are real estate buyers who make direct cash offers on homes.

Essentially, they make a cash offer on houses and let the home sellers skip the hassle of listing on the MLS, marketing, etc.

This convenience may not always be in favor of the home sellers because they don’t get the full 100% Fair Market Value (FMV) of their property.

💲 WANT 100% FAIR MARKET VALUE? List your house on the MLS and get 100% FMV for your property!

Types of Cash Home Buyers in Wisconsin

There are 4 types of real estate buyers buying a house with cash. Also known as cash house buyers, this is a fast-growing population in the country and offers homeowners cash for their properties.

# NoType of Cash Home BuyerDescription
1.🏘️ Retail Cash Home BuyersBuyers looking for pretty and ugly properties and holding them as a rental in a small portfolio.
2.🤑 Traditional “We Buy Houses for Cash” CompaniesBuyers who buy distressed properties such as homes facing foreclosures inherited homes that need repairs or couples going through a divorce.
3.📲 iBuyersCompanies that buy homes for cash with instant offers using technology and market data.
» Interested in iBuyers? Check out this blog to find out who is 2022’s #1 iBuyer.
4.💰 National InvestorsCash home buyers who buy homes for cash, companies like Sundae have a pre-vetted network of investors who bid for properties.

How Much Do Cash Home Buyers in Wisconsin Pay?

# NoType of Cash Home BuyerHow Much Do These Cash Home Buyers Pay?
1.🏘️ Retail Cash Home Buyers100% Fair Market Value (FMV) of the property, even if the property isn’t very desirable
2.🤑 Traditional “We Buy Houses for Cash” Companies50% to 70% of the property’s Fair Market Value (FMV) since they want to keep their expenses minimal and re-sell the properties to make profits.
3.📲 iBuyers90% to 100% of the property’s Fair Market Value (FMV), but the closing costs and service fees can go up to 13%.
4.💰 National Investors50% to 70% of the property’s Fair Market Value (FMV), but you could get the full 100% of the FMV if you negotiate well.

Understanding We Buy Houses for Cash Companies

How do We Buy Houses for Cash Companies Work?

“We buy houses for cash” companies often buy these properties at a way lower than the market price. Generally, they fix them when needed and then resale them for a profit.

To have a better understanding, let us look into the workflow.

⭐ STEP 1- Fill out required details about your house

The majority of businesses prefer to gather basic information about home via an internet form or over the phone. You will receive a quick estimate of cash offers as soon as the assessment is completed.

⭐ STEP 2- Review initial estimate

Once you get an estimated cash offer, you can choose to accept or reject it. These offers are generally non-negotiable.

⭐ STEP 3- Complete the inspection

An onsite inspection will be scheduled if you accept the initial quotation. A third-party inspector or a local firm representative will complete the onsite inspection. If any essential repairs are required, your final offer will be modified proportionately.

⭐ STEP 4- Accept the final offer

If an offer meets your ideal requirements, then you just have to accept the company’s final offer, sign a purchase agreement, and schedule closing.

⭐ STEP 5- Close on your schedule

We buy houses for cash companies can pace up the process and provide more flexibility on timing. You even don’t have to wait for a bank to subscribe to a mortgage. In some cases, you may be able to close just within ten days.

How Much Do We Buy Houses Wisconsin for Cash Companies Pay?

Companies that buy houses for cash often use the 70% rule. That means they’ll pay no more than 70% of your home’s market value. Moreover, sometimes there are repairs too. Cash buyer companies deduct these overhead expenses.

✍️  Formula – Ideal Market Value of Your House x 70% Offered by a cash buyer – Repairs Costs

Let’s take an instance,

Let’s say your home is worth $300,000 at fair market value, but it needs $25,000 in repairs. Then you might expect a cash offer of only $185,000 from the seller.

You can wait and list your home with a professional real estate agent if you have a capital of $25,000 to spend on repairs. There’s also the open market, where you might be able to locate a deal worth as much as or more than your home’s current market value.

Remember– You’ll need to pay commission and closing costs if you opt for an open market.

Some cash home buyers are willing to pay less than 70% of the home’s value after renovations. We recommend listing with various companies because you will typically receive cash offers with no strings attached.

💲Market to the Biggest Pool of Cash Home Buyers!

Houzeo is the fastest, high-tech way to get on the MLS and sell to cash home buyers.

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We Buy Houses Wisconsin for Cash Companies: Pros and Cons

✅ Fast Sale

Once you accept the cash offer on the house, the home selling process becomes seamless and fast. With a traditional model, you have to list on the MLS and wait for potential Wisconsin house buyers. In the case of we buy houses Wisconsin for cash companies, this process gets eliminated. After submitting details on their website, you’ll get an instant offer and closing can happen as quickly as two weeks.

✅ Flexible Closing

We buy houses for cash companies to move faster than others because there is no longer a need to wait for mortgage approval or listing paperwork. Many companies do provide a one-month closing guarantee or even go up to two weeks.

The speed of the sale makes these Wisconsin house buyers appealing to home sellers in desperate need of liquidity.

✅ No Service Fees

We buy houses for cash companies acquire your home as-is, and don’t charge anything for the service.

Their lowball offers for your property are enough to recover their profits by reselling the property. So, they don’t charge any service fees typically.

✅ No Upfront Costs

Whether it’s a traditional broker or a flat fee MLS company, a home seller has to incur costs while listing the house and prepping for sale. We buy houses for cash companies acquire your home as-is, so you don’t have to spend money beforehand.

Required repairs, curb appeal, upgrading furniture, and staging are some elite expenses you avoid when you choose companies that offer cash for houses to get a top-dollar deal for your home.

⛔ Non-negotiable Cash Offers

When dealing with we buy houses for cash companies, the deal is usually take-it-or-leave-it. Although there may be room for negotiations, you can’t expect more than 70% of the market value of your home.

If you feel the company overlooked something important, some will allow you to make your case and submit additional evidence to support it; however, most will be unwilling to budge on price.

👉 Pro Tip: When you list on the open market, there is an opportunity to negotiate cash offers and avail better rates than with companies that buy houses for cash.

⛔ Lowball Offers

We buy houses for cash companies generally pay 50% to 70% of the home’s fair market value, deducting all repair, utility, and re-selling expenses. Since they want to sell this home on the open market, they will offer you marginal prices so that they get a profit when they resell.

👉 Pro Tip: You can receive maximum cash for your house when your property is listed on the MLS and also negotiate with the potential buyers. In 2022’s unusually strong seller’s market, getting multiple offers for your house is possible!

💸 Maximize Your Cash Offer with Houzeo

Houzeo syndicates your MLS listing to thousands of real estate websites and provides unparalleled exposure to your property.


We Buy Houses for Cash Scams

Cash home buyers in Wisconsin are legitimate, but there are scammers in every industry, and that’s how cash for houses scams work.

Typically, these scammers post signs and blast emails with a “we buy houses Wisconsin for cash” ad. Families in need of liquid cash or struggling to make their mortgage payments fall for this and lose control of their house.

There are cases when “cash for houses” companies have leased the property to a new tenant, and the owner is still responsible for making the mortgage payments. Other times, they make home sellers sign a listing agreement with a “reassign” clause, and the home sellers end up losing the right to sell their own house!

⚠️ Don’t get lured by such deceptive cash home buyers: Thoroughly investigate the company before signing any legal documents related to your house.

Selling to Local Real Estate Investors in Wisconsin

Selling to local real estate investors is an option if you don’t want to work with a cash home buyer. Real estate investors are always searching for properties. These real estate cash buyers can be classified as:

  • Flippers: buy a property, renovate, and resell the property on the open market.
  • Landowners or landlords: buy a property, renovate and rent the property.

You can find such investors in online forums or through in-person meetups. These real estate cash buyers often purchase the property as-is, with instant offers and flexible closing timelines.

Investors acquiring homes for less than the fair market value will drive a hard bargain and take advantage of distressed home sellers.

It’s best to do a comparative price analysis and find how much your property is worth before you deal with local real estate investors.

MORE ABOUT HOUSE FLIPPING: An introductory guide to house flipping for beginners

What about Selling My House with a Real Estate Agent Instead?

It depends! If you are looking to sell your house at a top-dollar rate, listing on the MLS is the best option because it is where 90% of home buyers start their home purchase journey. You should always check the contingencies and be choosey about which company to work with.

Opting for a real estate agent will not save your 6% commission and might be the worst option if you’re looking to earn maximum cash. With flat fee MLS companies like Houzeo.com, listing your house on the MLS can be done effortlessly at just $349! You save on the 3% listing agent commission by selling your home as an owner.

✍️  Note: Cash home buyers like Opendoor and Offerpad have offered cash deals for properties listed on Houzeo.com.

💲Market to the Biggest Pool of Cash Home Buyers!

Houzeo is the fastest, high-tech way to get on the MLS and sell to cash home buyers.

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MLS vs. iBuyer vs. We Buy Houses for Cash Companies

📈 Listing on the MLS

Listing on the open market is the best way to maximize your cash offer because your MLS listing gets syndicated to other real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Realtor.com, etc. This amplifies the exposure of your MLS listing and puts you right where cash home buyers are looking for hot properties.

You can get multiple offers and also compare the highest and the best offers from potential buyers. There is an opportunity to negotiate the sale price, closing costs, etc., and save substantially in commissions by choosing a flat fee MLS platform or low commission real estate agent.

Best For: Home sellers who want to maximize their cash offers, avail of the best offer terms, and close at a flexible schedule.

⏰ FASTEST WAY TO GET CASH OFFERS: Houzeo is 100% online. Complete listing formalities in <60 mins and market to cash home buyers!

» MORE: How to List on the MLS Without A Realtor in 2022

📲 iBuyers

iBuyers are instant buyers, and these companies have created a level-playing field with full cash offers and technologically advanced platforms. You get a reasonably fair cash offer instantly, and you can close within a matter of a few days.

Getting the highest possible rate may not be possible, but iBuyers paid 99.4% of the fair market value in 2021. The coverage of iBuyers is limited, so not all homeowners can avail their cash deals.

✅ Best For: Home sellers who want a hassle-free experience and don’t mind leaving some cash on the table.

» MORE: iBuyers Reviews 2022: Is the Convenience Worth the Trade-off?

🤑 “We Buy Houses for Cash” Companies

If your house is in poor condition and you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on repairs or closing costs, then you can choose “we buy houses for cash” companies. These companies make quick offers and help sell your house fast for cash.

You’ll get 50%-70% of your home’s fair market value, which is a low-ball offer. A home worth $150,000 on the open market can be scored at $70,000 by an investor with quick cash. An offer that is nearly 50% lesser than what the property is worth.

✅ Best For: Home sellers who want to sell distressed houses or selling properties falling in difficult-to-sell locations.

» MORE: We Buy Ugly Houses Reviews: Not the Best Cash Buyer for Your Ugly House in 2022

Should I Sell My House to a Cash Home Buyer?

Yes, but only if any of the below reasons match yours.

Selling your house to a company that buys houses for cash will be beneficial when you’re-

📌 On a severe tight timeline

If you’re going through a rough patch in your life, such as a divorce or an immediate move, cash buyers or investors can help you sell faster.

📌 Owning an inherited property

Selling to a company that buys houses for cash can be a viable option if you have a deceased relative’s property that is far away or in terrible shape.

📌 In need of urgent cash

If you’re in a hurry, facing foreclosure, and don’t want to keep your property, selling your house for cash could help you escape a credit impact.

📌 Owning a badly distressed property

If your property is in extremely poor condition and it’s a waste to even contribute to further repairs, then selling your house for cash is a perfect choice.

However, if you’re just looking for hard cash and can hang in a while, then listing on the MLS would be ideal.

With a technologically advanced platform like Houzeo.com, you can start your listing process on any device and finish all the paperwork seamlessly.

💲Market to the Biggest Pool of Cash Home Buyers!

Houzeo is the fastest, high-tech way to get on the MLS and sell to cash home buyers.

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Eager to Know How Houzeo Works?

We’ve got you covered. Check out the following video to understand how Houzeo works and why it is the best FSBO and Flat Fee MLS platform in America.

What is Houzeo?

An overview of what the platform is all about

Start Your MLS Listing NOW!

» NEED MORE CLARITY? Read these exclusive Houzeo reviews and learn why the platform is the best in America’s competitive housing market.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best company that buys houses?

Houzeo is the most popular platform for sellers looking for companies that buy homes for cash. Houzeo lets you access the power of the MLS for a small flat-fee.

MLS listings get syndicated on Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, Redfin.com and hundreds of other websites. Listing your home on the MLS will allow you to target all companies that buy homes for cash – local and national. More exposure means more competition and highest cash selling price.

Houzeo also offers superb technology giving you full control of your listing. And if you run into any issues, Houzeo’s 5-star customer service team is available to help.

2. How do you sell a house to a cash buyer?

In most cases, you must enter your classified info via an online portal or a telephone chat. Following that, you must schedule an inspection and receive a final cash offer. Once you've decided to accept the offer, you can usually select your own closing date.

3. Are "we buy houses for cash" companies legit?

Yes! House-buying companies that pay cash are legitimate. Houses are bought for cash by a lot of prominent companies. That isn't to say you shouldn't do your own research. Make sure you do your homework first by looking at the rating and user reviews.

4. How long does a cash sale on a house take?

Approximately, 10-30 days. It depends on the buyer and the specific situation.

5. How do I sell my house "as is"?

If you wish to sell your house "as is",you must specify in your ad that you are not willing to do any repairs. It's as simple as inserting "as is" in the MLS listing description of your home.

6. Are cash offers for houses legit?

Yes, there are many legitimate cash house buyers who purchase houses for cash widely across America. But, like every industry there exist scammers in this market too. As a consumer, you should be methodical about finding the right cash house buyer and not get scammed!

7. How long does a cash sale on a house take?

It varies for every house, but typically a full cash house sale completes within 14 business days. iBuyers offer to close within as quick as 7 business days.

8. What are closing costs for a cash buyer?

As a homebuyer, you can expect to pay 3%-6% of the home's purchase price on closing costs, but that number can be as low as sub-1% or as high as 4+%, depending on the state.

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