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7 Best For Sale By Owner Signs To Sell Your House in 2024

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20% of FSBO home sellers use yard signs to market their property. In 2022, 48% of buyers discovered homes through these For Sale By Owner signs, emphasizing their effectiveness in the home selling process.

A For Sale By Owner yard sign highlights to potential buyers that you are selling the property. These yard signs usually feature your name, contact details, and the property description.

High-tech FSBO sites like Houzeo.com not only list your property on the MLS within 24 hours, but they also offer premium “For Sale” yard signs in their packages. These widely recognized yard signs effectively signal the availability of a property for sale.

These Are the Best for Sale by Owner Signs of 2024

Here are some vendors from whom you can buy the best house for sale signs by the owner:

1. Houzeo.com


Houzeo For Sale Yard Sign
  • Price: $49
  • QR Code
  • Customizable: ✅

Houzeo’s ‘For Sale’ yard signs are included in all 4 packages:

  • 🥉Bronze Package & 🥈Silver Package: You get a customized yard sign by paying $49 extra with both these plans.
  • 🥇Gold & ⚜️Platinum Packages: You will get a custom premium yard sign at $0 cost with both these packages.

Offer 🔔: In the Bronze and Silver Package, you can reclaim $49 by sending a selfie with the yard sign and the house, making it completely free.

Here’s what makes Houzeo yard signs unique:

  • Customizable: You can add your contact details and other information.
  • QR Code: Buyers can scan the QR code to access your online listing.
  • Add-Ons: You can have add-ons like showing and managing inquiries.
  • Tech-Centric: Apart from the online listing feature, Houzeo signs also provide the option for potential buyers to request a showing.

A customizable ‘For Sale’ sign is available with every package, details can be found on the Houzeo website.

Note: In the Bronze and Silver packages, the $49 you pay for the sign is refundable if you send your selfie with Houzeo’s yard sign and the house.

Houzeo offers yard signs specially designed for FSBO sellers. These yard signs are of high quality, customizable, and affordable. Houzeo provides a QR code on their yard sign to access the listing details.

These yard signs are available individually for a flat price. If you choose to list your house on the MLS with Houzeo these yard signs are available in all of Houzeo’s packages.

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2. FSBO.com

Link to online listing

  • Price: $70+
  • Links to the Online Listing
  • Customizable: ✅

FSBO.com charges $75 for their basic yard sign.

Why you can consider FSBO.com

  • Customizable: Limited to the seller’s phone number and FSBO.com ID.
  • Link to Online Listing: The Yard sign comes with FSBO.com ID.
  • Dimension: It comes in an 18″ X 24″ multi-colored standard-size steel frame. Includes Crossbars of 3/4 with hand-welded steel angle.

You can get a ‘For Sale By Owner’ sign from the FSBO.com website, it is an à la carte option and is not included in any package.

FSBO.com sells yard signs separately from its packages. These yard signs cost more than industry standards, making them relatively expensive. Customizing these yard signs comes at an additional cost, increasing your overall expenditure.

3. Beycome


  • Price: $399+
  • Bright Colours
  • Customizable: ✅

Beycome offers personalized yard signs in both Flat Fee MLS packages:

  • Enhanced Package: This package is priced at $399
  • Concierge service: This package is priced at $599 + 1%

You cannot buy Beycome’s signs without purchasing its Flat Fee packages.

Must-know highlights about their yard signs:

  • QR Code: This feature provides the option for online listing.
  • Manage Showings: The sign also helps to manage showings, organize offers, and retain inquiries.
  • Visibility: The sign Beycome provides is black and white. The color combination seems unusual from the regular red-white signs.

You can get a ‘For Sale’ yard sign from Beycome only if you list with them. You can find the information on Beycome’s pricing page.

Beycome’s yard sign comes in a unique color combination that helps it stand out. It is different than what most vendors offer. Note – you can only get their yard signs when you list your house with them.

4. I Sold My House


I Sold My House
FSBO Signs - I Sold My House
  • Price: Included in Packages
  • Bright Colors
  • Customizable: ✅

I Sold My House includes a ‘For Sale’ sign with their packages:

  • Get Listed – $299: This package is only for listing on the MLS. There will be a time limit to the terms of this package. The sign they provide will also come with similar conditions.
  • Get Sold – $399: This package includes a yard sign, and the listing is live until it is sold.

You have to pay $75 extra for a custom-printed yard sign in both offers.

Below are highlights of I Sold My House’s Yard Signs:

  • Customizable: You can custom-add your contact information.
  • Visibility: The yard sign comes in distinctive colors with easy-to-read graphics.
  • Good Quality: The quality is sufficient to resist bad weather conditions.

You can get a ‘For Sale’ sign through the I Sold My House listing page.

I Sold My House is a Flat Fee MLS company that operates nationwide. They offer custom yard signs with their packages. Their “house for sale by owner” signs are quite vibrant and customizable.

However, with limited blank space on the yard sign, you can only include your contact number and cannot link it to your property information. Additionally, to get the yard sign, you have to list with them, which will cost you $299 to $399.

5. Lowe


FSBO Signs - Lowe
  • Price: $10.98+
  • Variety of Dimensions Available
  • Customizable: ❌

Lowe offers two types of FSBO signs:

  • Red & White Sign: You can choose from three  18 x 24-inch FSBO signs priced at $10.98 or $12.38 for just the signs or $25.28 for the sign with a frame.
  • Blue & Yellow Sign: One blue and yellow sign is available at $20.88, size 36 x 18 inches, and comes with a frame.

Why Lowe Yard Signs?

  • Easy to Set Up: You do not even need tools to set these up.
  • Plastic made: All the signs are made out of plastic which makes their product cheaper as compared to other signs of high quality.
  • Visibility: They come in different dimensions and colors that catch the eye of the buyer.

You can get the ‘For Sale By Owner Sign’ on Lowe’s website.

Lowe offers yard signs in different color combinations. Along with the yard sign, you will also get a yard stand. However, their yard signs are not customizable. Nevertheless, it’s an affordable alternative to traditional yard signs.

6. Home Depot


Home Depot
FSBO Signs - Home Depot
  • Price: $12.38 
  • Customizable
  • Customizable: ❌

Home Depot offers a basic ‘For Sale By Owner’ sign at $12.38. They also provide a $22.38 frame attached sign. All the signs are made up of plastic.

Perks of Home Depot Yard Sign:

  • Visibility: Available in red and white, the yard sign comes in different dimensions for versatility.
  • Low-Cost Add-Ons: The sign rider for ‘Open House’ is at $6.27 only.
  • Dual-Sided: The sign provides more divisibility with its dual-sided view.
  • Good Reviews: It has good customer reviews with an average 4.5-star rating.

You can get the ‘For Sale By Owner’ sign on the Home Depot website.

Home Depot offers basic “house for sale” signs on its website. You can add contact information in a small allotted space. However, you cannot add comprehensive property details or link to your online property listing details.

7. Sign Hero


Sign Hero
  • Price: $44.99+
  • Purely made in the USA
  • Customizable: ❌

Sign Hero offers FSBO signs in just one size:

  • $44.99: For a pack of 5 signs. These signs are made of premium coroplast.

Must-know before buying Sign Hero’s yard signs:

  • Combo Pack: They provide 5-yard signs together.
  • Visibility: The red and white color combination is the standard choice for a Yard Sign.
  • Dual-Sided: This ensures that more people will view the sign.
  • Dimension: These signs come in decent size of 24 x 18 inches.

You can get a ‘For Sale By Owner’ yard sign from Sign Hero on their pricing page on Amazon.

Sign Hero is an online store where they market their “For Sale” signs. They also offer yard sign stakes, through these you can customize or create your yard sign.

If you want to add contact information the sign has a blank space. They also offer other sign riders for open houses, but those can be slightly expensive.

Pros and Cons of For Sale By Owner Signs

These pros and cons can help you make an informed decision about buying FSBO yard signs:


  • Attracts Local Buyers: Yard signs are great for attracting the attention of potential local buyers.
  • 24/7 Advertising: Yard signs work around the clock. They provide continuous exposure to your property, even when you’re not actively promoting it.
  • Support for FSBO: For those selling a house without a Realtor, yard signs are a crucial tool for self-promotion, signaling the property’s availability to potential buyers.
  • Low-Cost Marketing: Yard signs are a creative way to market a house on sale. With FSBO yard signs you can effectively reach a local audience compared to some other forms of advertising.


  • Constant Calls From Listing Agents: You might get annoying calls from agents eager to list your property.
  • Dependence on Local Traffic: The effectiveness of “For Sale” signs relies heavily on local traffic. In areas with low footfall or vehicle traffic, you may not generate sufficient interest.
  • Limited Reach: Yard signs attract locals, not the whole market therefore it has a limited reach.

Features of FSBO Yard Signs

Here are some important characteristics seen in most house-for-sale signs:

1. Colors: Colors are crucial to catch someone’s attention. Red colour gets attention therefore most yard signs are in red.
2. Sign Riders: These are small add-on signs placed on top of an existing sign. This adds information such as a directional arrow or an announcement for open houses.
3. Details: A yard sign includes contact numbers, property specifications, and even prices.
4. Dimensions: Most FSBO signs come in an 18×24-inch dimension. The font should be 1-2 inches in height.
5. QR Code: Most yard signs have a QR code that links to your listing information online.

Bottom Line

FSBO yard signs are the first touchpoint between a seller and buyer. A good yard sign can attract potential buyers for your property. But no matter how good your yard sign is, it can only attract local buyers.

To attract attention from nationwide buyers, you also need to list your house on the MLS. You can always list your house on a Flat Fee MLS listing service like Houzeo to save on Realtor commissions. Houzeo’s empowers you to:

  • Save 3% on commissions.
  • Manage showings and offers with our online platform.
  • Reach millions of buyers through MLS.
  • Get expert guidance from our 5-star rated customer support team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy for sale yard signs?

You can easily shop for 'For Sale' signs from FSBO websites, online retailers, and custom 'For Sale' signs companies. MLS listing services like Houzeo offers a 'For Sale' sign with their packages.

What are the best For Sale By Owner signs?

The best For Sale By Owner yard signs are:
1. Houzeo
2. FSBO.com
3. Beycome
4. I Sold My House
5. Lowe
6. Home Depot
7. Sign Hero

What are advantages of QR code based yard signs?

FSBO signs with QR codes have to following benefits:
1. Links to your listed property online.
2. Easy to scan and know property details.
3. Schedule a visit and retain inquiries.

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