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Top Real Estate Companies In Alabama: Which One Should You Choose?

RE Companies in Alabama

Alabama has over 17,000 Realtors linked with various real estate companies. The more advanced the real estate company is, the more tools will the real estate agent have to help you in your real estate transaction.

In this blog, we have researched and selected (out of hundreds) some of the top real estate companies in Alabama to make your job easier.

At a Glance: Top Real Estate Companies In Alabama

CompaniesKey HighlightsCustomer Reviews
Houzeo📱 Advanced Technology

💲 Maximum savings

🌟 Stellar Customer Reviews

📃 Fast Listing Changes
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (2,760 reviews)
Century 21 Affiliated🏢 Best for Commercial PropertiesNo Substantial Reviews Found
Coldwell Banker Realty😇 Deep Real Estate Expertize⭐⭐⭐⭐ (138 reviews)

Reviews: Top Real Estate Companies In Alabama

Houzeo – Best Overall


logo image
  • Listing fee: $349
  • Available nationwide
  • 5 Stars 4.9/5.0 (4,055 reviews)

Why Houzeo is #1: Houzeo provides the best combination of max savings, max exposure, cutting-edge tech, and 5-star customer service.

Houzeo for Home Sellers:

  • Affordable Flat Fee: Save thousands in real estate commissions with Houzeo’s flat fee MLS packages. You can save more if your buyer is also unrepresented by an agent.
  • Cutting Edge Technology: Houzeo’s technology is seller-centric, meaning that it is designed to simplify the complex process of listing a house. Houzeo is 100% online, which makes listing a home easy and quick.
  • Virtual Full Service: Sellers can avail the services of a traditional real estate agent if they need help navigating through the selling process.

Houzeo for Home Buyers:

  • Connect directly with the Seller: Buyers can explore For Sale By Owner properties on Houzeo and directly make an offer, without having to go through a realtor.
  • Hi-tech Tools: Houzeo’s Closing Cost Calculator is also available to buyers. Additionally, buyers can schedule visits through the Houzeo mobile app.
  • Buyer’s Rebate: also offers buyer’s rebate. This rebate can then be used towards the closing costs.

👉 Our Take: is our top pick because it delivers an unbeatable combination of savings, tech features, and service of any low commission real estate company we’ve reviewed.

» Houzeo Reviews: Check out why is your best bet for maximizing your home equity.

  • Near Nationwide Coverage: Houzeo covers 47 states + DC.
  • No Listing Agent Commission: With Houzeo, you only pay a small flat fee to get access to the MLS and all the Houzeo tech
  • 100% online: Easy listing, fast changes, online showings, and online offers
  • Max Exposure: Listings get syndicated to Zillow,, Trulia, Redfin, and 100s of other real estate sites
  • Fast Listing: Rush listing option gets you listed within a business day with Houzeo Concierge. This is best to sell your house fast.
  • Real Estate On the Go: Houzeo Mobile App mimics most functionality of the Houzeo web platform, including Offers and Showings
  • 5-Star Customer Service: Superb support that minimizes Houzeo complaints
  • No Hidden Fees: There are no Houzeo hidden fees

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Houzeo has a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Google & Trustpilot.


Houzeo is available nationwide.

Introducing the Houzeo Mobile App!

  • View your listing
  • Review and compare offers
  • Manage showings with Houzeo Showings
  • Counter an offer
  • NEW! Buyers can now search your property and save it in “Favorites”

Start Your FREE Listing NOW!

Century 21 Affiliated – Best for Commercial Properties

Best for Commercial Properties

Century 21 Affiliated

Century 21 Affiliated Logo
  • Best Century 21 franchise in the world
  • Available nationwide
  • No substantial reviews found

🏡About: Century 21 is a full service real estate company. The company is a one-stop solution for home selling, buying, relocation services and much more. Century 21 Affiliated was founded in the ’80s and was the result of merger of three Century 21 franchises. The franchise made it to the top 10 brokers in the US in 2002.

For Home Sellers:

  • Comparative Market Analysis: They perform a comparative market analysis to help determine your home’s value to realize the highest return on the sale of your home
  • Greater Exposure: Your home will enjoy exposure to more buyers and agents with qualified buyers through their services.
  • Trusted Agents: Your agent will assist you with the paperwork, negotiate on your behalf, make sure deadlines are met, and work with the escrow company

For Home Buyers:

  • Perfect home: You can find a home in the neighbourhood where you want to live, one that fits your budget and meets your goals for features, quality and value
  • Current market info: Have up-to-date market information that will allow you to make informed decisions

👉Our Take: As per customer reviews, real estate professionals associated with Century 21 Professional Group are responsive and experts in their subject matter. They are also known for their knowledge of the FL real »estate market and negotiation skills.

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The technology used by Century 21 Affiliated is what is available as part of Century 21. They lay special focus on real time information and in-depth market analysis. Centralized technology and market evaluation forms the core part of the franchise’s tech stack.

We couldn’t any hard data about the technology used at Century 21 Affiliated. As a brokerage that operates traditionally and offers in-person support, we assume some aspects of the real estate transactions happen offline.

No substantial reviews found.

Century 21 Affiliated covers major areas in Wisconsin and is also present in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, and Florida.

Coldwell BankerReal Estate Experts


Coldwell Banker

NJ Realtors Ellen Gonik
  • One of the largest full-service real estate brokerage in the country
  • 4 Stars 4.0/5.0

    (138 Reviews)

🏡About: An American real estate franchise, Coldwell Banker Realty LLC is one of the largest real estate companies in the country. Coldwell Banker has multiple subdivisions that cater to different states and counties. They are known for their real estate expertize considering they were founded in 1906.

For Home Sellers:

  • Marketing: Coldwell Banker can help you determine a marketing strategy with the help of increased accuracy of market knowledge, advanced pricing tools, and access to comprehensive housing data.
  • Local Agent: Agents with local expertise help you learn more about the current state of the housing market so you can price the house right to attract buyer interest.

For Home Buyers:

  • Financing: From down payments to mortgage prequalification to understanding the type of house that will meet your needs and satisfy your wants, Coldwell Banker can help you make sure have your financial ducks in a row when preparing to buy a house.

👉Our Take: Coldwell Banker has been recognized as a real estate leader in customer experience and overall quality. Their Full Service Marketing System shows that they are reliable, professional, and committed to providing a level of service that goes above and beyond what their customers expect.

» Paperwork for Selling a House without a Realtor: A thorough analysis.

For every transaction, real estate agents affiliated with Coldwell Banker are supported by the extensive resources and the global reach of the Coldwell Banker® brand.

Let’s look at the “Coldwell Banker Agent Advantage”:

  • Coldwell Banker Suite of Technology: Innovative products for agents ranging from big data solutions to helping them price properties and identify buyers, marketing luxury properties, etc.
  • Coldwell Banker eMarketing Center
  • Listing and Post-Listing Presentations
  • Enhanced Listing Syndication tools
  • Calendar of Events
  • Single Sign-on
  • Email integration via MS Office 365 or Gmail
  • DocuSign Rooms and ZipForm Plus

Coldwell Banker has a rating on 4.0 out of 5 on Consumer Affairs.

Coldwell Banker covers majority of Wisconsin.

Choose The Best Real Estate Company In Alabama

For Home Sellers

When buying or selling a house in Alabama, a good percentage of homeowners use the services of a real estate agent or broker. Thus, Realtor and real estate company play a crucial roles in a real estate transaction.

Considering thousands of Realtors in the state of Alabama, finding the right one is important for an optimal real estate transaction. This applies to real estate company as well. Many home sellers look for a good real estate company and the corresponding real estate agent for their real estate needs.

Here’s is what you need to consider before opting for a brokerage:

1. InquireWhen choosing a real estate company, inquire about the agents in the brokerage and their experience in the real estate domain.
2. Marketing StrategyQuestion the marketing strategy, methods of communication, references, and connections a broker/brokerage has with other real estate professionals. Network is key.
3. Dedicated ProfessionalMake sure you opt for a brokerage that has dedicated real estate brokers who will help in E2E process.
4. GuidanceIdeally, a real estate company and its broker should be able to guide you through the process of searching and purchasing a house.
5. Local RealtorHiring a real estate company that has experienced local Realtors can be beneficial as these Realtors know in and out of the place where you want to sell ot buy home.

Some additional pointers that can help in your real estate journey:

👱 Readily Available AgentsIt is better to choose a brokerage that has flexible real estate agents and can work as per your comfort. Example: Showing Time flexibility is a big factor while selling your home and flexible agents can take care of that as per your convenience.
✍️ Offer SuggestionsA good agent will help home seller in identifying what all needs to be upgraded/repaired/changed before selling a house.
Similarly, ask the real estate agent in Alabama if there are any improvements you could make to the house to make it more desirable. The best agents will often make these suggestions without your input.
😇 Local ExpertA local real estate agent is always the best bet for the home sellers. The local agent will know about the neighborhood and the right price at which a house should be sold. This gives home sellers a satisfaction and more control over the real estate transaction.
👨‍👩‍👦 Taking help of friends and familyThe sellers/buyers may discuss with their friends and relatives about the local real estate companies that are popular and effective.

🏡 WANT TO TRY FSBO IN ALABAMA? Check out our guide on how to sell by owner in Alabama.

» Save: A local real estate company has leverage over other real estate companies because they cater to a restricted market and have in-depth knowledge of the area.

» Alabama Real Estate Market: 2023 Updates

🌟 Looking For a Reputed Real Estate Company in Alabama?

Choose Houzeo! Houzeo is rated 4.9 stars on Google Reviews and Trustpilot. Sell your house with for a small flat fee – as less as $349!



For Home Buyers

During a real estate transaction, you will not want to be stuck with an average real estate company that will make your job difficult. A thorough consideration is required before you consider a brokerage to help in your real estate needs.

A specific set of abilities distinguishes the best real estate agents from the rest to buy houses in Alabama.

Here’s what you need to consider while hiring a real estate agent (part of a real estate company) as a homebuyer:

Point to RememberDescription
Good CommunicationCommunication is an important factor between the real estate agent and the buyer. Make sure you opt for a real estate company that focuses on communication and has transparent real estate agents.
Reliable ExperienceReliability is one of the biggest factors when it comes to choosing a brokerage and agent. You would want to work with a real estate company that has made a mark in the industry and also has experienced individuals with plethora of experience in the real estate domain.
Strong Local Market KnowledgeAs stated earlier as well, a local real estate broker is always a good option because he/she is well versed with the neighbourhood and has accurate data in place. If you find an agent, make sure you interview him/her with questions related to local market expertise. Having the local expertise can help homebuyers in multiple ways. Questions like average time on market, approximate sale price, etc. will help you identify the right agent.
Read ReviewsThorough examination of real estate agent and company reviews should top your list. Reading reviews can give you a holistic picture and make you understand what advantage or disadvantage does a broker/brokerage has. This may not be deciphered from their website as every real estate company/broker poses the same picture to the clients.
Personal RapportAs you will be spending a lot of your time with your real estate agent, make sure target the real estate company and broker that has a good rapport with the customers.

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For Real Estate Professionals

As a real estate professional, you would need to consider multiple features to be a part of a real estate brokerage:

1. Commission Split

When you sell a property, you need to split the profits with your brokerage. Real Estate companies have pre-defined commission split criteria. Some Realtors may be put on fixed salary while some may work with commission critera.

While company culture, resources, market share, reputation, and support will all be important, you should choose a brokerage that offers you a good commission split so that you can make your ends meet.

For Example: Let’s say you sell a $250,000 home and the average commission in your area is 6%. This 6% is split between the buyer and seller’s agents. Now, you’re down to 3% or $7,500. A 70/30 commission split means you get 70% of $7,500, or $5,250 while the remaining part goes to the brokerage.

What’s a good commission split?

Commission split depends on your industry, your market, support and resources, and much more. With experience, you can enter into a contract with the chosen brokerage to have a good commission split.

Here are a couple of examples of a commission split:

1. Keller Williams70 / 30
2. Coldwell Banker Real Estate50/50, 60/40, 70/30 (capping system)

2. Brokerage Culture

As a real estate professional, your priority is to get a good income and have a stable work environment. A great company culture can help the real estate agent with a good personal-professional life balance.

Looking for a small real estate brokerage that has competitive work environment or a large one with strict policies? The onus is on you to identify the right brokerage.

3. Reputation of the Company

Reputation of the company is one of the top factors to look for. You would want a brokerage that has both online and offline presence and has a name in the real estate market. A good brokerage will always provide you with leads if it has a market share.

The brokerage’s niche is also vital and can triple your income. Moreover, your ideal niche will likely be a mix of your interests, lifestyle, and local opportunities.

4. A Franchise or Independent Brokerage

When choosing a real estate company, consider whether you want to work for a franchise or an independent brokerage. Famous brokerages like RE/MAX and Keller Williams have offices nationwide.

A family-owned brokerage may have served a community for generations. However, franchises typically provide more support and training to their agents than independent firms.

Independent firms are usually small to medium-sized companies and are based locally. Working for an independent real estate broker in Alabama gives you more freedom to run your business as per your wish.

5. Receive Offer Support

Some brokerages provide extensive mentoring and free advertising. Other brokerages are merely stopgaps while you build your own business. Although you may attend an occasional sales training class or monthly brokerage meeting, you are on your own.

There are many variations between the two extremes, and it comes down to personal preference.

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Best Real Estate Companies To Work For In Alabama

A real estate company employs licensed real estate agents who represent local buyers and sellers. Let’s shed some light on the best real estate companies to work for in Alabama:

HouzeoAgents looking for good exposure in technology can consider Houzeo. Also, the company provides multiple features and packages that can help them with proper income. Working with Houzeo will also give a good exposure considering it is slowly moving towards being a leading real estate company in the US.
Coldwell BankerIf you want to have exposure in marketing, lead generation, and other tools, Coldwell Banker can be your go to company.
Century 21 AffiliatedIf you want to work with the best Century 21 franchise, Century 21 Affiliated takes the top spot. The company deals in home selling, buying, relocation, and much more. It has coverage in Alabama and 4 other states.

Sell Your Home In Alabama With Houzeo

An important aspect of selling a house fast is the real estate commission. Usually, the seller has to shell out 6% real estate commission in Alabama after the transaction which is pretty high. Today, many Flat Fee MLS Alabama companies have come up that provide similar services at a reduced cost.

In Alabama real estate commissions are falling rapidly, and Flat Fee MLS Listing Service Alabama like offer a better approach to cost savings, convenience, and time to market.

Price ComparisonHouzeoOther Real Estate Companies
Listing Agent Commission / Fee$3493.0%
Recommended Buyer Agent Commission2.5%2.5% – 3.0%
💰 With Houzeo, you save $12,000 more on an average U.S. home >> LIST NOW! <<

▶️ Click Here: What American Home Sellers Have To Say About Houzeo?

What Does Houzeo Offer? – A Quick Glimpse

💻 Houzeo’s tech-centric broker partners charge just the upfront flat fee, and no commission for all DIY plans (except in minimum service states)
👩🏻‍💻 Offers typically are routed to the brokers. Houzeo’s Offers Platform allows your broker to present the offer to you instantly
💰 Houzeo Offers Platform allows sellers to Counter an Offer and Request Highest & Best Offers Online
📱 Houzeo Showings is available both on Houzeo’s website and on the Houzeo mobile app (learn more)
🕛 Available only on weekdays up to 1 pm, and only in select MLS’. After you’ve purchased the Gold or Platinum plans, email with the subject line “Expedited Listing Request: “. Service is free for Gold and Platinum plan customers

Eager To Know How Houzeo Works?

Check out the following video for all the details you need:

What is Houzeo?

An overview of what the platform is all about

Start Your FREE Listing NOW!

Final Word

With so many real estate companies in place, it is confusing for the home sellers and homebuyers to select the one that will cater for their needs. The statement holds true for not only Alabama but also every other state.

A thorough research on the real estate companies that serve the state is required to finalize if it fits your criteria. Marketing tools, strategy, technology, flexibility, etc. are some of the pointers you can consider while choosing a brokerage. This blog is written to help both the home sellers and homebuyers in selecting the brokerage that helps in their real estate transaction.

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Resources for Selling Your Alabama Home

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When Is the Best Time to Sell a House in Alabama?

Historical data can help you understand when prices in Alabama are typically at their annual high and low. In terms of price, the best month to sell a house in Alabama is July.

How is the current Real Estate Market in Illinois?

In September 2022, home prices in Alabama were up 9.2% compared to last year, selling for a median price of $281,300.

What are the Real Estate Commissions in Alabama?

In 2020, the real estate commissions in Alabama averaged 5.66% whereas Alabama real estate agents received 2.83% each.

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