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Selling an Inherited Property in St Louis, MO (2023 Updates)

Sell An Inherited House

Depending on the situation, inheriting property can be a blessing or a burden. This is particularly valid if you are dealing with a loss. Selling an inherited property in St Louis can be your best option if you believe that the responsibility of inheriting property is too much for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Selling an inherited property in St Louis comes with lots of paper formalities and it would take almost a year to complete with all the legalities.
  • Different states would have different inheritance and estate laws.
  • Selling the inherited house with the iBuyer or with Cash buyer would save time.
  • Step wise guidance in selling the inherited property.

Before you sell Inherited property in St Louis

After the demise of the property owner, you need to decide whether you want to transfer the ownership to yourself and continue staying there or you want to sell off the inherited property.

If you want to transfer the ownership to yourself in that case the processing time would be a little less and cost-effective as compared to selling the inherited property. And, If you want to sell the inherited property it would involve a lot of paperwork with a processing time of almost 15-24 months.

Check out the points below which you need to keep in mind before you sell inherited property.

1. Know the Probate Process for inherited property

The probate process includes evaluating and pricing the assets left behind and paying off the taxes & bills until the rights are not passed to the inheritor. Probate court takes about 10-15 months to validate the owner’s will or even more depending on the number of inheritors and the state laws.

The inheritor of the will needs to file the petition at the probate court with the death certificate of the owner. And if there is no legal will made by the deceased owner, the inheritor requests the court to appoint an administrator to supervise the property.

2. Inheriting Mortgage Debt

If the owner has prepared a legal will then, generally it contains the name of the inheritor. If the owner does not have a will then all the assets may be passed to the co-owner of the house or the nearest blood relative.

As an inheritor, you can transfer the mortgage ownership to yourself with legal formalities. Or you can also sell the assets to pay off the outstanding dues.

If the owner does not have a will, then the executor should dissolve all their assets to pay the owner’s debt. Or ask the mortgage lender to foreclose the property to recover their dues.

3. Capital Gains Taxes on an Inherited Home

You pay Capital Gain Taxes while selling property only and not while inheriting it. These taxes are levied on a stepped-up basis by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) authority. The stepped-up basis calculates the difference between the property market value and the sale price.

For example,

Case 1: The owner originally purchased the house at $300,000 and at the time of the owner’s death, the house’s market value went to $350,000. In this case, if the inheritor sells the property at the same market value then he pays $0 against the capital gain tax.

Case 2: The owner originally purchased the house at $300,000 and at the time of the owner’s death, the house’s market value went to $350,000. In this case, if the inheritor sells the property at the best value of $375,000 then he pays capital gain tax against $25,000 only.

4. Conditioning the inherited house

Ideally, it’s recommended to work on the repairs before selling the house. If you want to sell the inherited property against some quick cash in order to pay off the debts or any mortgage on that property. Then, in that case, it’s suggestible to bare the minimum amount on the condition of the property in order to get the most comparative market price.


The process of selling an inherited house has to go through several stages before being put up for actual sale on market. This process has lots of paperwork and is too time-consuming. Here, the Houzeo team can provide you with total guidance & most suitable way to sell an inherited property considering all the St Louis inheritance laws.

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