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6 Best Real Estate Companies in California (2024 Updates)

Home prices in California have increased by 7.5% Y-O-Y and are now at a whopping $756,800. Simultaneously, mortgage rates have witnessed a sharp decline from 7.79% in Oct 2023 to 6.63% in Jan 2024. The market is booming for both sellers and buyers. If you want to sell your home or buy a new one, NOW is the time to do so!

Real estate companies can help you get access to the MLS quickly. Whether you use a Flat Fee MLS company or a discount brokerage, you will receive a quick and affordable real estate transaction.

Top 6 California Real Estate Companies:

    For Home Sellers
  1. Houzeo: Best Technology
  2. Vanguard Properties: Best for Marketing Properties
  3. RE/MAX: Expert Assistance
    For Home Buyers
  1. Lyon Real Estate: Best for First Time Buyers
  2. Coldwell Banker Realty: Best for Local Market
  3. Berkshire Hathaway: Best for Commercial Properties

Best Real Estate Companies for Home Sellers in California

Discover the best home-selling companies in the Golden State. From lively San Jose to beautiful Los Angeles, we’ve found the 3 best companies for you.

1. Houzeo

#1 Flat Fee MLS Service

Houzeo Logo
  • Listing Fee: $399
  • Available nationwide
  • Houzeo has 4.9 out of 5 stars 4.9/5 (8,000+ reviews)

Houzeo is real estate company headquartered in New York.

Houzeo offers 4 Flat Fee MLS packages.

  • Bronze Package – $399: This package offers Houzeo listing only for 6 months with 24 photos.
  • Silver Package – $399+0.5% at Close: This offers maximum photos upload and provide you with seller disclosures.
  • Gold Package – $429+0.5% at Close: It is Houzeo’s signature MLS package and includes all the technology Houzeo is known for like, Houzeo Showings, Houzeo Offers, and DigiTransact.
  • Platinum – $449+1% at Close: It includes the assistance of a licensed broker to help you with negotiations, seller disclosures, and closing.

👉 Our Take: We recommend the GOLD plan. You’ll have access to Houzeo tech, making managing showings and offer negotiations easy! Confirm all prices on your particular state’s pricing page before you list.

» Houzeo Reviews: Houzeo is 100% online. You can finish listing formalities in less than 60 mins.

Houzeo is America’s #1 Flat Fee MLS service because of 4 reasons:

  1. Max Exposure: Houzeo MLS packages give you access to the MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Redfin, and 100s of other websites.
  2. 5-star Customer Service: Houzeo has a fully staffed customer service desk available 6 days a week. Chats and emails are open 7 days a week.
  3. 100% Online: Houzeo is high-tech platform with its easy listing, fast changes, online showings, and online offers. Houzeo mobile app is also very powerful.
  4. No Hidden Fees: In most states, you’ll be paying just a small flat fee to list on MLS by owner. And remember, all fees are disclosed upfront, so there are no Houzeo hidden fees. You get to bypass the listing agent commission.

There are no dealbreakers with Houzeo.

» Is Houzeo Good for You?  Houzeo addresses all Houzeo complaints from home sellers.

Houzeo is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars by thousands of home sellers on Google & Trustpilot.

» Houzeo ReviewsHouzeo is rated Excellent by 8,000+ home sellers.

Houzeo.com is California’s #1 real estate company. It provides an unbeatable combination of maximum savings, 5-star customer support, and cutting-edge technology.

Houzeo provides affordable listing packages to California FSBO home sellers. Also, its offer management and showings tool will help you ace your real estate journey like a pro.

2. Vanguard Properties


Vanguard Properties
  • Headquartered in San Francisco, CA
  • 2.5 Stars 2.3/5 (50+ reviews)

Vanguard Properties has been active in San Francisco, CA for more than 35 years now. Owned and operated locally, Vanguard Properties knows the communities it serves like no one else.

  • Traditional Agent – 5% to 6% commission: Pricing is not disclosed on the website, this means you might end up paying the traditional 3%- 6% commission.

👉 Our Take: Vanguard Properties uses its widespread agent network, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional marketing to ensure a successful and efficient home sale.

Key highlights of Vanguard Properties are:

  • Vast Network: With a vast local and global agent network, sellers can be assured of a quick home sale.
  • Market Exposure: They offer various services like open houses, premium technology systems, and marketing research to ensure maximum exposure to your property.
  • Knowledgeable Agents: Agents at Vanguard Properties have considerable knowledge and experience in selling properties in the Bay Area.

A few drawbacks of Vanguard Properties are:

  • Limited Coverage: Vanguard Properties only covers San Francisco, Marin County, Sonoma and Napa Counties, and East Bay.
  • No Mobile App: Unlike other real estate companies like Houzeo, Vanguard Properties is low on tech.
  • Poor Customer Reviews: Most customers have complained about agents’ lack of professionalism.

Vanguard Properties has 2.3 out of 5 stars on Yelp

For 35 years, Vanguard Properties has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. As a home seller, you get access to their vast agent network.

However, they have limited coverage and don’t provide a mobile app. In addition, customers have given average reviews for their service. Hence it is advisable to do your research.


Good Exposure

  • 3% - 6% Commission
  • 1 Star1 Star 1/5 (300+ reviews)

RE/MAX has its headquarters in Orlando, FL. The company does not disclose agent commissions on its website. However, based on reviews you may have to pay 3% to 6% as commission.

  • No corporate fee is involved with RE/MAX referrals. You can choose the agents or vice versa and set the terms of your agreement.

👉 Our Take: RE/MAX is known for its reputation and credibility. The company’s agents will guide you throughout the entire selling process. However, the huge commission can be heavy on your pocket.

Key features of RE/MAX are:

  • Global Reach: RE/MAX has over 140,000 agents, and its network is spread over 100 countries.
  • Competitive Home Pricing: Agents at RE/MAX will conduct an in-depth evaluation and a CMA of your property to price your home competitively.
  • Additional Service: RE/MAX Collection and RE/MAX Commercial offer specialized tools and advertising programs to luxury and commercial real estate professionals.

Here is a drawback of RE/MAX:

  • Poor Customer Reviews: RE/MAX has many customer complaints. Previous customers have also said that their home-selling process got delayed.

RE/MAX has a poor rating of  1 out of 5 stars from 300+ users on Consumer Affairs.

RE/MAX, LLC is a part of RE/MAX Holdings, which is one of the world’s largest real estate franchisors. The company operates in over 100 countries and has more than 100,000 agents worldwide.

RE/MAX provides expert assistance to the sellers. However, previous customers have complained about a lack of communication from its agents.

Best Real Estate Companies For Home Buyers in California

Explore the top home-buying companies in California. From San Diego to San Francisco, you can discover affordable homes.

1. Lyon Real Estate


Lyon Real Estate
Lyon Real Estate
  • Based in Sacramento, CA
  • > 22 years of experience
  • 4.5 Stars 4.5/5 (90+ reviews)

Founded in 1946 by William L. Lyon, Lyon Real Estate has over 1000 agents and employees in 17 offices throughout the greater Sacramento area.

  • No Service Fee: Lyon Real Estate does not charge buyers any fee for its services.

👉 Our Take: Known for being a “client-oriented real estate company” in the Greater Sacramento region, Lyon has earned a 97% customer satisfaction rating. Their real estate agents help clients achieve their home-buying goals.

» Cash Home Buyers in Northern California: Discover the best cash home buyers in Sacramento and nearby areas.

Key features of Lyon Real Estate include:

  • Reliable Agents: Your realtor will review a range of factors including the number of for-sale homes competing for your offer, the terms sellers look for in a clean offer, and any additional terms that are likely to appeal to a specific seller.
  • New Map Search: New Map Search, an innovative feature, lets customers quickly view properties that are displayed on a virtual map of the Greater Sacramento Area.
  • Personalized Alerts: Your agent will alert you when new homes are on the market. You’ll receive property details and photos, price and status changes, a virtual tour, and more.
  • Mortgage Lender: Lyon Real Estate’s trusted mortgage lender Guild Mortgage offers technical resources with personalized customer service standards, which includes in-house underwriting, funding, and loan servicing. Each office has a Guild Mortgage consultant.
  • Mobile App: You can now browse properties at your fingertips with Lyon Real Estate’s mobile app.

One of the deal breakers of Lyon Real Estate is :

  • Limited Information: The website provides limited information on the scope of services offered to buyers.

Lyon Real Estate has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Yelp. Since the firm has multiple offices statewide, it is ideal to verify the ratings of the office nearest to your city.

Founded in 1946, Lyon Real Estate provides its services to home buyers in the counties of Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, Yolo, and beyond. They assist buyers in their real estate transactions from start to close.

2. Coldwell Banker Realty


Coldwell Banker
NJ Realtors Ellen Gonik
  • Based in New Jersey
  • Best Companies that Buy Houses for Cash in Raleigh, NC 4.9/5 (200+ reviews)

Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC is an American full-service real estate brokerage.

  • No Service Fee: As a buyer, you do not have to pay any fee to avail services of Coldwell Banker. 

👉 Our Take: Coldwell Banker has been recognized as a real estate leader. However, it might prioritize transaction volume over personalized attention, which could be less ideal for first-time buyers or those needing more guidance.

Key features of Coldwell Banker:

  • Experts in Negotiations: Coldwell Banker’s agents are skilled and have considerable experience in negotiating the best deal for you.
  • Lender Assistance: It helps you to find a lender for pre-qualification according to your affordability.
  • Home Search: With MLS and other tools, agents find your ideal home based on your preferences and budget.
  • Finance: It helps with down payments, mortgage prequalification, and getting your finances ready to buy a house.
  • Strong Agent Network: Your agent can find many property options for you as they have good connections with other real estate agents.

Red flags of Coldwell Banker include:

  • Inconsistent Agent Quality: Several clients of Coldwell Banker have complained of a lack of trust in the agents they had dealt with.
  • Lapses in Transactions: Customer complaints include delays in transactions, laid-back attitude, misrepresentations, and the unresponsiveness of agents.

Coldwell Banker is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars from 200+ reviews on Trustpilot

Established in California, Coldwell Banker has changed the way people buy homes. They offer buyers financing options to ensure they have their financial ducks in a row when preparing to buy a house.

It’s advised you conduct due diligence on an agent before you appoint the agent to represent you.

3. Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

💫 Luxury Listings

Berkshire Hathaway
  • Based in Minneapolis, MN
  • Elite Clientele
  • 2.5/5 (60+ reviews)

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices is a real estate brokerage franchise in the US. Headquartered in Minneapolis with over 44,000 real estate agents and 900 offices, BHHS makes over $136 billion annually in residential real estate transactions.

  • No Service Fee: As a buyer, you can register with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices for free of cost.

👉 Our Take: Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices provides its services to all kinds of home buyers whether you are a first-time home buyer or a luxury home buyer.

» Selling a House: Things you need to know!

Key highlights of BHHS include:

  • Search Tool: BHHS provides you with a search tool so you can browse through a variety of homes available in the market.
  • Assistance in Paperwork: The agents handle all paperwork for you in relation to buying a house.
  • Market Knowledge: BHHS agents provide practical knowledge and guidance based on years of local market expertise. With in-depth property and community information, they help you finalize your dream home.
  • Mortgage Calculator: They provide a mortgage calculator by which you can figure out the monthly payments of a home mortgage loan, based on your desired home’s sale price.
  • Start to Close Assistance: BHHS agents are experienced in handling all phases of the purchase process, including home inspections.

Few red flags we found about Berkshire Hathaway include:

  • Inconsistent Agent Quality: Since BHHS franchises are independently owned and operated, agent experience differs from one location to another.
  • Poor Reviews: Customers have complained about delayed transactions and a lack of communication from the agent’s end.


Berkshire Hathaway has a rating of 2.5 out of 5 from 60+ reviews on Best Company.

Berkshire Hathaway is known for assisting home buyers in high-end luxury properties. Their expert agents can help you find your desired home as per your requirements.

Moreover, if you want to deal with luxury properties, we recommend this company.

3 Best Real Estate Companies To Work For in California

A real estate company employs licensed agents to represent local buyers and sellers. As a real estate agent, consider the following factors in a real estate company – commissions, training, agent equity, revenue share, profit share, and technical support.

1. eXp Realty

eXp Realty, a cloud-based platform is a booming real estate brokerage that has garnered a reputation for being a great workplace. It has a 4.3 rating out of 5 on Indeed.

  • Commission Split: The agents keep 80% of the commission and 20% goes to eXp. Once the agents hit the $16,000 cap in their anniversary year, they retain 100% of the commission.
  • Revenue Share: eXp Realty’s Revenue Share Program lets agents earn a percentage from the revenue of the agents they’ve sponsored.
  • Agent Equity: eXp agents are rewarded with shares of EXPI stock upon accomplishing specific goals.
  • Training Program: eXp Realty runs the 2-week Fast Start training program for its new agents. This holistic curriculum has been rated a 4.8 out of 5 by agents who have completed the program.
  • Technical Support: eXp Solutions offers agents cutting-edge tools to make the real estate transaction seamless.

The Rise of eXp Realty: Check out how eXp Realty is beating Compass and Keller Williams

2. Pinnacle Realty Advisors

Led by Sam Sawyer, Pinnacle Realty Advisors is the world’s best Brokerage-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform, defining a new category in the real estate industry. Their mission is to provide comprehensive support to agents in commercial or residential real estate, whether they operate as solo agents or lead their own brands and teams.

With Pinnacle Realty Advisors, agents have a broad selection of plans. It also includes the white-label broker sponsorship, which empowers the agents to build their own real estate business while maintaining control over their brand identity and commission split.

Agents can benefit from unlimited access to a vast network of vetted home service providers and exclusive deals from industry-leading companies for themselves and their clients.

Agents can also access additional à la carte services, technology tools, and 24/7 on-demand broker support via PinnacleHQ, a cloud-based marketplace and agent dashboard exclusive to agents at the brokerage.

When it comes to pricing, Pinnacle Realty Advisors believes in transparency and offers a range of subscription plans, with prices ranging from $249 to $499 per month. These plans allow agents to choose the option that best suits their needs.

3. Keller Williams Realty

Keller Williams Realty is one of the largest residential real estate firms in the US. It has opportunities for both new and experienced real estate agents. It has a 4.3 out of 5 rating on Indeed.

  • Commission Split: From the commission, 64% goes to the agent, 30% goes to KW Market Center and 6% is to be paid by the agent as a franchise fee ($3,000 is the cap). Once an agent hits the cap, the commission goes entirely to the agent.
  • Profit Share: KW’s Profit-Sharing Program lets agents earn a portion of the profit from the agent they’ve referred.
  • Training Program: KW provides a training program that teaches agents the core principles of running a successful real estate business.
  • Technical Support: KW Command is a CRM software that equips agents with the necessary tools to handle real estate transactions from start to close.

How to Choose the Best Real Estate Company in California?

You can choose the best real estate companies in California based on these factors:

  • Strong Technology: A company’s website should have robust technology that can make selling or buying a house faster and more efficient. Also, look for features like virtual tours, high-quality photos, and user-friendly interfaces.
  • Responsive Customer Service: Having good customer service can help you with smooth real estate transactions. Find a company that offers prompt and also have helpful customer service.
  • Maximum Exposure: Find a company that will give maximum exposure to your property. This could also include an MLS listing, social media advertisement, and customizable yard signs.
List on MLS California

For Real Estate Agents

  • Commission Model: Real estate agents and realtors work on commissions. When you sell a house, you split the profits with your broker. A broker charges varied commissions. Some brokers do offer salaried positions, but they are rare.
    • Commission Breakdown: Let’s say you sell a $300,000 home where the average commission in your area is 6%. This 6% is split between the buyer and seller’s agents. Now you’re down to 3%, or $9,000. A 60/40 commission splits mean you get 60% of $9,000, or $5,400. Of course, this is pre-tax.
  • Training Modules: Most real estate companies provide training courses to their agents. Franchise companies like RE/MAX, Keller Williams, etc. offer programs to train agents in negotiation, marketing, body language, sales pitch, and lead generation.
  • Tech Support: Top real estate companies equip their agents with the latest technology to keep them on par with the competition. Most companies have automated systems to help agents keep track of clients, leads, and emails.
  • Marketing & Advertising: Real estate companies also provide agents with high-quality digital and print materials, custom graphics and ads, professional photography, and database management systems to ensure exposure to the customer’s property.

Final Word

Real estate companies help you ace your home selling or buying journey. However, before you choose a real estate company in California, we suggest you conduct thorough research.

The basic requirements for a good real estate company are experienced and dedicated agents, maximum savings, tech-savvy, and quick transactions. With Houzeo, you get all these factors on one single platform.

Eager to Know How Houzeo Works?

We’ve got you covered. Check out the following video to understand how Houzeo works and why it is one of the best For Sale By Owner websites in the U.S.

How to List on MLS With Houzeo?

5 Easy Steps to List on MLS with Houzeo as FSBO

Start Your MLS Listing NOW!

» Need More Clarity? Read these exclusive Houzeo reviews and learn why it is one of the best FSBO sites in America.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best real estate company in California?

The best company in California is Houzeo. It offers sellers maximum savings, advanced technology, 5-star customer support, 100% online experience, and listing exposure.

» Best Real Estate Companies in California: Find out the top companies in California.

What are the best real estate companies for buyers in California?

The best real estate companies for home buyers in California are Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Coldwell Banker Realty, and Lyon Real Estate. They offer home buyers various services and tools such as virtual showings, mortgage calculators, and more.

How can I sell my property quickly in California?

You should set a competitive price, enhance curb appeal, and highlight your home features effectively to sell your house fast in California.

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