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How to Sell a House By Owner in New Mexico 2024

$10,445! That’s the average amount New Mexicans simply squander as listing agent commissions. Can you save almost 3% of your home sale price? Yes, you can! Just sell your house by owner in New Mexico, like 10% of all home sellers.

Get this: with FSBO, you control your home sale. Since you know your home best, you market it well and save precious time— 37% of sellers swear by it! 

You, too, can attract qualified buyers easily with Houzeo’s Flat Fee MLS listing service. You get the best of both worlds— FSBO’s tremendous savings and the expansive reach of the MLS. What are you waiting for?

How to Sell a House By Owner in New Mexico in 6 Steps

Selling a home without a Realtor in New Mexico is daunting. The biggest challenges are for sale by owner paperwork, offer negotiation, and timely closings. The following 6 steps on how to sell by owner in New Mexico will help you navigate these challenges:

Step 1: Price Your Home Perfectly

Your home’s selling price is called its fair market value. You can calculate this using the real estate comps in your neighborhood. If you need pricing assistance, you can opt for a Broker’s Price Opinion or a CMA Report.

In a hot sellers’ market, you can price your home up to 10% more than the market. But if it is a buyer’s market, set your asking price slightly lower to beat the competition and sell your house fast in New Mexico. Competitive pricing will drive foot traffic and offers.

Step 2: Make Your Home Market-Ready

Here are some basics to remember when selling a property by owner:

  • Declutter and Depersonalize: Tidy up your place and clean surfaces like coffee tables, countertops, etc. Also, remove personalized items such as photos, keepsakes, fridge magnets, etc.
  • Improve Curb Appeal: Opt for clear landscapes, fresh flowers, or exquisite wall paints. Remember to remove dead plants, trees, shrubs, etc., to enhance your curb appeal.
  • Hire a Professional Home Stager: A staged home affects 58% of homebuyers viewing a property. Hire professional home staging companies in New Mexico to stage and prep your house for listing photographs and walkthroughs.

Step 3: Boost Your Property’s Visibility in New Mexico

When you sell a house by owner in New Mexico, marketing and exposure are key to beating an agent-assisted sale:

  • Hire a Pro Photographer: Homes photographed professionally sell 32% faster than the average home. Hire a professional to collate an appealing portfolio.
  • Write a Powerful Property Description: Mix a catchy headline with an engaging statement. Use popular adjectives like captivating, luxurious, impeccable, etc.
  • List on For Sale By Owner Websites: While FSBO listing sites like Zillow and Craigslist reach millions, some sites offer free listings on their platform.
  • Put a “For Sale” Yard Sign: Yard signs can attract unrepresented buyers. For $49, you can get a FREE custom yard sign from Houzeo with a selfie.
  • List on MLS: Homes listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) will be syndicated to 100+ real estate websites, giving your house maximum exposure.

Step 4: Organize Home Showings

You can do the following when selling a house yourself in New Mexico to potential buyers:

  • Open Houses: 92% of home buyers find an open house useful. You may even attract unrepresented buyers with open houses. They will save you the entire agent commission at closing.
  • In-person Showings: With a showings tool like Houzeo Showings, buyers and buyer agents can choose a showing slot at your convenience. The tool provides features to request, reschedule, update, and cancel showings.

» Houzeo Reviews: Check out what successful FSBO sellers say about Houzeo.

Step 5: Review, Compare, and Negotiate Offers

Though you are selling a house without a Realtor in New Mexico, the basics of what to do when you get offers remain the same. You must accept, decline, or ignore the offers (not recommended).

Look for contingencies offered by the buyer when you sell a house by owner in New Mexico.

  • Will you get a cash offer on your house?
  • Is the buyer offering to cover some closing costs?
  • Did the potential buyer get preapproved for a mortgage?

Offer management tools like Houzeo Offers can be used for negotiations. With Houzeo Offers, you can make counteroffers and call for the best offer.

» Highest and Best Offer: Make the smart move in multiple offer situations!

Step 6: Finalize the Sale Seamlessly

When selling a house in New Mexico you need different paperwork for selling a house without a Realtor. A licensed real estate attorney can help you draft all the closing documents and minimize the legal risks. Typically, the real estate attorney fee ranges between $150 and $500 per hour.

Closing Costs

You and the buyer both pay separate closing costs. Seller closing costs usually consist of HOA fees, escrow fees, real estate attorney fees, transfer tax, etc.

Additionally, you need to pay the buyer agent’s fee which is 2.5% to 3% of your home value. If you offer seller concessions, you might also cover some closing costs for buyers in New Mexico.

FSBO Mistakes to Avoid

Here are common mistakes FSBO sellers make that you should avoid at all costs:

  • Relying on Only FSBO Sites Without an MLS Listing: An MLS listing is syndicated to 100+ real estate websites, which can help you attract unrepresented buyers. Statistically, homes listed on the MLS sell faster and for 13% more.
  • Not Offering a Competetive Buyer Agent Commission: 86% of home sales involve buyer agents. A good buyer agent commission will incentivize the buyer agents, helping you attract top dollar for your property.
  • Skipping Professional Real Estate Photography: Professionally photographed homes sell 32% faster. So, skipping professional real estate photography will lead to lesser foot traffic and slower home sales.

Pros and Cons of Selling a House Without a Realtor

36% of Millennials, 26% of Gen Xers, 22% of Boomers, and 19% of Silent Gen are selling a home by owner. In our experience, buyer agents are not at all averse when you sell a house by owner in New Mexico.

Pros of Selling For Sale By Owner

  • You Will Save Thousands in Commissions: On average, a seller spends a lot on New Mexico real estate commissions. Selling a property in New Mexico without a Realtor will help you save 2.5% to 3% on the listing agent commission.
  • You Can Hit the Market Quickly & Sell Fast: FSBO websites like Houzeo will get you on the MLS within 24-48 hours or faster. Statistically speaking, 77% of FSBO homes sell in less than 2 weeks.
  • You Will Have More Control Over the Process: You will interact with buyers directly as an independent New Mexico home seller. You will also control other aspects of selling by owner in New Mexico like showings, negotiations, paperwork, etc.

Cons of Selling For Sale By Owner

  • You May Need Support: You might need help with paperwork, inspections, negotiations, or closing, as you will manage everything yourself. So, list with a company that provides licensed broker support if you need it.
  • There Could be High Hidden Fees: Several FSBO listing services that charge low upfront costs have a high hidden fee at closing. Additionally, several FSBO sites like Craigslist are infamous for attracting unqualified buyers and scammers.

The Bottom Line

Selling a house in New Mexico by owner helps you save thousands in real estate commissions. However, the majority of FSBO sites do not list your home on the MLS.

If you want a FSBO sale with MLS exposure, sell with Houzeo. Houzeo will get your FSBO home on the MLS within 24-48 hours. Also, you will have 5-star customer support to help you at every step.

How to List My Property For Sale By Owner?

We’ve got you covered. Here’s a simple 5-step process to get listed on the MLS by Owner.

How to List on MLS With Houzeo?

5 Easy Steps to List on MLS with Houzeo as FSBO

Start Your MLS Listing NOW!


Where to list your home for sale by owner?

To sell your house yourself in New Mexico, opt for a Flat Fee MLS company. Flat Fee MLS companies list your home on the MLS and help you sell your house by owner. Check out our rankings for the best New Mexico Flat Fee MLS companies.

Does the seller need an attorney at closing in New Mexico?

No, you don't need an attorney to sell property in New Mexico. However, it is recommended to hire a real estate attorney to deal with all the legalities involved in the process.

How to sell a house for cash without a realtor in New Mexico?

You can list your New Mexico home without a realtor on cash marketplaces like Houzeo.com and Sundae. You can get multiple cash offers, some up to 100% of the Fair Market Value. Additionally, you can offer your properties to iBuyers. They make instant cash offers of up to 80% of FMV.

Can you sell property in New Mexico without a realtor?

Yes, you can sell your house without a Realtor in New Mexico. You can list your home on For Sale By Owner websites that attract millions of buyers every month. Or, you can work with Flat Fee MLS companies that will get you on the MLS for a small flat fee.

How can I effectively market my house when selling by owner in New Mexico?

Here are creative ways to market a house for sale on New Mexico. Additionally, you can opt to list on free FSBO websites like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

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