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Wholesale Real Estate in Oklahoma

Wholesale Real Estate in Oklahoma

What is Wholesale Real Estate?

Wholesale real estate in Oklahoma is a short-term strategy useful for real estate investors. In it, a person signs a contract for a property with its owner and finds a buyer to assign the same contract.

Real estate wholesaling is profitable if you learn to do it efficiently.

What is Wholesale Real Estate?

In wholesale real estate, the properties are sold and bought in as-is condition by motivated sellers and buyers. The property is not repaired by the wholesaler at any time during the entire process. The wholesaler simply signs a contract with the seller and later finds an end buyer to assign the contract.

The wholesale real estate contract is the most crucial part of the entire transaction. The wholesaler handles the contract of the house till the time they find an end buyer. Once the wholesaler has found the right buyer, they either assign the contract or double close.

By the end of the process, the seller sells the house, the buyer purchases a house, and the wholesaler earns a fee for acting as the middleman.

Pros and Cons

Experienced wholesalers can manage wholesale real estate deals, but beginners may struggle. There are advantages and disadvantages to choosing wholesale real estate.

Pros of Wholesaling Real Estate

  • Chance to Learn: Use wholesaling as the chance to learn real estate investment. There are lesser risks, efforts, and time required to complete a wholesale deal.
  • Invest Less Money: Sign a wholesale real estate contract with a home seller without spending a penny. Wholesaler spends no money fixing and selling a house.
  • Earn Profits: Find a buyer to charge the assigning fee which is typically between 5-10% of the selling price. If the wholesaler chooses to double close, they can profit while buying a cheap house and re-selling it.

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Cons of Wholesaling Real Estate

  • Time is Crucial: Find a buyer quickly to end the transaction fast. The wholesale real estate contract includes a closing date by which the wholesaler has to close the deal.
  • Choosing the Right Property: A piece of land in a remote location will not attract investor buyers. The deal can backfire if the wholesaler does not choose a property in the right location.
  • Finalizing the Right Buyer: Buyers are essentially investors looking to buy properties. Selecting the right buyer can be tough if they show interest in various types of properties.

Is Wholesaling Real Estate Legal in Oklahoma?

Yes, wholesaling real estate is legal in the US. But, a wholesaler must follow state-specific laws to carry out the deal in their respective state.

Only licensed real estate agents can help people sell or buy properties in the US. Unlicensed individuals cannot represent a seller or a buyer during the transaction nor can they list the home on the MLS. A wholesaler does not violate any law as long as they work with a wholesale real estate contract or own the property for a short term.

Is Wholesaling Real Estate Profitable in Oklahoma?

Yes, wholesaling is profitable if carried out smartly.

Wholesale real estate is not largely influenced by external factors like the real estate market, economy, recession, and home inventory. Real estate wholesaling can be done any time of the year as long as people are willing to sell and buy unsold distressed properties.

Maximize your benefits by keeping these points in mind:

1. Aim for Profit

Only the best deal can get you profit. A seller facing foreclosure will negotiate a deal in their favor.

That’s why it’s vital to have a clear idea when signing the contract with the seller. Ensure you have enough time to plan and complete the transaction.

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2. Inspect Property Thoroughly

Inspect the house for damages and any other structural issues. Hire an Oklahoma home inspector if needed. 

The cost of repairs and the expense of hiring people to fix the damages will influence your negotiation with the end buyer.

Ensure all the information is well-compiled when you present the contract to the buyer.

3. Be Honest

Explain the process, the risks involved, and the intentions behind the transaction. Transparency is also important in a successful real estate wholesale business. It can help you maintain a long-term commitment to your clients.

4. Plan for the Future

A well-defined exit strategy describes how an investor intends to exit a deal and make a profit. Assigning contracts to end-users for a fee is a common wholesaler exit strategy.

Wholesalers should regularly build and maintain their wholesale buyer list to be effective. The more buyers you have on your list, the more likely you are to sell a property.

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Different Ways to Wholesale Real Estate in Oklahoma

Virtual Wholesale Real Estate

Find prospective clients virtually and leverage modern tools like the internet, emailers, and social media to perform the entire process online. You can gather relevant data about the market from sources like Redfin, Zillow, and RealTrends to create your wholesale plan. Virtual wholesaling allows real estate investors to work from anywhere without any restrictions.

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Commercial Wholesale Real Estate

Earn profits by assigning contracts to buyers looking for retail spaces, warehouses, shopping centers, and more. Commercial wholesaling is a great way to meet business owners and find potential clients for your wholesale deal. You can attend real estate investment meetings or events to identify sellers and buyers for the transaction.

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Difference Between Real Estate Wholesaling vs Flipping

Wholesale Real EstateHouse Flipping
Does not require a wholesaler to buy the house*The investor buys the house
Does not involve any repairs or fix-upsRequires inspection and repairs
You don't require upfront capitalCapital is required to purchase the property
There is no liability of owning the propertyAs the investor buys the property, there is liability involved
Fast processComparatively slow due to repairs
Less market riskHigh market risk
No add-on requirementsFlipping requires appraisals, inspections, staging, and more.

* In the case of Double Close, the property is purchased by the wholesaler.

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How to Wholesale Real Estate Step by Step in Oklahoma?

1. Research

Start your wholesale journey by researching distressed properties in your local market, understanding the basics of house wholesaling, meeting the relevant stakeholders in the business, and understanding how to work with contracts. In a nutshell, there should be a due diligence process in place.

2. Market to Sellers

Identify motivated sellers and reach out to them. It is easy to target foreclosure properties, inherited homes, or properties with liens.

Pitch yourself to the seller to convince them to sign the sale and purchase contract. The methods like direct mail or thorough emails have proven to work a great deal to attract sellers.

3. Look for Property

Properties for wholesaling are difficult to find if you do not know where to look. You can search for properties using these methods.

Use the MLSMLS is one of the best spaces to find real estate properties for buying and selling. If you are a wholesaler who has access to the MLS, you can find several properties on sale.

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Search Your Local AreaThis method requires you to look for houses on the go in your neighborhood. You can scan the houses up for sale while driving or having a walk.
Network to Find PropertiesNetworking is one of the best ways to find properties for wholesale. Take inputs from your family and friends about the properties that are on the market.

Real estate agents, lenders, and contractors in your network can identify properties for wholesale.

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Bandit SignsBandit signs are like small billboards or printed signs usually seen on street corners or along the highways. They are marketing tools for investors/wholesalers to find prospective sellers to sell their property for money.
WebsitesHouseCashin, an online marketplace, promotes off-market properties meant for investors and cash home buyers of Oklahoma. Other websites like Trulia, Redfin, and Zillow also have off-market properties that wholesalers can use to find their next wholesale property.

You can use Craigslist, and social media sites to find properties for wholesaling.
AuctionsReal estate auctions can also help you get properties. But, most auctions require immediate actual cash payments after the auction.

So, you need to secure funds or arrange cash in advance before attending an auction.

4. Create Your Team

Form your team of professionals who can help you close the deal properly with the right assistance. Your team should necessarily include the following:

ContractorsThey can help you check the condition of the house to determine the extent of damages and the cost of repairs that the end buyer may have to spend once they take ownership of the home.
Home AppraisersA home appraisal report can help a wholesaler determine the value of the property based on the market trends, and home sales in the area.

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Title CompanyThe company can perform a home title search to ensure there is no problem with the ownership of the property.

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5. Build a Buyers List

Find potential buyers at real estate investment events and seminars. You can also look for online communities of investors to find your potential clients.

A wholesaler has to resort to sending direct mail, distributing business cards, and filtering through social media campaigns. The more you build the buyer’s list, the more exposure you will have when contracting a property with a seller.

6. Purchase and Sale Agreement

The next important step after you have found the seller is to get into a contract with that seller. This wholesale real estate contract is often referred to as a “purchase and sale” agreement. The agreement contains the asking price of the property, the deadline to complete the transaction, and other conditions.

As a wholesaler, you will need to decide whether to assign the contract to an investor or an eligible independent buyer. In both cases, there is a “contract handoff” which allows the wholesaler to give the authority of the contract to the buyer in return for a pre-defined transaction fee.

7. Assign the Contract

Finalize a buyer from your buyer’s list to assign the contract. Pitch the house to the buyer using its valuation report and an estimate After Repair Value (ARV). If the buyer agrees, then assign the contract and pass the ownership of the purchase and sale contract. Once the contract is assigned, the wholesaler gets the assignment fee and relinquishes control of the contract.

8. Close and Collect

Close the deal after taking the signature on the contract and handing it over formally. Once the contract is handed over, the buyer will fix the house and re-sell the house.

Two Ways to End a Wholesale Real Estate Deal

  1. Assign the Contract: The wholesaler finalizes a buyer and simply hands over the contract of the house and charges the assigning fee for their service. The wholesaler gets the fee when the buyer sells the house.
  2. Double Close: The wholesaler buys the property at a low price for a short duration to wholesale it to an end-buyer. This allows an investor to take ownership of the home for some time before selling it to the buyer.

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Is Wholesale Real Estate Worth It?

Yes, real estate wholesaling in Oklahoma can be a lucrative business. You gain decent exposure to the real estate market and also increase your network. There are minimal expenses in wholesaling helping you spend less and earn more in profits

Like any other investment opportunity, beginners are advised to be prepared for unexpected situations. But, wholesale real estate provides consistent profits for experienced wholesalers. Beginners must put efforts consistently to learn the finer aspects of wholesale real estate to do the transaction successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you need money to wholesale real estate?

Surprisingly, you don’t need a huge investment to begin your wholesaling real estate business. But, it is vital to put aside an ample budget for your marketing goals. You can also find a business partner to team up with and finance you along the way. Although this will mean that you will have to split the profit.

2. Do you need a real estate license to wholesale?

No, there is no special requirement to have a real estate license for wholesaling. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to get a real estate license to get added advantages like access to MLS for leads to ramp up your deals.

3. Is wholesale real estate worth it?

Yes, real estate wholesaling can be a lucrative business. You gain decent exposure to the real estate market and also increase your network. Also, there is minimal to no investment required which makes the job easier for the wholesalers to get into the real estate space.

4. Can you wholesale real estate in Oklahoma?

Yes, wholesaling real estate in Oklahoma is legal. Locals do not even require a license to engage in wholesale real estate transactions.

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