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Top Real Estate Companies In Maryland (2022 Updates)

✍️ Editor’s Note: Home values in Maryland have increased by nearly 11.3% compared to last year. Choosing the right real estate companies can help home sellers and buyers leverage this growth.

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In April 2022, 55.3% Maryland homes were sold above the list price, clearly indicating that the housing market is fairly competitive. Therefore, the real estate companies are engaged in fierce competition to help people buy or sell their properties. Here is a detailed review of top real estate companies in Maryland that will help you in your home selling or buying process.

» In this guide, we’ll cover:

At a Glance: 5 Top Real Estate Companies in Maryland

CompaniesKey HighlightsCustomer Reviews
Houzeo📱 Most Advanced Tech

💲 Maximum savings

🌟 Stellar Customer Reviews

📃 Fast Listing Changes
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (2, 689 reviews)
Century 21 New Millenium🏁 Brand Recognition⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (23 reviews)
Red Cedar Real Estate🔊 Locally Owned⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐ (75 reviews)
RE/MAX Realty Services📣 Most Innovative Technologies⭐⭐⭐ (79 reviews)
Keller Williams Flagship of Maryland🗺️ Marketing, Tools and Agent Training⭐⭐⭐⭐ (68 Reviews)

Reviews: 5 Top Real Estate Companies in Maryland

Houzeo – Best Overall

  • Listing Fee: $399
  • 5 Stars 5/ 5 (Out of 2,726 reviews)

Houzeo provides an unbeatable combination of maximum savings, cutting-edge technology, and 5-star customer support.

💰 Save Thousands on Commission: Houzeo’s plans are typically a small flat fee. This will save you thousands. If your buyer is unrepresented, you save the buyer agent commission as well.

📣 Maximum Exposure: Listings get syndicated to the MLS, Zillow, Realtor.com, Redfin, Trulia, and hundreds of other websites. Houzeo also has nifty social media sharing tools. No other platform gives you this much exposure.

⚡ Fast Listing & Changes: Houzeo is 100% online. Listing is easy and changes are fast. So you can focus on what is most important – your sale.

⭐ 5-Star Customer Support: Home sellers across America have rated Houzeo 4.9 out of 5 stars on major review sites like Google and Trustpilot. There is comfort in the fact that when you call, there is a live person picking up the phone on the other line.

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Houzeo uses cutting edge technology to offer unmatched services to their clients.

  • IntelliList Listing Management System: Lets you manage your listing 100% online.
  • Lightning Fast Listing & Changes: Houzeo is 100% online. Listing can happen in under 60 minutes and any MLS listing changes are updated quickly.
  • Houzeo Showings: Manage showing appointments online.
  • Houzeo Offers: All offers are summarized online. You can view and compare offers, or counter any offer. In a multiple-offer situation, you can also call for the highest and best offers.
  • Buyer Search: Buyers can contact you directly on Houzeo.com instead of going through a real estate agent.
  • Houzeo Settlement Agent Platform: Guides you in ensuring the successful closing.
  • Digital Transaction Management
  • Houzeo ID Secure
  • Pro Directory
  • Houzeo Buyer Lead Manager
  • Houzeo Mobile App: All features are at your fingertips with Houzeo mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Houzeo has a 4.9/ 5 ( out of 2,726  reviews) on Google & Trustpilot.

Houzeo is available nationwide.


Introducing the Houzeo Mobile App!

  • View your listing
  • Review and compare offers
  • Manage showings with Houzeo Showings
  • Counter an offer
  • NEW! Buyers can now search your property and save it in “Favorites”

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Century 21 New MillenniumBrand Recognition

Copany LogoLogo image

Century 21 New Millenium

Company Link
  • Excellent Coverage
  • 5 Stars 5/ 5 (out of 23 reviews)

Century 21 New Millennium

🏡 About: Century 21 New Millennium has more than 900 agents and staff across 21 offices serving Maryland, Virginia and D.C. They have a strong market presence and national recognition. Their goal has always been to provide superior service and results with their exceptional customer service and commitment to technological innovations.

👨‍⚖️ Agent Advantage: Their local real estate agents are exceedingly knowledgeable on real estate best practices, new and emerging technology, local communities and effective marketing strategies. Additionally, their sales associates are continuously trained to ensure that they remain knowledgeable.

👉Selling with Century 21 New Millennium

Their trained marketing agents will help you create a marketing plan for a proper exposure of your home. They will list your home and guide you to stage it up for the buyers. They will organize open houses, take care of home inspections, negotiate on your behalf and finally help with your closing. Once your home is listed, it will quickly enter into the local  Multiple Listing Service (MLS), displayed on century21.com and will be distributed to over 500 national and local real estate websites, where most buyers begin their search for a new home.

👉Buying with Century 21 New Millennium

Their efficient real estate agents can help improve your overall home buying experience and provide the guidance in choosing the best property. They offer extensive knowledge in neighborhoods, schools and market conditions. Their mortgage professionals can also assist you with your financing.

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Century 21 New Millennium uses cutting edge technology to offer their best services to their customers. Their agents use zipLogix™ , a digital platform offers many time saving features and functionality. With this platform an agent can take a client from initial purchase agreement to the closing table and never need a piece of paper.

Century 21 New Millennium is rated 5/ 5 (out of 23 reviews) on Google.

Century 21 New Millennium is available in all major locations of Maryland.

Red Cedar Real EstateLocally Owned

Copany LogoLogo image

Red Cedar Real Estate

Company Link
  • Top Local Agents
  • 5 Stars 5/ 5 (out of 74 reviews)

Red Cedar Real Estate

🏡 About: Red Cedar Real Estate is a full service, boutique real estate brokerage that focuses on the needs and benefits of their clients. It was founded by Peter Boscas, a residential real estate agent in Maryland. It is a locally owned full service boutique brokerage. They claim to provide unmatched customer service to their clients.

👨‍⚖️ Agent Advantage: Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, ready for an home upgrade, or looking to sell your home, having a Red Cedar Real Estate agent in your corner will make your transaction as smooth and successful as possible. These agents are handpicked individuals who are determined to be your complete real estate resource.

👉 Selling with Red Cedar Real Estate

Their agents use photography/video system to showcase the property. Their understanding of how to market and sell real estate proves to be of great help when you are selling your home. They guide their clients throughout the closing process thus delivering a great experience for the sellers.

👉 Buying with Red Cedar Real Estate 

Their agents, Peter Boscas in particular is professional, attentive, thoughtful, patient and is always available. He is extremely knowledgeable about real estate. If you are in the market to purchase a home, he along with his team try to make sure that you find the home of your dreams.

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Information about Red Cedar Real Estate technology stack is limited, but we’re certain it’s designed in a way that makes home buying and home selling easier.

Red Cedar Real Estate is rated 5/ 5 (out of 74 reviews) on Google.

Red Cedar Real Estate offers its services in Columbia, Baltimore, Takoma Park, Ellicott City, Ilchester

RE/MAX Realty ServicesBest for In-Person Support

Copany LogoLogo image

RE/MAX Realty Services

Company Link
  • High on Technology
  • 3.5 Stars 3.6/ 5 (out of 79 reviews)

RE/MAX Realty Services

🏨 About: RE/MAX Realty Services was founded in 1992 with a mission to provide the highest quality real estate service to the public and their agents. As an independently owned and operated company, they are dedicated to making your purchase or sale a smooth process from beginning to end. Their 105 full-time residential real estate agents average a 98% list-to-sale price ratio and 41 days on market.

👉 Selling with RE/MAX Realty Services: The team is a group of experienced agents who will help you from setting  the price to creating marketing campaigns for traditional media and Web. They have unique plans to find the right buyer for your property for the right price. They have comprehensive pre listing marketing for the sellers. They assist in the negotiation process and even review all closing documents after the deal is completed.

👉 Buying with RE/MAX Realty Services: Their team of local experts is ready to guide you through the home-buying process. They are committed to fast, professional and courteous service to help you understand and feel at ease throughout the home buying process.

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RE/MAX Realty Services use innovative technologies to carry out real estate transactions.

Photofy, a mobile app tailored specifically for RE/MAX affiliates, supports marketing efforts and features new assets like digital stickers.

LeadStreet manages leads, listings and clients, while also offering a highly customizable IDX website.

The RE/MAX Design Center offers thousands of customizable templates for print, online, video and more.

RE/MAX Mainstreet is the portal to the RE/MAX Design Center, LeadStreet, RE/MAX University and social media outlets.

RE/MAX Mobile App

RE/MAX is rated 3.6/ 5 (out of 79 reviews) on Consumer Affairs

RE/MAX Realty Services is available across Maryland.

Keller Williams Flagship of MarylandMarketing, Tools and Agent Training

Copany LogoLogo image

Keller Williams Flagship of Maryland

Company Link
  • Largest U.S Real Estate Company
  • 4.75 Stars 4.7/ 5 (out of 68 reviews)

Keller Williams Flagship of Maryland

🏡 About: An American licensed real estate company, Keller Williams Realty is one of the finest brokerages in the country. Their “interdependence” is infamous because it brings real estate agents closer to their mission of empowering home sellers and home buyers in the world without focusing on individual commissions & serve the larger goal.

👨‍⚖️ Agent Advantage: Their agents use leading edge technology to offer their best services to their customers. These agents guide you through the entire process right from listing your home to its closing. If you are a buyer, the agent you select will assist you in choosing a property, loan approvals, negotiations and finally delivery of the deed.

👉Selling With Keller Williams: Once you have chosen your Keller Williams Agent, he or she will prepare your house for sale and set a price. This agent will evaluate your offers and prepare for inspection and prepare for appraisal. He or she will finally help you close the deal and deliver all the required documents

👉Buying With Keller Williams: They’ll arrange to visit the homes you’ve selected, together and in-person, to determine the best fit for you. They’ll help you make an offer, execute the contract, schedule a home inspection and finally help you close the deal.

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The Keller Cloud is a powerful suite of tools that work in harmony to deliver smart business solutions for agents and smoother experiences for customers.

Command’s interconnected tools support connections between data and clients, keeping the Agent in the center of it all.

The KW App is the consumer-facing counterpart to Command that empowers both agents and their clients,

Keller Williams Flagship of Maryland is rated 4.7/ 5 on Google.

Keller Williams Flagship of Maryland covers all major areas of Maryland.

Choose the Best Real Estate Company or Agent in Maryland

Home Sellers

When buying or selling a house in Maryland, you may consider the expertise of the agent you are hiring to get the job done. finding the right agent can make all the difference.

1. InquireWhen choosing a real estate broker or agent, inquire about their knowledge of the local market and your property type.
2. Marketing strategyQuestion the marketing strategy, methods of communication, references, and connections a broker has with other real estate professionals before making a decision.
3. Full-time ProfessionalMake certain to hire a professional who is available on a full-time basis.
4. GuidanceIdeally, a realtor will be able to guide you through the process of searching for and purchasing a house.
5. Local RealtorLocal realtors who work for themselves should not be dismissed. When compared to a larger real estate company, they may have more intimate knowledge of a community.

In addition to the questions listed above, there are several other factors to consider when hiring a real estate company or an agent.

Readily Available Agents or Brokerage: While there are competent part-time agents who sell properties, you must hire someone who can show your home at a time that is convenient for you.

Offer Suggestions: Pools, screened-in porches, and other desirable features are known to attract buyers to the area. They will advise on which rooms or features to emphasize or de-emphasize.

Similarly, ask the agent if there are any improvements you could make to the house to make it more desirable. The best agents will often make these suggestions without your input.

Local Expert: Hire or retain a local expert. These agents will also be aware of the typical selling and listing prices in the area.

Other than that, ask a local brokerage or your friends and family if they know anyone who has sold many homes or businesses there. Also, other ideas include looking through local real estate publications to see which agents have the most listings.

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🌟 Looking For a Reputed Real Estate Company in Maryland?

Choose Houzeo! Houzeo is rated 4.5 stars on Google Reviews and Trustpilot. Sell your house with Houzeo.com for a small flat fee – as less as $349!



Home Buyers

In contrast, an inexperienced agent may make things more difficult for you (and your wallet) than they need to be during the home buying process.

There is a specific set of abilities that distinguishes the best real estate agents from the rest when it comes time to buy a house. Is there a list of these abilities? Let’s find out

Point to RememberDescription
1. Good Communication Buying a home is just as much a team effort as it is a one-on-one effort between the buyer and the agent, and the buyer's agent and the selling agent. Don't forget to look for an agent who is a good communicator and can answer all of your questions about the home-buying process.
2. Reliable Experience When interviewing real estate agents, be sure to not only inquire about the length of time they have been in the business of buying and selling homes, but also inquire about their specific experience.
3. Strong Local Market Knowledge Each market is unique. In order to navigate the nuances of your local market, you'll need a real estate agent who is familiar with local market trends and patterns. Asking about local market knowledge is a good start. Ask about the basics, like average time on the market for new listings and average sale prices, but also about any local market trends that you should know about. and the time it takes for their clients to find and close on a new home. Choose a real estate agent who has a track record of quickly placing buyers in homes (and getting them a great deal, too).
4. Positive Reviews Online reviews are a great resource when choosing a realtor. Read as many reviews as you can before choosing a real estate agent, and look for past clients who have only positive things to say about their experiences. It's important to distinguish between complaints about the realtor and the stress of buying a home.
5. Personal Rapport Ultimately, you want a realtor you like. You'll be spending a lot of time together, so choose someone you enjoy being around and who truly understands your needs. If you get bad vibes, trust your gut and find someone else.

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Real Estate Professionals

There are certain points you need to keep in mind while choosing the right real estate brokerage for working

1. Commission Split

As we know, most realtors work on commission. You don’t get paid unless you sell. When you sell, you’ll split the profits with your broker. Brokers charge various commissions. (Some brokers do offer salaried positions, but they are rare.) While company culture, resources, market share, reputation, and support will all be important, you should choose a brokerage that offers you a commission split you can live with.

For Example: Let’s say you sell a $300,000 home and the average commission in your area is 6%. And this 6% is split between the buyer and seller’s agents. Now you’re down to 3%, or $9,000. Then you must inform your broker. A 60/40 commission split means you get 60% of $9,000, or $5,400. Of course, this is pre-tax.

What’s a good commission split?

Commission split depends on your industry, your market, the broker’s support and resources, and more. Also, understand the split and how you can increase your percentage over time. Remember that some brokerages now offer real estate agents a salary and benefits package, so you may want to shop around if this approach appeals to you.

Here is an example of a commission split for 5 companies:

1. Keller Williams70 / 30
2. RE/MAX95/5, 80/20, 70/30, 60/40 (capping system)
3. Century 2150/50, 70/30, 8% franchise fee (capping system)
4. Coldwell Banker Real Estate50/50, 60/40, 70/30 (capping system)
5. Compass50/50

2. Brokerage Culture

Before choosing a real estate broker, consider your work environment. How much coworker support do I need? Like other businesses, real estate brokerages develop a culture that guides their operations.

Are you looking for a family-oriented, small-town brokerage? Or do you prefer a big-box franchise brokerage that leaves you to your own devices? Is it a weekly get-together or a company caravan? The best way to learn about a company’s culture is to talk to employees or attend company events.

3. Reputation of the Company

Begin your research by performing a buyer-like Google search as you want a brokerage with a solid market presence and a good reputation as you can rely on them to find leads if they have a large market share.

The brokerage’s niche is also vital and the right broker can triple your income. Moreover, your ideal niche will likely be a mix of your interests, lifestyle, and local opportunities.

4. A Franchise or Independent Brokerage

When choosing a real estate broker, consider whether you want to work for a franchise or an independent brokerage. Famous brokerages like RE/MAX and Keller Williams have offices nationwide.

A family-owned brokerage may have served a community for generations. However, franchises typically provide more support and training to their agents than independent firms.

Independent firms are usually small to medium-sized and based locally. Working for an independent broker gives you more freedom to run your business as you wish.

5. Receive Offer Support

For example, some brokerages provide extensive mentoring and free advertising. Other brokerages are merely stopgaps while you build your own business. Although you may attend an occasional sales training class or monthly brokerage meeting, you are on your own.

There are many variations between the two extremes, and it comes down to personal preference.

Best Real Estate Companies to Work for in Maryland

A real estate company employs licensed real estate agents who represent local buyers and sellers. Let’s discuss the 5 best real estate companies to work for in Maryland based on commissions, fees, training, brand recognition, and marketing efforts.

1. Keller WilliamsAgents looking for a high commission structure as well as opportunities for continuing education
2. RE/MAXCustomizing commission splits and desk fees for established agents
3. Coldwell Banker RealtyMarketing, lead generation, and other tools for tech-savvy agents
4. eXp RealtyA virtual brokerage where professionals can have access to a wide range of online resources and tools.
5. Red Cedar Real EstateA real estate that is locally owned and globally recognized

Sell your home In Maryland With Houzeo

A top real estate agent has a lot of clients in their pocket. Working with the largest or the biggest real estate company has its disadvantage. Often people have these two questions: ‘Real estate offices near me’ and ‘how to find a good real estate broker?’

However, keep in mind that even though you opt for one of the biggest real estate companies near you, the REALTOR’S experience might not be enough. As we have already read about the companies where the agent- experience may not be the same everywhere. Additionally, the agents may show interest in a deal only if the deal is extremely profitable.

In this case, a top-rated Flat Fee MLS listing service is invaluable in helping you reach your goals, whether you’re buying or selling a house for the first time or the fifth.

With Houzeo, instead of paying the average listing rate of around 3%, you’ll only pay a flat fee which will save you not only thousands of dollars but also give you a great buying-selling experience.

Price ComparisonHouzeoOther Real Estate Companies
Listing Agent Commission / Fee$3495%-6%
Recommended Buyer Agent Commission2.5%2.5% – 3.0%
💰 With Houzeo, you save $12,000 more on an average U.S. home >> LIST NOW! <<

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What does Houzeo Offer? – A Quick Glimpse

💻 Houzeo’s tech-centric broker partners charge just the upfront flat fee, and no commission for all DIY plans (except in minimum service states)
👩🏻‍💻 Offers typically are routed to the brokers. Houzeo’s Offers Platform allows your broker to present the offer to you instantly
💰 Houzeo Offers Platform allows sellers to Counter an Offer and Request Highest & Best Offers Online
📱 Houzeo Showings is available both on Houzeo’s website and on the Houzeo mobile app (learn more)
🕛 Available only on weekdays up to 1 pm, and only in select MLS’. After you’ve purchased the Gold or Platinum plans, email support@houzeo.com with the subject line “Expedited Listing Request: “. Service is free for Gold and Platinum plan customers

Eager to Know How Houzeo Works?

Check out the following video for all the details you need:

What is Houzeo?

An overview of what the platform is all about

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Final Word

It has been a lot of fun to see a lot of digitally-driven real estate companies open and grow much faster than the real estate brokerages offering In-person full service in the last few years. So, if you’re buying or selling a house, these next-generation platforms use technology to help you through the process, making it easier for you.

People have long known that technology is changing the real estate industry. Therefore, when used correctly, technology can give clients more valuable information, especially outside of the traditional way that people buy and sell homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the biggest and the largest real estate company in Maryland?

Real estate companies in Maryland are ranked based on various factors. as per our research, Houzeo is the best real estate company for home sellers wanting to save on real estate agent commissions.

Which is the best real estate company to work for in Maryland?

According to sources, the best real estate company to work for in Maryland is Keller Williams. It is a top rated Agent Training Organization.

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Maryland Maryland Real estate Companies

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