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13 min read Jun 28, 2023

Is NOW the Best Time to Sell a House in Phoenix, AZ Or Should I Wait for 2024?

From Central City to Central City South, now is the best time to sell your house in Phoenix, AZ. Even though 2023’s housing market hasn’t been kind, there is room for negotiation and get a top dollar rate for your house in the Valley of the Sun.

So far in 2023, housing experts predict a trend for mortgage rates instability, decline in home sales, and median home prices plunging by 20% in some markets. The skyrocketing interest rates will discourage the buyers from buying new homes.

Every region has the best time to sell a house aka, the magic window. List your Phoenix house for sale during this window to sell your Phoenix house fast and maximize your proceeds.

Key Takeaways

  • Is This the Right Time to Sell a House in Phoenix? Yes, it is the right time to sell a house.
  • Best Month to Sell a House in Phoenix: May is the best month to sell. Houses spend lesser time on the market and sell for higher prices.
  • Best Day to Sell: Thursday is the best day to put your house on the market. 21% homes are listed on Thursday. These homes get the maximum exposure and sale profits.
  • Best Way to Sell: List on the MLS with Flat Fee MLS companies in Phoenix to get maximum exposure and maximum saving on home sale.

Which is the Best Month to Sell a House in Phoenix?

Based on Redfin’s 2022 data, May is the best month to sell your house in Phoenix.

Houses sold in May net higher than their asking price. Nearly 102.3% of Phoenix homes sold in May were sold about 58.2% above their listing price.

Do you wish to sell your property in Phoenix at a higher price? If Yes, we recommend listing your Phoenix house between March and April. These months are the fastest for selling a house in Phoenix.

It is ideal for families with children to settle before the academic year begins.

November is the lowest earning month for sellers. Houses listed for sale after the mid-week of October sit for longer on the market.

Day of the Week to List a House For Sale in Phoenix

Thursday is the best day to list houses on sale in Phoenix. 21% of homes across the nation are listed on Thursday. Zillow’s data shows homes listed on Thursday get better exposure compared to homes listed on any other day.

Buyer agents give priority to the newly added listings. They plan to visit open houses on the weekends.

It makes sense to avoid listing your house at the start of the week. These houses are found to stay for longer on the market.

Which is the Best Season to Sell a House in Phoenix?

Spring is the best season of the year to sell your house in Phoenix. However, each season has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Selling a House in Spring

Spring is the housing season of the year. As the weather warms more serious buyers look forward to buying houses.

Benefits of Selling in Spring
  • Buyers Tour Houses in Spring: Buyers start house hunting and touring in the spring season as closing on a house takes few months. This rises the demand for houses in the spring season.
  • Families Look to Settle in Vacations: Families with school kids look forward to settle in their new homes during summer vacations. This heightens the competition which benefits the sellers to sell at higher costs.
Drawbacks of Selling in Spring
  • Large Availability of Houses: The drawback of selling a house in spring is the large availability of houses on the market. This enables the buyers with multiple choices to land on a much more attractive property.

Therefore, for selling a house in spring you must take steps to increase your home value in the market for a better deal.

Selling a House in Summer

Benefits of Selling in Summer
  • Low Competition: Summer is still a good market for selling. The maximum number of houses listed in spring have already been sold. This reduces the competition in summer for home sellers.
  • Get More Exposure: Longer days in summer provide more exposure to your house. This enables longer showing time, to fulfill the high curb appeal of buyers.
Drawbacks of Selling in Summer
  • Vacations Can Keep Houses for Longer Time: People enjoy vacations by moving out of town. This can make your listing stay for longer.
  • Less House Visits: In some of the hottest regions like Arizona, Texas, etc, people avoid touring houses. This also causes the housing market to slow down in the summer season.

Perhaps, as the peak season ends buyers have more power to negotiate. They can demand more concessions by requesting the sellers to pay closing costs.

Selling a House in Fall

As the name itself says, demand and supply for houses fall in this season.

Benefits of Selling in Fall
  • Serious Buyers Present: There are still some serious home buyers eagerly looking to move in before the holiday season begins. However, the majority of the families decide to remain in their homes till the next spring season.
Drawbacks of Selling in Fall
  • Reduce Home Prices: Buyers will certainly be least interested in the unsold houses listed in spring due to high prices. Therefore, you should make your house stand out and price your property competitively to attract serious buyers.

Moreover, you can also offer seller concessions as a negotiation tactic to interest more buyers in the down market situation.

Selling a House in Winter

Winter is also the best time of year to sell a home in Phoenix. Being a hot region, Phoenix is a vacation destination during the holiday season.

Benefits of Selling in Winter
  • Best Time for Warmer Region: It is the holiday season now. If you own a house in a warmer region this is probably the best time to sell your house. Most tourists and seasonal residents plan to buy a house in Arizona.
  • Vacation Homes for Sale Phoenix: Whether you are selling a condo or listing small homes for sale in Phoenix. Seasonal buyers are attracted to houses in warmer regions to spend vacations.
Drawbacks of Selling in Winter
  • Low Demand: Winter is also one of the worst times to sell a house with low demand for houses. As a home seller, you have to lower the price of the house and also face further offer negotiations.
  • High Maintenance Costs: The conditions in winter also inhibit the property touring of buyers and increase maintenance costs for sellers.

When is the Best Time of the Year to Sell a House in Arizona?

The best time to sell your house in Arizona will essentially be the best time of the year for the buyer to enjoy living in it.

Late spring and up to July are considered the home-selling months. You can sell faster and earn higher sale proceeds during this time of the year.

MonthAverage Sale PriceHouses SoldDays on Market

As per 2022 data, the median sale price of houses sold in May was $470,000. Whereas, houses spent less time on the market in April.

Real estate agents always target the best time of the year to sell houses faster. They also schedule an open house on the weekends to reach the maximum number of home buyers.

Visits of home buyers for open houses depend on the weather conditions as well.

Tips for Selling in a Seller’s Market

A seller’s market typically has a high number of homebuyers than the available homes for sale. Here sellers have an opportunity to control the demand for homes and elevate prices.

  • Plan to Move Out Fast: In a seller’s market homebuyers will be willing to make cash offers fast. This means you should be moving out in a few weeks after closing the deal. Hence, you should have a fast move out plan.
  • Have a Plan for Appraised Value: If the buyer requires mortgage financing, have a plan if the Phoenix home appraisal comes with lower than your asking value. You can decide to lower your price to match the appraisal cost, reject the offer or ask the buyer to pay the difference.

» Home Inspection: Learn how a home inspection in Phoenix can get you a better deal for your house.

Tips for Selling in a Buyer’s Market

Buyer’s market is typically when the number of houses for sale is more than homebuyers. This gives homebuyers an opportunity to demand lower prices of houses or ask for discounts on other costs.

  • Pay for Closing Costs: Mortgage programs can require you to pay the buyer’s closing costs in Arizona. These costs depend on the loan type and buyer’s down payment.
  • Pay for Repair Costs: In a market with fewer buyers, you need to keep your house in good condition to attract a better deal. You should be prepared to pay for the repair costs if required in the home inspection process.

» Things Not to Fix When Selling a House: Learn what not to fix while selling a house.

Best Ways to Sell Your House in Phoenix

  1. List on the MLS: The Multiple Listing System provides maximum exposure to your property. These houses sell faster and for 17% more. Listing on MLS in Arizona with a Flat Fee company can get you maximum savings on the seller agent commissions in Arizona.
  2. Sell as For Sale By Owner: 95% of buyers do online home searches and reviews. As a seller, you should look for more creative ways to market your house to sell it faster. So you can list your house as For Sale By Owner in Arizona.
  3. Sell with Flat Rate Realtor: Flat rate realtors will help you from listing your property and handle the paperwork until closing on the sale. They charge a fixed fee ranging from $349 to $5,000.
  4. Hire a Local Real Estate Agent: Local real estate agents are well-versed in local sales trends. These agents help you take strategic decisions by providing you with local-specific sales information.
  5. Sell to Investors: Sell your home to investors to avoid selling at a bad time. House flippers in Phoenix, AZ are always looking for investment properties to purchase. You can also sell your home to Phoenix cash companies that can close a deal in 10 to 15 days.

👉 Consider Selling to Wholesalers in Phoenix: Learn how Real Estate Wholesalers can help Phoenix home sellers.

    💡 Can I Sell My House to iBuyers in 2023?

    iBuyers are not a good option in 2023 as most of them are facing losses. One of the Top iBuyers Opendoor will go bankrupt by 2024!

When Should YOU Sell Your Phoenix House?

At times selling a house is a personal thing. How to determine the right time for you to sell your house?

When You Need a Change in Life

Selling a house does not always boil down to finance. Sometimes there are situations that demand a change in your life.

  • Job-Relocation: If you have got a new job or finally landed a job in your dream city. This situation can force you to sell your house in a slow market and relocate for a job.
  • Favorable Neighborhood: You may need a favorable neighborhood for your school-going kids.
  • Divorce: The majority of couples buy a house together. Home often holds a sentimental value for them. But after a divorce selling it becomes a practical option for them.

When Market Conditions Are in Your Favor

Factors influencing the real estate market are:

  • Economy: The health of the economy is one of the factors that affect the real estate market. Economic indicators like manufacturing activity, GDP, employment data, costs of goods, etc. influence the market. When the national economy is slow, so is the real estate market.
  • Interest Rates: Changes in interest rates influence the ability of property buyers. Lower interest rates boost the demand for mortgages to buy a house. This rises the demand for real estate, thus, increasing the price of the homes.
  • Government Policies: Government policies is another factor that impacts the real estate market. Implementing tax credits, subsidies, and deductions are some of the ways the government can temporarily elevate the housing demand.

When You Are Financially Prepared

  • Low affordability: Homes are staying longer on the market due to low affordability caused by skyrocketing mortgage rates. It is anticipated the FED may hold the mortgage rates steady due to the financial turmoil caused by the Silicon Valley Bank collapse.
  • Save on Expenses: If you are looking to save on your property taxes, homeowners insurance, and HOA fees. You can sell your bigger house and move into a smaller one.
  • Equity for New House: On the other hand, if your current home has procured enough equity value to fulfill a healthy down payment. You may plan on selling your house as is in Arizona to buy your new dream home.

» Cost to Sell a House: Find out How much does it cost to sell a house in Phoenix!

Should I Sell My Home Now or Wait Until 2024?

The housing market has apparently cooled off. Yet, home prices in some areas continue to rise. It makes sense to list your property when the Arizona housing market conditions are favorable.

Reasons to Sell Your Home in 2023

  • Low Inventory: The construction sector is still battling to resume. Therefore, existing home sales have increased. This makes 2023 an excellent time to sell your home before the recession reduces demand.
  • High Prices: According to experts, it is still a sellers’ market. Sales are consistent and prices have no significant reduction.
  • Rising Cash Home Sales: Cash home sales increased in 2022 and remain a popular investment option. These cash buyers are eager to purchase and flip houses.

Reasons to Wait Till 2024

  • Newly Purchased Home: If you have recently purchased a house, it may be better to wait until you have enough equity to cover your mortgage and closing costs.
  • Distressed Home: If you have a home that needs repair, you can wait and fix it for maximum profit.

However, it is always ideal to hire an experienced real estate agent to understand the market conditions and guide you through the selling process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is now a good time to sell a house in Phoenix, AZ?

Yes, it is a good time to sell a house. With mortgage rates rising every week, now is the time to sell your Phoenix house.

2. What is the best month to sell a house in Phoenix?

May is the best month to sell a house in Phoenix to make thousands of dollars more. Whereas, December is the slowest month of the year for selling.

3. When is the best day to list a house in Phoenix?

Thursday is the best day to list your house on the MLS. Based on 2022 data, houses listed on Thursday are likely to sell faster and also net more than the asking price.

4. How long does it take to sell a house in Phoenix?

The average time to sell a house in Phoenix is about 77 days. However, factors like house location, market conditions, etc. affect the speed of the home sale.

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