What You Need to Know About Zillow Make Me Move Listing

what you need to know about zillow make me move

Zillow, one of the most prominent real estate platforms, has introduced a program called “Make Me Move”. This is a kind of listing that ultimately helps you set a price, test the waters via the listing, and make contacting you—as a seller—convenient. It’s a free service that has had taken most home sellers by storm. Why? Because you get a chance to list your home without officially listing it, but you’ll get to know what’s going on in your market. 

The underlying idea that you can list your house without actually putting it on the market is interesting. Home sellers can think of how they can price their homes right with this feature. But that doesn’t mean putting your house on Zillow will allow you to appear in all of Zillow’s searches. In fact, you might get slim traffic or buyers to view your home.

If you’re curious about the whole service, we’re going to explore the feature, what it offers, and how can it help home sellers and buyers. And also, how do you take advantage of Zillow’s Make Me Move right now.

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What does Make Me Move on Zillow mean?

Make Me Move is a free service offered by Zillow to basically test-market your property to prospective buyers. While it has significant limitations, the feature has similarities of a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) listing that helps sellers to market their homes. In a much simpler definition, you’ll market your property to potential buyers on what price you’d be willing to sell your house for, but without actual listings.

According to their site, Zillow has 173 monthly unique users, which means the platform is the best place to list your property or see how it goes well on the market. Zillow Make Me Move is an attempt to list— without actually listing—your property, to getting seen by as many buyers on the platform. This program is advisable for sellers who aren’t ready to sell their property but want to see how the market will react to their listing.

How to List Your Home on Zillow Make Me Move Listing?

  1. Create a Zillow profile, or if you have one, just log in to the site.
  2. Visit the site Make Me Move page on Zillow.
  3. Type in the full address of your property and then click “Continue”
  4. Confirm the location of your address and then click “Save and Continue”
  5. Set the price of your Make Me Move listing and upload your photos. Make sure the images are professional and appealing. Enter your home facts, additional details of your property, and the contact number.
  6. Accept Zillow’s Terms of Use and then click “Post Make Me Move”. After that, you have to wait for 72 hours to verify your listing. And, it’s all that simple!

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Zillow Make Me Move

Like most other any services available today, Zillow Make Me Move feature has some cons to consider. To put things into perspective, here are the pros and cons of the Zillow Make Me Move service.


You can test the water before deciding.

This kind of feature is great for those who just want to test the market before making any decisive move on actually selling their home. Seeing that there’s actually interested in your property can be the next big step to sell it on the market for a great price.

The service is free.

No money is needed when you want to list your home on the Make Me Move service. It’s free-of-charge and you can also modify or delete the posting any time you wish. If you’re lucky to get a potential buyer, you can either sell your home yourself, hire a professional real estate agent, or negotiate for a better price.

You don’t need a home for sale sign.

If you hate to be grilled with some questions from your friends, family, or neighbors, a Make Me Move service can help you with that. A for sale sign can attract people who aren’t really interested to buy the house, rather just out of curiosity.


Listings are limited.

Although Zillow is the most famous real estate platform, it’s still visited and used by 8 out of 10 buyers in the United States. So, there’s a chance your listing won’t get noticed since MMM is an exclusive feature.

In other words, your listing won’t pop up in the results if buyers looking for a property don’t include the potential listings category on their search. That means you have to change the default search parameters to MMM homes or you’ll get less view from buyers for about 20% lower.

Several buyers may not be serious about your listing.

Since you’re not sure of your home’s price yet, potential buyers would not waste time picking your property. Also, the Make Me Move listings are not actually on the market, so you won’t have as much traffic you need. Instead of buyers, you’ll get agents who’ll try to get your property listing and make a deal with them.

You’ll get bombarded with cold calls.

Another drawback of choosing Zillow Make Me Move is most agents would try to cold call you to get your listing. More often than not, tons of agents are visiting the listing. Zillow actually gains profits from selling consumer’s contact details to agents as leads. Agents will get your contact info from your Make Me Move listing and will use this to email or call you.

what you need to know about zillow make me move

Is it worth it to list your property on Zillow Make Me Move?

Although it’s a good idea to start with listing your home on the Make Me Move program, it’s probably unwise if you choose to stay on the platform. The benefits can be tempting but are not enough to sell your house to serious buyers. Rather than keeping your property with an unreliable feature, it’s better to rely on a professional real estate agent to help you get the right and best price for your property.

You have to understand that Make Me Move is not intended for sellers who are ready to commit to selling their homes. A service is a great option for those who want to evaluate their options or test the field before sticking to a price. Thus, it can be considered as a tentative way to list your house, but not an ideal or permanent option.

Or a better alternative would be to list your home on Houzeo’s FSBO or Flat Fee for a much lower price with zero commissions.

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