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HomeGo Reviews: Pros, Cons, Alternatives (2024)

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HomeGo is a home buying company based in Texas. They buy homes in as-is condition for cash. Furthermore, they extend same-day cash offers with the help of a liscensed real estate agents.

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  • You get a cash offer within 24 hours
  • You can close in as little as 7 days
  • You skip paying commissions and closing costs
  • You can sell your tenant-occupied home


  • You might get 50%-70% of your home's value
  • You might indirectly pay the repair costs by accepting a lower offer

HomeGo is a Texas-based cash buyer. They extend on-the-spot offers on various types of homes. Moreover, they purchase homes in as-is condition. So, you can skip the steep $11,000 repairs that home inspections usually reveal.

HomeGo offers the flexibility to close the deal in just 7 days or on your desired date. This means you close approximately 5-6 times faster with HomeGo than an MLS transaction. If you’re on a time crunch, this might be helpful.

However, you might get 30%-50% less than your home’s value with HomeGo. This deduction is standard industry practice and is followed by most cash buyers.

We feel there are better ways to sell your home. A cash buyer marketplace, for instance, attracts multiple buyers in the US. As a result of this increased exposure, you are likely to get the highest possible price for your home.

    ✍️ Editor’s Take: Sell using a cash-buyer marketplace like Houzeo. This puts you in a position to select the best deal from multiple cash offers. Compare HomeGo vs. Houzeo.

Is HomeGo Legit?

Yes, HomeGo is a legitimate company founded by Stuart Denyer and Kurt Carlton. They have had an A+ accreditation on BBB since 2018. Moreover, their brick-and-mortar location is 5000 Riverside DR STE 100W Bldg 5, Irving, TX 75039-4696.

HomeGo has a strong presence on various credible sources like Google. After going through these sources, we realized that people love their fast closing process.

When to Sell to HomeGo?

HomeGo purchases various types of properties like residential homes, condos, duplexes, multi-tenant buildings, townhomes, and mobile homes in the following situations:

  • Structural damages
  • Leaking roofs or fire damage
  • Tiresome tenants
  • Foreclosure
  • Tax liens
  • Probate

How Does HomeGo Work?

It is fairly straightforward to get a cash offer from HomeGo. You need to follow these 4 steps:

  • Contact HomeGo: Fill out the online form or dial the number given on their website. If you choose to submit the form, enter your property address and contact information.
  • Schedule a Walk-Through: After submitting the information, meet the licensed real estate agent for property evaluation. They will assess your property for 30 minutes and note all necessary repairs.
  • Review the Cash Offer: Post evaluation, you will get an on-the-spot cash offer. Review the price and any mentioned terms.
  • Close the Deal: If you like the presented cash offer, close in 7 days or on your desired date.
    Can’t move out of your home instantly? HomeGo lets you stay in your home with their leaseback program. You will have to pay rent for the number of days you stay.


HomeGo covers 24 states in the US. Some major ones include Texas, Colorado, Washington, Florida, and California. As per their website, they plan to cover more states soon.

HomeGo Reviews: How Much Do They Pay?

HomeGo could pay as per industry standards i.e. around 50%-70% of your home’s FMV. However, this is not mentioned on their official website. We did find an offer calculation formula on their website. This formula is as follows:

Cash Offer = Average Value (based on competition) – Repair Costs – Estimated Profit

Like any other cash buyer, you pay no closing costs and commissions with HomeGo as well. As a result, your net proceeds could be more.

HomeGo Reviews and Ratings

HomeGo has 4.6 out of 5 stars across 97 Google reviews. However, they have a 2.78 out of 5 star rating based on 36 BBB reviews.

Good feedback reveals that people like how quickly HomeGo closes deals. On the other hand, negative reviews suggest that the company spams customers with emails.

HomeGo Reviews: Praises

✅ James Smith loved HomeGo’s fast closing process. He feels that the company offered all that they promised.

James SmithUSASubmitted 2023

The process was fast and painless from start to finish! The offer was good and our rep Jack did everything he promised. I would recommend for anyone selling a house ready for a flip!

Source: Google

✅ Kelly Lowry appreciated HomeGo for their trustworthy process. She recommends the company to anyone looking to sell fast with ease.

Kelly LowryUSASubmitted 2022

Reliable & trustworthy. We wanted to sell our home a few years ago. Trying to sell a home while working from home with young children and pets is not easy to do. The process was painless & effortless. I highly recommend for a quick sale of your home and it was true to market value of what we wanted for our hone! Thank you for the quick & painless process of selling our hone.

Source: Google

HomeGo Reviews: Complaints

❌ Escamilla M was frustrated with the number of letters they received from HomeGo. They did not like that the company was not environmentally conscious.

Escamilla MUSASubmitted 2023

I’m tired of getting their mailers, it’s not environmentally friendly, it creates so much waste for the landfills, and uses energy to recycle the flyers. I would not recommend them since they are not environmentally conscious, or that they are unable to control “3rd party” advertisers.

Source: Google

❌ Dietra S. felt that HomeGo targets middle-class families. Furthermore, they had to repeatedly ask the company to stop mailing them.

Dietra S.USASubmitted 2023

It seems to me they target people of color and poor to middle class families. I am asking that the mail stops. I am not looking to sell my home and if I was it woul’d not be to this business.

Source: BBB

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of HomeGo:


  • Sell As-Is: You can sell your home as-is without making any repairs or performing a formal home inspections.
  • Pay No Commissions: You skip the hefty 6% realtor commission when selling to HomeGo. As a result, your net proceeds could be more.
  • Close Fast: HomeGo lets you close in at least 7 days or on your desired date. This could be helpful if you’re on a time crunch.
  • Move Out Flexibly: HomeGo’s leaseback program lets you stay in the house after closing. So, you can move out at your convenience.
  • Get a No-Obligation Offer: You don’t have to accept the presented cash offer. If you agree on the price, you can choose to withdraw from the deal.


  • Lowball Cash Offers: Usually cash buyer companies pay 50%-70% of the home’s FMV. As a result, you might not get the best deal.
  • Incessant Spamming: Many home sellers have complained about being pestered with HomeGo’s letters, even though their houses weren’t for sale.

HomeGo Reviews: Competitor Analysis

» Jump to: HomeGo vs. Houzeo | HomeGo vs. Sundae | HomeGo vs. We Buy Houses

Here are some potential HomeGo competitors. We have selected them based on three metrics: sale price, cash offers, and coverage.

1. Sale Price: HomeGo vs. Houzeo

HomeGo is a cash buyer. They accept homes in their current state with no fixing needed. They are great for those who need cash fast—however, their offer may be 30% to 50% less than your home’s value.

Houzeo, on the other hand, is a cash buyer marketplace that attracts multiple buyers. Sellers can receive up to 100% of their home’s fair market value. So, a cash buyer marketplace offers you the highest possible price for your home.

Fast Home OfferHouzeo
Sale PriceStandard cash buyer price (% of ARV)Up to 100% of FMV
Customer Rating4.7 stars (150 reviews)4.9 stars (7,000+ reviews)
Closing Timeline5 days2 to 60 days
Fees/Commissions$399 onwards
Compare Offers
Highest and Best Offer

2. Cash Offers: HomeGo vs. Sundae

HomeGo is a house-flipper. Like many cash buyers, they extend a single no-obligation cash offer. However, there’s usually no room for negotiation with their offer.

Sundae is a cash buyer marketplace. Your listing attracts three no-obligation cash offers with them. As a result, you are in a better position to negotiate a better deal for your home.

3. Coverage: HomeGo vs. We Buy Houses

HomeGo has strong coverage in the US. They cover 24 states. Some of their prominent locations include Texas, Colorado, Washington, Florida, and California.

We Buy Houses is a famous cash buyer that purchases properties as-is. As compared to HomeGo, they have a wider coverage. We Buy Houses buys properties nationwide.

“We Buy Houses for Cash” Companies Near Me 🔎

There are other “We Buy Houses As Is” companies in the market. You can request offers from multiple cash companies and pick the one that suits you the best.

RegionCash Home Buyers
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Best Alternatives to HomeGo

Even if you want to sell your house fast for cash, look for some alternatives better than We’ve listed three below:

  • Sell For Sale By Owner: For Sale By Owner websites help you list and sell a house yourself, saving thousands in agent commissions. Around one-third of home buyers pay in cash. Hence, selling FSBO helps you to get 100% FMV of your house in cash.
  • Sell Through a Realtor: Traditional Realtors list your property on the MLS and help you at every step of home selling. However, you must pay them 3% of the home’s sale price for this convenience.
  • Sell Through Discount Realtors: Discount real estate brokers reduce their commissions to offer affordable services. Their commission varies between 0.5% and 2%.

HomeGo Reviews: Should You Sell Your House to Them?

Yes, you can sell your home to HomeGo. They could be a good option if you need urgent cash. You can close within 7 days or on your desired date with them.

However, they might not extend the most lucrative cash offer. You could get just 50%-70% of your home’s FMV. This might be a deal breaker, especially for sellers with a home in good shape.

We feel choosing a cash buyer marketplace for selling your home is smarter. It might take a bit more time, but the upside is substantial – up to 100% of your home’s fair market value. Houzeo is a top choice in cash buyer marketplaces.

» Houzeo Reviews: Read what 7,800+ customers have to say about Houzeo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Homego a legitimate company?

Yes, HomeGo is a legitimate company founded by Stuart Denyer and Kurt Carlton. This texas-based company claims to buy a home in every 20 minutes. Furthermore, they have enough reviews on credible sources to show their results.

Can I get the highest possible sale price with HomeGo?

You might not get the highest possible sale price with HomeGo as they are a cash buyer. It is a standard industry practice for cash buyers to pay around 50-70% of your home's FMV. This might not be ideal especially if your home is in a good shape.

What are some potential HomeGo competitors?

HomeGo has some competitors, mostly other cash buyers and marketplaces. Some of these include We Buy Houses, Sundae, and Houzeo. We Buy Houses competes with HomeGo on coverage. Whereas, Sundae and Houzeo pose tough competition on the number of cash offers and sale price respectively.

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