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6 min read Apr 29, 2023

Seller’s Advantage Reviews: Are the Lowball Cash Offers Worth the Fast Closing?

Seller’s Advantage is a So-Cal home buyer that offers cash for homes. They provide a quick closing timeline that helps sellers who need money urgently.

However,’s offerings aren’t as straightforward as they seem. You may have to settle for an extremely lowball offer for your property.

Let’s look at Sellers Advantage com reviews and their alternatives to help you evaluate the best option for your distressed property!

Key Takeaways

  • Pros: You can offload your distressed property easily with Seller’s Advantage. Unlike iBuyers, they don’t have strict eligibility criteria.
  • Cons: Seller’s Advantage typically purchases homes for 50% to 70% of their Fair Market Value (FMV). You cannot negotiate a higher offer and may have to lose out on your equity.
  • Our Take: We don’t recommend Seller’s Advantage. Instead, list your home on a cash buyer marketplace like Houzeo to get 100% of your property’s Fair Market Value. Compare Houzeo vs. Seller’s Advantage.

What is Seller’s Advantage?

Seller’s Advantage is a company offering cash for homes in SoCal. They buy houses as is, repair them, and sell for a profit.

Essentially, Seller’s Advantage is a fixer-upper that invests in rundown homes in Southern California.

Properties Seller’s Advantage Purchases

We Buy Houses As Is” companies like Seller’s Advantage purchase all kinds of homes at a steep discount from distressed sellers. Eligible properties include:

  • Homes in bad shape with structural damages
  • Rental properties with bad tenants
  • Inherited houses
  • Houses facing foreclosure
  • Homes in high-crime neighborhoods
  • Manufactured or mobile homes (provided you own the land)

When compared to other cash home buyers, you may be robbed of a huge chunk of money with “We Buy Houses for Cash” companies.

To avoid such a possibility, list on MLS with a flat fee company like Houzeo. You can compare multiple offers from cash companies and iBuyers alike.

Seller’s Advantage Coverage

Seller’s Advantage is a local cash home buyer that buys properties as-is in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco.

How Does Seller’s Advantage Work?

Getting a cash offer from Seller’s Advantage is straightforward:

  1. Enter Your Property Details: Add your property details, asking price, and the type of house on the Seller’s Advantage website.
  2. Connect on a Phone Call: The company’s rep will contact you for an initial assessment of your situation, how fast you want to close, etc.
  3. Schedule a Home Inspection: Once they receive this data, this “We Buy Houses As Is” company will visit your home for an onsite inspection, and make an instant offer for your house.
  4. Review Cash Offer: will now wait for your decision. You are under no obligation to accept their offer if it doesn’t suit your needs.
  5. Close the Sale: In case you accept the cash offer, then Seller Advantage will arrange a cash transaction. You can pick a closing date of your choice and complete the sale.
    👉 Find Your Property’s Market Value: Review local housing sales data and determine the FMV of your property before requesting a cash offer from Seller’s Advantage.

Seller’s Advantage vs. Houzeo

Selling to Seller’s Advantage seems hassle-free. But you pay for this convenience by selling your home at a reduced price.

On the other hand, an MLS listing with Houzeo’s Gold plan equips you with advanced technology to call for the highest and best offers. You can also counter offers to help you get a deal closer to your expectations.

Seller's AdvantageHouzeo
Sale Price50% to 70% of FMVUp to 100% of FMV
Customer Rating4.6 stars (196 reviews)4.9 stars (4,523 reviews)
Closing Timeline7 to 14 days2 to 60 days
Fees/Commissions$399 + 3% Buyer Agent Commission
Closing Costs1% to 3% Closing Costs
Scope for Negotiation
Repair Costs

» Houzeo Reviews: Still not convinced? Read what others have to say about Houzeo.

Seller’s Advantage Pros

Cash home buyers have certain advantages over traditional home-selling processes. Let’s see how Seller’s Advantage matches up to these expectations.

  • Buy As Is Houses: This “We Buy Homes Fast” company purchases houses as is. So, even if your property is facing foreclosure or needs heavy repairs, you will get a cash offer.
  • Fast Cash Offer: WBH is known for extending cash offers within 24-48 hours. So, you can get quick cash in hand if you’re in a hurry.
  • Quick Closing: Sellersadvantage reviews say they close in as little as two weeks. They also have a flexible timeline and can close on a date suitable to you.
  • No Service Fees: This cash buyer doesn’t charge any service fee when you sell your house to them. You save money while enjoying the convenience of a quick sale.

Seller’s Advantage Cons

Seller’s Advantage Reviews complaints reflect the following disadvantages of the company:

  • Lowball Cash Offers: Your cash offer could be just 50% to 70% of your home’s market value. The company views your home as an investment opportunity, so, the probability of getting top dollar for your property is low.
  • Little to No Scope for Negotiation: With cash home buyers like Seller’s Advantage, you don’t have room to negotiate your cash offer. If you still want to try your luck, ensure that you back your arguments with proof.
  • Limited Coverage: Seller’s Advantage only offers cash for California houses.

Best Alternatives to Seller’s

Even if you want to sell your house fast for cash, look for some alternatives better than We’ve listed three below:

1. Houzeo

Houzeo is America’s most advanced real estate marketplace. If you list on the Houzeo marketplace, your listing gets exposed to all local and national cash buyers via the MLS.

This increased competition for cash offers for your house will ensure you get up to 100% of your property’s value. List on MLS with Houzeo and increase your chances of attracting multiple cash offers!

2. Opendoor

Opendoor is the largest iBuyer in America extending cash offers for homes needing minimal repairs. They generally pay 70% to 80% of your home’s FMV but deduct a 5% service fee, closing costs, and repair costs from the offer.

3. HomeVestors

HomeVestors is a cash home buyer franchise offering 50% to 70% of the home’s FMV. However, they may deduct repair costs at closing. Further, since each office is independently owned, you won’t get consistent service across the country.

Should You Sell Your House to Seller’s Advantage Com?

No, we do not recommend to sell your home. Their lowball offers may deprive you of your hard-earned money.

But, if you don’t mind burning cash in order to sell your house fast, you can consider opting for Seller’s Advantage. Know that your property gets exposure only from one firm.

In contrast, when you list on a cash buyer marketplace like, your property gets exposure from nationwide cash home buyers. You may get multiple cash offers and maybe even top dollar for your property!

Frequently Asked Questions About SellersAdvantage Com

2. Is Seller's Advantage Legitimate?

Yes, Seller's Advantage is a legitimate company. They have been buying homes for cash in Southern California since 2010.

2. How much money will Seller's Advantage offer for my property?

Seller's Advantage reviews highlight that the company uses the 70% rule when determining their cash offers. So, they'll only pay 70% of your home's market value. You can gain up to 100% of the market value by listing your property on a cash buyer marketplace like Houzeo.


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