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Handsome Homebuyer Reviews: Real Estate Updates (2024)

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Handsome Homebuyer is a cash-for-homes company. They purchase houses as is, in Long Island and New York City. They are great for sellers who want to sell their homes fast.

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  • Cash offer in 24 to 72 hours
  • No appraisal contingency
  • No commissions or other closing costs


  • Offers less than the FMV of the house
  • Little to no opportunity to negotiate offers
  • Limited coverage

Handsome Homebuyer is a local cash-buyer company that operates in select markets of New York City. You can sell your home as is to this company. They buy a property even if it needs major repairs or if you are facing any financial distress.

Handsome Homebuyer closes within 5-7 days. Their closing time is faster than many of their local competitors. They also give you the convenience of choosing your preferred moving date.

Cash buyers typically adhere to the 70% rule. This means they offer 70% of the property’s after-repair value. Although Handsome Homebuyer doesn’t disclose anything about their offer amount, they likely follow a similar trend.

    ✍️ Editor’s Take: We recommend you list your property on the MLS via Houzeo. 34% home buyers make an all-cash offer on the MLS. So, you can get offers from multiple cash buyers and choose the best deal. Compare Handsome Homebuyer vs. Houzeo.

Is Handsome Homebuyer Legit?

Yes, Handsome Homebuyer is a legitimate cash-for-homes company. The company was founded by Charles Weinraub in 2016. Handsome Homebuyer has their headquarters in West Babylon, New York.

Handsome Homebuyer is not BBB accredited. However, BBB, on their official website does recognize the company for their longevity of the businesses.

Types of Properties Handsome Homebuyer Purchases

Handsome Homebuyer purchases all types of properties, including single-family homes, 2-family homes, apartment buildings, commercial property, and vacant lands.

What if your property is distressed? You can still sell it to Handsome Homebuyers. They buy properties regardless of their condition. They also purchase inherited properties or financially distressed properties.

Handsome Homebuyer Coverage

Handsome Homebuyer purchases properties in the following markets of New York:

  • Long Island
  • Nassau County
  • Suffolk County
  • All 5 boroughs of New York City
Handsome Homebuyer locations

How Does Handsome Homebuyer Work?

Handsome Homebuyer’s M.O. is similar to any other cash buyer. You can call them on the number given on their website or follow these steps to get an offer:

  • Contact Handsome Homebuyer: Request an offer estimate by filling out a form on handsomehomebuyer.com. You need to provide the property address, your name, and contact information.
  • Consult With Their Representative: An agent from their team will contact you to discuss the details of your property.
  • Get Offer: They extend a no-obligation cash offer within 24 hours. If you do not like the offer, you can walk away.
  • Close on the Home: If you like their offer, you can close on the house within 7 days.

With Handsome Homebuyers, you don’t have to pay any commissions or closing costs. If you sell through an agent, total costs incurred around the sale can go as high as 10% of the home’s price.

    ✍️ Take Note: Handsome Homebuyer don’t disclose whether they visit your property or extend offers based on the discussion. Companies that make offers without conducting a visitng property often deviate from the initial terms if significant issues with the property arise. Therefore, we strongly advise clarifying such matters in advance to mitigate any potential discrepancies after accepting the offer.

How Much Does Handsome Homebuyer Pay?

Usually, cash buyers like Handsome Homebuyer pay 50% to 70% of your home’s market value. For a $450,000 home, the offer could range between $225,000 and $315,000.

The offer also depends on the condition or financial situation of your house. So, they can further lower the offer if your house is severely damaged or facing foreclosure.

The market conditions, local real estate trends, and seasonal variations also impact the offer. For instance, in areas undergoing economic growth, you’re likely to receive a higher offer. Conversely, if the locality has higher crime rates, the offer might be significantly lower.

Handsome Homebuyer Reviews

Handsome Homebuyer 4.7 out of 5-star rating on Google based on 13 reviews. Local companies usually use word-of-mouth promotions and don’t have a substantial online presence. Let’s see what their customers say about them.

Handsome Homebuyer Positive Reviews

✅ Darryl felt extremely satisfied with the smoothness and success of their home sale. He praised the efficiency and effectiveness of the Handsome Homebuyer.

Darryl ShaberUSASubmitted 2023

What an easy transaction. Everything went so smoothly. We received a really good price for our home. We didn’t even have to rent a dumpster to dispose of any unwanted items. He made it so easy for us to move to our new forever home. On top of all that we needed a lawyer, the recommendation he made was top-notch. That also was another smooth transaction. You will not be disappointed dealing with the Handsome Home Buyer!

Source: Google

✅ James felt satisfied with Handsome Homebuyer’s services. They expressed complete confidence in recommending Handsome Homebuyer to anyone seeking similar services.

James AiutoUSASubmitted 2023

Extremely professional! Charles and his team exceeded all my expectations and went above and beyond for all my family and I. Exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced team. Throughly but efficiently solved any problems I was having, with the upmost courtesy. Without a doubt would recommend to any and everyone

Source: Google

Handsome Homebuyer Negative Reviews

Handsome Homebuyer doesn’t have any negative reviews that are relevant to sellers.

Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of Handsome Homebuyer.

👍 Pros

  • Quick Sale: Handsome Homebuyer can be a good option if you need to sell your house fast. The closing time is typically a week.
  • Buy Houses As-Is: With Handsome Homebuyer, you can sell a home even if your property faces foreclosure or needs heavy repairs.
  • No Third-Party Contingencies: There are no banks, inspectors, mortgage lenders, or other third parties involved to drag out the closing process.
  • Closing Date: You don’t have to rush after accepting your offer. Handsome Homebuyer allows you to choose a closing date at your convenience.

👎 Cons

  • Low Offer Price: The offer price might be 50% to 70% of your home’s worth.
  • No Scope for Negotiation: With Handsome Homebuyer, you don’t have room to negotiate your cash offer. You can either accept what they offer or walk away.
  • Limited Coverage: Handsome Homebuyer is only available in select markets of New York.

Handsome Homebuyer Competitors

» Jump to: Handsome Homebuyer vs. Houzeo | Handsome Homebuyer vs. Opendoor | Handsome Homebuyer vs. HomeVestors

1. Handsome Homebuyer vs. Houzeo

Handsome Homebuyer gives you only 1 non-negotiable offer. Whereas, Houzeo acts as a cash buyer marketplace that lists your home on the MLS. A marketplace helps you attract top cash buyers like Opendoor and Offerpad. So, you can negotiate a better deal.

Moreover, an MLS listing via Houzeo helps you market your property to a wide pool of buyers. You can get an offer closer to the FMV of your home.

ParametersHandsome HomebuyerHouzeo
Sale Price50% to 70% of ARVUp to 100% of FMV
Customer Rating4.7 stars (13 reviews)4.9 stars (7,701 reviews)
Closing Timeline7 days2 to 60 days
CoverageSelect marketsNear nationwide
Scope for Negotiation
Highest and Best Offer

2. Handsome Homebuyer vs. Opendoor

Opendoor is an iBuyer. They pay up to 80% of your home’s worth, better than what Handsome Homebuyer offers. However, Opendoor deducts a 5% service fee, closing costs, and repair costs from the offer. With Handsome Homebuyer, you don’t have to pay these costs.

3. Handsome Homebuyer vs. Homevestors

HomeVestors is a network of investors. They purchase properties as is and extend cash offers. Their investors typically offer between 50% to 70% of your home’s value, which is similar to the offers made by Handsome Homebuyer.

Handsome Homebuyer is only available in some markets of New York. On the other hand, HomeVestors operates in 47 states and DC. So, if you want to sell in an area where Handsome Homebuyer isn’t available, HomeVestors could be a viable alternative.

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Other Options You Should Consider

  • Sell For Sale By Owner: For Sale By Owner websites help you list and sell a house yourself, saving thousands in agent commissions. As one-third of home buyers pay in cash, you can get 100% FMV of your house in cash by selling FSBO.
  • Sell Through a Realtor: Traditional Realtors list your property on the MLS and help you at every step of home selling. However, you have to pay them 3% of the home’s sale price for this convenience.
  • Sell Through Discount Realtors: Discount real estate brokers reduce their commissions to offer affordable services. Their commission varies between 0.5% and 2%.

Should You Sell to Handsome Homebuyer?

Handsome Homebuyer offers a great way to sell your property without repairs. They usually wrap up transactions in 7 days, making home sales swift and effective. However, their offers can be below the fair market value.

If getting top dollar for your property is your priority, consider alternative ways. A smart way to get the best cash offer is to list your home on the MLS via Houzeo.

An MLS listing via Houzeo provides wide exposure to multiple cash buyers. You can use Houzeo’s dashboard to compare offers and request the best one. Moreover, you can also get a non-contingent cash offer from buyers with 100% FMV of your house.

» Houzeo Reviews: Here’s why more than 7,000+ home sellers have rated Houzeo 4.9 stars out of 5.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Handsome Homebuyer legit?

Yes, Handsome Homebuyer is a legitimate cash-for-homes company founded by Charles Weinraub in 2016. The company is not accredited by BBB. Know more about Handsome Homebuyer.

What are major complaints in Handsome Homebuyer reviews?

Handsome Homebuyer doesn't have relevant negative customer reviews. However, sellers who use cash buyers often complain about getting a lowball offer. Some even say they have been offered 30% to 40%of their home's after-repair value. Know more about Handsome Homebuyer offers.

How to get the best cash offer?

To get the best cash offer, you should compare offers from multiple cash buyers. A smart way to do this is by listing your property on the MLS and attract multiple local and national cash buyers.

» How to List Your House on MLS Without a Realtor: Get the 100% FMV of your house by listing on the MLS.

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