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FlatList.com Reviews: Are They the Ideal Choice For You?

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FlatList.com is a Flat Fee MLS listing company which covers 9 states. However, they are only licensed in 4 states and serve as a referral service in the remaining states.

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  • FlatList.com's principal brokers have over 20 years of experience.
  • They are transparent about the brokers you associate with.


  • FlatList.com has limited coverage
  • Their pricing and services are not consistent.
  • Their technology is not on par with other listing companies.

FlatList.com is a For Sale By Owner listing service provider. They help you list on the MLS through their flat fee plan. FlatList.com is only licensed in 4 states. To cater to a broader clientele, they extend services through their partnered brokers.

However, it is beneficial for you to hire these brokers individually in certain locations. For instance, the broker associated with Illinois, Vanessa Carlson, offers better services through her own company, iRealty.

Moreover, FlatList.com’s technology is not on par with current industry standards. You will lack the ability to manage listings, schedule showings, and compare offers. An online platform with these features helps you save time and sell efficiently.

    ✍️ Editor’s Take: For most home sellers, we recommend Houzeo over FlatList.com. Houzeo’s stellar services and cutting-edge tech will make your FSBO journey a smooth experience. Compare FlatList.com vs. Houzeo.

Is FlatList.com Legit?

Yes, FlatList.com is a legitimate company founded in 1999 by Stacie Whitfield. The company is managed by her and Angela Heit. Stacie has also founded List4FlatFee, where she offers services for Washington State.

FlatList.com uses Stacie’s license to list in Arizona and Hawaii, and Angela’s license to list in Oregon and Washington. Moreover, they offer listing services by partnering with local brokers in 5 states.

How Does FlatList.com Work? 

The listing process with FlatList.com is relatively straightforward.

  • Select State: Select the state where you wish to list your property.
  • Enter Contact Information: Provide your contact details, including email and phone number.
  • Add Address: Specify the address of the property you want to list. Additionally, you can add a shipping address for yard sign and lockbox.
  • Make Payment: You need to make payment through your PayPal account. You can also choose “Pay Later” to skip the payment step.
  • Enter Property Information: Specify property details, including property size, expected price, appraisal value, tax-assessed value, etc.

FlatList.com will generate a listing ID and send your information for approval. Once approved, your listing will be visible on the MLS. However, FlatList.com has not disclosed the time they take to verify the information.

    👉 Note: If you select “Pay Later” option, FlatList.com sends you an invoice on “Click to Pay”. You can pay within 2 days or before listing activation, whichever happens first.

FlatList.com Coverage

FlatList.com is only licensed in Arizona, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington. In other states, they extend services through their partner brokers.

If FlatList.com’s limited coverage is a deal-breaker for you, list with Houzeo. They cover 47 states and DC. Read Houzeo reviews to learn more.

FlatList.com Services

FlatList.com only offers 1 MLS package to home sellers. The price of this package varies from $299 to $399 in different states.

👍 What We Like👎 What We Don't Like
✅ 25+ photos❌ Only 1 plan in every state
✅ Exposure on Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, and more❌ Inconsistent price and services
❌ Limited technology
❌ No pricing and negotiation assistance

👉 Our Take: FlatList.com’s pricing and services are not consistent across their coverage area. Furthermore, for a hefty price of $399, you receive limited services.

FlatList.com Reviews

FlatList.com has an impressive 5-star rating on Google based on 51 reviews. Let’s see what their clients say about them.

FlatList.com Positive Reviews

✅ Omar was happy with the affordable services of FlatList.com.

Omar WhiteUSASubmitted 2022

$300 flat fee instead of 3% of the gross sale great value only attract buyers agents save $ get listed in the MLS, zillow , Redfin for only$300 flat fee great value had buyers agents calling in days sold in two weeks easy folks to deal with thank you

Source: Google

✅ Karan was delighted with the savings. He also appreciated the quick response from Stacie.

Karan MarshUSASubmitted 2021

With Stacie Whitfield of Hawaii Flat List’s help, we proved a vacation rental’s FSBO in Maui can be done and saved thousands in realtor commissions! Stacie responded within a few hours to every email and added value with clarifications to my assigned tasks.

Source: Google

FlatList.com Negative Reviews

We could not find any negative reviews of FlatList.com.

FlatList.com Pros and Cons

Let’s evaluate the pros and cons of FlatList.com to see if they are the ideal choice for you.

👍 Pros

Here are some of the benefits that FlatList.com offers to home sellers.

  • Transparency of Services: FlatList.com clearly mentions the broker for each state. They are also clear about the price and services included in their package.
  • Experienced Brokers: Stacie and Angela have over 20 years of experience. Their knowledge will help you navigate your FSBO journey.
  • Seller Disclosures and Addendums: For most states, the brokers offer the necessary seller disclosure forms.
  • Impressive Reviews: FlatList.com has an impressive 5-star rating on Google.

👎 Cons

In our research, we found some deal-breakers with FlatList.com.

  • Lack of Choice: FlatList.com only offers a single package in every state.
  • Inconsistent Services: The prices and services of FLatList.com vary for different states. This leads to an inconsistent user experience.
  • Manual Listing Process: FlatList.com doesn’t automate listing paperwork, so you need to handle the listing task offline.
  • Limited Coverage: FlatList.com’s limited coverage is a dealbreaker, as they only serve 9 states.

Competitors of FlatList.com

» Jump to: FlatList.com vs. Houzeo | FlatList.com vs. FSBO.com | FlatList.com vs. Flat Fee Group

1. FlatList.com vs. Houzeo

Houzeo offers better services than FlatList.com for the same price. With their near-nationwide coverage, Houzeo makes MLS accessible to most home sellers. Another aspect where Houzeo outweighs FlatList.com is technology.

For instance, Houzeo’s listing management platform allows you to automate listing paperwork. It saves time and fast-tracks your listing process. Moreover, you can review and compare offers on the go with Houzeo’s mobile app.

Listing Fee$399 to $499$399
Customer Rating5-star (51 reviews)4.9-star (5,195 reviews)
Coverage9 states47 states + Washington D.C.
Showings Management
Offer Management
Request Highest and Best Offer
Home Inspection Dashboard

2. FlatList.com vs. FSBO.com

FlatList.com only has one broker for every state. So, sellers do not have the option to compare their local agents. On the other hand, FSBO.com refers you to multiple agents in your locality. So, you can interview different agents and pick one that aligns with your requirements.

3. FlatList.com vs. Flat Fee Group

Flat Fee Group is a network of licensed brokers working in 48 states and Washington D.C. You can list with them regardless of the location.

Another benefit of working with Flat Fee Group over FlatList.com is that they offer 3-4 packages in every state. So, you have the flexibility to choose a plan as per your requirements.

Best Flat Fee Companies Near You

If you reside outside FlatList.com’s coverage area, here are the top flat fee companies that serve your state.

NortheastStates Connecticut | Maine | Massachusetts | New Hampshire | New Jersey | New York | Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | Vermont
NortheastCities Boston, MA | Long Island, NY | Rochester, NY | Syracuse, NY | Pittsburgh, PA
MidwestStatesIllinois | Indiana | Iowa | Kansas | Michigan | Minnesota | Missouri | Nebraska | North Dakota | Ohio | South Dakota | Wisconsin
MidwestCities Chicago, IL | Peoria, IL | Indianapolis, IN | Kansas City, KS | Grand Rapids, MI | Minneapolis, MN | Kansas City, MO | St. Louis, MO | Cleveland, OH | Cincinnati, OH | Appleton, WI | Milwaukee, WI | Madison, WI
SouthStates Alabama | Arkansas | Delaware | Florida | Georgia | Kentucky | Louisiana | Maryland | Mississippi | North Carolina | Oklahoma | South Carolina | Tennessee | Texas | Virginia | Washington D.C. | West Virginia
SouthCities Birmingham, AL | Huntsville, AL | Jacksonville, FL | Miami, FL | Naples, FL | Tampa, FL | Palm Beach, FL | Atlanta, GA | Louisville, KY | Charlotte, NC | Greensboro, NC | Raleigh, NC | Wilmington, NC | Asheville, NC | Oklahoma City, OK | Tulsa, OK | Greenville, SC | Columbia, SC | Charleston, SC | Knoxville, TN | Austin, TX | Dallas, TX | El Paso, TX | Houston, TX | San Antonio, TX | Fort Worth, TX | Richmond, VA | Hampton Roads, VA | Ashland, KY | Lexington, KY
WestStates Alaska | Arizona | California | Colorado | Hawaii | Idaho | Montana | Nevada | New Mexico | Oregon | Utah | Washington | Wyoming
WestCitiesSeattle, WA | Phoenix, AZ | Los Angeles, CA | Bakersfield, CA | Denver, CO | Colorado Springs, CO | Las Vegas, NV | Albuquerque, NM

Other Options You Should Consider

  • Sell to an iBuyer: iBuyers purchase homes needing minimal repairs in as-is condition. They can be a great option if you want to sell your house fast.
  • Sell to Cash Home Buyers: Individual cash home buyers make all-cash offers, usually within 24 to 48 hours. They also let you skip listing on the MLS.
  • Sell For Sale By Owner: For Sale By Owner websites help you list and sell a house yourself, saving thousands in agent commissions. Many FSBO websites will also help you with the paperwork.

Is FlatList.com Worth it?

FlatList.com offers an opportunity to save on listing agent commissions. Moreover, their principal broker, Stacie Whitfield, specializes in flat fee listing programs and follows a people-oriented approach. She helps you secure a top-dollar deal for your property.

However, FlatList.com has certain limitations, including outdated technology and a lack of essential services. You do not get services like comparative market analysis and pricing assistance.

If you want an easy and efficient FSBO journey, you should list with Hozueo. Houzeo offers a 100% online platform, so you can easily manage listings and offers. You can also request the highest and best offer without manual comparison.

With an excellent combination of affordable packages, comprehensive services, and 5-star customer support, Houzeo checks all the boxes of a reliable listing partner.

» Houzeo Reviews: Check out why more than 5,000 home sellers have rated Houzeo 4.9 stars out of 5 on Google and Trustpilot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is FlatList.com?

FlatList.com is a real estate company that allows you to list on the MLS for a Flat Fee. They help you save on listing agent's commission. However, FlatList.com's package lacks essentials services. Hence, you may have to put in effort in the key tasks like market analysis and negotiations.

2. What do FlatList.com's reviews say about the company?

FlatList.com has a 5-star rating on Google based on 51 reviews. Their impressive reviews depicts their customer satisfaction. However, during our research, we found certain limitations with the company. Read FlatList.com reviews to learn more.

3. What is the best flat fee MLS listing service?

Houzeo.com is the #1 Flat Fee MLS listing company. Houzeo's packages include all the essential services you need to sell a house. Check out Houzeo reviews.

4. How to list on the MLS for flat fee?

To list on the MLS for a flat fee, you need to hire a Flat Fee MLS listing service like Houzeo. Houzeo will let you list on the MLS and assist you at every step of home selling. You can also access their web technology and mobile app to simplify your FSBO journey.

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