6 Reasons Why Houzeo is the Best Flat Fee MLS Service

best flat fee mls service

You’ve probably heard it by now: People are selling homes without the help of an agent.

Why? The NAR research reports that (For Sale By Owner) FSBO homes are now selling much faster than homes assisted with realtors or agents. In fact, 77% of the FSBO homes on the market are purchased in less than two weeks. And the single reason it’s sold quickly because they were sold to someone the home seller already knows.

By numbers, 91% of homeowners listed their properties on their local Multiple Listing Service or MLS, a property listing database of available homes for sale. An MLS is a valuable tool that helps market your property faster and easier.

But how can FSBO, or homeowners selling homes without a realtor, can still post their homes on MLS? With Flat Fee MLS service, one can list their homes on the local MLS—whether you’re in California, Georgia, or Iowa—but for a simple, small flat fee. Here’s what you need to know about it and why Houzeo is the best Flat Fee MLS service out there.

Did you know Houzeo’s Gold Plan provides relevant Federal and State Seller Disclosures?

3 min Video: How to List Your Home on the MLS by Owner

2 min Video: How to Request Changes to Your MLS Listing

Flat Fee MLS Service: A Quick Overview

The MLS or also known as the Multiple Listing Service is an online database or marketplace of available homes for sale operated and managed by REALTORS®. Only state-licensed real estate agents and affiliate professionals can access the portal to list homes, browse for properties, or procure home data.

Most of the local MLS-listed properties are also syndicated to different reliable sites such as Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and more. There are over 900+ MLSs regional databases across the country.

A Flat Fee MLS, on the other hand, is an MLS entry-only service that lists your home on the local MLS for a pre-set amount of money by hiring a flat fee realtor. So, you still retain all the rights to sell your property as an FSBO, and can otherwise, enjoy other real estate services (with the help of a flat fee realtor) depending on the chosen package.  

For an upfront, simple flat fee, you can save thousands of commissions rather than paying the typical full-service realtor commission of 5 to 6% of the home’s final sales price.

Here’s a quick step-by-step process of what you need to do to list your home on the local MLS as an FSBO.

  1. Choose the best Flat Fee MLS listing service. Browse online or ask a friend.
  2. Pick a suitable plan—according to your needs or additional benefits.
  3. Upload appealing property photos and provide information.
  4. Complete the listing agreement properly.

How can Flat Fee MLS help you?

FSBO sellers are now finding ways to cut costs when selling a house. That’s why they’ve begun abandoning the traditional route in home-selling and choose a Flat Fee MLS option. Here are the tested and proven benefits when you choose the best Flat Fee MLS program.

Listing your home to your local MLS widens your property’s exposure.

Other than it sells quickly for a top dollar, it also attracts active and qualified buyers via MLS. Agents that represent buyers will also be notified about your home in your area once it’s listed to your local MLS. Using a Flat Fee MLS listing by far makes a huge difference when you go for an FSBO way—and the best marketing strategy to get your home the attention it deserves.

Save at least 50% of commissions in a full-service listing agent.

Most typical full-service realtor asks for a percentage-based commission fee and takes thousands of dollars of your final selling price. As a homeowner who wants to earn more, you fail to save big if you pay 2 to 3% for listing commission, and another 2 to 3% commission fee to the buyer’s agent. The typical MLS Listing package can cost between $199 to $999+ and includes listing terms, marketing tools, and extra support services such as home showings, flyers, price negotiations, or legal contracts.

Gain complete control and independence in every aspect of your home sale.

Selling a house by yourself is a tough undertaking. But you can decide on your own without consulting others. You can manage and see what other tasks you need to be done. When to cancel your MLS listing? What’s your home’s initial price? How much do you negotiate? What marketing tools to use? When will your home showing be? What’s more, you can negotiate terms and conditions with the agent directly—which means it saves more time and frustration for you.

Although the Flat Fee MLS option comes in with many benefits, it still depends on what package or platform you’re choosing. And not all Flat Fee MLS services are planned and made equally to serve you. That’s why Houzeo not only makes these benefits great for your home but also, for you as a seller. We’ve custom-made the best Flat Fee MLS listing plans that do more but costs less.

So, why Houzeo, you ask?  

why you have to choose houzeo

Why Choose Houzeo?

Maximum Flat Fee MLS listing exposure

According to Statista – a renowned data collection and statistics company – 97% of Americans used the internet to search for homes in 2020, compared to 44% of buyers during the last 2019. This ultimately means that listing your property online (or in MLS) gets a better chance to sell quickly.

Other than your property is listed on your local MLS, using Houzeo’s flat-fee service gets your property automatically syndicated unto different national portals/brokerages such as Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, Redfin, and hundreds more—where it’s estimated 160 million visitors visit these portals. In years to come, there will be a surge of buyers who will pick flat-fee real-estate listing as a great alternative to sell homes quickly. Don’t miss out and start listing your property with us!  

List on the MLS within 24 hours

Want to know how fast we do our listings? Other companies give you 18 or more days for waiting time until your listing goes live, but with Houzeo, you can expect your property to be active in just 2 business days. States such as North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee will only take 1 business day. Also, our listing agreement length is less than 10 pages and most of these documents are auto-populated (you can review these papers too, online).

Houzeo has optimized the listing agreement and would take you only less than 15 minutes to complete the process. Zillow reports that 95% of home sellers are stressed out by several aspects of the selling process. We know and want to help you with it. That’s why we want to make it easier and faster for you. Of course, time is of the essence—and the faster the sale, the less the frustrations.  

Save 50% on Commissions and Expenses

The most vital reason why FSBO choose a flat-fee service is the reduced fee to market your home. Houzeo’s Flat Fee MLS listing plans are packed with tools and needed services to provide you with the best results. Our Basic MLS package starts at only $199 and for a full-service package, we have the Platinum Plan that got everything included, from basic to premium.

Don’t worry, there are no hidden costs at closing. Houzeo doesn’t act as your middleman and most of the buyers can also approach you directly as a seller. We charge zero commission to listing agent commission, but we highly recommend you offer a commission to the buyer’s agent to increase the likelihood of selling your home for a top sale (around 2.5 to 3%).

With Houzeo, you only pay the flat fee to get listed in the local MLS—no other fees are required. You can upgrade your plan too if you want to get more of our services.

100% Online and Automated Listing Experience

Our IntelliList Listing Management System is a user-friendly feature that helps you manage and update your listing. You can request changes online and most of our documents are digitized. So, you can view your property listing anytime, anywhere as long as you are active in our portal.

At Houzeo, you can do several home-listing steps such as pricing your home, filling out disclosures, finding a real estate attorney or escrow company, or compare offers. There’s no need to wait for your agent to create a contract for you or ask for changes to the documents. We’ve made sure that most of the listing process is done online—to save time and for your convenience.

Most of the Flat Fee MLS companies will have you deal with their agents (call or make some arrangements first). You’ll have to wait for the agent when they’ll give you the contract. Or if there’s something you want to edit; you have to make another arrangement again. It’s time-consuming and draining much of your energy.

Recently, Houzeo launched its “counteroffer” feature – the first real estate company to do so – which allows home sellers to directly make a counteroffer on the offers received on their listed home. Using this feature, as a home seller, you can receive, assess, and compare the offers received on your listed home, and if you like some offer but want to propose a few changes to it, then you can directly make the counteroffer right from your seller dashboard. No need to wait for your agent’s convenience.

Complete Control Over Home Sale

FSBO sellers want to do home-selling themselves, and part of our goal is to help you simplify the home-selling process but without taking your rights to control your sale. After all, it’s your home and you should be the boss.

At Houzeo, you can complete most of the listing process online, fill out contracts and seller disclosures, order a yard sign, upload listing photos, and make changes to the listing info anytime you want. We broke down the complex part of selling and made it into linear steps and guide sellers throughout the entire process.

Best Flat Fee MLS and FSBO reviews.

Of course, you need customer reviews to make you trust us.

Our Google and Trustpilot reviews got 4.9 stars overall with more than 96% of home sellers reviewed us as “Excellent”.

With these For Sale By Owner Websites reviewed in 2021, you can see how much we’re ahead with the assessment and comparison made. Also, we’ve made several reviews (Redfin Reviews, Homelight Reviews, Homie Real Estate Reviews, etc.) to other competitors and how Houzeo must be your first choice in best for sale by owner MLS listing service and FSBO option.

Houzeo’s mission is to simplify the home selling process and offer maximum MLS exposure to home sellers at an affordable price to maximize their savings. And we are soaring towards our mission successfully, the happy home sellers with us are the proof of that!

Bonus: Houzeo Mobile App

Yes, you read it correctly.

Houzeo is one of the few real estate companies that allow you to do check your listing, assess offers, and search for homes on sale (for buyers), all of this right from your smartphone. You can review and compare offers on your home even when you are on the go!

The app is available on Google Play Store and App Store for Android users and iOS users respectively.

Did you know Houzeo’s Gold Plan provides relevant Federal and State Seller Disclosures?

4 min video: Learn How to Submit & Review Offers on Houzeo

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